Westmoreland Union (New) Cemetery
Stone Road - Westmoreland

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Gafner, Alice Reese  wife of Elmer A. b. 1917
            Elmer A. 1911-1977

Gallaway, Clarence B b. July 23, 1902 Jan. 29, 1989  hus. of Delma L.
                Delma L. 1908-1958 wife of'Clarence B.

Garsden, Alice N. 1863-1946
               John Kay 1836-1910 hus. of Phebe Marsdem  Co. I 4th Regt. Del. Vel.  G.A.R. marker
               Phebe Marsdem 1842-1925 wife of John K.
               Ralph R. 1878-1924 . son of John K. & Phebe

Gates, Betsey d. April 23, 1857 72yrs.
           Nathan S. d. Dec. 25 ,1867  8lyrs.  hus. of Betsey

Gennaro, Anna. C. 1915-1987 Mother

Genther, Kevin Robert d. June 4, 1970 Our Little Son

Gibbs, Edwin F. March 5, 1835-Nov. 20, 1909 hus. of Hannah N. Johnson
           Hannah N. Johnson Feb. 6, 1834-Feb. 5, 1920 wife of Edwin F.

Gibson, Charles J. 1873-1935
              James d. June 15,1872, (taken from Cemetery records)
              Lydia R.  1839-1923 wife of William
             William  1840-1916

Glover, Ella E.  1892-1978  wife of Joseph H.
            Joseph H.  1891-1965 hus. of Ella E.

Godfrey, Gertrude d. Aug. 4,1981  80yrs.  (taken from cemetery record )

Golden, Betty B.
             David J.

Goo, Elizabeth O. 1810-1903 wife of Frank V.
         Frank V. April 3, 1843-June 17, 1893 hus. of Elizabeth O.
         P. (Rev) Aug. 16, 1813-April 13, 1894

Goodell, Anna 1875-1942 wife of Archie
              Adison Oct. l3, 1878-Sept, 12, 1881  son of Daniel & Emma
              Archie 1875-1953 hus. of Anna
              Daniel 1842-1933 hus. of Emma Smith
              Elizabeth d. April 15, 1885  84y2m13d wife of John
              Emma Smith d. Feb. 23,1921  70y9m wife of Daniel
              John d. April 10,1886  66y3m20d hus. of Elizabeth
              Robert J. d. May 25,1873 38y9m12d son of John & Elizabeth

Goodman, Charles 1839-1902   hus of S. Elizabeth Hecox
                  Edna Jane 1863-1939
                  Fannie E. May 22, 1870-June 19, 1878
                  Frank  March 25,1870-March 25,1870
                  Fred M. Oct. 25, 1881-Dec. 29, 1887
                  George April 10,1802-June 29,1885 hus. of Jane Osborn
                  Jane Osborn Nov.13,1806-Nov.19,1878 wife of George
                  S.Elizabeth Hecox 1842-1913  wife of Charles

 Goodwin, George W. 1827-1912 hus. of Sarah M. Atwater
                  LeRoy F. 1875-1944 hus. of Mary Rogers
                  Mary Rogers 1871-1960 wife of LeRoy F.
                  Matilda A. 1835-1897
                  Sarah M. Atwater  1827-July 28, 1903  76yrs. wife of George W.

