Westmoreland Union (New) Cemetery
Stone Road - Westmoreland

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Dakin, Mary A. 1827-1860

Davis, Annie 1857-1928
           Christina 1837-1924  wife of Walter
           Cynthia Isham b. Jan. 21,1821 - ???  wife of David
           David March 14,1819-July 12, 1855 hus. Of Cynthia Isham
           Edgar David Aug. 2,1842-June 22,1873 son of David & Cynthia Co. A 11th Regt. N.Y.S.V.
           Lawrence Edwin- Jan. 27,1846-Aug. 10,1848 child of David & Cynthia
           Mary E. 1876-1900
           Walter 1828-1909  hus. of Christina

Davison, Ralph J. 1911-1978

Dawes, George H. 1876-1948 hus. of Mary.
             Mary 1876-1945 wife of George H.

Davies, Byron L. 1883-1974 hus. of Elsie G.
             Elsie G. 1894-1979 wife of Byron L.

Day, George
         Gladys Betts O’Connor  1895-1965 wife of George

Dean, Agnes Griffith 1827-1918 wife of George
          Ann E. 1827-1842
          Annie N. Bosworth 1838-1917 wife of James Dean
          Charlotte E. 1818-1842
          Cynthia  d. Aug. 16, 1850 51yrs 2nd wife of Luke C.
          Cynthia Jaynes  d. Feb. 3,1837  73yrs.  2nd. wife of James Dean
          Eliza Lewis July 20,1797-Aug.18,1840 wife of Luke C.
          Esther Aug. 18,1792-April 8,1837  (taken from cemetery record)
          George 1823-1906 hus. of Agnes Griffith
          Helen Hills 1830- 1892 wife of John L.
          James Feb. 17,1822-Sept.12,1903
          James Aug. 3,1748-Sept. 10,1823 hus. of 1st. Lydia Camp & 2nd. Cynthia Jaynes. G.A.R. marker.
                    1st. settler in the Town of Westmoreland, N.Y.
          James Hon. d. May 1841  53yrs. son of James
          James Rev. 1836-1920hus. of Annie M. Bosworth; Brevet Major USV
          John 1792-1849 hus. of Lucinda Morrison
          John Jr. 1817-1817
          John L. 1829-1916 hus, of Helen Hills
          Lucinda Morrison  1795-1883
          Luke  1833-1838
          Luke C. June 23,1800-April l2,1861 hus. of 1st. Eliza Lewis & 2nd Cynthia
          Lydia Camp d. July 3, 1814  54yrs.  1st. wife of James Dean
          Lydia Camp  Feb. 1,1820-Nov. 3,1846 dau. of Luke C. & Eliza Lewis
         M. Louise  1835-1895 died and buried in Macomb, Ill
         Sabrina  Age 83 years

Deane, John P. 1869-1951
            Mary C.N. 1864-1948
            Sidney N. 1878-1943

Deming, Goldie M. 1877-1965 Mother
              John E.   1873-1954 Father
              Sarah 1837-1888
             Wesley H.
              G. Kenneth 1906-1980 Son

Denison, Harvey April 6,1817-July 24,1884 (taken from cemetery record )

Dennison, Mary M. Schuster  1859-1923 wife of Wesley J.A.
                Wesley J.A.  1849-1922 hus. of Mary M. Schuster

Denny, John W. 1934-1973 hus. of Joan West Denny

DeRango, Henry Sept. 14, 1852-May 10,1937 hus. of Mary J. Patrick
                Mary J. Patrick April l3, 1858-Feb. 16,1951  wife of Henry

Dietrich, Sophia 1863-1947

Disah, Mary Jane 1859-1916

Dixon, Anna M. 1881-1969 wife of Wilbur J.
           Wilbur J. 1886-1958 hus. of Anna M.

Dodd, Kenneth L. 1895-1970 Vet. of WWI & WWII markers

Dodge, Cynthia E. d. July 22,1886 63y1m
            Eusebius W. April 10,1822-June 5,1869 hus. of Hannah E. Graves
            Hannah E. Graves June 19,1817-May 23,1890 wife of Eusebius
           Walter Nov.18,186_-Sept. 12,1871 54y9rn14d hus. of Cynthia

Doolittle, Amzi d. March 22,1867 79yrs.  hus. of Eva
                Eva d. April 12,1871 66yrs. wife of Amzi

Dopking, Anna April 8,1802~Oct. 6,1889 wife of Henry
               Hattie A.   June 6,1839-Nov. 23,1887
               Henry July 23,1798-0ct.12,1840 hus. of Anna
               Sarah E. Aug. 13, 1838-Dec.10,1921

