Brown Cemetery

Rte. 20, Town of Bridgewater

This cemetery was transcribed by the General Winfield Scott Chapter, NSDAR, in 1927.  The
cemetery is situated on a hill west of Bridgewater, a short distance south from the Cherry Valley
Turnpike (Rte. 20).  The plot was much overgrown and in bad condition, stones down and wall gone.

 Brown, Desire Butler, wife of Oliver Brown, died April 6, 1854 age 78 yrs
 Brown, Oliver died Oct. 28, 1849 age 80 yrs

 Kinney, Asubah B. (Brown), wife of William H. Kinney & dau of Oliver & Desire Brown, died May 29, 1862 age 52 yrs
 Kinney, Julia died May 1845 age 11 wks

 Robbins, Julia Ann (Brown), wife of Henry Robbins & dau of Oliver & Desire Brown, died Nov. 23, 1827 age 22 yrs 7 mos 23 dys
 Robbins, Julius Henry, son of Henry C. & Julia Ann Robbins, died Sep. 30, 1827 age 2 mos 11 dys

 Ruger, Ester Desire age 6 wks
 Ruger, John born Jan. 13, 1792 died March 29, 1855 at Syracuse
 Ruger, Sophia (Brown), wife of John Ruger & dau of Oliver & Desire Brown, died Jan. 1, 1836 age 36 yrs

 Thurston, Emera (Brown), wife of L. H. Thurston & dau of Oliver Brown, died Aug. 13, 1857 age 50 yrs