Hazard Cemetery

This is a small family cemetery.  The cemetery is badly neglected but all the stones are upright with the exception of one. The one stone on the ground was illegible and could not be copied. In addition there are two small stones side-by-side that were blocked by a large fallen tree,
making a complete transcription impossible. It appeared to be stones for Joseph Dyer & George Hazard who were also included on the larger monument.
The tombstones were transcribed by Kathleen Last and Virginia Ackerman on May 1, 2001

Copyright© 1998
Kathleen Last and Virginia Ackerman
All Rights Reserved

 Hazard, Daniel W. born Feb. 29, 1812 died June 27, 1888
 Hazard, Ann Eliza Dyer, wife (of Daniel W. Hazard), born Nov. 27, 1811 died Oct. 17, 1900
 Hazard, Joseph H. died Oct. 22, 1839 age 63 yrs
 Hazard, Amy, wife of Joseph H. Hazard, died Sep. 21, 1875 age 89 yrs 8 dys
 Hazard, Joseph Dyer, son of D. W. & A. E Hazard, born Nov. 27, 1840 died Aug. 20, 1847
 Hazard, George, son of D. W. & A. E. Hazard, born May 11, 1845 died Oct. 1, 1847
Woodworth, Sarah M (Hazard) Born March 3, 1818 Died Sept. 15, 1887
Hazard, Mary S. daughter of  J.H. & Amy Hazard aged 7 died March (I believe the rest said but I am not positive because it was very hard to read) 6, 1838