Douglass, Addison d. March 1,1851  24yrs.
                Addison H. April 17, 1863-May 11,1915
                Albert d. Oct. 9,1845. 4lyrs. hus. of Anna P.
                Anna P. d. March 13, 1839 28yrs. wife of Albert
                Arthur P. Feb. 20, 1826-Feb. 26, 1898 hus. of Esther L.
                Daniel  d. ___ 13, 1832 60yrs. hus. of Lucy
                Esther L. May 23, 1829-March 4, 1915 wife of Arthur P.
                Frances A.  Dec. 31, 1847 19yrs.
                Lucy  d. June 27, 1816 35yrs. wife of Daniel
                Maryalma  March 4,1858-Oct. 10, 1861

Dousland, Ester R. 1805-1889
                William 1803-1879

Dowsland, Agnes G. 1860-1934
                 Albert W. 1851-1899
                 Esther . 1937-1942 dau. of    Everett C. & Nellie
                 Everett C.
                 Frances Walker d. Feb. 18,1821 Jan.28, 1904 wife of Richard
                 Helen L.  1907-1984  wife of Stuart H.
                 Lillie  April 26,1867-April 16,1871 (taken from cemetery record )
                 Mabel C.  1881-1963
                 Nellie Newman b. Jan 22, 1912 wife of Everett C. d. 12/26/1989
                 Richard   Sept. 18,1812-June 6,1892 hus. of Frances Walker
                 Stuart H. 1902-1963 hus. of Helen L
                 Warren Dec.11,1862-Sept.6,1863
                 Willie J. Nov. 6, 1874-Sept. 16, 1875  (taken from cemetery record)

Draper, Calvin H. Feb.11,1827-May21,1886 hus. of Welthia A. Kellogg
             Weithia A. Kellogg Feb.11,1821-Oct.15,1900 wife of Calvin H.

Drum, Ella U. Aylsworth  1864-1947 wife of George H.
          George H. 1865-1947 hus. of Ella U. Aylsworth

Ellis, Clara M. Oct.4,1918-April 11,1989  70yrs. (taken from cemetery record)

Earley, Doris M. Aug. 27,1909-Nov. 28,1946 dau. of Fred G. &Lizzie W.0.J.C. U.S.Army

Earley, Fred G 1875-1947 hus. of Lizzie Hugill
            Lizzie Hugill  1869-1962 wife of Fred G.

Eaton, Graham D. (Joe) Feb. 11,1933  hus. of Janet D. m. Sept. 15,1951
            Janet D. April 4,1934- April 4,1986 wife of Graham D

Edic, Mary G. 1873-1940 wife of Robert S.
         Daniel R. 1922-1978 Father
         Robert S. 1867-1952 hus. of Mary G.

Edick, Daniel 1922-1978 C.P.L. U.S.Marine Corps. WWII

Elliott, Ella 1885-1904

Elzenbeck, Marjorie J. DeRango   1896-1967 wife of Philip J.
                  Mary O'Hara  1911-1977
                  Philip J. 1895-1981  hus. of Marjorie J. DeRango

Emery, Albert H. 1834-1926 hus. of Frances B.
            Frances B. 1839-1907

Engle, Carol Calkins
           James H.
           Paul J.

Enos, Abby d. April 21,1835  14y5m2d
          Antoinette  d. May26,1829  17y4m25d
          Fannie d. Aug. 4,1824  l4y5ml0d dau. of Truman & Fanny
          Fanny May 14,1782-April 10,1853 wife of Truman
          George d. Jan. 29,1829  20y5m26d
          Louisa M. Whaley  d. April 29,1850  36yrs.  wife of J.S. Whaley
          Meigs d. Jan. 2,1844
          Truman Jan. 8,1777-April 15,1858  81y3m7d hus. of Fanny

Evans, Albert 1868-1932 hus. of Jennie
           Carleton 1891-1941
           Catherine 1865-1944 wife of Hugh
           Clarence F. 1917-1934 Son
           Edward R. 1893-1968
           Evan G. son of Evan R. & Mary W.
           Evan R. 1863-1959 hus. of Mary W.
           Frank 1889-1962 hus. of Edna Munson Cheney
           Helen Farmer  1893-1955 wife of Howard
           Howard 1892-1951 hus. of Helen Farmer
           Howard C.
           Hugh 1860-1938 hus. of Catherine
           Jennie 1867-1946 wife of Albert
           Lucille E. 1914-1915 Our Baby
           Lynn S. 1899-   hus. of Mary E.
           Mary Ann 1844-1913 wife of William
           Mary E.  1902-1966  wife of Lynn S.
           Mary W. 1868-1945 wife of Evan R.
           Ruth M. 1924-1939 Daughter
           William 1842-1914. hus. of.Mary Ann
           Florence M. June 14,1909-Oct. 31,1989 80yrs. (taken from cemetery record)

