Rome Cemetery

This is the largest cemetery in Rome. The cemetery was established in July 1853, in which
first interment took place, and the cemetery association being organized in 1851.
Among the prominent individuals buried in the cemetery are Francis Bellamy, author of the Pledge of Allegiance,
and John Bloomfield Jervis, design engineer of the Erie Canal.

Please keep in mind while some tombstones might contain certain names,
some people are not buried here which reflects on the Interment books listing.
However, the Interment books listing will have a record of people who
do not have a tombstone.

For the listing which contains only the date of interment, section & plot numbers which
was copied from the Interment Books.

For the listing that was recorded by Kathy Last, which is not complete as of Dec. 2005.
Kathy's listing might be complete by next summer (due to the winter weather)
but nearly 1/2 is near completed.