St. John the Baptist Cemetery
Rome, N.Y.

This cemetery was copied by Betty Carpenter-McCulloch, Amanda Kane, Michael Williams and Kathleen Last during the month of May 2002. It is predominately Roman Catholic with many Italian burials. Most of the burials are after 1907. There are numerous graves with no stones/markers that are of the old Oneida County home/state school residents dating prior to 1907 and no information (other than surnames taken from the cemetery map) for those burials. Most of the stones have year only for dates. Please refer to Jim Brockway's Obituary Extractions for years 1970-2001 for more information on full dates which provides a wealth of information. One can order these obituaries from the Jervis Library for a small fee. For the years prior to 1970, one can call the rectory office at 315-337-0990 for more information. For corrections/errors, please email me.
This listing is not complete and will be finished shortly. Anyone with a date of birth of 1930+  with no date of death was not included in this listing due to privacy issues.
This cemetery is very well maintained through-out the year.

Betty Carpenter-McCulloch, Amanda Kane, Michael Williams and Kathleen Last
All Rights Reserved

Yaddow, Catherine M. 1912-1990
Yaddow, Morris J. Mar 10, 1917-Mar 28, 1989 Pvt US Army WWII
Yano, Angeline L. 1915-
Yano, Frank D. 1906-1993
Yano, Gelsomina 1880-1962
Yano, J. 1916-
Yano, John 1876-1931
Yano, Rose A. 1912- w/o Frank D.
Yourdon, Albert J. Jr. Dec 2, 1947-Sept 26, 1992 SP4 US Army Vietnam
Yourdon, Michael 1951-1956
Yourdon, Walter 1952-1956
Yozzo, Nicholas A. 1959-1960
Zaccardi, Vincent Apr 5, 1895-Oct 30, 1970
Zandi, Thomas F. 1935-1998
Zanko, Frances Perry 1920-1962
Zanko, Michael J. 1917-1991
Zappi, Joseph Jun 10, 1891-Apr 3, 1959 NY Tech4 1206 SVC COM D UNIT WWI & WWII
Zarrelli, Angelo 1888-1962
Zarrelli, Ascanio Aug 7, 1920-Sept 11, 1974 SSgt US Army
Zarrelli, Isabelle 1925-1962 w/o Ascanio
Zarrelli, Maddalina 1886-1957
Zeppieri, Alfred 1898-1957
Zeppieri, Carmine 1870-1951
Zeppieri, Dominick 1874-1957
Zeppieri, Filomena 1860-1938
Zeppieri, Filomena 1867-1931
Zeppieri, Giovanina 1890-1943 w/o Dominick
Zeppieri, Hoseph D. Dec 5, 1913-Sept 16, 1974 PVT US Army
Zeppieri, Joseph S. died 1946 baby
Zeppieri, Louis 1920-1986
Zeppieri, Mary 1901-  w/o Alfred
Zeppieri, Pearl Watson Aug 20, 1924-Dec 15, 1963
Zeppieri, Vincenzo 1864-1936
Zerezuela, Jose A. July 24, 1890-Aug 15, 1964 New York Pvt 5 Co 153 Depot Brigade WWII
Zerezuela, Rita Rondinelli 1891-1975
Zicari, Fannie Mariani 1906-1997 w/o Ralph
Zicari, Ralph 1896-1956
Zoccolillo, Frank 1878-1954
Zoccolillo, Lucia died 1935
Zoccolillo, Maria Marsella 1884-1951 w/o Frank
Zullo, Joseph A. 1898-1968
Zuppa, Josephine 1850-1942