DEATHS extracted from 1865 Oneida County, NY State Census Alpha K-Z
NAME Age Sex Color Marital Date Native State or Country Trade/occupation Cause of death Census Town
Keiser, Kathrin 15 F W S 07/08/1864 France   Dropsee Utica-Ward 6 Dist 2
Kelley, Thomas 71 M W M 11/25/1864 Ireland Laborer Unknown Utica-Ward 7
Kellogg, Frederick 79 M W M 09/16/1864 Conn Farmer General Debility New Hartford- Town
Kellogge, John G 52 M W 1 10/07/1864 NY   Consumption Utica-Ward 7
Kennedy, James 6m M W S 10/03/1854 Oneida, NY   Cholera Infantile Paris-Dist 2
Kent, John N 33 M W S 09/07/1864 NY Farmer Yellow Fever Floyd
Killey, C 1y3m F W S 10/6/1864 NY   Consumption Florence 2nd Dist
Killey, Eugene 20 M W S 5/16/1865 NY   Consumption Florence 2nd Dist
Killey, Frances 1y10m F W S 11/1/1864 NY   Infantum Florence 2nd Dist
Killey, John 67 M W M 02/12/1865 Ireland Farmer Dropsey Westmoreland, South
Kindling, John C 21 M W S 06/25/1864 NY laborer Consumption Utica-Ward 5,Dist 1
King, Herbert M 6y10m M W S 05/04/1865 Canada   Dropsy on Brain Kirkland - SE Chenango
Kinney, John 96 M W Wid 02/17/1865 Mass Farmer Inflamation of Lungs Westmoreland, North
Kirk, James 24 M W 1 11/13/1864 Scotland Dyer Heart Disease Utica-Ward 7
Knapp, Charles 22 M W S 05/28/1865 Oneida, NY   Dropsey of the Heart Westmoreland, North
Kniffen, William H 29 M W S 06/11/1864 NY   Typhoid Fever Trenton-Dist 1 & 2
Knox, Franklin 58 M W M 10/08/1864 Mass Farmer Cancer  Augusta
Kroop, Michell 38 M W M 04/26/1865 France Farmer Fell on stub 8 in long caused death Ava
Laerd, Margaret 49 F W M 08/21/1864 Canada   Cancer Verona-Dist 3
Laffahy, George 4m M W S 08/12/1864 Oneida, NY none Spinal Complaint Utica-Dist 2
Lamphere, Frankey 11m M W S 05/24/1865 Oneida, NY   Inflamation of Brain Vernon-Dist 1
Landen, Mary 32 F W S 05/08/1865 NY   Disease of the Heart Marshall Town
Laney, William W 24 M W S 10/23/1864 Oneida, NY   Typhoid Lee- 2nd Dist
Larkin, Mary L 9m F W S 08/26/1864 Oneida, NY   Fever Utica-Ward 7
Lawrence, Ezekiel 76 M W M 05/14/1865 Conn None Rheumatic Vernon-Dist 1
Lawrence, Lucy 21 F W M 06/01/1865 Oneida, NY Domestic Consumption Vienna- Dist 2
Lay, Samantha 79 F W M 05/02/1865 Mass   Old Age & Consumption Westmoreland, North
Leach, Schofield 1 M W S 08/24/1864 England   Dysentery Utica-Ward 6 Dist1
Leci, Benj. F 13 M W S 09/11/1864 Oneida, NY   Fever Utica-Ward 7
Lee, Marion 67 F W M 09/17/1864 NY Housekeeper Paralysis Utica-Ward 6 Dist2
Leonard, Charles R 9 M W S 05/10/1865 NY   Brain Fever Marshall Town
Letts, Eliza 3 F W S 04/11/1865 Oneida, NY   Diptheria Annsville
Lewis, Charity 83 F W Wid 06/15/1864 Conn   Old Age Augusta
Lewis, Edward 22 M W S 4/22/1865 Oneida, NY   Scarlet Fever Deerfield
Lewis, Eliza 76 F B M 11/28/1864 NY Stewardess?? Age & Exhaustion Utica-Ward 6 Dist2
Lewis, Flora 46 F W M 11/13/1865 Oneida, NY   Consumption Augusta
Lewis, Francis 23 M W S 12/3/1864 NY   Chronic Digench Florence 2nd Dist
Lewis, Harriett A 40 F W M 04/07/1865 Oneida, NY   Nervous Rheumatism & Fits Augusta
Lewis, Hugh 19 M W S 05/11/1865 NY   Consumption Marshall Town
Lewis, Walter 5m M W S 10/06/1864 Oneida, NY   Scarlet Fever & Diptheria Bridgewater
Lewis, Willis S 32 M W ? 03/11/1865 Madison, NY Invalid Subject to Fitts Utica-Ward 3
Libby, Martha 9m F W S 02/17/1865 NY none inflamation of lungs Kirkland
Lillybridge, Amanda 26 F W M 07/02/1864 NY   Consumption Annsville
Linebeck, Hiram J C 25 M W S 06/15/1864 Oneida, NY Painter Dropsical Consumption Whitestown, S E Half
Lippin, Francis C 54 M B S 02/07/1865 NY Barber Inflamataion Bowels Utica-Ward 4 North
Litcheson, Ranny 26 M W S 05/14/1865   Farmer accidental kick from a horse Vienna- Dist 1
Lloyd, Fred W 5m M W S 03/29/1865 NY none no cause listed Kirkland
Loeb, Babist 44 M W M 05/26/1865 Germany Laborer Inflamation of Lungs Utica-Ward 6 Dist2
Loebel, Terais 39 F W M 06/??/1865 Germany   Dropsee Utica-Ward 6 Dist2
Long, Johanna 20 F W S 3/1/1865 Ireland   Fever Florence 2nd Dist
