Hoag Cemetery

Oneida Rd., City of Rome

There is a tall stone in the center of the cemetery and it can be seen from the road.  The driveway to the cemetery and the cemetery itself is mowed and well maintained.  The tombstones in this cemetery were copied by Kathleen Last and Virginia Ackerman on July 24, 2000.
Updated June 2008

All Rights Reserved
Kathleen Last & Virginia Ackerman

 Caldwell, Cynthia, wife of William Caldwell, died Oct. 2, 1826 age 25 yrs 5 mos
 Caldwell, Cynthia, dau of W. & Cynthia Caldwell, died Jan. 11, 1827 age 4 mos 26 dys

  Hoag, Agnes Desire, dau of John & Mary D. Hoag, 1842-1894
  Hoag, Anne E. Hazard, 2nd wife of Noadiah F. Hoag, (no dates)
  Hoag, Arthur S., son of Wm. & Estella Hoag, died Oct. 6, 1872
  Hoag, Estella, wife of William Y. Hoag, died Apr. 30, 1875 age 28 yrs 23 dys
  Hoag, Franklin Wm. 1890-1972
  Hoag, Gladys Helen, dau of Noadiah & Anna Hoag, 1892-1918
  Hoag, Hannah, wife of Obadiah Hoag, 1777-1843
  Hoag, Hannah, wife of Obediah Hoag, died Mar. 7, 1843
  Hoag, Hannah, dau of John & Mary Hoag, died Oct. 2, 1831 age 10 mos
  Hoag, Harriet, dau of John S. & Mary D. Hoag, died April 26, 1843 age 14 yrs 6 mos
  Hoag, Helen Shelden, wife of Noadiah F. Hoag, 1840-1891
  Hoag, infant son of W. Y. & A. E. Hoag, died Sep. 8, 1877 age 5 dys
  Hoag, John born Oct. 2, 1804 died Nov. 23, 1883
  Hoag, John J., son of John & Mary D. Hoag, died Oct. 11, 1842 age 2 yrs 6 mos
  Hoag, Joshua L., son of Obadiah & Hannah Hoag, died Aug. 14, 1835 age 22 yrs
  Hoag, Kathryn Conroy, (wife of Franklin Wm. Hoag) 1891-(no date)
  Hoag, Mary D. Holcomb, wife of John Hoag, born Apr. 4, 1806 died Aug. 30, 1892
  Hoag, Noadiah Franklin 1835-1921
  Hoag, Obadiah 1772-1850
  Hoag, Obadiah died Feb. 21, 1850
  Hoag, Obadiah F., son of John & Mary D. Hoag, died Mar. 6, 1835 age 2 mos

note: Obadiah & Hannah are listed on the large stone in addition to having older individual stones.