Bork Bible

This Bible belonged to George Christian Frederick Bork.

Kathleen Last


    I was born the 11th day of March in the year A. D. 1750 in the City of Berlin, Province of Brandenburgh V. Kingdon of Prussia, at my baptism I was named George Christian Frederick.
    My son Peter was born November the 16th, 1771.  He was baptisted by the Rev’d W. Ries in the Town of Claverack.
    My daughter Catherine was born February the 2nd. 1780.  She was baptisted by the Rev’d. Doctor Livingston in the Manor of Livingson.
    My daughter Elizabeth was born October 13th, 1781.  She was baptisted by the Rev’d. Mr.Lansing, Manor of Livingston.
    My son Henry was born December the 19th, 1783.  He was bpatisted by the Rev’d. Mr.Lansing.  When he died he was about 3 years old.
    My son Christian was born February 19th, 1786.  He was baptisted by the Rev’d. Mr. Swerdtfeger at Pitts Town.
    My son Zacharias was born July 12, 1788 and baptisted by the Rev’d. Docotr Westerloo at Albany.
    My daughter Rachel was born October the 20th, 1790.  She was baptisted by the Rev’d. Mr. Basset at Albany.
    My daughter Mary was born October 14th, 1793.  She was baptisted by the Rev’d. Page of Schatercouk.  He however baptisted her at Toosten Crick.
    My daughter Tabitha was born May 22nd. 1796.  She is the first of my children baptisted by myself.  I baptisted her at Dorlach in the Town of Sharon.
    Next to my daughter Tabitha was born unto me a son who was dead at his birh.  He was born at Schodack.
    My son Jacob was born April 7th, 1799.  He was baptisted by myself.
    My daughter Margaret Nichols was born at Bethlehem, near Albany on the 20th of January, 1803.  She was baptisted by myself.

     I was married with my wife Tabitha Chissom the 10th day of March 1770, one day before I was 20 years of age.

    Tabitha died September 10th, 1821, at our home on N.More Street, No. 11, New York City.  She was buried in the vault across the street from my church on Franklin Street.
    George Christian Frederick Bork died September 29, 1823


    In the year 18 and one the twenty-fifth of June, I married my wife Cornelia Schermerhorn
    In the year Eighteen hundred and two the 2nd of June, my son Henry was born.
    In the year Eighteen hundred and 4 my son Christian was born, twenty third August.
    In the year Eighteen hundred and 6 the fourth of October my son Jacob was born.
    In the year Eighteen hundred and 8 in September the twenty first my two sons was born, John and Daniel.
    In the year Eighteen hundred and 13 my daughter Liza was born, the twenty ninth of January.
    In the year Eighteen hundred and 16 my daughter Cornelia was born, the 27 of August.


    I, Henry Bork, was married to Emeline Wire December the twentieth 1829.  My wife was at that time in her nineteenth year of her age.
    In the year 1831 my daughter Cordelia was born, the eleventh of January.
    In 1835, June second, my son Charles was born.
    In the year 1839, my son Peter was born, September 17.