Long, Katharine 3 F W S 9/20/1864 NY   Putrid Natural Sore Throat Florence 2nd Dist
Longyear, Isaac 59 M W S 08/30/1864 NY Farmer Phthisis Pulmonalis Utica-Ward 6 Dist2
Loomis, Adam 3m M W S 07/01/1864 NY   Summer Complaint Vernon-Dist 2
Loomis, George G 81 M W S 01/21/1865 Conn P--- Braider Appoplexy Utica-Ward 6 Dist2
Loomis, Lana/ or Sara 4m F W S 08/01/1864 NY   Summer Complaint Vernon-Dist 2
Lought, Margreth 58 F W   12/18/1864 Ireland   Inflamation of Lungs Utica-Ward 6 Dist2
Lovier, Elizabeth 87 F W M 12/13/1864 NY   Old Age Vienna- Dist 1
Lovier, Henry 15 M W S 08/05/1864 Oneida, NY   Typhoid Fever Vienna- Dist 1
Lowe, Sarah Ellen 10 F W S 10/29/1864 NY   Typhoid Fever Whitestown, S E Half
Luther, Elizabeth 35 F W M 12/16/1864 England   Congestion of Lungs Westmoreland, South
Mack, Frankie 4 M W S 09/02/1864 Oneida, NY   Dysentery Paris- Dist 1
Mahany, Margrett 68 F W M 08/20/1864 Oneida, NY   Fit Numb Palsey Augusta
Manchester, Joel 76 M W Wid 07/09/1864 Dutchess, NY Farmer Palpitation of Heart Boonville Village
Manwaring, Lucy Mrs 64 F W Wid 03/17/1865 NY   Congestion of Lungs Vernon-Dist 2
Mares, William 2y3m M W child 02/08/1865 Oneida, NY   Inflamation of Lungs Utica-Ward 7
Markham, Anna 1y10m F W S 05/17/1865 NY   Brain Fever Boonville-Dist 1 & 3
Markle, Catherine  24 F W S 08/05/1864 NY   Consumption Vernon-Dist 2
Marsh, Benjamin 87 M W Wid 01/02/1865 Mass Farmer Paralysis Utica- Ward 6 Dist 1
Marsh, John 86 M W M 02/21/1865 Vermont Farmer Palsy Vienna- Dist 1
Marshall, Lucius Mrs 76 F W Wid 05/28/1865 NY   Palsy Vernon-Dist 1
Marshall, Richard 84 M W ? 03/15/1865 England Bookkeeper Consumption Utica-Ward 3
Marshall, William 33 M W M 05/22/1865 England Loom Repairer Dropsey Utica- Ward 6 Dist 1
Martin, Edward 51 M B M 10/01/1864 NY laborer Consumption Kirkland
Martin, Rhoda D 2y6m F W S 07/31/1864 Oneida, NY   Croup Lee - 1st & 3rd Dist
Martin, Thomas 84 M W M 01/22/1865 England Bapt Minister Inflamation of Lungs Vienna- Dist 3
Massey, Jacob J 44 M W M 06/08/1864 New York City Farmer Killed on the NYC Railroad by Explosion of the Engine Westmoreland, North
Mattison, Jesse 12 M W S 08/13/1865 Oneida, NY   Diptheria Lee- 2nd Dist
Mays, Nathaniel 63 M W M 05/25/1865 NY Shoemaker Dropsical consumption Kirkland - SE Chenango
McCabe, Patrick 45 M W M 11/01/1864 Ireland Laborer Dysentery Utica-Ward 5,Dist 1
McCarty, Daniel 56 M W M 02/25/1865 Ireland Cartman congestion of lungs Utica-Ward 5,Dist 1
McCarty, Margaret 22 F W S 10/29/1864 NY Tailoress Consumption Utica-Ward 5,Dist 2
McCormick, Ann 56 F W M 06/27/1864 Ireland   Disease of the Liver Utica- Ward 6 Dist 1
McDaniels, Anthony 75 M W   08/23/1864 NY Laborer Dropsey & Consumption Utica- Ward 6 Dist 1
McDonald, Hugh 66 M W M 01/03/1865 Ireland Laborer Unknown Utica-Ward 7
Mcenherty, Jimmy 5 M W S 07/06/1864 NY   Diptheria Marshall Town
McEsol Catherine 27 F W S 11/22/1864 Ireland Housework Phthisis Pulmonalis Utica-Ward 6 Dist2
McFarland, Caroline 30 F W M 02/04/1865 NY   Inflamation of Bowels Annsville
McGee, Aaron 40 M W S 9/3/1864 NY Farmer Consumption Camden
McGurk, Patrick 18 M W S 03/31/1865 Oneida, NY Farmer Dropsey contracted while at Washington as teamster Bridgewater
McMannus, Patrick 77 M W S 08/24/1864 Ireland laborer General Debility Utica-Ward 5,Dist 1
McMelin, Eugene 7m M W S 06/30/1864 NY   Dropsy Boonville-Dist 1 & 3
McNamara, Brigett 26 F W S 1/27/1865 Ireland   Fitts Florence 2nd Dist
McQuade, Nelly 67 F W Wid 11/05/1864 Ireland Housekeeper Gastritis Utica-Ward 6 Dist2
Mead, John L 48 M W M 11/12/1864 NY Merchant General Paresis Utica-Ward 6 Dist2
Meegan, Margaret 43 F W M 12/26/1864 Ireland Not Known Consumption Utica-Ward 5,Dist 1
Midlam, Almira C 50 F W M 12/05/1864 Oneida, NY   Consumption Floyd
Miller, Henry 71 M W M 04/12/1865 Germany Farmer Dropsey in the Chest Verona-Dist 3
Miller, Joseph Mrs 34 F W M 08/19/1864 Switserland   Died Child Birth Western, Blue Brook