Gordon, Mary Mason

Graves, Abile S. 1823-1905  hus. of Alzina Mott
             Achsah Halbert d. Aug. 22, 1808  22yrs.  1st. wife of Benjamin
             Alzina Mott 1833-1910 wife of Abile S.
             Benjamin 1847-1864 son of Benjamin S. & Jane
             Benjamin d. March 23, 1868 84yrs. hus of 1st Achsah Halbert,
                              2nd Mary Stark & 3rd Nancy Halsey
             Benjamin S. Dec. 28, 1810-July 5, 1886 hus. of Jane Townsend
             Charles S. 1863-1939
             Elijah  (Rev.) d. Oct. 22, 1823  64yrs.  hus. of Elizabeth US Army
             Eliza L. Shaw1835-1912 wife of Sterling
             Elizabeth d. Jan. 11, 1832  52yrs.  wife of Elijah
             Elizabeth A. 1875-1946 Mother
             Harmon d. July 14,1834  7weeks3d son of Benjamin & Nancy
             Hellen Amelia  1844-1894 dau. of Benjamin S. & Jane
             Jane Townsend  1815-1898 wife of Benjamin
             Mary Elizabeth  1842-1877  dau. of Benjamin & Jane
             Mary Stark   d. Aug.25,1825  42yrs.  2nd. wife of Benjamin; a native of Lynn, Conn.
             Nancy Halsey d. May 16,1866  67yrs. 3rd, wife of Benjamin
             Robert S.1929-1954 Lt. U.S.M.C.R. Koren War marker
             Sterling F. 1902-1967 hus. of Winifred M.
             Sterling P. Aug.28,1819-1906 hus. of Eliza L. Shaw
             William S. 1865-1963
             Winifred M.   wife of Sterling F.

Gray, Betty Johnson  wife of Maynard John
          Maynard John   1917-1986 hus. of Betty Johnson

Green, Charles Dale 1945-1982
           Sarah F Hugil  d. March 14, 1884 60y1m28d wife of Thaddeus S.

Greene, Ann R. May 29, 1819-Jan. 20, 1901 on Reid Monument
             J. Dayton  1845-1921
             Leontine R.   1917-1985 wife of Luther M. Sr.
             Luther M. Sr. 1910-1987 hus. of Leontine R.

Greenwood, Lester L. (Pete) Nov. 30, 1917-Oct. 13, 1983 hus. of Ruby Jenson
                       SSgt. U,S.Army WWII Air Corp.
                    Ruby Jenson

Gregory, Blake W. 1898-1972 wife of Charles B.
                James W.  1928-1968
                Jean L.

Grems, Charles B.  1853-1937
            Hannah N. 1857-1928 wife of Charles B.

Griffin, Sarah Fitch 1853-1936
           George Nov. 22, 1871-Aug. 2, 1874 (taken from cemetery records)
           Mary C. April 1, 1843-Jan. 12, 1915 wife of William H.

Griswold, Anson I. April 20, 1830-May 30, 1871 (taken from cemetery records)
                Betsy d. Aug. 20, 1824 26yrs. Wife of Moses
                Eunice Aug. 7, 1802-Aug. 29, 1885 (taken from cemetery records)
                Moses  Feb. 5, 1795-April 1, 1871

Groff, Charles G. Aug. 11, 1846-Jan. 28, 1923 hus. of Susanah E.
                     GAR. Marker  Co. A 10th NY Heavy Art.
           Clara R. 1888-1972 wife of Walter H.
           Emma I. d. April 21,1942  Sister
           James M. Dec. 19, 1824-NOV. 30, 1856 hus. of Sarah L. Trask
           J.W.Mackey 1886-1948 hus. of Mary E. Reader
           Mary E. Reader 1878-1971
           Sarah L. Trask May l4, 1826-July 22, 1912 wife of James M.
           Susannah C.  1918-1918
           Susanah E. July  22, 1846-July 10, 1905 wife of Charles G.
           Walter H.  1887-1973 hus. of Clara R.   F.L.T. marker I.0.0.F.
           Walter Jr. 1921-1921

Groombridge, Mary Ann Dunbar b. Ruthwell Village, Dumfriesshire, Scotland, Feb. 22, 1893
                               d. in Yorkville, N.Y., Sept. 30, 1967 wife of Ernest W.
                       Ernest Wilfred Bailey  b. Singleton, Sussex, England, April 13,1883
                               d. in Yorkville, N.Y., Feb.3, 1970 hus. of Mary Ann Dunbar

