Graham Cemetery
Town of Deerfield

This transcription was taken by the N.Y.D.A.R. in the 1920ís.

 Graham, Col. Morris (no dates)  DAR Marker only
 Graham, Elizabeth, wife of James Graham, died Oct. 15, 1846 age 67 yrs
 Graham, James died Aug. 29, 1855 age 82 yrs
 Graham, James died Feb. 22, 1845 age 56 yrs 8 mos
 Graham, John, of the City of New York, died May 7, 1832 age 76 yrs

 Walton, Abraham M. (no dates)
 Walton, Margaret, wife of Abraham Walton, died Feb. 1809 age 26 yrs 10 mos