Miller, Peter 0 M W S 08/19/1864 Oneida, NY   Died at Birth Western, Blue Brook
Miller, Prudence 55 F W M 02/13/1865 NY   no cause listed Kirkland
Millett, Thankful 74 F W Wid 01/18/1865 NY   Cancer Tumor Marshall Town
Mills, Daniel F 6 M W S 06/17/1864 Oneida, NY   Scarlet Fever Verona-Dist 3
Mills, Martin R 9m M B S 11/15/1864 NY   Consumption Bowels Utica-Ward 4 North
Mills, Mary Ida 8 F W S 06/11/1864 Oneida, NY   Scarlet Fever Verona-Dist 3
Misenberg, Kate 16 F W S 10/25/1864 Canada   Fever Vernon-Dist 1
Mitchel, George 41 M W M 02/22/1865 England Carpenter Consumption New Hartford- Town
Moon, Henry 93 M W M 03/30/1865 Columbia, NY Farmer Old Age Bridgewater
Moore, Henry F 36 M W Wid 03/09/1865 NY Machinist Phthisis Utica-Ward 6 Dist2
Morey, Allie 3 F W S 12/16/1864 NY   Diptheria New Hartford- Dist 1
Morris, David E 65 M W M 05/25/1865 Wales none Consumption Utica-Dist 2
Morse, Aaron 47 M W M 09/08/1864 Oneida, NY   Dysentery Lee - 1st & 3rd Dist
Morse, Samuel 49 M W M 05/06/1865 Oneida, NY Farmer Consumption Vienna- Dist 3
Moulton, Libbie 2y6m F W S 04/13/1865 Oneida, NY   Spinal Affliction Paris- Dist 1
Mulligan, James 6m M W S 09/17/1864 Oneida, NY   Whooping Cough  Utica-Dist 2
Mulverhill, Frank M 2 M W S 11/05/1864 NY   Brain Fever Annsville
Munson, Louisa 62 F W S 06/02/1864 Oneida, NY   Consumption Augusta
Munson, Mariah 60 F W S 02/26/1865 Oneida, NY   General Debility Augusta
Munts, Mary 65 F W m 07/11/1864 Germany   Dropsey Verona-Dist 3
Munz, Elizabeth 37 F W M 12/14/1864 Germany   Consumption Trenton-Dist 1 & 2
Murphy, Thomas 4 M W S 08/27/1864 NY Croup Utica-Ward 5,Dist 1
Murta, Sarah 14 F W S 05/17/1865 Oneida, NY   Typhoid Fever Paris- Dist 1
Neadana, Marie G 3y4m F W child 11/07/1864 Oneida, NY   Measels Utica-Ward 7
Nekles, Katy 12y3m F W S 10/27/1864 NY   Inflamation of Brain Utica-Ward 3
Nesge, Eliza M ? F W S 11/22/1864 Oneida, NY   Teething Utica-Ward 3
Newcomb, Lucinda S 82 F W Wid 05/22/1865 Conn   Paralysis Whitestown, S E Half
Newell, Edmund 52 M W M 09/12/1864 NY Farmer Typhoid Fever New Hartford- Town
Newell, Janette 45 F W Wid 10/02/1864 NY   Typhoid Fever New Hartford- Town
Newkirk, Rosa I 3y8m F W S 11/19/1864 NY   Diptheria Vernon-Dist 1
Newton, John 82 M W Wid 08/21/1864 England Farmer Old Age Westmoreland, North
Nichols, Kate 24 F W M 03/13/1865 NY   Pneumonia Boonville-Dist 1 & 3
Nichols, Ruth 88 F W M 06/11/1864 Mass   Old Age Kirkland - SE Chenango
Nichols, Sylvester 69 M W M 05/04/1865 Oneida, NY Mechanic Rheumatism Inflamation Paris- Dist 1
Nichols, Tamer (??) 42 F W M 08/19/1864 England   Consumption Paris-Dist 2
Niles, George 18 M W S 3/16/1865 NY none Drowned by the carrying away of a bridge  Kirkland
Nivelle, Mary 15 F W S 10/13/1864 NY   Diptheria Utica-Ward 5,Dist 1
Northrop, Elizabeth 3 F W S 1/11/1865 Oneida, NY   Congestion of the Brain Deerfield
Nufield, Mary 26 M W S 07/23/1864 NY   Phthisis Pulmonalis Utica-Ward 6 Dist2
Nutter, Maggie 19 F W ? 06/14/1864 Oneida, NY   Consumption Utica-Ward 3
O'Connor, Anne 64 F W M 03/17/1865 Ireland   Inflamation of Bowels  Vienna- Dist 1
O'Neal, Arthur 43 M W M 07/19/1864 Ireland Boatman Drowned Annsville
O'Neil, Mary 9 F W S 05/21/1865 NY   Consumption New Hartford- Dist 1
Olmstead, Abbie P 33 F W S 11/02/1864 Mass   Consumption Kirkland - SE Chenango
Orcutt, Albert 6 M W S 08/18/1864 NY   Drowned Utica- Ward 6 Dist 1
Osborne, Phineas 53? M W M 01/08/1865 Oneida, NY Carpenter Drowned off Steamer Melville Vienna- Dist 2
Owens, William 2y10m M W S 08/07/1864 NY   Dyptheria Floyd
Page, Polly 69 F W M 12/06/1864 NY   Complication of Diseases Westmoreland, South
Page, Rachel E 27 F W S 03/03/1865 NY Housework Phthisis Utica-Ward 6 Dist2
Page, Sarah 42 F W S 09/13/1864 NY   Brain Disease Marshall Town
Palmer, Elisha 85 M W Wid 12/14/1864 Conn Farmer Congestion of Lungs Bridgewater
Palmer, Joshua 86 M W M 03/11/1865 Conn Farmer Old age New Hartford- Dist 1
