Rome Citizen Death Notices in 1847

Thanks to Barbara Andresen for sending this in!

From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Friday, March 5, 1847

SMITH - In Rome, New York, on March 3, 1847, Mr. SAMUEL F. SMITH, aged 25 years.  The funeral services will be held at Zion's Church, Saturday afternoon, at 2 o'clock.  (RCMar05/1847)

BEEBE - In Vernon, New York, on March 2, 1847, of Consumption, Mrs. CLARINA BEEBE, wife of William N. Beebe, aged 38 years.  (RCMar05/1847)

From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Friday, March 12, 1847

BARNES - In Rome, New York, on March 4, 1847, Mr. RUFUS BARNES, father of the Rev. Albert Barnes, of Philadelphia, in the 80th year of his age.
     Mr. Barnes was one of our oldest and most respected citizens.  He removed to this town in March 1795, 52 years ago, and by an upright and honorable course of life, had secured the friendship and esteem of all who had the pleasure of his acquaintance.  (RCMar12/1847)

From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Friday, March 19, 1847

PUTNAM - In Waterville, New York, on Wednesday morning, March 17, 1847, CHARLES E. PUTNAM, only son of George Putnam, aged 4 years, six months and 4 days.  (RCMar19/1847)
[see also (RCMar26/1847)-PUTNAM]

SEABURY - At Waterville, New York, on March 9, 1847, Miss HELEN SEABURY, eldest daughter of Ahymen and Sarah Seabury, aged 18 years, 10 months and 17 days.  (RCMar19/1847)

From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Friday, March 26, 1847

COWLES - ISSAC COWLES was killed in Otisco, New York, on Turesday, March 16, 1847, in the following painful manner. -- The deceased with two brothers, was sawing wood with a buck saw in the yard of Benjamin J. Cowles. -- Soon after starting the machine with horses, the balance wheel attached to the shaft of the saw burst, breaking the saw in several pieces.  One piece struck Mr. C. in the neck, breaking it; another entered his breast, and a third struck him just below the body, killing him instantly.  He was about 45 years of age, and leaves a wife and four children.  Benjamin J. Cowles was injured in the face by a flying missile, but not dangerously.  A boy standing by the deceased  escaped unhurt.  The explosion made a noise like the firing of a pistol.  (RCMar26/1847)

HOLDRIDGE - From the Schoharie Patriot, March 18, 1847 - Shocking Occurrence -- A Mother and Five Children Burned to Death!!
     The dwelling of Mr. Augustus Holdridge, in the village of North Blenheim, in this county, was consumed by fire on Monday night last, and his wife and five children perished in the flames! -- Mr. Holdridge escaped with his youngest child, a boy about 6 years of age, and a daughter aged 19 saved herself, though frightfully burned, by leaping through a door or window.

     These, making in all nine persons, constituted the whole family, and were asleep at the time in the building.  The names of those that perished we have been unable to obtain.  The eldest, however, was a daughter aged about 23 years; the next a son aged about 21; the other three were between the ages of the two children that escaped -- 6 and 19.

     The mother was seen twice outside of the burning building, but the desire to rescue her children, it is supposed, prompted her to rush back into the flames, from which she was unable to return.

     The daughter that saved herself ran shrieking from the burning house to Fink's Tavern, a short distance off, where she now lies.  A letter from that place, written the day after the occurrence informs us that she is not expected to recover.  The six bodies were taken from the ruins after the fire, but, of course, could not be recognized. -- They were all buried at 10 o'clock yesterday.

     There is a mystery enshrouding this melancholy affair.  How the fire originated is not known, and it does appear strange indeed that an occurrence of this nature could take place in the midst of a village.  At no time, it is said, for a number of years, until a few days previous to the fatal event, had this family been gathered together under the parental roof, the elder children not residing with their father, having merely come together on a visit.  So painful a catastrophe has never occurred before in this section of the country, and the excitement produced by reason of it is intense.