Farmer, Edna Grace Nov. 28,1887-Dec. 14,1893
             Elisha H. 1858-1917
             Hertha M. 1890-1986
             Mildred E. Reese 1864-1951

Farrier, Jane M. July 8,1897 80yrs . 9m. wife of Amos J. Holdredge & wife of Robert Farrier
            William H. d. Sept. 11, 1854 2y3m27d son of Amos J. & Jane M

Featherbay, Lee A. May 5, 1943-June 5, 1980  S.N. U.S. Navy Vietnam
                   Wendy Lee d. May 24, 1969

Fedor, Adeline
            John W. 1914-1984 hus. of. Adeline

Finch, Richard  1931-1953 Son

Fitch, Abner d. Nov. 4, 1861  60y114d son of Ebenezer Sr. & Sarah D.
          A. Lewis 1856-1930 hus. of Elizabeth Rose
          Diantha E. d. Nov. 17,1878 6ly7m dau. of Ebenezer & Sarah D.
          Ebenezer R. d. Feb. 20, 1888  hus. of Helen M. Barnes  2nd Jane L.
          Ebenezer Sr. d. Aug. 19,1820 48yrs.  hus. of Sarah Dow
          Elizabeth Rose  1848-1939 wife of Lewis Fitch
          Helen M. Barnes d. May 9, 1842  26yrs.  1st. wife of Ebenezer R.
          Jane L. d. Feb. 2, 1910  93yrs.  2nd wife of Ebenezer R.
          Sarah Dow  d. March 13,1842  68yrs.
          Sarah Fitch Griffin  1853-1936
          Twin Daughters  d. May  1812  children of Ebenezer R. & Helen
          Twin Sons d. 1808 Ebenezer Sr. & Sarah
          William H. Nov. 5,1925-Dec. 3,1988 63yrs. (taken from cemetery record)

Fleming, Margett  March 12,1808-Feb. 6,1885  (taken from cemetery record)

Flickinger, Charles R. Sr.  1922-1976 hus. of Dorothy A.
                 Clarence 1880-1951 hus. of Teresa
                 Dorothy A.  wife of Charles R. Sr.
                 Edward M.  1908-1978  U.S. War marker
                 Teresa 1880-1950 wife of Clarence

Flint, John Oct. 4,1927-Jan. 6,1988 (taken from cemetery record)

Foppes, Anne 1902-1978 wife of Stuart
              Gertrude 1875-1965 wife of John
              John 1870-1956 hus. of Gertrude
              Stuart 1903-1979 hus. of Anne

Ford, Grace 1888-1981 wife of Truman
          Truman 1878-1959 hus. of Grace

Foskett, Ivalyn A. Reed d. Dec. 3, 1881  25yrs. wife of A.J.; dau. of A.M. Reed born in Va.

Foster, ______  d. April _,l_92  C.N.R. on Halleck Monument
           Annett C. Feb. 16, 18__ C.N.R. on Halleck Mon.
           Barnum M. d. March 27,1850  42yrs.
           Celia Ann Stephenson d. June 7, 1887 60y6m dau. of P. & N.D. Halleck
           Eunice May 28,1804-April 3,1871 (taken from cemetery record)
           Shubael June 7,1791-July l2, 1878 (taken from cemetery record)

Fotheringham, Susie Lane  d. Jan. 22, 1914 74yrs.

Fox, Alice July 3, 1873-March 3,1955 (taken from cemetery record)
        Elsie March 22, 1867-Sept. 15, 1889 (taken from cemetery record)
        Florence Sheeler 1882-1966 wife of Henry Menzo
        Henry Menzo 1882-1948 hus. of Florence Sheeler
        John C. 1861-1935 hus. of Lillian
        Lillian 1867-1918 wife of John
       Marget  Oct. 16, 1836-March 27, 1888  (taken from cemetery record )
       Martha E. Griffith  1843-1918 wife of Menzo
       Menzo 1845-1914 hus. of Martha E. Griffith Co. K 189th Regt. N.Y. Inf. G.A.R.marker

Freeman, Fanny Oct. 28, 1801-Sept, 12,1873  (taken from cemetery record)
               Franklin April 7, 1853-Jan. 24, 1870 (taken from cemetery record)
               John B. d. March 24,1890 73yrs.  #35 row 3 Private, Co. N 15th N.Y.Cal.
              William B. May 3, 1851-March l9, 1873  ( taken from cemetery record

Frey, Edwin J. 1900-1968 hus. of Jessie E.
         Jessie E.       wife of Edwin J.

Fuller, Adour Sept. 25, 1799-April 13, 1874
          Coruehia Feb. 15, 1805-Feb. 20, 1874 (taken from cemetery record)