Rome Citizen Death Notices in 1865

Thanks to Barbara Andresen for sending this in!

From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Friday, September 1, 1865

SHAW - In Delta, New York, August 15, 1865, of Dysentery, Miss MATILDA A. SHAW, aged 42 years.  The deceased was for many years a resident of this village, engaged in the Millinery business, near the Post Office, but for the past three years had lived in California, form whence she returned only four weeks before her death, thus reaching home and friends only to lay down and die in their midst.  She was a kind-hearted, amiable christian woman, and her sudden death has filled many hearts with sorrow.  (RCSep01/1865)

SPERRY - At Oswego city, New York, August 27, 1865, WILLIE NINDE, son of A.W. and Lois M. Sperry, aged 5 years and 9 months.  (RCSep01/1865)

BILL - August 27, 1865, at his residence in Lowell, Oneida county, New York, THOMAS E. BILL, aged 71 years, 5 months and 13 days.  (RCSep01/1865)

DOWN - In Utica, New York, Sunday, August 27, 1865  in the 81st year of his age, JAMES DOWN, father of Mrs. Luke Wilkins.  (RCSep01/1865)

KLINE - In Utica, New York, August 27, 1865, of consumption, GEORGE KLINE, a member of the 86th Regiment, N.Y. Volunteers.  (RCSep01/1865)

OWENS - In Deerfield, New York, Saturday evening, August 26, 1865, SARAH, wife of Robert Owens, of Deerfield, aged 76 years.  (RCSep01/1865)

From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Friday, September 8, 1865

HULL - JOHN HULL about 11 years old was drowned at the Dry Dock in Rome, New York, on Sunday last (September 3, 1865).   (RCSep08/1865)

SERVEY - Many friends in this vicinity will sorrow to learn that MORRIS SERVEY, aged 45, departed this life at Utica, New York, on Saturday last.  (September 2, 1865)  Mr. Servey has suffered for many months with Consumption, and has been unable to attend to any business since last fall.  Mr. Servey was a skillful druggist, and was for many years a resident of this village.  The deceased leaves a wife and one child to mourn his loss.  (RCSep08/1864)

KELLEY - Monday afternoon, September 4, 1865, (says the Utica Evening Telegraph,) Capt. Harrison Pease late of the 11th regiment, was riding out with Miss CATHERINE KELLEY, to whom he was to have been married on Sunday next, when the lady was taken apparently with a fainting fit.  The Captain drove as soon as possible to the White house, Whitesboro, NY, when the young lady was removed to the house, and her friends sent for.  But she died very shortly, it is said, of heart disease.  She had been sick last winter, but it was not supposed that she was liable to any such sudden taking off.  It was certainly a sad dispensation of Providence.  (RCSep08/1865)

CANTWELL - Mr. R. J. Cantwell, of Utica, New York, who is well known in this vicinity, has been sorely afflicted again by the loss of his youngest and only child.  This is the ninth time during the past year that Mr. Cantwell has been called to mourn the loss of some member of his or his wife's family.  (RCSep08/1865)

OWEN - In Rome, New York, September 5, 1865, MARY, wife of Samuel Owen, aged 37 years.  Funeral will be  from the residence, No. 107 James street.  (RCSep08/1865)

FULLER - Mrs. BETSEY FULLER died of diarrhea, after an illness of about four weeks, at the residence of Mr. Joseph F. Wilcox, near this village, (Rome, NY), September 6, 1865, aged 61 years.
     Mrs. Fuller was the mother of Mrs. J. F. Wilcox, with whom she had been living for only about two years, and hence was not very well known in the community; she had lived most of her life in Pennsylvania.  Mrs. Fuller had been for thirty-five years a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church.  (RCSep08/1865)

From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Friday, September 15, 1865

WALSWORTH - Lieut. SETH B. WALSWORTH, son of Jesse Walsworth, Esq., of Rome, NY, died suddenly, at Washington, on Wednesday evening of last week, (September 6, 1865) of congestion of brain.  He had been in his usual health, up to within a few hours of his death.  He was a member of the 15th N.Y. Cavalry.
      The remains were sent to this village (Rome, NY) for interment, and the funeral took place from his fathers residence.  The deceased was 29 years old.  (RCSep15/1865)