Park, Francis K 1y6m M W S 06/26/1864 Iowa   Dyptheria Floyd
Park, Jennie 4m F W S 01/01/1865 Oneida, NY none Inflamation Utica-Dist 2
Parker, George 43 M W M 06/29/1864 Switzerland laborer Small Pox Kirkland - SE Chenango
Parker, Lucinda E 47 F W S 04/18/1865 Herkimer, NY Seamstress Scrofula Utica-Ward 2
Parkhurst, Harriett A 66 F W Wid 08/10/1864 NY   Ossification of Liver Vernon-Dist 2
Parks, Erastus 73 M W M 11/04/1864 NY shoemaker (erased) no cause listed Trenton-Dist 3 & 4
Parsloe, Charles 11m M W S 09/09/1864 Oneida, NY   Diptheria Utica-Ward 3
Pasbey, Joseph S 57 M W M 12/28/1864 Herkimer, NY Ins. Agent Consumption Utica-Ward 7
Patterson, John J 20 M W S 01/13/1865 Ireland Teacher Consumption New Hartford- Town
Peck, John C 59 M W ? 02/14/1865 NY Farmer Kidney Disease Marshall Town
Peckham, Jennette 23 F W S 04/24/1865 NY   Congestion of the Brain Westmoreland, South
Pennock, Elizabeth 55 F W M 11/11/1864 England None Dropsy Vernon-Dist 1
Perry, William 60 M W M 02/04/1865 NY laborer Chronic Disease of Liver Utica-Ward 5,Dist 2
Peterson, Cornelia 14 F B S 11/??/1864 NY none fever Kirkland
Pettis, Marion 8 M W S 07/27/1864 Oneida, NY   Diptheria & Croup Augusta
Pexton, John 68 M W M 06/15/1864 England Butcher Consumption Westmoreland, North
Phinegan, John 78 M W Wid 01/01/1865 Ireland Farmer Old Age Paris-Dist 2
Phonney, Sarah E 11 F W S 06/24/1864 NY   Injuries rec'd in a fall Marshall Town
Pitcher, William L 40 M W M 06/08/1864 Otsego, NY Porter Appoplectic Fit Utica-Dist 2
Poppleton, Josephine A 21 F W M 03/12/1865 NY   Congestion of Brain Verona-Dist 3
Poppleton, Orlean 27 M W M 11/05/1864 Oneida, NY Boatman Typhoid Fever Verona-Dist 3
Porter, Annette R 24 F W M 11/21/1864 NY   Typhoid Fever New Hartford- Town
Porter, Ashal 67 M W M 05/26/1865 NY Farmer Dropsey Boonville-Dist 1 & 3
Post, Ellen E 46 F W Wid 05/11/1865 NY Housekeeper Phthisis Pulmonalis Utica-Ward 6 Dist2
Potter, Alice 1y6m F W S 01/15/1865 Oneida, NY   Scarlet Fever Whitestown, S E Half
Powell, Ann Elizabeth 34 F W M 06/10/1864 NY   Affection of Heart Trenton-Dist 1 & 2
Powell, Clarissa 34 F W M 01/23/1865 Oneida, NY   Consumption Kirkland - SE Chenango
Powell, Eleanor 71 F W Wid 09/03/1864 New York City   Disease of the Liver Westmoreland, North
Powers, Catherine 62 F W M 04/24/1865 Ireland   Asthma Utica-Dist 2
Pratt, Jessie M 2y2m F W S 03/19/1865 NY   Chronic Bronchitis Utica-Ward 3
Pratt, Milton D 42 M W S 5/9/1865 Oneida, NY Merchant Commited Suicide Deerfield
Prendl, John P 65 M W M 06/30/1864 Switzerland Laborer Killed by Horse Rungn Way Utica-Ward 7
Price, Adda 6m F W S 03/10/1865 Oneida, NY   Dripsey on the Brain Western, S of W Branch
Price, John 47 M W M 12/03/1864 NY Farmer Typhoid Fever Annsville
Price, Jonah 71 F W S 06/04/1864 Oneida, NY   Paralytic Stroke Whitestown, N W Half
Price, Oscar 11 M W S 11/11/1864 NY   Typhoid Fever Annsville
Price, Sarah 6y5m F W S 04/18/1865 Oneida, NY   Diptheria Western, S of W Branch
Pumeroy, Sarah M 46 F W S 06/19/1864 Herkimer, NY   Consumption Boonville Village
Quackenboos, Freelove 43 F W M 08/18/1864 NY   Chronic Diarhea Boonville-Dist 1 & 3
Quarmbey, Watts 12 M W S 08/16/1864 England   Dysentery Utica- Ward 6 Dist 1
Quick, Marin 44 M W M 04/30/1865 Ireland Farmer Brain Fever Utica-Ward 7
Quickow, Mary 2 F W S 10/12/1864 NY   Diptheria Utica-Ward 5,Dist 1
Radcliff, Sophia 66 F W M 3/29/1865 Schenectady   no cause listed Florence 1st Dist
Randall, Hulda 78 F W M 12/22/1864 Conn Farmers Wife Consumption Paris-Dist 2
Ransom, Thomas 5 M W S 07/07/1864 NY   Scarlet Fever  Annsville
Ray, Acton E 22 M W 1 06/28/1864 Oneida, NY   Convulsions Utica-Ward 7
Raymond, Sarah M 21 F W S 9/1/1864 NY   Consumption Camden
Reagles, Washington 24 M W S 11/07/1864 NY Carpenter Consumption Whitestown, S E Half
Reams, Lana 67 F W M 10/17/1864 Germany   Cancer  Ava
Redmond, Mary E 2 F W S 09/23/1864 NY   Whooping Cough  Utica-Ward 5,Dist 1