Groves, Adelbert D.   1853-1896 hus. of Annie Thompson
              Annie Thompson  1857-1944 wife of Adelbert
              Clara Portner   1898-1968 wife of Hartley T.
              Hartley T. 1894-1985 hus. of Clara Portner  WWII Vet.
              Irwin A. 1889-1977 son of Adelbert & Annie
              Newton B. 1884-1898 son of Adelbert & Annie

Gurd, Alice Lee  1882-1935
          Joan Casey 1930-1935
          Kathryn Lee 1913-1938

Gypson, Agnes March 10,1826-June 7,1914
              Benjamin  d. July 7,1858  68yrs.  hus. of Ellen
              Ellen d. Sept. 13, 1863  68yrs.  wife of

Hass, Catherine A. 1879-1932 wife of Ernest
          Ernest 1872-1941 hus. of Catherine A.
          James David 1905-1984 hus. of Marie Alma
          Marie Alma 1907-1981 wife of James David

Hakes, Avis d. March 2, 1985  80yrs.  (taken from cemetery record)
            Bertha A. 1865-1932  wife of Chester M.
            Chester M. 1860-1945 hus. of Bertha A.

Halbert, Harriot M. wife of Horace. Her children: Dwight, Ellen, Julia, Henry, & Charlie

Hale, Alma d. July 24,1931  8lyrs.  wife of George
         Frank S. 1857-1945 hus. of Rachel
         George 1849-1912 Co. F 117th Regt.
         Lola B. 1912-1965 dau. of William
         Lyle H. 1887-1906
         Rachel 1855-1938 wife of Frank S.
         William P. 1891-1943

Hall, Duane (Rev.) 1852-1933 hus. of Nellie A.
        Nellie A. 1880-1940 wife of Rev. Duane
        Tamma Maria June 4,1836-May 8,1900
        Joseph Aug. 12, 1834-March 4, 1917 hus. of Nancy A.
        Nancy A.  March 3, 1824-Dec. 12, 1915 wife of Joseph

Halleck, Abigail F.   d. Dec. 26,1924 84yrs.
              Abraham H.  Aug. 16, 1800-May 4, 1885 hus. of 1st. Nancy E & 2nd. Emma
             Andrew B.C. d. Dec. 24, 1844  ly5m son of Abraham & Nancy E.
              Anna Harden d. Sept. 1793 wife of Samuel
              Carrie H.  d. Oct. 10, ___C.N.R.- dau. of Samuel & Abby
              Emma d. Nov. 27, 1879 60yrs.  2nd. wife of Abraham H.
              Hosen Aug. 4, 1804 - May 2, 1873  (taken from cemetery record)
              James 1840-1921 hus. of Maria W.
              Lydia T.   d. March 11,1832  59y1m4d wife of Samuel
              Maria W. 1851-1896 wife of James
              Mary C. d. Jan. 11,1836  14y6m dau. of  P. & N.D.
              Nancy D. d. Aug. 27,1887 39y7m wife of Pabher
              Nancy E. d. Sept. 2_, 1838  2m19d dau. of Abraham & Nancy E.
              Nancy E. d. Dec. 10,1845 39yrs.  1st. wife of Abraham
              Parker d. June 25,1864 71y7m hus. of. Nancy D.  G.A.R.marker
              Samuel d. Aug. 11, 1855 88y10m hus. of Anna Harden
              Samuel d. Aug. 11,1855 88y9m21d hus. of Lydia
              Samuel d. Aug. 27,1890  55yrs. Hus. of Abigail

Hallwell, Caradoc 1905-1971 married Harriet L. Aug. 15, 1936
              Harriet L. 1910-1964 married Caradoc Aug. 15, 1936

