Rome Citizen Death Notices in 1865

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From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Fridy, November 2, 1865

CHAMPLIN - GEORGE H. CHAMPLIN, an old and respected resident of Rome, New York, died at his residence, about two miles north of this village, on Saturday night last, (October 26, 1865) after a painful illness of about two weeks.  Mr. Champlin was well and favorably known to this community as an honest, straightforward, Christian man.  His funeral took place at his late residence, on Tuesday last, and was attended by a large concourse of sorrowing relatives and friends.  (RCNov02/1865)

PEELER - A driver on the canal boat, James Spraker, whilst going east Sunday, between Syracuse and this village, was injured by one of the whiffletrees flying back and hitting him in the breast.  He was taken on to the boat, kindly cared for, but before he reached here, Monday (October 29, 1865) he expired.  Coroner Cobb was called on, but after learning the facts in the case, concluded that an inquest was unnecesary.  The name of the boy was AARON PEELER and his home was Palatine, Montgomery county, New York.  (RCNov02/1865)

BROOKS - M. SPERRY BROOKS, was born in the town of Steuben, Oneida county, in the year 1843, and was the youngest son of the late Hon. Merritt Brooks.  His parents removed to this town (Rome, NY) when he was quite young, at which time our acquaintance with him began.  He received his education at the schools in this place, and at Prof. Dwight's High School at Clinton.  Shortly after leaving the latter, and during the year 1860, he removed to New York city, where he spent the greater portion of his time until his death, successfully engaged in the produce and commission business, and was of the firm of Harris & Brooks.  He died October 29, 1865; aged 22 years and four months.  (RCNov02/1865)

LOOMIS - On Monday night last (October 29, 1865), the residence of the notorious Loomis family, in Sangerfield, was entered by a mob, who proceeded to work with a vengence.  They succeeded in getting into the house, by a back door, and called loudly for "Wash," stating that they wanted to see him.  He soon made his appearance, and was immediately seized by the mob and beaten in the most horrible manner, and died shortly after.  The person killed was named WASHINGTON LOOMIS.  Grove Loomis was also very badly beaten, and it is said that he cannot live.  An attempt was also made to burn the house, by saturating articles of clothing, wood &c, with an inflamable fluid, but by the timely arrival of neighbors, the fire was soon extinguished.  (RCNov02/1865)

BAKER - At Des Moines, Iowa, October 19, 1865, JAMES BAKER, son of S. Baker, Stanwix, NY, in the 15th year of his age.
     He had recently gone West with his brother, Ebenezer, and they were just settled in their new place and occupation, when the younger brother sickened of Diptheria.  The disease was so violent and rapid in its progress, that though able to attend church on the Sabbath previous to the attack, he did not live to see the light of another Lord's day.  (RCNov02/1865)

BICKNELL - In Eaton, Madison county, New York, on the 6th of September, 1865, of Diptheria, FRANK E. BICKNELL, only son of Moses and Mary Bicknell, aged 11 years, 10 months and 25 days.  (RCNov02/1865)

BALDWIN - In New Hartford, New York, October 29, 1865, JACOB BALDWIN, aged 68 years.  (RCNov02/1865)

BOWERS - In Clinton, Mass., October 29, 1865, after a brief illness, CHARLES ALBERT, eldest son of  Rev. C. M. and Ellen A. Bowers, in the 23d year of his age.  (RCNov02/1865)

From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Friday, November 10, 1865

