NY Census 1865, Trenton, Oneida County
Marriages, Deaths, and Misc. Statistics June 1864 - June 1865

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( ):  Native state or country
S: single    W: widow/widower

Frederic G. Hanson, 30, S 
David Davis, 24, S 
Delos A. Crane, 44, W 
Albert B. Wells, 33, S 
Hugh R. Williams, 31, S 
Henry Brown, 25, S 
Robert S. Weekes, 32, S 
Alfred Rutherford, 45, S 
John Waghorn, 27, S 
Joseph Stowe. 38, W 
Nicholas R. Denel 30, S 
Cornelia Townsend,21, S,Aug 2, Bklyn Elizabeth Watkins, 19, S, Dec 1, Drfld
Anna Perry, 24, S, Oct 17 
Dorcas Emma Townsend, 22, S, 9/15
Elizabeth Jones, 26, S, Dec 25, Remsn
Laura Fowler, 24, S, Dec 31 
Julia E. Wells, 30, S, Jun 30 
Lydia Patterson, 27, S, Sep 1 
Sylvina McCartha, 17, Jan 12, Utica
Lucinda Heale, 23, S, Mar 14 
Carolyn E. Veer, 21, S, Nov 17 
William D. Smith, 1yr Mar 17 (NY)
A. LeMoine Rollo, 26, Jan 18 (NY)
Mary S. Johnson, 44, Apr 18 (NY) 
Elizabeth Kunz, 37, Dec 14 (Germany)
Franklin A. Evans, 1mo, Jan 4 (NY) 
Ann Elizabeth Powell, 34, Jun 10 (NY)
Stephen M. Bedge, 46, Feb 20 (NY) 
Charles H. Brown, 6, S, Aug 25 (NY
William H. Kniffin, 29, Jun 16 (NY) 
Mary Davis, 2mo, Feb 26 (NY) 
John Rich, 9, Dec 18 (NY)
Charles M. DeAngelis, 9, Dec 15 (NY)


Miscellaneous Statistics [on the Social Condition of the People]

In this district there were 3 inns, hotels and taverns,…..10 retail stores…..
REMARKS ON THE HARVEST OF 1864 –  Nearly all the crops raised within my district, during the year of 1864 were about one fourth lighter than in previous years, in consequence of drouth and Grasshoppers.  Potatoes which were planted late, were very fine, while those which were planted early, were nearly, and in some cases, a total failure.   The number of domestic animals kept by those who occupy no farming lands? ….     25 horses, …..40 cows.
REMARKS ON THE MORTALITY OF THE YEAR ENDING JUNE 1, 1865.   The mortality of the year in this District is from what I can learn about the same as that of former years.
Average Monthly Pay (including board) of farm laborers through the summer months?  $30     What by the Year?  $300   What were these wages in 1860?  $10 less per month.  Relative increase in price of farmlands since 1860?   About one fifth.  How has the war affected the amount of debt between individuals?  Not very much as I can learn.  What effect upon credit?  No perceptible change.  Has it tended to promote prompt payments?  I think not.  ….Influenced amount of crime?  No change to notice.  Influenced pauperism?  Has increased it slightly.  What other changes in the social condition of the people have you observed since 1860?  …. We have more widows, in number, than before the war; several of our young married men, who volunteered to aid in our country’s defence, have died and left wives & children & have in most cases left but little or nothing for their support.
GENERAL REMARKS --  Holland Patent (Unincorporated) is a village of three hundred & ninety-six inhabitants and lies wholly in Election District No. 2 [of] Trenton.  Stittsville (Unincorporated) is a village of two hundred & twenty six inhabitants within the limits of District No.2 Trenton, & about forty in the town of Marcy making in all two hundred & sixty.  South Trenton (Unincorporated) is a village of one hundred & forty five inhabitants lying wholly in Election District No 1 of Trenton.  Holland Patent is somewhat noted for its number of Churches & Societies, there being seven distinct societies, five of which have full Sunday services and two occasional services.  S/ D. Ward Clark, Enumerator  5 July 1865, Holland Patent, Oneida Co., NY

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