Halsey, Alice E. Aug.24,1859-March 14,1935
             Alfred d. Sept. 16,1853  4y5m son of Charles & Elizabeth
             Amelia J. Feb. 9, 1844-April 10, 1910  66y2m dau. of Chs. & EIiz.
             Anna W. d. Nov.11, 1862  78y3m wife of William
             Anne d. June 26,1894  7lyrs.  wife of James
             Anne E. Sept. 12,1832-March 29,1915 wife of Stephen
             Cecelia May 25, 1850-Sept. 9, 1886 wife of Henry
             Cecil Aug.25,1885-Feb.20,1947
             Charles d. Feb. 15,1877  73yrs.  hus. of Elizabeth; 2nd Hannah J.
             Edward 1819-1895
             Elizabeth C. d. Aug.6,1853  36yrs. 1st. wife of Charles
             Eunice C. d. Dec. 22, 1874  88yrs. wife of Hezekiah
             Fannie  July 11,1858-Sept. 7, 1886 dau. of Charles & Hannah
             Frank S. 1865-1943  hus. of Georgiana
             Genevieve A.  Dec. 6, 1890-April 8,1906 dau. of Frank & Georgiana
             Georgiana 1866-1945  wife of Frank
             Hannah Cooper  1781-1863  wife of Jonathan
             Hannah J.   June 10, 1821-Nov. 19, 1904  2nd. wife of Charles
             Hezekiah  d. Feb. 16, 1871  98y5m6d hus. of Eunice C.
             James  d. Oct. 5,1893  76y8m13d
             Jane Feb. 22, 1764-June l2, 1855 wife of J. Paynor
             Jessie C. March 25, 1861-Jan. 18, 1928
             John 1812-1880
             Jonathan 1768-1858  hus. of Hannah Cooper
             Julia F.  Dec., 1835-Jan., 1899
             Mary  1811-1892
             Mary 1875-1958
             Mary Ann  Sept. 24, 1808-July 17, 1884 wife of D. Warner
             Nettie d. Feb.28,1861  9mos
             Pamela  1777-1859
             Solon C.  d. Jan. 22, 1853  35yrs.
             Stephen  Aug. 3, 1824-Jan. 16, 1887  hus. of Anne E.
             Susan d. May 12, 1866   52yrs.  wife of William
             Susan 1817-1907
             William Jan. 15, 1848-Sept. 27, 1886
             William d. June 26, 1860  91y2m2d hus. of Anna W.

Hamilton, Mary Jane 1828-1912 wife of William
               William  1829-1912  hus. of Mary Jane

Harbour, Jane E. d. Sept. 9,1863

Hargraves, Charles William d. Nov. 6, 1862  7yrs. child of J. & M.E.
                  George Emerson d. May 2, 1874  lyr.
                  James d. Oct. 13, 1895  69yrs. hus. of Mary E. Bearss
                  Mary E Bearss  d. Nov. 17,1910 77yrs.  wife of James

Harrington, Anna 1862-1934  wife of W. Henry Start

Harris, Evans , Walker Monument

Harris, Fred 1854-1930
           Ida A.  Jan. 25,1858-April 19,1888  (Taken from cemetery record)

Harrison, Charles W.  1861-1909
               Daniel B.  1903-1982 hus. of Mary Parsons
               Ella I. Halsey 1857-1938 wife of Spencer
               F. Spencer  1858-1945  hus. of Ella I. Halsey
               Grace 1869-1934
               Howard S.  March 1, 1974 74yrs.  (taken from cemetery record)
               Maria Spencer 1831-1906 wife of Thomas
               Mary Parsons wife of Daniel B.
               Sarah A. March 14, 1826-July 31,1899 Mother
               Thomas 1824-1890  hus. of  Maria Spencer
               William H. 1857-1863 son of Thomas & Maria

Harvey, Ada B. 1866-1880
             C. Arthur 1869-1967
             Charlotte E. 1872-1857
             Clayton E. 1868-1928
             Julia E. 1852-1933
             Mary J. 1832-1920
             Thomas E. 1829-1919

Hatfield, Edward 1853-1914 hus. of Reca Nieman
              Frank E. 1889-1943
              Reca Nieman 1864-1854 wife of Edward

Hemstreet, Adelbert 1889-1965
                 Arthur d. April 5,1962 74yrs. (taken from cemetery record )
                 Carolyn H. 1879-1934
                 Emma S. 1890-1978
                 Judson 1876-1963
                 Rachel R.  1852-1916

Henderson, Gertrude M.  d. Oct. 25, 1989  83yrs.  (taken from cemetery record)

Hemstreet, Samuel 1832-1906
                  Walter 1886-1923

Henry, Carroll F. 1910-1965 hus. of Marjorie G.
           Marjorie G.

