Beckwith Family Cemetery

This small family cemetery is located off Pleasant Street, near Beckwith Circle in the town of New
Hartford.  It sits on a hill behind an old school house.  Many thanks to Kevin M. Kelly for providing directions to this cemetery.

All the tombstones have been knocked down and the grounds are not maintained at all.  In addition to the tombstones transcribed
there were 3 other tombstones there that were totally illegible, and 2 fieldstones with no inscription.

This transcription was taken on April 7, 2005 by Kathleen Last and Virginia Ackerman.

Copyright© 2001
Kathleen Last and Virginia Ackerman
All Rights Reserved

Beckwith, Ida C., dau of T. M. & M. Beckwith, died Dec. 18, 1862 age 3 yrs 10 mos 25 dys
Beckwith, Marietta born Nov. 13, 1830 died June 25, 1875
Beckwith, Mary A., dau of Chaarles and Mary Beckwith, died March 27, 1890 age 1 yr 2 mos
Beckwith, Minnie M., dau of T. M. & M. Beckwith, died June 24, 1870 age 8 mos 24 dys
Beckwith, Minnie M., dau of T. M. & M. Beckwith, died July 8, 1868 age 1 yr 2 mos
Beckwith, Phebe, Consort of Benjamin Beckwith, died April 30, 1830
Beckwith, Selden born June 14, 1822 died April 24, 1899
Beckwith, Sophia, Consort of Benjamin Beckwith,  died April 7, 1844 (year is badly worn)
Beckwith, Thomas M. born April 23, 1825 died June 23, 1874

Cossleman, Adam born Feb. 22, 1799 died (no date)
Cossleman, Welthy, wife (of Adam Cossleman), born June 8, 1830 died Jan. 7, 1873, age 72 yrs 6 mos 29 dys

Dunn, James W., Co. C 16th NY Hvy Art, died April 15, 1870
Dunn, John, Co. D 121st. Regt., NYV, died Jan 18, 1868 age 44 yrs
Dunn, Mary E. Godfrey, wife of John Dunn, died May 7, 1890 age 61 yrs

Kellogg, Alpheus G., Co. A 26 Regt., NYV, died Dec. 14, 1869