Rome Citizen Death Notices in 1856

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From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Wednesday, July 9, 1856

HATCH - In Rome, NY, July 3, 1856, BURRELL HATCH, son of Benjamin F. and Nancy A. Hatch, aged 8 months and 7 days.  (RCJul09/1856)

POTTER - In Rome, New York, June 29, 1856, Mrs. SALLY POTTER, aged 66 years.  (RCJul09/1856)

WINNIE - In Utica, NY, June 29, 1856, Mr. P. R. WINNIE, late of St. Paul's, Minnesota.  (RCJul09/1856)

From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Wednesday, July 16, 1856

SMITH - At Durhamville,  Oneida Co., NY, on Sunday morning, July 6, 1856, Mrs. NANCY SMITH, wife of Selah Smith, Esq., and mother of Mrs. J. P. Goodsell.   (RCJul16/1856)

BASWELL - At Clinton, NY, on July 11, 1856, Mr. BASWELL, one of the early residents of that village, in the 80th year of his age.   (RCJul16/1856)

MORRIS - At Columbus, Ohio, on July 6, 1856, ELLIS, infant  son of Rev. E. D. Morris, formerly of Utica.  (RCJul16/1856)   [another mention in Oct. 8th paper says Rev. Morris was formerly of Rome, NY. --transcriber]

From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Wednesday, July 23, 1856

BROADWAY - On Saturday evening July 19, 1856, WILLIAM D. BROADWAY, aged 47 years.  (RCJul23/1856)

GROVE - On July 19, 1856, Mrs. JANE F. GROVE, wife of George M. Grove, aged 26 years.  (RCJul23/1856)

MASON - In Saquoit, NY, on July 17, 1856, Mr. NEHEMIAH MASON, aged 40 years.  (RCJul23/1856)

LINES - E. JARMIN LINES, son of the President of the New Haven Kansas Co., was shot at Manhattan, Kansas Territory, on June 30, 1856, by a Wyandott Indian, and leaves a wife and child in New Haven.  (RCJul23/1856)

HODGE - A widow woman aged 55 years, named DEBORAH HODGE, committed suicide by hanging herself in Watertown, NY, early Thursday (July 17, 1856) morning.  She had been several days out of health, and had formed the conclusion that she should never recover, and the family suppose this was the cause of her self-destruction.   (RCJul23/1856)

ATCHISON - The body of THOMAS ATCHISON of Port Huron, Mich., was found in St. Clair river, and from marks of violence on his head, and the absence of money he was known to possess, it was believed that he had been murdered and then thrown into the river.  (RCJul23/1856)

POTTER - Two surgeons of the name of POTTER, brothers, were recently called to Geneva to dress a man's arm that had been nutilated by machinery.  The arm had matterated, and the older brother proceeded to open it, when he accidentally cut himself slightly, and allowed some of the virus from the arm of his patient, to mingle with the blood.

This in a few days had so poisoned his whole system, that no earthly power could save him.  He died on Friday last. (July 18, 1856)  While attending his funeral his brother HAZARD who had a slight scratch on his hand, at the time of performing the operation, and who had also become poisoned by the virus, felt an itching about his fingers, which proved to be the workings of the poison, and though attended by all the physicians in Geneva, his life is despaired of.  A person who assisted in the operation was similarly injured and probably cannot live.  (RCJul23/1856)

MORRIS - On the afternoon of July 3, 1856, a man named JAMES MORRIS killed WILLIAM B. BLODGET, in Vicksburgh, Miss., and then fled.  He was pursued and called on to surrender by Mr. Matthew Carter, but Morris refused and fired at Carter, but missed him, when Carter shot him dead with a shotgun.  (RCJul23/1856)

From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Wednesday, July 30, 1856

BELLCHAMBER - In Rome, NY, on Monday morning, (July 28, 1856) died of Consumption, Mrs. MARY ANN BELLCHAMBER, in the 45th year of her age.  (RCJul30/1856)

From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Wednesday, August 6, 1856

McLANE - In Rome, NY, on Saturday last,  (August 2, 1856) JANE, wife of John McLane, aged about 26 years.   (RCAug06/1856)

From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Wednesday, August 13, 1856

GILBERT - Died July 14, 1856, at Union Station, McHenry County, Illinois, SARAH JANE GILBERT, wife of Calvin Gilbert, and daughter of William E. and Almira Meyers, formerly of Stuben, Oneida County, New York, in the twentieth year of her age.  She was married one year ago last February and leaves an infant.    (RCAug13/1856)

SEEBER - In Clockville, NY, July 30, 1856, of Typhoid Fever, GEORGE K. SEEBER, aged 32 years.  (RCAug13/1856)

HARRIS - Mr. HENRY HARRIS, the engineer who was killed by the recent collision on the North Pennsylvania Railroad, is the third one of the family who have been killed by railroad accidents.  Two brothers of another family now in the employ of the Reading Railroad, have each lost a leg.  (RCAug13/1856)

PARSONS - JOHN PARSONS, formerly one of the editors of the Louisville Journal, died recently at Virgin Bay, of vomito.  He was a private in Walker's army.  (RCAug13/1856)

HACK - A man named THOMAS HACK of Buffalo, NY, fell overboard on the trip from Detroit to the former place.  (RCAug13/1856)

FRAZER - The Key West correspondent of the Journal, of Commerce  says that Brev. Maj. D. FRAZER, of the United States Engineers, in command of Fort Taylor, died on July 27, 1856, at the residence of Felix Senoc, Esq., of yellow fever.   (RCAug13/1856)

From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Wednesday, August 20, 1856

BIGELOW - Mr. L. B. BIGELOW, formerly a member of the firm of Gilbert and Bigelow, died at his residence in Rome, NY, after a brief illness, Monday morning, August 18, 1856.