The New York Times prints a list of names of Union soldiers from this State, buried at Andersonville.  We notice the following names from regiments recruited in this vicinity.  The dates given are the days on which they died:
          146th N.Y. Infantry
J. CAVANAUGH, Co. H, June 1, 1864
G.G. ASHLEY,  Co. G, June 30, 1864
-----BENNETT, Co. B, July 10, 1864
B.S. PRATT, Co. G, August 12, 1864
N. WALDRON, Co. K, August 27, 1864
D. PARRISH, Co. E, August 15, 1864
A.B. TOMSON, Co. A, August 27, 1864
N.D. REED, Co. H, August 13, 1864
J. CURRY, Co. B, July 20, 1864
A. SPRINK, Co. F, August 6, 1864
G.W. COOK, Co. E, September 1, 1864
Sergt. N.J. RICHARDS, Co. C, September 2, 1864
B. ELLERY, Co. E, August 31, 1864
J. WHITTEMORE, Co. I, September 2, 1864
H. SIMON, Co. B, September 10, 1864
M. KEATING, Co. K, September 11, 1864
H. BAKER, Co. F, September 14, 1864
W. SLIMP, Co. H, October 1, 1864
B. BRIGGS, Co. B, October 14, 1864
WILLIAM SLOAT, Co. F, October 4, 1864
J. CLANKETT, Co. A, October 24, 1864
L.  BRIANT, Co. B, September 24, 1864
C.D. PAGE, Co. F, September 19, 1864

          97th N.Y. Infantry
J. BECK, Co. B, July  30, 1864
E. BENSEMAN, Co. E, August 16, 1864
W. CARR, Co. E, August 20, 1864
J. McCLOUD, Co. A, August 22, 1864
L. BLACK, Co. A, June 22, 1864
L. BATES, Co. A, May 13, 1864
E.A. BUCKLEY, Co. C, September 2, 1864

          1st N.Y.  Artillery
P. MEAD, Co. C, July 10, 1864
W. CASTLE, Co. E, August 19, 1864
H. DAVIES, Co. D, September 3, 1864

          2nd N.Y. Artillery
Corporal G. GOODRICH, Co. D, August 2, 1864
W. McCORMICK, Co. I, August 10, 1864
G.E. COMSTOCK, Co. A, August 27, 1864
R. JONES, Co. A, August 27, 1864
THOMAS BUSHA, Co. M, August 19, 1864
H.A. CARPENTER, Co. A, August 3, 1864
W.F. TURTON, Co. I, August 31, 1864
H.J. RODGERS, Co. E, September 10, 1864
D. MURIGER, Co. C, September 10, 1864
W. MILLER, Co. C, September 29, 1864
C. HADECEILL, Co. L, September 3, 1864
J. WALKER, Co. D, September 8, 1864
E. YOUNG, Co. I, September 8, 1864
M. KEELY, Co. L, October 4, 1864
HENRY AMES, Co. --, October 10, 1864
W. WOLF, Co. M, October 16, 1864

          126th N.Y. Infantry
O. KIDD, Co. K, June 14, 1864
J. HINES, Co. C, August 1, 1864
M. NUTE, Co. D, June 27, 1864
O. DUNN, Co. H, May 6, 1864
P.P. CORTNEFF, Co. K, March 19, 1864
B. CURLY, Co. B, May 19, 1864
J. HARPER, Co. G, September 10, 1864
J. COCHRAN, Co. K, September 6, 1864
J. GAMAN, Co. H, September 17, 1864

          Third N.Y. Artillery
M. SMITH, April 3, 1864
G.H. KERR, Co. K, August 22, 1864

The following died of small pox:
          2nd N.Y. Artillery
C. MOORE, November 5, 1864
          146th N.Y. Infantry
H. GOUGH, Co. B, November 13, 1864
W. LAKE, Co. B, November 21, 1864
G.W. LEWIS, Co. G, November 8, 1864
L. STARKWEATHER, Co. G, November 1, 1864
J. JOHNSON, Co. A, January 28, 1865
H.W. GREEN, Co. E, January 15, 1865
          117th N.Y. Infantry
Corporal M. GILMORE, December 27, 1864
          2nd N.Y. Artillery
M. BLOKER, Co. M, November 28, 1864            (RCNov10/1865)

From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Friday, November 17, 1865