From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Friday, September 22, 1865

WHEELER - JOHN WHEELER between 60 and 70 years old in Clinton, New York dead on the floor of a barn.  Died of apoplexy.  (RCSep22/1865)

DODGE - A man named DODGE a resident of Boston, died Thursday afternoon (September 21, 1865) between Chittenango and Oneida.  Accompanied by wife and two children, returning from Chicago, had been ill with consumption.  (RCSep22/1865)

From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Friday, September 29, 1865

WRIGHT - In Rome, New York, September 23, 1865, HENRIETTA D. wife of Benjamin H. Wright, and daughter of the late  Henry Huntington, in the sixty-third year of her age.  (RCSep29/1865)

MUDGE - Died in Rome, New York, suddenly on Saturday, September 23, 1865, of  dropsy of the heart, induced by a severe attack of diptheria, MINNIE B. MUDGE, aged 16 years and 8 months, daughter of Alva and Harriet L. Mudge.  (RCSep29/1865)

EDWARDS - On Thursday last, (September 21, 1865) an infant son of Mr. John Edwards, of Utica, New York, was scalded to death by upsetting upon himself a tub of boiling water, which was standing on a chair.  The little sufferer lived until Saturday, when death put an end to his sufferings.  This is the third death in this family during the past year.  (RCSep29/1865)

EDMONDS - At Rome, New York, September 26, 1865, MILTON A.,  son of Harvey and Martha R. Edmonds, in the 26th year of his age.  (RCSep29/1865)

From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Friday, October 6, 1865

TYLER - In Rome, New York, October 4, 1865, of consumption, Miss MARY A TYLER, daughter of E. B. Tyler , of Holland Patent, New York, aged 38 years.  Funeral will take place at the residence of Oliver Combs, No 4  Huntington street.   (RCOct06/1865)

From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Friday, October 13, 1865

CLEVELAND - On Saturday last, (October 7, 1865) the dwelling house of Mr. Homer Paige, in New London, was burned, and his mother-in-law, Mrs. CLOE CLEVELAND, perished in the flames.  The fire is supposed to be the work of an incendiary, and was first discovered by some boatmen, who gave the alarm just in time for the family to make their escape.  Mrs. Cleveland had a sum of money in her room which she attempted to reach, and in the effort was suffocated, and perished in the fire.  But few articles were saved.  Mr. Paige was absent from home at the time.  (RCOct13/1865)

PALMER - In Rome, New York, the morning of October 6, 1865, Mrs. PHILENA PALMER, in the 66th year of her age.  Mrs. Palmer was born in Whitesboro, Oneida Co., NY.  When but a child her parents removed to Lenox, Madison county, where she married, and with her husband united with the Baptist Church in Clockville, NY., where she was known as one of the most active members.
     Eleven years since they removed to this village (Rome, NY) to enjoy the society of their children, and have occupied the same place in the church and community as before.
     After a residence of six years her husband, Asher Palmer, died, regretted by all.  Her residence, since the death of her husband, has been with her daughter, where every comfort and attention was administed to her.  (RCOct13/1865)

TANNER - On Wednesday afternoon (October 11, 1865) Mr. GEORGE TANNER, an old citizen of this village, (Rome, NY) while standing on the railroad track at the depot, was knocked down and run over by a freight train, by which his left leg was horribly mutilated and crushed, and his body otherwise injured.  Dr. Kingsley was soon in attendance, and found it neccessary to amputate the leg a little below the knee.  The shock to the system was so great, that it is feared the injured man will not survive.  Mr. Tanner is quite deaf, and it is supposed that he did not hear or see the train which so suddenly crushed him.  (RCOct13/1865)

JOHNSON - On the October 3, 1865, Mrs. ABRAM E. JOHNSON, of Camden, aged 69 years.  (RCOct13/1865)