Reece, Lucy 23 F W S 05/14/1865 Oneida, NY   Heart Disease Western, S of W Branch
Regan, Bridget 5 F W S 5/5/1865 Oneida, NY   Diptheria Florence 1st Dist
Regan, James 2 M W S 5/3/1865 Oneida, NY   Diptheria Florence 1st Dist
Regan, Julia 7 F W S 5/4/1865 Oneida, NY   Diptheria Florence 1st Dist
Regan, Mary A 8 F W S 5/1/1865 Oneida, NY   Diptheria Florence 1st Dist
Remmington, George 64 M W M 07/31/1864 Oneida, NY   Inflamation Lee- 2nd Dist
Reynolds, Charles E 5 M W S 09/06/1864 Ill   Diarrhea Ava
Rhodes, Sion 74 M W M 08/07/1864 Conn Farmer Heart Disease Paris-Dist 2
Richardson, Mary A 17 F W S 11/18/1864 NY   Consumption Vernon-Dist 2
Richardson, William 61 M W M 12/25/1864 Vermont Gardiner Consumption Utica-Ward 5,Dist 1
Richer, Frank 1y9m M W S 02/16/1865 NY   Croup Trenton-Dist 3 & 4
Rick, John F 9 M W S 12/18/1864 NY   Inflamation of Brain Trenton-Dist 1 & 2
Riggs, Eunice 89 F W Wid 03/09/1865 Oneida, NY   Old Age Western, S of W Branch
Riggs, Matilda 70 F W M 07/28/1864 Vermont   Consumption Boonville Village
Roach, Edward 5m M W S 6/25/1864 NY   Spasm Utica-Ward 5,Dist 1
Roberts, Jane 92 F W Wid 09/01/1864 Wales   no cause listed Trenton-Dist 3 & 4
Roberts, John 44 M W Wid 05/17/1865 Wales Butcher Consumption New Hartford- Dist 1
Roberts, John  1 hr M W S 03/15/1865 NY   unknown Whitestown, S E Half
Roberts, John R 21y7m M W S 12/31/1864 Oneida, NY Farmer Typhoid Fever Whitestown, N W Half
Roberts, William 4 M W S 01/??/1865 NY none Dropsy is listed Kirkland
Robinson, Robert 63 M W M 04/05/1865 Ireland Farmer Consumption Westmoreland, South
Rogers, Ella 5 F W S 03/??/1865 Oneida, NY   Diptheria Ava
Rolling, Frederick 2m M W S 08/25/1864 NY   Croup Utica-Ward 5,Dist 1
Rollo, A LaMoine 26 F W M 01/18/1865 NY   Consumption Trenton-Dist 1 & 2
Root, Arthur H 52 M W M 12/27/1864 NY Merchant Phthisis Pulmonalis Utica-Ward 6 Dist2
Root, Benjamin 81 M W M 06/03/1864 Conn Farmer Congestion of Lungs New Hartford- Dist 1
Root, Oliver T 9 M W S 12/30/1864 NY none Dropsy on brain Kirkland
Root, Solomon 68 M W M 12/01/1864 Madison, NY   Worn Out and Old Augusta
Ryan, Barney 61 M W M 06/01/1865 Ireland Laborer Consumption Utica-Ward 7
Ryan, William 2 M W S 08/24/1864 Oneida, NY None Vareoloid (Small Pox) Utica-Ward 2
Ryder, Robert 38 M W M 05/14/1865 Canada Blacksmith General Paresis Utica-Ward 6 Dist2
Sampson, Sarah 69 F W M 05/25/1865 Oneida, NY   Heart Disease Western, S of W Branch
Samson, Emma 68 F W M 02/11/1865 England None Congestion of Lungs Vernon-Dist 1
Sanders, Alferd Edward 6 M W S 10/??/1864 Oneida, NY   Croup Utica-Ward 6 Dist2
Sandford, Benjamin H 50 M W M 02/??/1865 Oneida, NY Mehanic Putrid Ericipelas Vienna- Dist 2
Savage, Inez 8m F W S 07/25/1864 Oneida, NY   Cholera infantum Utica-Ward 3
Sayles, William A 3y3m M W child 03/21/1865 Oneida, NY   Desease of Heart Utica-Ward 7
Scanlon, Michael 50 M W M 03/17/1865 Ireland Laborer Consumption Utica-Dist 1
Schemerhorn, Adelia U 3y4m F W S 10/23/1864 Oneida, NY   Croup Deerfield
Scott, George 70 M W M 04/05/1865 Scotland laborer Gravel Complaint Utica-Ward 5,Dist 1
Scott, Otis B 59 M W M 04/08/1865 NY Farmer Dyspepsia Annsville
Scovatt, Hatty 1y4m F W S 10/5/1864 NY   C Digman Florence 2nd Dist
Seary, Jeremiah 66 M W M 09/10/1864 Ireland Farmer Diarrhea Boonville-Dist 1 & 3
Secor, Martha 17 F W ?? 08/02/1864 Oneida, NY   Tipfoid Fever Camden Town
Selleck, Rufus 79 M W M 08/02/1864 Conn Farmer Paralytic Fit Paris- Dist 1
Sexton, Daniel 31 M W M 12/19/1864 Ireland Laborer Died in a fit Marshall Town
Shalar, Cristian 93 F W Wid 08/28/1864 France   Old Age Westmoreland, South
Shanks, William 44 M W M 02/23/1865 Ireland Farmer Erysipelas Boonville-Dist 1 & 3
Shattuck, Jethro 70 M W M 05/28/1865 Mass Butcher Consumption Verona-Dist 3
Shaver, Mary 40 F W M 01/17/1865 Oneida, NY   Cancer in Stomach Lee- 2nd Dist
Shaw, Daniel 21 M W S 07/18/1864 NY Farmer Maniacal Exhaustion Utica-Ward 6 Dist2
