Maple Hill Cemetery

Coal Hill Road, Town of Annsville

This active cemetery is located on Coal Hill Road in the village of Taberg.
The original transcription was taken in October 1999.  This listing was updated on March 31, 2006.
The tombstones in this cemetery were copied by
Kathleen Last and Virginia Ackerman in October, 1999.

Kathleen Last & Virginia Ackerman
All rights reserved

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A large Civil War Memorial Monument is located in this cemetery.  The plaque reads:

This monument is erected by the citizens of Annsville in memory of the soliders who lost their lives in the Rebellion of 1861.

The following soldiers are listed on this monument.

Robert N. Barton, 14th NYH Art.
David Tanner, 68th Regt. NYS
William Morgan
Chancey Thorne
Hiram Marvel
Eli Marvel, 97th Regt. NYSV
John Waterman
Hugh McLaughlin
Cornelius Dacia
Daniel Wilson
Jay Kilborn
George Evans
John Douglas
Alonzo Rudd, 81st. Regt. NYS
Shadrach Hillman, 81st. Regt. NYV
Adam Lindredge, 2nd. Art. NYS
Andrew J. Kimball
Edward Butler
David Thorne, 24th Cav. NYS
Benjamin Thorne
Charles Converse
Obediah Collins
Amos N. Brewster, 50th Regt. NYSV
Eli Baker, 26th Regt. NYSV
Thomas Breen
George W. Morenus
Henry Smith
Byron White
Gilbert Kimb
Robert Parks, 117th Regt. NYS
Jacob Hyde Jr.
William Curry
Stanton Zelie
James A. Lasher
William Lasher
Michael Dailey
Nicholas W. Bristol
Ezra J. Hyde, 146th Regt. NYS
Thomas J. Morse
John Will
John Gerheart
Jay Cornwell
Theron Hannay
Ira A. Simmons, 146th Regt. NYSV
Niles Hyde
Wolcott Proctor
Clark Widrig
George H. Kingsley
Thomas Murphy 81st. Regt. NYSV
James Ward
Edwin Kimball
Emery Sexton
Wells Sexton
James Welch
James McCormick
Henry R. Hardy
Van Buren Campbell