Empey Farm Cemetery

Thomson Corners-Florence Rd. Town of Florence

This small family cemetery is located a distance off the Thompson Corners-Florence Road in the
town of Florence.  It is not visible from the road and the area is grown up to weeds and trees.  The
cemetery is not maintained and several stones are lying on the ground.

The tombstones in this cemetery were transcribed by Kathleen Last and Virginia Ackerman on
April 21, 2004.  In addition to the tombstones listed there were 6 field stones indicating other unidentifed burials.

Kathleen Last & Virginia Ackerman
All rights reserved

Empey, Anthony died October 10, 1850 age 85 yrs 6 mos (this stone is broken and badly worn making a transcription impossible.  The information was taken from a DAR listing.)
 Empey, George, son of Anthony & Margaret Empey, died April 15, 1820 age 26 yrs 20 dys
 Empey, Margaret, wife of Anthony Empey, died February 26, 1845 age 78 yrs 6 mos
 Empey, Mary, dau of Anthony & Margaret Empey, died November 28, 1815, age 16 yrs 4 mos 14 dys
 Empey, Mary, dau of Wm. M. & Margaret Empey, died April 6, 1827 age 5 yrs 6 mos 3 dys
 Empey, Sarah Ann Jane, dau of Anthony & Margaret Empey, died August 24, 1823, age 14 yrs 6 mos 9 dys
 Empey, Thomas, son of Anthony & Margaret Empey, died December 20, 1818, age 22 yrs 8 dys

 Humphreys, Peter died April 3, 1845 age 78 yrs