Morse Bible

Family Bible of Charles & Sally Strang Morse
State Bridge, Oneida County, NY


Charles H. Morse was born June 13th 1824
Sally Strang was born October 3rd 1827
Henry Sylvester Morse was born  April 18th 1850
Homer Jacin Morse was born November 29th 1852
Franklin Pierce Morse was born June 17th 1854
Edna Elizabeth Morse was born August 22nd 1856
Elihu Charles Morse was born December 20th 1858
Mary Marilla Morse was born April 4th 1861
Ida Jane Morse was born April 3rd 1863
Sarah Malora Morse was born February 9th 1866
Alice Amanda Morse was born January 11th 1870
Emma Leora Morse was born March 29th 1872


Charles H. Morse died November 14th 1909
Sally Morse died 22 Nov 1923
Edna E. Morse died 15th June 1883
Frank P. Morse died July 3rd 1913
Henry S. Morse died Oct 6th 1914
Alice Amanda Morse died Oct 24, 1959
Homer J. Morse died 12 Feb 1936
Elihu Charles Morse died 5 April 1931
Mary Marilla Morse died 17 June 1947
Sara Malora Morse died 9 Feb 1950
Emma Leora Morse died 19 Feb 1960


Charles H. Morse & Sally Strang  May 15th 1849
Henry S. Morse & Mary Jane Butler  June 4th 1874
Homer J. Morse & Estella F. Hall  June 3rd 1874
Franklin P. Morse & Carrie Jones  April 6th 1881
Edna E. Morse & George H. Rose  December 24th 1878
Elihu C. Morse & Mate Clark   (no date given)
M. Marilla Morse & Wm. Bridgen  Sept 22 1879
Ida J. Morse & Edward Preston  (no date given)
Sarah M. Morse & Spencer C. Lewis  August 23rd 1889
Alice A. Morse & Claude Ennis  (no date given)
Emma L. Morse & Geor ge Mills  March 24 1891

This bible is in the possession of Phyllis Wittmann Draper,
granddaughter of Emma Morse Mills and great granddaughter
of Homer J. Morse.

Phyllis Draper