Shaw, Harriett 13 F W S 07/20/1864 Oneida, NY   Diptheria Camden Town
Shaw, Louisa 31 F W M 03/24/1865 England   Consumption Utica-Ward 6 Dist2
Sheldon, Mary 8m F W S 12/??/1864 Oneida, NY   none listed Utica-Ward 6 Dist2
Sherman, James H 81 M W M 12/29/1865 Conn Farmer Typhoid Pneumonia Floyd
Sherman, Stella J 1y2m F W S 12/22/1864 Oneida, NY   Diptheria Ava
Sherman, William O 8m M W S 12/24/1864 Oneida, NY   Diptheria Ava
Shilner, Chester 47 M W M 06/26/1864 NY Teamster General Paresis Utica-Ward 6 Dist2
Shinth, Mary E 18 F W 1 03/17/1865 Oneida, NY   Consumption Utica-Ward 7
Short, William 50 M W M 10/27/1864 England laborer congestion of lungs Kirkland
Silly, Matthew 71 M W M 12/05/1864 Ireland laborer Congestion of the Lungs Utica-Dist 1
Simmonds, Ellen 26 F W S 04/22/1865 England Tailoress Inflamation of Lungs Utica- Ward 6 Dist 1
Sinclair, Agnes 12 F W S 10/01/1864 Scotland   Typhoid Fever Whitestown, S E Half
Sinclair, Elizabeth 14 F W S 08/24/1864 Scotland   Typhoid Fever Whitestown, S E Half
Skeelham, Delta R 6 F W S 02/03/1865 NY   Croup Vernon-Dist 2
Skiff, Hiram 64 M W M 3/9/1865 Oneida, NY Farmer Cancer Deerfield
Skinner, Christopher 66 M W M 10/15/1864 Albany, NY Farmer Consumption Camden Town
Skinner, Theodore 21 M W S 06/03/1864 Oneida, NY Farmer Drowned Vernon-Dist 1
Smislin, Kate 26 F W M 07/10/1864 Germany Housework Phthisis  Utica-Ward 6 Dist2
Smith, Edward 1d M W S 11/10/1864 NY   Convulsions Utica-Ward 5,Dist 1
Smith, Evalina M 2m F W S 12/19/1864 NY   Inflamation of Brain New Hartford- Town
Smith, Maranda ? 45 F W M 01/02/1865 NY Housekeeper Paritonitis Utica-Ward 6 Dist2
Smith, Nicholas 88 M W Wid 03/26/1865 Herkimer, NY Farmer Consumption & Cancer Utica-Dist 2
Smith, Reuben 82 M W M 10/26/1864 Conn   Dropsical Consumption Camden Town
Smith, Sarah 22 F W M 03/19/1865 NY   Consumption Marshall
Smith, William  48 M W M 08/06/1864 England Wool Spinner Death caused by wounds received in the Florida war so said his Physician Utica- Ward 6 Dist 1
Smith, William D 1y2m M W S 03/17/1865 NY   Consumption Trenton-Dist 1 & 2
Snow, Ebenezer J 12 M W S 05/15/18665 Oneida, NY   Consumption Camden Town
Snyder, Anna 3 F W S 02/23/1865 NY   Small Pox Utica- Ward 6 Dist 1
Snyller, Cora 6 F W S 03/27/1865 NY   Dyptheria Utica- Ward 6 Dist 1
Sohelnitgance, Delphine 2 F W S 08/02/1864 NY   Croup Verona-Dist 3
Sorn, Rachel E 20 F W M 09/05/1864 Oneida, NY   Diptheria & Scarlet Fever Bridgewater
Southworth, Henry 14 M W S 10/30/1864 Oneida, NY Farmer Nightmare Paris-Dist 2
Spencer, GeorgeAnna 2 F W S 09/20/1864 Oneida, NY   Summer Complaint Vienna- Dist 3
Spencer, Sarah E 44 F W M 05/24/1865 Oneida, NY None Bronchial Consumption Utica-Ward 2
Spivy, John 44 M W M 04/15/1865 North Carolina Farmer Inflamation of Bowels New Hartford- Town
Stanfield, Henry 51 M W M 08/18/1864 England   none listed Camden Town
Stebbins, Ester 6 F W S 10/14/1864 NY   Diptheria Marshall Town
Sterling, Mary J 10m F W S 02/03/1865 NY   Convulsions Utica-Ward 5,Dist 1
Stevenson, Lucy A 3 F W S 01/13/1865 England   Diptheria Paris-Dist 2
Stewart, Samuel F 22 M W S 10/07/1864 NY Teller in Bank Congestion of Brain Vernon-Dist 2
Stewart, Susan 43 F W M 03/28/1865 Oneida, NY   Inflamation of Bowels Augusta
Stillman, Mary 91 F W Wid 05/10/1865 NY   Old Age Westmoreland, South
Stitcel, Frederick 43 M W M 04/??/1865 Oneida, NY Farmer Consumption Western, S of W Branch
Stocthafer, Joseph 1m M W S 04/21/1865 NY   Unknown Utica-Ward 6 Dist1
Stoner, Ellen M 7 F W S 01/14/1865 Oneida, NY   Inflamation of Bowels Augusta
Stratton, David S 46 M W M 06/22/1864 NY Farmer General Paresis Utica-Ward 6 Dist2
Streator, John 64 M W M 1/26/1865 NY   Consumption Florence 2nd Dist
Stroble, Amanda 6 F W S 08/13/1864 Oneida, NY   Measles Western, S of W Branch
Strong, Fanny 3m F W S 03/13/1865 Oneida, NY   Whooping Cough Augusta
Stuber, Burdick 35 M W M 02/01/1865 Switzerland   Inflamation of Bowels  Utica-Ward 6 Dist2
