Burrows Cemetery

West of Oriskany Monument, Town of Rome

This cemetery was transcribed by L. Abrams in the 1920ís and a listing was done by the DAR at
that time.  According to Abrams notes the cemetery was being used as a cow pasture.    The
cemetery is in horrible condition and only a few tombstones remain.  There are over two dozen
field stones indicating many burials without indentification.  The cemetery is on private property
and access is not allowed by the owner.

On April 11, 2002, the following stones were transcribed by Kathleen Last and Virginia Ackerman.

  Burrows, Rev. Amos, died April 14, 1801, age 63 yrs
  Burrows, Temperance, wife of Amos Burrows, died Oct. 21, 1829, age ? (only top half of stone
found - date taken from DAR list)

  Hinckley, Catherine, wife of Gershom Hinckley, died Sep. 24, 1807, age 70 yrs

The rest of the listing is taken from the DAR listing taken from L. Abrams records.  We did not find
these stones.

  Burrows, Joshua died Jan. 18, 1835 age 66 yrs
  Burrows, Clarissa, wife of Kene Burrows, died Sep. 9, 1813 age 28 yrs

  Eaton, Poly (no dates)

  H. S. (no inscription/dates)

  Hinckley, Gershom, son of J. N. & Polly Hinckley, died July 29, 1802, age 6 mos
  Hinckley, Gersom, died Jan. 15, 1809, age 79 yrs

  Niles, Lucy, dau of Elisha & Lucy Niles, died Jan. 18, 1819, age 30 yrs

  Tibbets, Jonathan, Rev. Soldier, born 1745 died Nov. 30, 1815