Capel Bont Cemetery

Welsh District Rd., Town of Remsen

This cemetery is located near the intersection of Bardwell Mills Road and the Welch District
Road in the town of Remsen.  It is very well maintained and covers a rather large area.
There appears to be many burials with no tombstones.
This transcription was taken on June 26, 2001.

Betty McCulloch & Kathleen Last
All Rights Reserved

 Griffith, Margaret, dau of Robert & Mary Griffith, died Dec. 9, 1849 age 3 yrs 6 mos

  Jones, Benjamin, son of John & Jenny(?) Jones, died Dec. 19, 1835 age 9 mos 3 wks (stone is broken and motherís name is very hard to read)
  Jones, Robert W. died June 12, 1840 age 35 yrs

  Owens, John H. died Aug. 27, 1841 age 82 yrs
  Owens, Jane died Sep. 25, 1841 age 82 yrs

  Pugh, John, son of Humphrey & Margaret Pugh, died June 18, 1840 age 19 yrs
  Pugh, Margaret, wife of Humphrey Pugh, died Feb. 9, 1853 age 59 yrs
  Pugh, Richard, native of Montgomeryshire, N. Wales, died April 6, 1835 age 15 yrs 10 mos
  Pugh, Elizabeth, wife of Evan Pugh, native of Trefeglwys, Montgomeryshire, N. Wales, emigrated to American in 1817, died Dec. 15, 1842 age 67 yrs
  Pugh, Margaret, dau of Humphrey & Margaret Pugh, died April 6, 1845 age 10 mos (stone broken in half and lying on the ground)

  Richards, Owen died April 22, 1844 age 60 yrs