Weaver Family Cemetery
City of Utica

    This is a small family cemetery located on the corner of Cosby Road and River Street in Utica, behind Riverside Mall.  The entrance to the cemetery is on Cosby Road.  It appears that small trees and brush were trimmed out around the stones a few years ago, but other than that the area is not maintained.  There are at least 6 stones here, all on the ground and all broken.  Information found indicates this was the burial grounds for the Weaver family that lived in this area in the 1800ís.

     This transcription was taken on July 10, 2001.

Copyright © 2001
Betty McCulloch & Kathleen Last
All Rights Reserved

  Baker, Catherine, wife of Frederick Baker, died April 25, 1811

  Weaver, (first name not found), died March 16, 1826 age 76 yrs (?) mos 9 dys

  (no last name), Evert Alexander, son of Evert & Catherine (stone is broken and this part illegible), died April 11 (missing)  - - - - - 5 mos  There is a flag on this stone.  The piece of stone with the year of death and age is missing.

  There is also a footstone with the initials H. W.