Rome Citizen Death Notices in 1856

Thanks to Barbara Andresen for sending this in!

From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Wednesday, May 7, 1856

STEINBURGH - In Rome, New York, on Saturday morning last, (May 3, 1856) of Billious Pleurisy, TOBIAS STEINBURGH, aged about 45 years.  (RCMay07/1856)

From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Wednesday, May 14, 1856

SNOW - In Brooklyn, NY, on May 1, 1856, of consumption, ELIZABETH M. ELDRIDGE, wife of the Hon. John Snow, of Oneida, Madison county, NY., aged 24 years 2 months and 17 days.  (RCMay14/1856)

From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Wednesday, May 21, 1856

WALLACE - A man named WALLACE, residing near West Branch, in Lee, NY, accidentally killed one of his children, a little girl three years old, a few days since.  He was spreading manure, and the child coming up unseen behind him, just as he swung around the fork, one of the tines entered the child's head, causing death in a few hours.  A sad case, truly.   (RCCMay21/1856)

ROSS - The Chenango Union announces the death of Dr. ROYAL ROSS, at his residence in New Berlin, NY, on May 9, 1856.  He was seized with a fit while sitting at the breakfast table, and soon expired.  Dr. Ross occupied a prominent place in the medical profession, and his loss will be felt as well by his professional brethren, as by the community at large.  His age was 58.   (RCMay21/1856)

EMMONS - Mr. THOMAS EMMONS died at his residence in Boston on May 12, 1856, at the advanced age of 92 years.  It was only last fall that Mr. F. married, his bride being in her 77th year.  They were probably the oldest couple ever united in the bonds of matrimony in that city.   (RCMay21/1856)

NEWELL - MICHAEL NEWELL, of Bemis Heights, Saratoga County, was crushed between two cars on the Central Road, near Buffalo, on Wednesday afternoon.  Mr. N. and his family were passengers on the train, on their way to the West, and had stepped out of the car for some purpose, and while standing between some stationary cars and the train, the latter suddenly backed upon him and crushed him against the former.  He survived only a few moments, and was buried by the company.  (RCMay21/1856)

Information Wanted:  If any one can give the whereabouts of Michael or Mary Flannegan, they will confer a great favor by informing the father, Duglan Flannegan, of Rome, NY.    (RCMay21/1856)

WETMORE - On May 15, 1856, ABBY S. WETMORE, daughter of the late Rev. Oliver Wetmore, aged 40 years.  (RCMay21/1856)

DEAN - In Utica, NY, on May 15, 1856, MORRIS, son of Milton and Polly Dean, aged 5 years.  (RCMay21/1856)

SANDERSON - In Herkimer, NY, on May 10, 1856, Mrs. ARTHURSA SANDERSON, aged 72 years.  (RCMay21/1856)

From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Wednesday, June 4, 1856

NUBERG - Last Thursday (May 29, 1856), a German named MATTHIAS NUBERG was arrested and sent to jail, in Schenectady, NY, on a charge of intoxication and abusing his family.  The next morning he was found suspended to the grates of his cell by a silk handkerchief.  When discovered he was dead.  (RCJun04/1856)

MANUEL - HENRY MANUEL, Esq., the lawyer of Racine, Wisconsin, who was convicted of manslaughter, and sentenced to fourteen years imprisonment, twenty days of each year solitary, hung himself in his cell, after four days' incaraceration.  Before the commission of the crime he stood well in the community.  (RCJun04/1856)

STIKE - On Friday (May 30, 1856) evening about 10 o'clock, an Irishman named JOHN STIKE, employed as a pick and drill man in the force of Barnes & Miller, contractors on the canal enlargement, was returning from "Shanty town" along the Niagara Falls Railroad, to his home.  It is supposed that he attempted to cross a guard upon his hands and knees, and that the train from Suspension Bridge came upon him without his knowledge, killing him instantly and shockingly mangling his remains.  The body was actually cut and torn into small pieces.  He leaves a wife who, only a few minutes before the accident, had separated from him after an ineffectual attempt to get him home.  Coroner Nott held an inquest.  Verdict, accidental death.  The deceased was a very useful man when sober.  (RCJun04/1856)

From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Wednesday, June 11, 1856

BUTLER - Jeremiah Butler murdered his WIFE in Brooklyn, NY, Friday (June 6, 1856).   He was a Sergeant of Marines in the Navy Yard.  Butler is in jail.  The woman was intemperate, and had frequent quarrels with her husband.  (RCJun11/1856)

FRASER - On Saturday last (June 7, 1856), Mr. T. Lennebacker and officer Schram went to the residence of Robert Fraser in Trenton, NY to attach the property of one Briggs, a son-in-law of Fraser, who had absconded.  While they were engaged in making an examination of the effects of Briggs, Mrs. FRASER dropped to the floor, as they supposed in a fit.  Mr. Lennebacker immediately raised her from the floor and officer Schram hastened for a doctor, but before his arrival the poor woman died in Mr. Lennebacker's arms.  Her death was caused by disease of the heart aggravated by the excitement occasioned by the siezure of the property, and discovery of some money which had been secreted in a bed belonging to Briggs.  (RCJun11/1856)

TENNEY - Three brothers Tenney, of Palmer, started for Acton, last Saturday (June 7, 1856), to attend the funeral of a brother who had suddenly died at that place.  One of the brothers ELIPHALET, left the cars at the Worcester Main street Depot to purchase tickets over the Nashua road and while thus engaged the cars started, leaving him behind; and while following the track to overtake the train at the Lincoln Square Depot a mile distant, he fell dead near the School-street crossing.  The other two supposing he had taken another car, had no suspicions of his safety till they found he was not upon the train when they concluded that having been left he had started to return home.  Thus their fears were not excited till the arrival of a special messenger from Boston on Sunday, who informed them of their brother's death and the return of the body to Palmer.   (RCJun11/1856)

