1850 Oneida County Poor House

Following is a  list of residents in the Oneida County Poor House in
 Rome, NY, taken from the 1850 Federal Census.  The information is
transcribed exactly as it appears on the census.

Kathy Last
Name Age Sex Occupation Birthplace
Abel, Sarah 47 F   Unk
Andrews, Ann 83 F   NY
Austin, Charles E. 2 M   NY
Austin, Hannah 1 F   NY
Austin, Nathan 5 M   NY
Austin, Susan 25 F   NY
Baker, Charles 3 M   NY
Barker, Betsey 33 F   NY
Barritt, Larance 6 M   NY
Brown, Margaret 33 F   Scotland
Bucannan, Margaret 33 F   Ireland
Burds, Daniel 3 M   Ireland
Burds, Joseph 1 M   Ireland
Burds, Morris J. 5 M   Ireland
Cameds, Philip 58 M   RI
Carpenter, Elizabeth 38 F   NY
Carroll, Mathias 53 M   RI
Carter, Dennis M. 28 M   Ireland
Caselton, Edward 3 mos M   NY
Caselton, Lester B. 3 mos M   NY
Caselton, Maria 26 F   Ireland
Cassey, Dennis 28 M   Ireland
Chapin, Harriet 16 F   NY
Cigsdail, Sarah 25 F   NY
Clark, Lucinda 32 F   NY
Cliff, Emeal 82 M   Ct
Cole, William 71 M   CT
Cosegon, Catherine 34 F   NY
Cosegon, Elizabeth 2 F   NY
Croff, Francis 48 F   England
Curtis, Bridget 14 F   Ireland
Daily, John 50 M   Ireland
Dean, Mary 28 F   Ireland
Delefland, Whittemore B. 62 M   NY
Dickenson, Mary 72 F   RI
Doe, John 14 M   Unk
Drisan, C. 26 M   CT
Duffey, Patrick 32 M   Ireland
Dunn, Catherine 8 F   Ireland
Dunn, Charles 10 M   Ireland
Dunn, Jane 32 F   Ireland
Dunn, John 5 M   Ireland
Dunn, Mikel 6 M   Ireland
E ??, Horace 40 M   NY
Elmondorp, Betsey 42 F   NY
Elthrick, Estor 38 F   England
Elthrick, Henry 22 M   England
Elthrick, John 6 M   England
Elthrick, Mary 3 M   England
Elthrick, Thomas 7 M   England
Engeals, James 27 M   NY
Evans,Thomas 27 M Laborer NY
Fargo, Lucy 72 F   CT
Fitzgerald, David 43 M   RI
Flint, Ann 37 F   NY
Gephison, Francis 38 M   England
Golden, Patrick 74 M   Ireland
Griffith, G. O. 55 M Keeper of Poor House NY
Griffith, George 17 M   NY
Griffith, Margaret 55 F   NY
Griffith, Margaret E. 7 F   NY
Griffith, Sarah M. 10 F   NY
Hancock, Susan 39 F   NY
Hazel, Allen 8 M   NY
Hazel, Calvin 4 M   NY
Hazel, Henry 6 M   NY
Hazel, Smith 11 M   NY
Hiam, Timothy 57 M   RI
Hilliard, Mary 28 F   NY
Holbert, John 62 M   NY
Holt, Rebecca 47 F   England
Homeston, Cornelia 13 F   NY
Hone, Maria 68 F   NY
Hulburt, H. T. 32 M   Ireland
Jones, Elizabeth 52 F   W
Judson, Harrietia 63 F   Ct
Kelley, Joanna 5 F   Ireland
Kelley, Mary 41 F   Ireland
Kelley, Mary A. 2 F   Ireland
Kelley, Mikel 4 M   Ireland
Lane, Robert 24 M   England
Lee, Henry 21 M   NY
Lial, Peter 39 M   Ireland
Loughton, Albert 8 M   NY
Mann, Margaret 30 F   NY
Mann, Mary A. 1 F   NY
Mannington, Alford 43 M   England
Marson, Rosanna 24 F   Ireland
McAdams, Ann 15 F   Ireland
McAdams, Bridget 10 F   Ireland
McAdams, Edward 7 M   Ireland
McAdams, Maria 40 F   Ireland
McAdams, Mary 4 F   Ireland
McCann, Pall 46 M   Ireland
Morsnt, Sarah 62 F   Ireland
Munson, Hester 22 F   NY
Nickelas, Mikel 45 M   France
O'Brian, Ann 11 F   Ireland
O'Brian, Catherine 3 F   Ireland
O'Brian, Hannah 30 F   Ireland
O'Brian, James 15 M   Ireland
O'Brian, Mary 8 F   Ireland
O'Brian, Mikel 37 M   Ireland
O'Brian, Mikel 5 M   Ireland
O'Brian, William 14 M   Ireland
Odonald, Ellen 36 F   Ireland
Odonald, Patrick 6 M   NY
Odonald, Thomas 2 M   NY
Oins, Caroline 22 F   NY
Oins, Oin 63 M   Wales
Oins, Rebecca 24 F   NY
O'Neil, James 44 M   Ireland
Palmer, Edwin 17 M   NY
Perkins, Luther 2 M   NY
Phipe, Thomas 20 M   France
Price, R. 68 M   Mass
Putnam, Betsey 48 F   VT
Putnam, George 54 M   CT
Roberts, Ann 30 F   Wales
Root, B. 50 F   NY
Sexton, Elizabeth 8 F   NY
Sexton, Ellen 38 F   Ireland
Sexton, Ellen 3 F   NY
Sexton, Margaret 5 F   NY
Shean, Margaret 31 F   Ireland
Sheldon, Amanda 48 F   VT
Sherwood, Ira 12 M   NY
Simon, Oswold 42 M   Germany
Stodard, George 28 M   NY
Talman, Mary 31 F   Ireland
Talman, Thomas 6 M   Ireland
Thompson, James 60 F   England
Thone, Nancy 57 F   NY
Waid, John 58 M   Ireland
Wheeler, Hannah 32 F   NY
Wheeler, Hepsey 3 F   NY
Wheeler, Sarah 7 F   NY
While, Thomas 57 M   Penn
Whitteans, David 36 M   NY
Williams, (?) 34 F   Ireland
Williams, George 17 M   Canada
Williams, Leona 77 F   Wales
Williams, Lishetta 53 F   Canada
Williams, Mary 34 F   NY
Williams, Robert 7 M   NY
Williams, Saffiah 30 F   Canada
Williams, William 11 M   NY
Willse, Thomas 45 M   NY
Wise, Henry 72 M   Germany
Wright, Ralph 7 M   NY
Wright, Sarah 40 F   NY