Pittman Family Cemetery

This small family cemetery is located on a hill on the east side of Tilden Ave, near Beckwith Circle.
The cemetery is badly overgrown and probably is not visible in the summer.  It appears someone
is in the process of cleaning it up but at the time this transcription was taken the area was littered
with broken bottles, and other trash.  Several large stones were on the grown and some were
This transcription was taken on April 11, 2002 by Kathleen Last and Virginia Ackerman.

Kathleen Last and Virginia Ackerman
All rights reserved

 Aldrich, Calvin born Aug. 13, 1797 died Nov. 16, 1880
 Aldrich, Salinda, wife (of Calvin Aldrich), born May 28, 1804 died Feb. 8, 1880

 Baxter, Joseph W. died March 7, 1903 age 60 yrs
 Baxter, Emma J., wife (of Joseph W. Baxter), 1849-1906

 Pittman, Thomas died Sept. 17, 1850 age 29 yrs 9 mos
 Pittman, Leonard died Oct. 11, 1884 age 67 yrs
 Pittman, William died Aug. 31, 1857 age 89 yrs 5 mos
 Pittman, Rhoba, wife (of William Pittman), died March 18, 1854 age 73 yrs
 Pittman, Catharine A. died Aug. 3, 1887 age 74 yrs
 Pittman, William Jr. died Aug. 15, 1888 age 73 yrs
 Pittman, Selinda, wife of William Pittman (rest of stone broken)

 Utter, William H. E., son of Arthur A. & Lillian Utter, died June 29, 1890 age 7 mos 16 dys

  -------trait, died March 5, 1852 (partial stone)

There are also the following footstones with first name only.  They appear to be of the Pittman
family, and are all in one row.