Stone Family Cemetery

The cemetery has not been maintained but is fenced off and most of the stones
are in good condition and all but one were still upright.  The stones in this
cemetery were copied by Kathleen Last and Virginia Ackerman on December 3,

Kathleen Last & Virginia Ackerman
All rights reserved

   Stone, Samuel died Nov. 8, 1820 in 61st year of his age (this stone is laying down)
   Stone, Nathan  May 27, 1806-Apr. 3, 1893
   Stone, Sarah, wife (of Nathan Stone), March 9, 1815-Aug. 9, 1888
   Stone, Izett, dau of Nathan & Sarah Stone, died July 4, 1852 age 4 yrs 10 mos 20 dys
   Stone, Ida J., dau of Nathan & Sarah Stone, died Mar. 26, 1862 age 2 yrs 2 mos
   Stone, Ophelia M., dau of Nathan & Sarah Stone, died Dec. 20, 1870 age 13 yrs 8 mos 25 dys
   Stone,  S-----n, died Mar. (?) 1832 age 25 yrs  (the upper part of this stone was broken making the name & date illegible.  Our first impression was that the name was Stephen but we could not make out enough to be positive.)

   Crandall, Rose E., wife of Byron Crandall, died Dec. 21, 1871 age 32 yrs 24 dys

   Hews, Mary H., wife of Dr. Robert Hews, died