Hess, Gloria Baldock 1945-1965 Daughter

Herink, Jessie E. 1858-1954
            Margaret d. Oct. 16,1916

Hewitt, Kenneth George  d. July 27,1964  2mld  (taken from cemetery record)

Hicks, Jess A. 1897-1973 hus. of Lena Wampflor
           Lena Wampflor 1900-1980 wife of Jess A.
           Mary Jane June 11,1827-July 21,1874  (taken from cemetery record)

Hinch, Susannah d. March 15, 1872 72y6m wife of William
           William d. Oct. 6, 1852 56yrs  hus. of  Susannah

Hoage, Jacklyn Sept. 23, 1952-Oct. 7, 1952  (taken from cemetery record)
            Mary 1903-1946
            Newton July 8, 1888-Jan. 30, 1959  (taken from cemetery record)
            Richard H. d. May 12,1986   (taken from cemetery record)
            Richard Henry d. Dec. 31, 1967 68yrs (taken from cemetery records)
            Shirlee Hirsch  1920-1948 wife of WWII Vet.

Hoffman, Charles D.   1844-1905 hus. of Mary C.
               Charles W. 1873-1947 hus. of Verbena Prescott
               Mary C 1844-1926 wife of Charles D.
               Verbena Prescott  1874-1955 wife of Charles W.

Holdredge, Amos J. d. May 17, 1856  39y7m10d  1st. hus. of Jane M. Farrier
                  William c.n.r.

Hollenbeck, Caroline d. May 9, 1868  59y9m3d wife of Newman
                    John d. March 11, 1851  25yrs. son of Newman & Caroline
                    Mary Menla M. d. March2S, 185_ dau. of Newman & Caroline
                    Newman d. May 10,1864 65y4m1d hus. of Caroline

Holmes, Edwina 1909-1985 wife of George F.
              George F. Sr. b. Feb. 18, 1906 May 18, 1989 hus. of Edwina
              Olive E 1855-1945 wife of William J.
              William J. 1852-1935 hus. of Olive E.

Hooker, Robert d. Aug. 26,1898  75yrs.  born in Ecerton, Kent, England   F.L.T.

Hopps, Julia Nov. 9, 1870-June 27, 1951  (taken from cemetery record)
            Thomas Dec. 25, 1877-Nov. 3, 1957  (taken from cemetery record)

Horton, Hazel W. wife of Lester N. b. 06/02/24    d.04/11/98
             Lester N. 1921-1968  hus. of Hazel

Hotaling, Dorthy Wolfe wife of James L.
               James L.
               Sharon Ruth 1962-1984

Howard, Clarissa Crandall d. Sept. 12,1853 49yrs.  wife of Ora
               Frances E. d. Feb. 26, 1865  19y4m dau. of Ora & Clarissa
               Ora d. April 18, 1873  70yrs;  hus. of Clarissa Crandall
               Ralph O. d. Jan. 17,1852 17yrs. son of Ora & Clarissa
               Sherman R. d. Aug. 30, 1859 20yrs.

