Lake Cemetery

Crooked Hill Road, Cassville, Town of Paris

Located on Crooked Hill Road,Cassville,N.Y, between Doolittle Road and
Green Crossing Road. It is in a field in a small clump of trees. In are 5

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Elmer Niles

David Lake d. Sept. 21, 1848 (84) yrs
Jerusha Lake - his wife- d. Sept. 12, 1861  (97) yrs.
Amanda Lake-might be Ransom's second wife- d.Feb. 10, 1879 (82) yrs.
Ransom Lake -son of David- d. Jan. 27, 1881 _ ( 76 yr. 9 mo. )
Louisa Lake- Ransom's 1st wife-d. Dec. 5, 1833-( 26yr. 11 mo. )
David and Jerusha would have been born in 1764. Stone legible says, "Here repose the mortal remains of the dutiful child Louisa Lake, daughter of  Elisha and Cynthia Whetmore and consort of Ransom Lake. She was born Dec. 15, 1806. Affectionate wife and humble Christian."