Walker Cemetery

This small family cemetery is located on the west side of Robert Road in the Town of Deerfield.
The grass is mowed and the cemetery appears to be maintained.  Transcription was done on May
15, 2002 by Kathleen Last and Betty McCulloch.

Kathy Last & Betty McCulloch
All Rights Reserved

  Vrooman, Charlotte Walker, wife of Wm. M. Vrooman, died Jan. 10, 1854 afge 21 yrs 7 mos 10 dys

  Walker, Andrew J., son of Jacob & Parnie Walker, died Aug. 8, 1872 age 10 yrs 7 mos 3 dys
  Walker, Andrew J., son of Jacob & Fanny Walker, died oct. 8, 1851 age 21 yrs 4 mos 10 dys