FIELD - Miss JULIA J. FIELD, of Charlestown, Mass., aged 20 years, a beautiful young lady, has suddenly disappeared, under very mysterious circumstances.  It is supposed that she has committed suicide by drowning.  (RCJun11/1856)

A fatal accident occurred near Peekskill, on the Hudson River Road, on Tuesday afternoon last, (June 3, 1856) two men named PATRICK CARRIGAN and JAMES CAREY, in the employ of the Rail Road Company.  It appears that six men were in a hand car near Peekskill as the gravel train was passing when the train struck the handle of the car and precipitated the whole into the river.  Four escaped but the two named above were drowned.  (RCJun11/1856)

LOUNDSBURY - An old man named RICHARD LOUNDSBURY, fell from a platform at Syracuse, NY, on Wednesday, (June 4, 1856) and broke his neck.  He died in a few moments.  (RCJun11/1856)

HUNT - The American says PATRICK HUNT of Frankfort was found dead in the garden attached to his house on Thursday (June 5, 1856) morning of last week.  He was a steady and respectable man, and by his industry had acquired a property valued at $1100.  He leaves a wife and several children.  (RCJun11/1856)

BAKER - Wednesday night (June 4, 1856) while a locomotive was being backed up near the Freight Depot of the Central Railroad in Syracuse, NY, a man named JOSEPH BAKER, was run over and instantly killed.  The engineer who had charge of the locomotive says the first he saw of him, was after he had run over him.  The tender of the locomotive was thrown off the track, when he stopped and discovered that a man had been run over.  The deceased was terribly mangled.  He resided in Oswego, and was captain of a canal boat running between that city and New York city.  (RCJun11/1856)

CASWELL - In Cazenovia, NY, on May 30, 1856, DANIEL E. CASWELL, aged 81 years and 5 months.  The deceased was a native of Spencerport, Mass., and removed to Cazenovia over fifty years ago.  (RCJun11/1856)

From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Wednesday, June 18, 1856

McDONALD - We understand that a young man named McDONALD, employed as a breakman on the Buffalo, Corning and New York R. R., was so badly crushed between the cars on Saturday (June 14, 1856) at LeRoy, as to cause his death in about six hours after the accident.  He was engaged in coupling two cars at the time he was injured.  (RCJun18/1856)

DAVIS - On June 3, 1856, Mr. HENRY DAVIS, Jr., of Bulloch Co., Geo., died from the effects of the bite of a large rattlesnake.  He was bitten in the forenoon and was not found for some time after, when he was so near death as to render all remedies unavailable.  After he was bitten, he cordered his legs with his suspenders, and then killed the reptile.  (RCJun18/1856)

HALLENBECK - As Mr. DERRICK HALLENBECK, a resident of Greene, Chenango Co., NY, was crossing the river bridge near Tillotson's Mills, in his carriage, last week, a portion of the bridge gave way, precipitating him into the water, together with his team and carriage.  Himself and his horse were drowned.  He was 87 years of age, and leaves three young children.  (RCJun18/1856)

WITHERS - The Piqua, (Ohio) Register states, that on May 17, 1856, two daughters and a little son of M. Withers, of that city, and some other children, were out fishing in the canal at the mouth of Rocky Branch, just below town.  Somehow, while passing along the bank, the little boy (WITHERS) slipped in, whereupon Miss MARTHA, the eldest sister, a young lady about eighteen years of age, sprang in to his rescue.  She succeeded in getting hold of him, but the water being about ten feet deep, both sank and were drowned.  The youngest sister seeing the dangerous situation of her brother, also leaped over for the purpose of assisting them, and would have drowned also, but for the presence of mind oa a little boy, the son of Mr. Woolsey, who reached the end of his fishing rod to her, which she caught hold of, and by which she was thus assisted to shore.  (RCJun18/1856)

COOPER - We learn from the Andover (Mass.) Advertiser that on Wednesday night last, Mrs. M. COOPER, wife of Edward Cooper, of North Andover, came to her death under the following singular circumstances.  Mrs. Cooper retired to rest at an early hour with a young child.  Her husband went to bed about nine o'clock, when his wife partially awoke, and remarked that she had been dreaming of washing hard.  Nothing more was said, and all went to sleep.  At about half past eleven o'clock the child cried and Mr. Cooper called his wife.  On receiving no reply he arose and found she was gone.  An alarm was immediately given, search made, and her body was found about midnight in the millpond of Hodge's Factory back of the house, floating upon the water some twenty or thirty feet from the shore, face downward.  It appears that Mrs. Cooper got up very carefully, and without a light passed down cellar, shutting the doors after her, and took a tub, wash board, and pail to the water.

The deceased was a member of the Methodist Church at Sutton's Mills, and is supposed to have been in a somnambilist state.  She leaves two little children.  (RCJun18/1856)

STEENBERGH - Mr. TOBIAS STEENBERGH died at his residence, near the village of Rome, NY, May 3, 1886, aged 42 years.  Brother S. embraced Religion when a youth of 17, in the Dutch Reformed Church, but on becoming acquainted with the Methodists, he found with them a home, and made this people his choice.  He leaves a widow.   (RCJun18/1856)

POND - In Camden, NY, Friday, June 13, 1856, of consumption, Mr. MERRIT POND, in the 56th year of his age.  (RCJun18/1856)

Barbara Andresen