Brimfield St. Cemetery

Brimfield St., Town of Kirkland

The following information was taken from Historical Sketch of the Old Clinton Burying Ground, published by J. B. & H. B. Sykes, 1896, Clinton, New York

Brimfield Street Burying Ground, by R. C. Ellinwood, pg. 25-26

    This enclosure contains about seventeen rods.  The title to the same is in lease form, dated May 20, 1820, given by Nathan Marsh, of the first part, to Hannaniah Ellinwood, Nathaniel Butler, James Look, Jared Andews, Moses Dickinson, Reuben Ellinwood, Simeon Robbins, John W. Carpenter, William Carpenter, Augustus Carpenter, Eli Ellinwood, Samuel Coe, of Paris, and Charles Babcock of Whitestown, for and in consideration of five dollars, and the sum of two cents annual rental, payable May first, if legally demanded.  It is signed by Nathan Marsh, and the witnesses were Jeremiah Matthews and Adolphus Ellinwood.
     By the above dates it appears this burial place has been used for interments seventy-six years, and possibly longer.  The remains of one soldier of the Revolution honors the enclosure as the guardian of his sleeping neighbors, the roll of whom is as follows:

 Armstrong, Mary died Jan. 19, 1858 age 64 yrs
 Armstrong, William died Sep. 9, 1846 age 62 yrs

 Arnott, William unmarked grave

 Carpenter, Augustus died Nov. 21, 1873 age 81 yrs
 Carpenter, Capt. John, of the Continental Army, borm at Brimfield, Mass 1739, died in the town of Kirkland 1805
 Carpenter, Caroline, wife of Augustus Carpenter, died Oct. 18, 1885 age 87 yrs
 Carpenter, John W. died Jan. 27, 1833 age 50 yrs
 Carpenter, Sally, wife of John W. Carpenter, died May 24, 1856 age 53 yrs
 Carpenter, Sarah, wife of William Carpenter, died Oct. 5, 1835 age 71 yrs
 Carpenter, William died April 15, 1816 age 59 yrs
 Carpenter, Winthrop, son of John W. Carpenter, died Oct. 30, 1846 age 43 yrs

 Coe, David died April 15, 1816 age 69 yrs
 Coe, Jerusha, wife of David Coe, died Dec. 1, 1808 age 62 yrs

 Cutler, Mabel, wife of Seth Cutler, died Aug. 10, 1841 age 68 yrs

 Ellinwood, Capt. Reuben died Oct. 23, 1863 age 85 yrs
 Ellinwood, Charles, son of Reuben Ellinwood, died May 25, 1824 age 7 mos 16 dys
 Ellinwood, Edward P., son of Elias Ellinwood, died March 8, 1865 age 30 yrs
 Ellinwood, Elias died Dec. 13, 1878 age 77 yrs
 Ellinwood, Esther, wife of Hananiah Ellinwood, died Aug. 25, 1827 age 66 yrs
 Ellinwood, Eunice, wife of Reuben Ellinwood, died April 28, 1832 age 51 yrs
 Ellinwood, Hananiah died Jan. 13, 1833 age 76 yrs
 Ellinwood, Harriet, dau of Eli Ellinwood, died Sep. 14, 1823 age 2 yrs
 Ellinwood, Helen M., dau of Eli Ellinwood, died Sep. 10, 1832 age 2 yrs
 Ellinwood, Mary, wife of Elias Ellinwood, died Sep. 12, 1875 age 70 yrs
 Ellinwood, Phebe A., dau of Orlando Ellinwood, died Oct. 17, 1841 age 7 mos 2 dys
 Ellinwood, Phoebe Ann, wife of Orlando Ellinwood, died June 7, 1841 age 27 yrs
 Ellinwood, Samuel died April 27, 1814 age 46 yrs
 Ellinwood, Truman died Aug. 24, 1827 age 24 yrs

 Fitch, Rebecca, former wife of Samuel Ellinwood, died Sep. 26, 1851 age 83 yrs

 Groves, Lydia, wife of Peter Groves, died Nov. 24, 1818 age 73 yrs
 Groves, Peter died July 26, 1801 age 68 yrs

 Hart, Elias died Dec. 9, 1824 age 47 yrs

 Howe, Henry H. grave unmarked

 Look, Capt. unmarked grave

 Marsh, Mary A., wife of William N. Marsh, died May 12, 1850 age 45 yrs
 Marsh, Nathan died Aug. 22, 1833 age 76 yrs
 Marsh, Samuel G., son of Wm. Marsh, died Sep. 24, 1838 age 6 wks
 Marsh, Sarah, wife of Nathan Marsh, died July 29, 1840 age 66 yrs
 Marsh, William N. died Sep. 3, 1884 age 80 yrs

 Pratt, Abigail died Aug. 5, 1804 age 38 yrs
 Pratt, Peleg B. died June 4, 1812 age 40 yrs

 Prior, Poly, wife of Paul B. Prior, died March 17, 1817 age 32 yrs

 Sherman, Rachel died Nov. 20, 1805 age 80 yrs

 Sweeting, Alexander T. died Sep. 21, 1838 age 27 yrs

 Wilson, Nathaniel G., son of Thomas Wilson, died Nov. 24, 1830 age 3 yrs