Mr. Bigelow removed to Rome from Ellisburgh, his native town about three years since and has engaged in the lumber business.  He was a man of strict integrity, generous to all, a kind husband and affectionate father.  His sudden death at the age of 44, is a severe affliction to a large circle of friends. --Sentinel.  (RCAug20/1856)

ALEXANDER - At Rochester, NY, on Monday, August 18, 1856, of dysentary, TIMOTHY ALEXANDER, son of George and Loraine Alexander of this place (Rome, NY), aged 20 years.

The deceased had grown up in our midst, and leaves behind him many warm friends to whom his sudden and early death is a speaking Providence.  But a few short weeks since he was with us full of hope and promise, with bright visions of a long life of usefulness, soon to be dissipated by the cold hand of death.

In the month of April last, the deceased, engaged in business at Rochester, where he remained until called away to the eternal world.  During his stay in that city, by strict attention to business and gentlemanly conduct, he won the confidence of all with whom he was connected.  On the 5th of August he was attacked by the most violent symptoms of dysentary, which resisted all the efforts of his physicians and terminated fatally Monday morning.  (RCAug20/1856)

From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Wednesday, August 27, 1856

KENDALL - A fatal accident occurred at Bethany, Genesee county, NY, Saturday last. (August 23, 1856)  Mr. GEORGE KENDALL of that town was driving a team loaded with wheat, followed by three other teams, when from some cause he fell from the load to the ground, and the wheels of the wagon passed over his heard, crushing it so badly that he died almost immediately.  (RCAug27/1856)

McGUIRE - Tuesday morning a woman named ELLEN McGUIRE, residing at 10 State street New York city, while laboring under a state of mental insanity, went to the Battery, with her child about three weeks old, and jumped overboard and was drowned before assistance could be had.  The body of the mother was soon found floating, but that of the child has not yet been discovered.  (RCAug27/1856)

HEDGES - CHARLES HEDGES, who our readers will remember was stabbed by his wife in a fit of jealousy at Rochester, NY, some weeks ago, and was taken to the County House, where he has been lying ever since, died on Wednesday (August 20, 1856) night.  (RCAug27/1856)

HALLENBECK - The Cocksackle Union says:  "JOHN HALLENBECK, a man about 30 years of age, in the employ of Henry Mackey, of that village, was instantly killed at the Lower Landing on Monday, by the caving in of a sand bank at which he was employed.  He leaves a wife and four children."  (RCAug27/1856)

CUNIO - Coroner Gamble held an inquest yesterday, at No. 150 Worth st., upon the body of PHILIP CUNIO, a child, aged 18 months, who died from the bite of a rat received on Wednesday night.  The rat bit deceased on the scalp.  A physician attended, and could not stop the blood.  The child lingered until Thursday night.  Verdict, "death from hemorrhage from the bite of a rat." --N.Y. Cour. & Enq.   (RCAug27/1856)

TAYLOR - A horrible murder was committed in Stump Sound, N. C., on Thursday week.  ANN MELISSA, daughter of Richard Taylor, aged about nineteen, was found dead near her father's residence, the marks on her person indicating that she was choked to death.  Suspicion attaches to a negro of her uncle who was arrested and placed in jail.  (RCAug27/1856)

TIBBITS - In Rome, New York, Monday, August 25, 1856, MARYETTA C., daughter of Seth B. and Maryetta Tibbits, aged 1 year and 8 months.   (RCAug27/1856)

Terrible Explosion in Brooklyn -- Five Persons Killed and Fifteen Wounded.
 The boiler attached to the Patent Iron Safe Manufactory of Wilder & Co., Third Avenue, Brooklyn, exploded on Saturday afternoon (August 29, 1856), demolishing about half the building, and killing five persons and wounding fifteen others.  Eighteen persons were employed in the entire building at the time.  Many were injured by jumping out of windows and by falling of rafters and rubbish on them.  Many were also scalded.  The following is a list of the killed; OBADIAH WALLING, Jr., safe-maker, aged 19 years.  ISAAC HICKS, colored, employed as a driver, was crushed by the falling of the roof.  His groans were distinctly heard for some moments, but the efforts to relieve him were unavailing.  JOHN HEENEY, a blacksmith, aged about 25 years.  Two others are known to be buried beneath the ruins, but their names cannot be ascertained.  The building was nearly new, having been built but about eighteen months ago, and had been occupied about a year.  The boiler was said to be new at the time it was placed in the building.  The loss sustained by the owners is estimated by them at not far from $10,000.  Seventy-five heavy safes, which were in progress of manufacture in the demolished buildings were destroyed.  The proprietors are fully insured.  (RCAug27/1856)

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