HUNTINGTON - ASA C. HUNTINGTON, one of Rome's oldest and most honored citizens, died suddenly of Appoplexy, on Thursday evening, November 9, 1865.  The deceased had spent nearly all his days in this town, and by prudence and industry has amassed a competence.  He was noted for his geniality and good nature, for the readiness with which his heart responded to every benevolent call, and for his integrity and uprightness as a citizen.  He had scarcely known during all his long life what it was to suffer from sickness, and at the ripe age of  71 years was stricken down in a moment, and from a condition of apparent perfect health, after a few hours' illness, passed away peacefully to his eternal rest.  The deceased was a communicant of the Baptist Church, from whence his funeral was attended on Sunday morning last.  (RCNov17/1865)

From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Friday, December 1, 1865

PATTERSON - JOHN PATTERSON, aged 21 years, of Rome, New York, a brakeman on the Rome & Watertown R.R., was knocked from the top of the accommodation train, when near McConnelsville, by a bridge on Monday morning last. (November 27, 1865)  Both of his legs were broken and horribly mulitated by the cars passing over them.  His head was also badly injured, he lived but four hours.  He was a native of Canada, where his parents now reside.  (RCDec01/1865)

COFFIELD - On Saturday last (November 25, 1865) a fatal affray occurred in Utica, New York, between two boat captains named PETER COFFIELD, and Joseph Whipple.  The parties had some difficulty of a trifling character, after which Coffield left his boat, went on board Whipple's, made an attack upon him, during which Whipple retreated to his cabin, seized a musket, and in the melee shot Coffield so severely that he died in a few minutes from the effects of the wound.  An inquest was held by Justice Gilmore, of Utica, NY, and after a full investigation, the jury rendered a verdict of justifiable homicide, and Whipple was discharged.  (RCDec01/1865)

From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Friday, December 8, 1865

HARTSHORN - In Hamilton, New York, November 20, 1865, ASA HARTSHORN, aged 69 years.  (RCDec08/1865)

MACOMBER - In Western, Oneida county, New York, November 19, 1865, HARRIET, wife of Abiel Macomber, in the 60th year of her age, an esteemed member of the Society of Friends.  (RCDec08/1865)

From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Friday, December 15, 1865

DAVIS - On Thursday night last,  (December 7, 1865) a murder was committed at a "gambling hell" kept by one, Walt Warren, who is extensively known throughout this and adjoining counties.  Two men got into a fight, when a man named T. J. DAVIS, more familarly known as "TOM JIM," interfered  to stop it, and was stabbed in the neck, and lived but a few minutes.  It is supposed that the blow was intended for a Frenchman named Constant Bosquin, one of the fighters.  Botquin was also badly stabbed.  Two men, named Hooper and Warren, respectively, are under arrest.  (RCDec15/1865)

MORRISON - HENRY R. MORRISON, for more than sixteen years an engineer on the Central Road, came to his death at Utica, New York, on Saturday last, (December 9, 1865) by the effects of laudnum.  It appears that he had been in the habit of taking this poison for some time, in order to kill the pain that was occasioned by a sore thumb.  It is supposed that he took a larger dose than he intended.  He lived but a few hours.  (RCDec15/1865)

ABEEL - We are pained to announce the death of  JAMES M. ABEEL, son of Capt., J. S. Abell, which occurred last Wednesday.  (December 6, 1865)  He had suffered for a long time from that dreadful disease consumption, and his friends had long since given up all hopes of his recovery.  His funeral was attended from the Presbyterian Church, (Rome, NY) by a large concourse of sorrowing friends and acquaintances.  (RCDec15/1865)

MORTON - In Rome, New York, on the morning of December 7, 1865, Mrs. ANNA MORTON, wife of Henry C. Morton, aged 29 years, daughter of Abner B. and Adelia Blair.  (RCDec15/1865)

RESSEGUIE - In Rome, New York, Monday, December 11, 1865, JOHN D. RESSEGUIE, youngest son of Mrs. J. Resseguie, after a short but severe illness.  (RCDec15/1865)

ROUGEOT - In Rome, New York, October 24, 1865, FRANCIS NOEL ROUGEOT, aged 69 years.  (RCDec15/1865)

LEWIS - In Utica, New York, December 11, 1865, of apoplexy, WILLIAM H. LEWIS, aged 28 years, 6 months and 6 days.  (RCDec15/1865)

Barbara Andresen