1790 Census

    At the session of Congress held in the winter of 1789-90 Congress passed a law authorizing the first census of the United States to be taken.  The act was passed March 1, 1790, and directed an enumeration of the inhabitants to be taken in the summer of 1790.  The census was to be commenced on August 1 and to be completed within nine months.

    When the 1790 census in New York State was taken, the area now known as Oneida County was part of Montgomery County.  Montgomery County (formerly known as Tryon County) had been divided into nine towns.  One of these towns was Whitestown, organized March 7, 1788.

    Whitestown consisted of “all that part of the county and of the state lying westerly of a north and south line running across the Mohawk River at the fording place near the house of William Cunningham at old Fort Schuyler (Utica) leaving that house to the west of the same line and bounded north and west by the north and west bounds of the State and south by the state of
Pennsylvania.”  [the house of William Cunningham then stood near the foot of and on the west side of Genesee Street (Utica), midway between Water and Whitesboro Streets.]  This town was named for Hugh White, and early pioneer, and covered an area nearly equal to half the state of New York.

    This census is supposed to show all who were in the town of Whitestown on the first Monday of August 1790, the time the census was taken.  Jone’s Annals of Oneida County state Ezra Parker, Ephraim and Nathan Waldo located at Bridgewater in 1789; and that John and Sylvester Butler and Asa Shepard settled at or near Sauquoit in that year; and that in March and April 1789 the families of Benjamin Barnes Jr., John Humaston and Aaron Adams and Abel Simmons located the same year on Paris Hill.  None of those names appear on the census.  It is an historical fact  that Ephraim Webster, Asa Danforth Jr. and Comfort Tyler were all located in what is now Onondaga County (then Whitestown) as early as 1786 yet none of those names appears in that census.

    The original census was not arranged in alphabetical order, but it has since been so arranged and also classified according to the towns in the county as they now exist, as near as can be at this late date.

   Jacob Morris was the enumerator.  Some of the given names could not be deciphered.  It must be borne in mind that when this census was taken the town of Whitestown included all of the State between the Genesee bridge at Utica and Ontario county.  Those marked residence unknown probably resided in what is now Onondaga county.


Farwell, Joseph


Damewood (Damuth) Richard
Fanning, William
Shearman, James


Bullen, David
Bullen, John
Blodgett, Rufus
Blodgett, Elijah
Blodgett, Ludim
Blanchard, Andrew
Butler, Ebenezer
Butler, Ebenezer, Jr.
Butler, Salmon
Britstol, Eli
Bristol, Joel
Carpenter, William
Cassady (Cassety) Thomas
Curtis, Jesse
Catlin, Jesse
Cook, William
Eastman, Peter
Ellenwood, Hannaniah
Foot, Moses
Foot, Luther
Foot, Ira
Foot, Bronson
Ferguson, Samuel
Ferguson, Samuel Jr.
Fancher, Thomas
Gridley, Abraham
Gridley, Jobe
Hubbard, Thomas
Hovey, Soloman
Kirkland, Samuel
Kellogg, Amos
Marsh, John
Marsh, Samuel
Marsh, Ava
Marsh, Theodore
Marsh, Stephen
Munroe, Theodore
Markham, Stephen
Merrell, Caleb B.
Pond, Barnabas
Stebbens, Judah
Stebbens, Judah Jr.
Tuttle, Timothy
Willard. Lewis
Willard, Rufus

New Hartford

Blair, Joel
Bushnell, Stephen
Blodgett, Soloman
Beach, Ashbel
Cook, Trueworthy
Collins, Oliver
Gaylord, Jotham
Gurney, Bezelial
Hale, Memon
Haminway, Isaac
Higby, Joseph
Ives, Amos
Jennings, Joseph
Jewett, Samuel
Kelloff, Jesse
Kellogg, Jalob
Kellogg, Frederick W.
Kellogg, Freeman
Kellogg, Aaron
Kellogg, Soloman
Kellogg, Stephen
Miller, Amoch
Olmstead, Ashbel
Olmstead, Gamaliel
Risley, Allen
Risley, Elijah
Savage, Guideon (Gideon)
Staples, George
Sanger, Jedediah
Seward, Nathan
Wells, Samuel
Williams, Thomas
Williams, Ezekial


Coolage, Charles
Barnes, Benjamin
Barrett, Stephen
Barrett, Isaac
Davis, Elijah
Fowler, Reuben
Griffin, Kirkland
Hopkins, Elias
Kellogg, Phineas
Lummas (Loomis) Ladoc
Plum, Joseph
Porter, Raphael
Rice, Hezekiah
Rice, William


Armstrong, Archibald
Andrus, David
Colbreath, William
Demont, Joseph
French, Jasper
Fellows, Roswell (Rozel)
Gilbert, Nathaniel
Knight, Daniel W.
Phelps, Jedediah
Perkins, Silas
Robbins, Ephriam
Ranney, Seth?
Ranny, Willett?
Ranny, James
Smith, Bill
Wright, (Ebenezer)
Wright, (Thomas)


Sizer, Samuel


Alberson, (Alverson) Uriah
Bellinger, John
Brown, Daniel
Christman, Jacob
Clark, Aaron
Harris, Joseph
Morey, Soloman
Morey, Sylvanus
Nutting, Simeon
Post, John
Potter, Stephen
Parser, Jason
Rust, Samuel
Sailes, Darius
Saule, Joseph
Smith, Peter
Smith, Nathan
Smith, James
Wells, Arnold


Brownson, Soloman


Beckwith, Asa
Beckwith, Reuben
Wager, Arnold


Blackmer, Ephraim
Blackmer, Joseph
Blackmer, Joseph Jr.
Brigham, Stephen
Brigham, Lyman
Blair, John
Collins, Samuel
Cone, Walter
Chittington, Gerard (Chittenden, Jared)
Dean, James
Dean, Jonathan
Dean, William
Gleason, Soloman
Gleason, Joseph
Griffin, Natheenneil
Jones, Nehemiah
Jones, Joseph
Laird, Samuel
Laird, John
Lummas (Loomis), Nathan
Lummas (Loomis), Isaac
Parkman, Alexander
Phelps, Silas
Phelps, Jacob
Phelps, Joseph
Rogers, Simeon
Smith, Amos
Smith, Elijah
Stillman, Samuel
Stillman, John
Townsend, Nathaniel
Townsend, John


Badcock (Babcock) David
Barnard, Moses
Brainard, Jeptha
Beardsley, John
Doolittle, George
Ensign, Samuel
Ferguson, James
Goodrich, Rosel (Roswell)
Holt, Justice (Isaac)
Kane, Elisha
Leavenworth, Lemuel
Maynard, Nelson
Pool, Simeon
Root, Joseph
Steel, Seth
Seymour, Uriah
Towny, John
Whitmore (Wetmore), Amos
Whitmore (Wetmore), Parsons
Wilcox, Ozias
White, Hugh
White, Hugh Jr.
White, Daniel C.
White, Ansel
White, Joseph
White, Philo
Wilson, John
Winch, Samuel