Howarth, Alice V. 1853-????  dau. of Giles & Maria
               Giles 1825-1882 hus. of Maria
               Maria 1827-1906 wife of Giles
               M. Elizabeth 1857-1890 dau. of Giles & Maria
               Roger G. 1866-1916  son of  Giles & Maria
               Sarah A. 1851-1866 dau. of Giles & Maria
               Thomas R. 1859-1898  son of Giles & Maria
               William H. Dec. 15, 1861-April 18, 1908 son of Giles & Maria

Howes, Adelbert F. (Della) d. Sept. 23,1973 Daughter
             Adelbert Monroe  1843-1927
             Harriett Julia d. Dec. 15, 1958 Daughter
             James H. 1856-1922
             Julia d. Jan.12, 1892  72y9m15d wife of Zenas
             Mary Jane Hill 1866-1950
             Philenda Buell March 26, 1864  69y6m19d wife of Zenas
             Zenas d. Dec. 25, 1853  69yrs. hus. of Philenda Buell
             Zenas d. Aug. 31, 1887  71y3m13d hus. of Julia

Howland, Alfred 1880-1952 hus. of Alice E. Davis
                Alice E. Davis  1879-1940 wife of Alfred
                Bessie Mae   1905-1952 wife of LeRoy P.
                LeRoy P. 1903-1979 hus. of Bessie Mae

Howlett, Elizabeth A.  1872-1919 wife of Walter
               Irving T. 1902-1910 son of Walter & Elizabeth
               Laura 1894-1976 dau. of Walter & Eliazbeth
               Ruby Hutchinson 1894-1972 wife of Wilfred A.
              Walter 1861-1913  hus. of Elizabeth A.
              Wilfred A. 1897-1973 hus. Rubv Hutchinson

Hoyt, Alice Rogers 1862-1922  Daughter

Hubbell, Addie Curtis 1857-1943 wife of Charles E.
              Charles d. June 20,1900  7lyrs.  hus. of Elizabeth Co. M 15th N.Y. Vol. Cav. G.A.R.
              Charles E.   1853-1925 hus. of Addie Curtis
              D. Sanford d. Aug. 19, 1865  5y8m19d  son of U.S. & J.L.
              Edward Grant May 2, 1866-Sept.16,1887 (taken from cemetery record)
              Elizabeth d. May 13,1915 83yrs.  wife of Charles
              Uriah P. d. Nov. 8, 1862 son of U.S. & J. L. died of Diphtheria, Hampton, NY
              Uriah S. (Rev.) d. Nov. 18, 1877  50yrs.
              William F. d. Feb.20,1859 lyl0m

Huges, Harriet H. 1860-1949
            Ishmael B. 1855-1928

Hughes, Ann Williams  d. March 24,1900  83yrs. wife of David
             Dellia H. Oct. 6, 1854-Feb. 29, 1876  (taken from cemetery record)
             David d. June 18,1889  77yrs.  hus. of Ann Williams
             Dayle E. 1935-1969
             E. 1838-1912  hus. of Ella
             Edny P. 1871-1958 hus. of 1st. Mary Martin, 2nd Etta J.
             Ella 1846-1910 wife of E.
             Etta J. 1868-1950  2nd wife of Edny
             Evan d. Sept. 7,1867  26yrs.
             George F. 1909-1956
             Hannah d. March 2,1911  59yrs.
             Infant children of George F. Hughes - Dawne 1943, Jon 1946
             Jesse Evan 1869-1911
             Margaret Aylsworth 1856-1947 wife of Thomas
             Mary Martin 1872-1910  1st. wife of Edny
             Robert d. July 20,1897  44yrs.
             Thomas 1851-1913 hus.of Margaret Aylsworth

Hugill, Ann Eliza d. Dec. 15,1874  4lyrs.
          Elizabeth D. d. July 22,1877  57yrs.
          Jane d. Dec. 4,1882  92yrs.
          John C. d. July 7, 1856  28y2m son of William & Jane
          Mary d. Nov.24,1867 65yrs. wife of Thomas
         Mary Stubbs d. June 25,1908 76y1m  wife of William
         Sarah d. April 27,1882  90yrs.
         Thomas d. Aug. 1, 1874 79y7m8d hus. of Mary
         William d. Dec. 27,1846
         William d. Feb. 8,1893 77y5m hus. of Mary Stubbs

Hull, Beatrice Burg
        Harley R. 1905-1945 hus. of Beatrice Burg
        Harriet E 1840-1860
        Leslie D. 1894-1967 hus.  of Marion L. Bellinger
        Marion L. Bellinger 1895-1974 wife of Leslie D.
        Mary A. d. July 28,1878 73 yrs.
        Mary Ella  wife of Fumip(?) Conrad Hull
        Sarah M. 1849-1870
       William d. April 28,1878 73yrs.  hus. of Mary A.

