Wallis-Hicks Burial Grounds

Wynn Road, Town of Floyd

This small burial ground was located off the Wynn Road in the Town of Floyd.  It is on private
property and access is restricted.  The tombstone for David Wallis was standing, the other one
was lying on the ground, buried under leaves.  It is possible there are other tombstones here that
are buried.  There were at least 10 field stones marking other burials.

The tombstones found were transcribed o November 11, 2004 by Kathleen Last and Virginia

Kathleen Last & Virginia Ackerman
All Rights Reserved

Hicks, Hannah died March 24, 1831 age 1 mo 19 dys
Hicks, Mary L. died March 15, 1834 age 1 yr 9 mos 9 dys
  children of Isaac and Emily A. Hicks

Wallis, David died August 8, 1825 age 22 yrs


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