Dewey Cemetery

   This cemetery is located north of Stone Road, west of Oriskany Creek bridge, behind the old Jones farm.  On May 12, 1999, Doreen Jones Smith and Riley McFadden walked about one mile directly behind the farm, crossed Deans Creek, and climbed an embankment to find this cemetery located in the woods.

  There are nine people buried here.  The cemetery has a wrought iron fence around it and is in a very run-down condition.  Two stones remain standing and large trees are down in many places.  The stones are all readable.

  Following is a list compiled on May 12, 1999.

Forshee, Renetta, relect of Dr. I. N. Meacham & wife of John Forshee, died March 4, 1873

Meacham, I. N.
   Love first love last, and love in all the intermediate space and sacred to the Memory of that love is this mememto here placed to express what in life was unexpressed.  Now we gather the dew of the past to moisten the flowers which surround these hillocks and enrich all that contributes to their healthy blossoming.  The body entombed here was deprived of its spirit Jan. 5, 1854, and was relived of its suffering at the Utica Insane Asylum, where he had been nourished and cherished for several weeks.  The body rests, the spirit basks in the noontide radiance of the eternal love.  I. N. Meacham, M. D.

Forshee, John died March 31, 1884

Forshee, Catherine
  Sacred to the memory of her who was our light and hope through the pilgrimage of earth but whose brief career was mirror like as bright and dazzling and as soon gone.  The darkness that would have surrounded us is made light by her spirit presence.  Catherine, My Love, this memento is erected to your memory Sep. 11, 1856, John Forshee

Dewey, A. J.
  A sister heart yearns to make an expression of her parting and would have erect a memento to mark the spot where the one to whom she wa so tenderly attached and sacred, and sacred will that memory ever be.  A. J. Dewey died May 3, 1851

Dewey, Amasa died Feb. 25, 1863

Sharp, Fanny J., wife of Thomas Sharp, died Sep. 14, 1883 age 58 yrs (taken from a record, stone not found)

Sharp, Thomas died Oct. 29, 1843 age 40 yrs

Dewey, Luke died Aug. 6, 1876 age 63 yrs, Rest in Peace  (stone found but not on any record)