Humphrey, Alice A. 1876-1957 dau. of Charles & Elizabeth
                 Charles B. 1846-1905 hus. of Elizabeth Wickens
                 Cora Humphrey Bates  1886-1968 dau. of Charles & Elizabeth
                 Elizabeth Wickens  1847-1895 wife of Charles B.
                 Frank Hall  1872-1872 son of Charles & Elizabeth
                 Gertrude Eliza  1869-1869 dau. of Charles & Elizabeth
                 Hazel S. 1905-1976 wife of Clarence
                 Laverne Paul 1885-1922 dau. of Charles & Elizabeth
                 Lillian A. 1873-1942 dau. of Charles & Elizabeth
                 Lillie Graham 1868-1868 dau. of Charles & Elizabeth
                 Louise 1875- 1963
                 Marion Louise 1881-1891  dau. of Charles & Elizabeth
                 Mary Elizabeth 1869-1869 dau. of Charles & Elizabeth
                 W. Clarence 1904-1959 hus. of Hazel S.

Hustler, John 1797-1879 hus. of Janet Caldwell

Hustwayte, Francis C.  July 5, 1924-Aug. 28, 1954 N.Y. SSgt. Medical Dept WWII (1941-1945) marker
                  Francis D.  Nov. 17,1885-Nov. 15, 1973 SSgt. Air Service American Legion marker

Hutchinson, Amos A.   1855-1932
                   Ann d. March 20,1868 92yrs.  wife of Robert
                   Arthur E. 1878-1932 hus. of Marjorie
                   Clyde L.  d. Jan. 5,1969 77yrs.  (taken from cemetery record)
                   Elizabeth J.  1859-1934
                   Eliza E. Biels  1855-1939 wife of John G.
                   Ethel 1881-1964 wife of Norris A.
                   Howard B. 1887-1962
                   Jessie E. Oct. 29, 1888-Nov. 7, 1894 only dau. of Norris W. & Mary A
                   John d. Nov. 23, 1856  47y10m20d hus. of Sarah N.
                   John G. 1850-1934  hus.of Eliza E. Biels
                   Josephine Terry  1856-1910 wife of Robert
                   Lawerance  May 10, 1916-Dec. 15, 1987  ( taken from cemetery record)
                   Marjorie  1898-1917 wife of Arthur E.
                   Mary A. Bielby 1865-1948 wife of Norris
                   Norris 1852-1917 hus. of Mary A. Bielby
                   Norris A. 1886-1978 hus. of Ethel
                   Paul E. 1918-1933
                   R. Earl 1894-1923
                   Robert  1846-1905 hus. of Josephine Terry
                   Robert d. March 30,1862  77yrs.   hus. of Ann
                   Sarah N.  d. Nov.1,1871  51y8m21d wife of John; Mother
                   Stuart L. 1891-1933 son of Norris & Mary A.
                   Virgil E. 1890-1936

Ingersoll, Elnora C.  1917-1986 wife of Robert J.
               Robert J.  1909-1983 hus. of Elnora C.

Inman, Emeline B.    Aug. 31, 1833-Dec. 6, 1901 wife of George
           George Dec. 4, 1833-Dec. 21, 1903 hus. of Emeline B.

Irving, George c.n.r.

Isbell, Hattie P. d. Dec. 29,1858 18y9m11d dau. of Samuel & Jane
          Jane Richarson d. Oct. 30,1885 66y6m8d wife of Samuel
          Samuel d. March 11,1893 78ylm11d hus. of Jane Richarson

Inman, Todd d. Dec.11,1966  6days  (Taken from cemetery record)