Oneida County, New York Biographies

From Our County and Its People, Part III: Family Sketches
Edited by DANIEL E. WAGER (The Boston History Company, 1896.)

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About Wager's County History
Our County and Its People was Daniel E. Wager's "last important literary undertaking," but because he died before it was published, "Family Sketches," the third section of the book, had to be compiled by "other hands than his." The family sketches section was "considered of the greatest value" by those who carried on his work. And, it is. Over one hundred years later, the biographies included in Wager's history are a valuable resource for genealogical researchers looking for ancestors in Oneida County, New York.

About the Wager Bio Project
Wager's biographies are presented here through the efforts of four volunteers--Cyndy, Kathy, Linda, and Renee.

Accessing the Bios on this Site
The family sketches on this web site can be accessed in two ways using the links above:

  1. by consulting the surname index,
  2. by browsing through the biography text pages.

Check the Original!
If you find a biography that you think might be of help in your research, please check the original; some of the bios on the site were scanned and there are certainly errors that we didn't catch in proofreading. Wager's Our County and Its People is available at larger libraries in Oneida County, and can also be ordered on microfilm through Family History Centers (FHL US/CAN Film #934841 Item 1 or FHL US/CAN Film 851122 Items 4-5).