Sullivan, Ellen 4m F W S 9/20/1864 Oneida, NY   Cholera infant Florence 1st Dist
Sweatland, Oscar 43 M W M 11/07/1864 NY Carpenter General Paresis Utica-Ward 6 Dist2
Taft, Dolly 77 F W Wid 10/16/1864 Mass Shoemaker Numb Palsey Paris-Dist 2
Talbot, Clinton 2y1m M W S 09/09/1864 Oneida, NY   Dysentery Paris- Dist 1
Talcott, Howard 11 M W S 08/03/1864 NY   Diptheria Verona-Dist 1
Tanner, Sarah R 9 F W S 07/31/1864 Oneida, NY   Falling of a Timber Boonville Village
Tasker, Emma 2y3m F W S 12/12/1864 Oneida, NY   Consumption Vienna- Dist 1
Taylor, Squire 86 M W Wid 05/07/1865 Mass Wheelmaker Congestion of Lungs Paris-Dist 2
Teachout, Augustus 1y6m M W S 06/08/1864 Oneida, NY   General Inflamation Western, Blue Brook
Teelin, Mary 27 F W M 01/27/1865 Rensselaer Co., NY   Consumption Vienna- Dist 3
Temple, Mary Jane 5m F W S 02/10/1865 Oneida, NY   Croup Westmoreland, North
Terl, Thomas 14 M W S 02/15/1865 Ireland   Fever Verona-Dist 3
Terry, Levise 22 F W M 11/29/1864 Oneida, NY   Typhoid Fever Westmoreland, North
Thomas, Anna 24 F W S 07/09/1864 England   Diptheria New Hartford- Town
Thomas, Elen ? 9m F W S 08/02/1864 Oneida, NY   Unknown Utica-Ward 6 Dist2
Thomas, George 45 M W M 10/28/1864 Germany Confectioner Consumption Utica-Ward 3
Thomas, Marian 9 F W S 03/14/1865 Oneida, NY   Diptheria Boonville Village
Thomas, Samuel 2m M W S 09/??/1864 NY   Consumption Floyd
Thomson, Leroy 3m M W S 10/24/1864 Oneida, NY   Consumption Boonville Village
Thorne, Chauncy 6 M W S 05/03/1865 Oneida, NY   Drowned Annsville
Thorne, John 10 M W S 05/03/1865 Oneida, NY   Drowned Annsville
Thorne, Samuel S 68 M W M 02/01/1865 England Not Known Gaulic Fever Utica-Ward 5,Dist 1
Thrasher, Francis 74 M W M 02/26/1865 NY Blacksmith Num Palsey Ava
Tilden, Almon 2 M W S 08/05/1864 Oneida, NY   no cause listed Vernon-Dist 1
Tirny, Minnie 3y5m F W S 03/??/1865 Oneida, NY   Typhoid Fever Whitestown, S E Half
Tomkins, Jay 22 M W M 11/16/1864 Oneida, NY Cooper Typhoid Fever Annsville
Townsley, Edith 11m F W S 01/26/1865 NY   Croup Vernon-Dist 2
Treat, Mary 36 F W M 12/16/1864 NY   Consumption Trenton-Dist 3 & 4
Tripp, Alvina 6m F W S 09/28/1864 Oneida, NY   Fits Bridgewater
Tulleys, Mary 31 F W M 3/4/1865 Ireland   unknown Deerfield
Tuttle, Benejoh 61 M W M 05/14/1865 Oneida, NY Sawyer Cancer in Stomach Paris-Dist 2
Tyler, James 44 M W M 04/26/1865 Oneida, NY   Typhoid Fever Westmoreland, North
Ufford, Daniel 44 M W M 05/17/1865 Oneida, NY   Lightning Lee - 1st & 3rd Dist
VanEmberg, Frederick 10 M W S 02/24/1865 Maryland   Dropsy of Heart Utica-Dist 2
VanVleck, Betsy 86 F W Wid 06/05/1864 Conn Seamstress Cancer Vernon-Dist 1
Vasa, Pheba 78 F W Wid 02/11/1865 NY   Paralysis Ava
Vaughan, David 62 M W M 04/10/1865 Ireland Craftsman Phthisis Utica-Ward 6 Dist2
Vaughan, William 50 M W M 09/03/1864 Ireland laborer no cause listed Kirkland - SE Chenango
Wainman, Minnie 2y11m F W S 08/21/1864 NY   Diptheria New Hartford- Dist 1
Wait, John 49 M W M 05/30/1865 NY Farmer Diabetes Marshall Town
Walker, Emma 21d F W S 09/15/1864 Oneida, NY   none listed Westmoreland, North
Wallace, Joseph 84 M W M 12/13/1864 Atlantic Ocean Farmer Old Age Westmoreland, North
Ward, Benjamin 62 M W M 08/02/1864 NY Blacksmith Found Drowned New Hartford- Dist 1
Warren, Ellen 90 F W Wid 10/24/1864 Conn   Old Age Verona-Dist 1
Washburn, William 22 M W S 02/10/1865 Oneida, NY Farmer Lung Feaver Vienna- Dist 1
Washington, Mary M 4m F B child 10/08/1864 Oneida, NY   Colic Inflamation Utica-Ward 7
Waters, Sarah I 28 F B   08/18/1864 NY Housework Phthisis Pulmonalis Utica-Ward 6 Dist2
Watkins, Jesse 1y7m M W S 08/04/1864 NY   Congestion Trenton-Dist 3 & 4
Waunce/VanNie, Frank 5m M W S 12/18/1864 NY   Whooping Cough Utica- Ward 6 Dist 1
Weaver, Sarah 48 F W M 01/02/1865 Scotland   Neuralgia in the head ending in Apoplexy Whitestown, S E Half
Webber, Emily 57 F W S 05/22/1865 NY   Consumption New Hartford- Dist 1