WRIGHT - In Camden, October 3, 1865, Mrs. WRIGHT, mother of Dr. Wright, aged 80 years.  (RCOct13/1865)

BARNARD - In Lee, New York, Friday, October 6, 1865, of quick consumption, JOHN BARNARD, brother of George Barnard, Esq., and father of Mr. Henry Barnard, of Rome, New York, aged 67 years and 7 months.  (RCOct13/1865)

BROCKETT - In  Hampton, New York, Thursday, September 26, 1865, after a long and painful illness, GEORGE EMMETT, son of F.D. and L. Brockett, aged 10 years.  (RCOct13/1865)

From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Friday, October 20, 1865

DAY - At Broadhead, Wisconsin, October 13, 1865, ELEANOR DAY, wife of Doct. Warren Day, of Schuyler, Herkimer county, and mother of Doct. H. B. Day, of Rome, New York, aged 75 years.  (RCOct20/1865)

BRONSON - At Vernon Center, New York, Friday, October 13, 1865, JAMIE BRONSON, son of George W. and Frances Bronson, aged seven years.  (RCOct20/1865)

BLORE - A member of the Sophomore Class at Hamilton College by the name of BLORE died at Clinton, New York, of Brain Fever early Wednesday (October 18, 1865) morning.  (RCOct20/1865)

CARPENTER - Mrs. HARRIET E. CARPENTER, wife of Orson Carpenter, county clerk, deceased October 13, 1865, at her own home in Utica, New York of typhoid fever.   (RCOct20/1865)

From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Friday, October 27, 1865

PRATT - Dr. SILAS PRATT of Lee Center, New York, died suddently on Monday morning (October 23, 1865).  (RCOct27/1865)

DARROW - Died in Rome, New York, at the residence of his son-in-law C. H. Norton, PLINY DARROW, in his 82d year.
     Mr. Darrow's decease is a fitting occasion to recall his early history, identified as it is with the settlement of the town in which he had so long lived.  He must have removed to Rome from his native town of Plymouth, Conn., as early as 1804.  He was accustomed in his last days to relate how he cut his foot in assisting to put up one of the first framed houses in the village.  He was a workman upon the First Church edifice (Presbyterian) erected here in 1807, and afterwards, in company with Messrs. Soper & Brainerd, built the First Methodist, the Episcopal and the Second Presbyterian Churches.  The same firm put upon the stocks the first boat (Oneida Chief) that plied upon the Erie Canal between Rome and Utica.  He was also engaged in the construction of several locks on the same work, beside having a considerable contract for excavation.  He was afterward Superintendent of the section of the Canal lying between Herkimer and Syracuse.  It is remembered by some of our citizens at what an advantage he appeared on horseback, as he rode over his section in the incessant discharge of his duties.  His personal courage, as well as fine horsemanship, had a notable illustration in that connection, when a constable who had arrested upon the line of the Canal a desperate Indian criminal was afraid to undertake his conveyance to the County Jail, and Superintendent Darrow took the offender before him upon his horse, and brought him safely to his destination.
      His integrity was as characteristic as his energy, and gave him an honored place among the early business men of Rome.  He became a member of the Second Presbyterian Church between the years 1831 and 1832, under the ministry of the Rev. Mr. Helfienstein.
     In his later years his hearing had become very defective, rendering communication with his friends exceedingly difficult.  Nevertheless he maintained a cheerful and equable temperament and was enjoying a hale old age when a cancerous affection ended his days, and gathered him like a shock of corn fully ripe, to the heavenly garner.  He had raised a family of eight children, seven of whom still survive.  (RCOct27/1865)

MILLS - In Washington Mills, New York, October 15, 1865, of consumption, SAMUEL MILLS, of Pecatonica, Illinois, aged 30 years.  (RCOct27/1865)

DOOLITTLE - At Janesville, Wisconsin, October 20, 1865, Mrs. JESSE W. DOOLITTLE, formerly of Utica, New York, in the 72d year of her age.  (RCOct27/1865)

Barbara Andresen