Old Kirkland Graveyard (aka Manchester)

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Joan Jones

Excerpts from the December 7, 1921 Clinton Courier:

The old Kirkland Cemetery property was purchased about 1806 by twenty-five persons, apparently representing that many families.  Details of the purchase and the names of all involved are in the Utica Courthouse in the Book of Deeds No. 15, p 455.

Dated June 4, 1806 about 1/3 of an acre.

FROM: Silas Judson

TO:  David Pixley,  Justin Little,  Noah Clark,  Isaac Judson,  Medad Root,  Benjamin Churchill,  Phineas Bile,  Cyril Budey,  Solomon Stockwell,  George Longford,  Simeon Gillmore,  Nathan Thomson,  Nathan Thomson for Roderick Morrison,   John Vaughn,  Samuel Laird, Joseph Gluzen, Solomon Gluzen,  Moses Cook,   Frederick Vaughn,
Justin Little for Jared Bennett, Cyranus Woodworth, Washeim Cook,  Rodolfus Hawkins.
Also mentioned in the deed: Charles Lewis, Seth Grovenor

The property is 50 yards south of the State Highway  (Rt. 5); triangular in shape. The base is about 60 feet wide toward the road, south to its point, possibly 250 feet.
There are 25 or 30 gravestones; 18 or 20 are readable.   Oldest is Mrs. Rachel Laird. Latest that of Mrs. Eunice Stockwell who died August 1851, five years after the laying of the cornerstone of the Clark Millls factory which took place 16 June 1846 and 17 years after Kirkland Church was built in 1834.
Note: It is reported that three iron pins marking the front line of the graveyard property were in existence in 1936. Pins on the other points of the plot may also be located.  It is possible that there was the building adjacent now occupied by the Cranberry Bog, once was the site of a church.

Gravestone readings:

In memory of Mrs. Rachel Laird, wife of John Laird, d September 7, 1795; age 67

Thomas Ballou, d September 7, 1826; age 54 yrs, 6 mo 3 da.

Charles Clarke, d June 5, 1813; age 46

James Thompson, d Jan ?, ?; age 76

Nathan Thompson, d August 14, 1826; age  63 yr, 10 mo 7 da.

Theodosia, wife of Nathan Thompson, d April 23, 1829; age 43

Mary, wife of Nathan Thompson, d June 20, 1848; age 89 yr, 6 mo

Angelina, dau of George and Rhoda Hand, d November 17, 1829; age 17 yr, 2 mo.

Jesse Carpenter, d September 17, 1837, age 57.

Solomon Stockwell, d September 12, 1832; age 81 yr, 9 mo.

Died August 18, 1851, Eunice, wife of Solomon Stockwell

Jared Bennett, d July 29, 1840; age 73.

Reuben Stockwell , d November 17, 1843; age 52

Solomon, son of Reuben and Mary Stockwell, d May 22, 1836; age 8 mo 24 da.

Anna, wife of Richard Griffin, d November 18, 1825, age 40- Erected by her eldest son.

Prudence B., dau of Edmund and Mary Whiting, d May 21, 1841; age 15 yr, 5 da.

Josiah, son of Josiah and Mary Bennett, killed by a fall of a tree, November 26, 1842;
age 16 yr, 4 mo, 2 da.

(Verses and carvings are on many of these stones, some recorded.)

 A.L. Easingwood:  December 3, 1921