     P.S. -- The mystery is solved.  A gentleman direct from North Blenheim informs us, as we are putting our paper to press, that the fire originated from a stove pipe.  That Mr. Holdridge, a very intemperate man, came home much intoxicated late at night, after the family had retired, and made a great fire in the stove, by which he was sitting when the neighbors rushed into the burning house.  He told them the family had left the house and were safe, upon which they ran out, taking him with them.  Mrs. H. had fled from the house with her little boy, whom she had taken to Fink's Tavern, and returning to the house, rushed in to save her other children, when she was caught by flames and consumed.  (RCMar26/1847)

BROWN - In Watertown, Jefferson County, New York, on March 19, 1847, JOHN P. BROWN, Esq., Attorney at Law, aged about 28 years.  (RCMar26/1847)

PUTNAM - In Waterville, New York, on March 23, 1847, MARY ELIZABETH only daughter of George and Sarah M. Putnam, aged about 2 years and 6 months.  (RCMar26/1847) [see also (RCMar19/1847)-PUTNAM]

McELRATH - At her residence, Williamsport, Penn., on Thursday, March 11, 1847, suddenly, Mrs. ANNA BARBARA McELRATH, (mother of one of the publishers of the New York Tribune) at the advanced age of 75 years.  (RCMar26/1847)

From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Friday, April 2, 1847

WALKER - In Waterville, New York, on March 24, 1847, Mr. SIMEON WALKER, aged 72 years.  (RCApr02/1847)

EASTMAN - In Marshall, New York, on March 25, 1847, Mrs. ANNA EASTMAN, widow of the late Harvey Eastman, aged 72 years.  (RCApr02/1847)

McLEASH - In Waterville, New York, on March 21, 1847, Mrs. DORCAS McLEASH, widow of the late John McLeash, aged 74 years.  (RCApr02/1847)

WINSLOW - At Barnard, Windsor Co., Vt., January 15, 1847, of Whooping Cough, MARY ELIZABETH, only daughter of Henry and Sarah Winslow, aged 1 year and 4 months.  (RCApr02/1847)

WINSLOW - At Barnard, Vt., March 16, 1847, of Consumption, HENRY WINSLOW, formerly of Rome, New York, aged 32 years.  (RCApr02/1847)

HILLS - In Rome, New York, on March 28, 1847, Mr. ASA W. HILLS, aged 32 years.  (RCApr02/1847)

HANCOCK - In Rome, New York, on March 25, 1847, of cancer, producing fits, JOHN JAY, son of W. J. and Sarah Hancock, aged five months and two days.   (RCApr02/1847)

From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Friday, April 9, 1847

FERGUSON - JAMES FERGUSON, we understand, died on Sunday morning last, from an attack of apoplexy -- Mr. Ferguson was a well known, and respected resident of Frankfort, Herkimer county, New York.  (RCApr09/1847)

GRIDLEY - Death of ORRIN GRIDLEY - We are pained to announce the death of this gentleman.  Mr. Gridley was an old and respected citizen of Clinton, Oneida County, New York, and President of the Bank of Kirkland in that village.  He died, after a short illness, on Saturday last. (April 3, 1847)   (RCApr09/1847)

MATTHEWS - In Maumee City, Ohio, on the 27th of February 1847, Dr. CHAUNCEY MATTHEWS, aged 35 years.
     Dr. Matthews was a native of Camden, Oneida County, New York.  He was for several years a student in the office of the late Dr. Coleman, of Rochester, N.Y., and graduated at the Geneva Medical College in 1837.  In the year following he located in Maumee City.  While Dr. M. resided here he was one our most active and enterprising citizens, ever formost in those enterprises which tended to the advancement and prosperity of our city.  He was kind and benevolent in disposition, and his hand was ever open to charitable acts.  He was most highly esteemed as a citizen, and ranked among the first in his profession as a physician. -- His death was much lamented by this community.  His remains were  followed to the grave by a large concourse of our citizens and those of the adjoining towns.  Maumee River Times.      (RCApr09/1847)

From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Friday, April 23, 1847

ELMER - On Thursday, April 8, 1847, in Columbia, Herkimer Co., ISCHAR, wife of Theodorus Elmer and the mother of Lebbeus E. and Charles W. Elmer of Rome, New York, in the 55th year of her age.  She was a member of the M. E. church.  (RCApr23/1847)

Barbara Andresen