Webster, Cora 7 F W S 12/6/1864 Oneida, NY   Diptheria & Croup Deerfield
Wells, William H 7 M W S 07/17/1864 Oneida, NY   Scarlet Fever  Augusta
Welz, Christina 6d F W S 10/??/1864 Utica, Oneida, NY   none listed Utica-Ward 6 Dist2
Welzenbach, Luis 38 M W   05/27/1865 Germany Laborer none listed Utica-Ward 6 Dist2
Wentge, Howard 45 M W   08/??/1864 Germany Casketmaker Dropsy Gaudes Utica-Ward 6 Dist2
West, Mary 75 F W Wid 02/20/1865 Washginton   Lung Fever Verona-Dist 3
Wetherbee, Cornelia 19 F W S 05/13/1865 NY   Brain Fever Annsville
Wheelock, William 56 M W M 01/15/1865 New Hampshire Farmer Typhoid Fever Boonville Village
Wheldon, Elenora 20 F W S 07/24/1864 NY   no cause listed Trenton-Dist 3 & 4
Whillock, Fannie A 4 F W S 05/17/1865 NY   Consumption New Hartford- Town
Whipple, Dexter 33 M W S 03/16/1865 NY Farmer Drowned  Westmoreland, South
White, Catherine 78 F W ? 7/1/1864 NY   Consumption Florence 2nd Dist
White, Mary 77 F W Wid 01/16/1865 Conn unknown Palsey Boonville-Dist 1 & 3
Whittig, Mary A 10 F W S 7/14/1864 Oneida, NY   Consumption Deerfield
Wickham, Patrick 49 M W M 06/06/1864 Ireland laborer Heart Disease Utica-Ward 5,Dist 1
Wicks, Phebe C 5 F W S 05/25/1865 Oneida, NY   Malignant Scarlet Fever Paris- Dist 1
Wilcox, William 5m M W S 05/18/1865 Oneida, NY   sponel Camden Town
Wiley, Frances L 13 F W S 05/21/1865 Oneida, NY   Dropsy of Brain Boonville Village
Williams, Charles E 9 M W S 4/30/1865 Oneida, NY   Brain Fever Deerfield
Williams, Elizabeth 72 F W Wid 04/01/1865 Vermont   Old age Marshall Town
Williams, Elizabeth A 17 F W S 08/10/1864 England unknown Consumption Utica-Ward 5,Dist 1
Williams, Elizabeth G 4y9m F W S 05/24/1865 NY   Croup Boonville-Dist 1 & 3
Williams, Elner 41 F W M 12/22/1864 Oneida, NY   Consumption Bridgewater
Williams, George D 57 M W M 05/02/1865 NY Butcher Apoplexy Whitestown, S E Half
Williams, Mary L 3m F W S 07/27/1864 NY   Summer Complaint Floyd
Williams, Pheba 80 F W Wid 07/03/1864 Vermont   Old Age Augusta
Williams, William M 42 M W S 05/23/1865 Canada Farmer Inflamation of Lungs Verona-Dist 3
Wills, Charles 46 M W M 04/19/1865 NY Farmer Heart Disease New Hartford- Dist 1
Willson, Agness 83 F W S 1/23/1865 Scotland   Old Age Camden
Willson, Polly 62 F W S 9/13/1864 Conn   Cronic Disease Camden
Wilmot, Asher 66 M W M 10/15/1864 NY Farmer Accidental Death New Hartford- Dist 1
Wilson, John 57 M W M 06/??/1864 Ireland Laborer Dropsee Utica-Ward 6 Dist2
Wilson, Willet 8 M W S 04/15/1865 Oneida, NY   no cause listed Utica-Ward 3
Wimble, Jesse 61 M W M 10/01/1864 England Laborer Typhoid Fever Whitestown, S E Half
Winthron, George 3 M W S 11/30/1865 NY   Billious fever Utica- Ward 6 Dist 1
Wisey, Emma 12 F W S 10/7/1864 Oneida, NY   Diptheria Deerfield
Wolcott, Sylvester 79 M W M 04/27/1865 Conn Farmer Consumption of Bowels Trenton-Dist 3 & 4
Wolf, Ferdinand 20y8m M W S 04/13/1865 Oneida, NY Farmer Small Pox Western, S of W Branch
Wood, Everett 9m M W S 08/20/1864 Oneida, NY   Diptheria & Scarlet Fever Bridgewater
Wood, Gersham 72 M W M 04/24/1865 NY Farmer Disease of the Heart Westmoreland, South
Wood, Hannah 68 F W M 05/06/1865 NY Housekeeper Paralysis Utica-Ward 6 Dist2
Wood, Sarah B 1y1m F W child 09/09/1864 Oneida, NY   Inflamation of Brain Utica-Ward 7
Wood, Willey 3m M W S 10/20/1864 Oneida, NY   Inflamation of Lungs Utica-Ward 6 Dist2
Woodard, Horace 55 M W M 03/08/1865 Oneida, NY Boatman Throat Disease Vienna- Dist 3
Woodcock, Stephen 22 M W M 04/??/1865   Clerk Small Pox Ava
Woods, Juneus 69 M W M 03/25/1865 Conn Farmer Hart Diseas Camden Town
Woolnough, Cornelius 75 M W M 12/12/1864 England laborer Consumption Kirkland - SE Chenango
Woolnough, Homer U 3y4m M W S 09/29/1864 Oneida, NY   Whooping Cough & Disentery Kirkland - SE Chenango
Worden, Isaac 16 M W S 11/16/1864 NY Labour Consumption Trenton-Dist 3 & 4
Young, Zeruah 18 F W S 10/16/1864 Oneida, NY   Consumption Lee- 2nd Dist
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