Rome Citizen Death Notices in 1866

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From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Friday, May 4, 1866

BOWERS - In Wilton, Waseca county, Minn., April 18, 1866, infant daughter of William D. and Harriet S. Bowers, formerly of Rome, New York.  (RCMay04/1866)

PERRYN - In Rochester, New York, April 7, 1866, WILLIE F. PERRIN, infant son of Isaiah and Celia Perryn.  (RCMay04/1866)

From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Friday, May 11, 1866

SANDFORD - At Delta, Oneida county, New York, on the morning of May 5, 1866, Mrs. SARAH SANDFORD, wife of Aaron Sandford, and mother of D.G. Drummond, aged 69 years.  (RCMay11/1866)

From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Friday, May 18, 1866

ELY - MARGARET ALMIRA ELY, wife of John D. Ely died at Rome, New York at her residence 1:30 on Tuesday morning last. (May 15, 1866) She was aged 39 years, 8 months and 28 days.  She had been ill for many years.  (RCMay18/1866)

GROUX - On Monday last, (May 14, 1866) a little boy named ALEXANDER PIERRIE GROUX, aged five years, son of Emile and Lydia Groux, of this village, (Rome, NY) was drowned in the Black River Canal.  It appears that in company with several other boys, the deceased went to the Canal and was playing in the water of the waste weir of the Lock, when by some accident, the boy fell in, and although the water was quite shallow, the current was so swift that he could not get out, and he was carried into the canal and down to the next lock before his body was recovered, some three hours after he fell in.  Parents should use the greatest care in keeping their small children away from the Canals, as quite a number have lost their lives in the manner above described.
     Alexander was a good boy, and his sudden death has fallen with crushing force upon his sorrow-stricken parents.  Yorkshire (England) papers please copy.    (RCMay18/1866)

SPELLICY - A diabolical murder was committed in this village (Rome, NY) on Wednesday night, May 16, 1866.  The victum was ANDREW SPELLICY, 24 years old and a clerk in the employ of Thomas Flannagan, and the murderer is a man known to most of our citizens, and commonly called "Dick Jones," a well digger by trade, and when not under the influence of liquor, generally a peaceable man, but a very desperado when his passions are inflamed by whisky.  ....  There were four stabs on Spellicy's body, one in the side, and three in the arms, one of which severed an artery.  Spellicy was found dead on the ground where the struggle took place, on Thursday morning.
     Constable Healt went to Jones' house, found him in bed, arrested him, and committed him to jail.  He was fearfully bruised, indicating that his struggle with Spellicy must have been long and of the most desperate character.
     Coroner Cobb witll hold an inquest, and we shall be enabled next week to give full particulars.  (RCMay18/1866)

HENDERSON - In Rome, New York, May 15, 1866, at the residence of George Batchelor, Miss MARY C. HENDERSON, aged 60 years.  (RCMay18/1866)

From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Friday, May 25, 1866

SPELLICY - A younger brother of the unfortunate young man murdered (Andrew Spellicy) last week, who had been confined at home for a long time by illness, was so much shocked and prostrated by the intelligence of the violent death of his brother that he could not rally, and died while the funeral of his brother was in progress on Saturday afternoon. (May 19, 1866)  The Sentinel says that the murdered man was  to have been married during the coming month.  Surely the sorrows of this stricken family must be hard to bear.  (RCMay25/1866)

FOOT - ADONIRAM FOOT, father of N.B. and Rev. J.B. Foot of Rome, New York, died in Turin, Lewis county, April 28, 1866, at the ripe age of 86 years.  The Lowville Journal & Republican, in a notice of the event, comments upon the death of this aged patriarch as follows, viz: --
     "The deceased had been identified with the county and its interests from his youth, having moved into Martinsburg some sixty years ago.  He was a public spirited man, awake to the interests of the community, and active in good works.  He became Elder in the Presbyterian Church in 1832, and has continued an earnest worker in the Master's cause.  He was many times member of Presbytery and of Synod, and was once delegate to the General Assembly.  In the weekly prayer-meeting his place was not often vacant, and no day was allowed to pass without the observance of family prayer -- on this point he was very decided.  He was prompt and punctual in business, benevolent and generous in charity.  From early life he was a consistent member of the Masonic brotherhood.  He was early connected with the Temperance and anti-Slavery movements of the country.
     He was the father of a large family -- fourteen children, half of whom are yet living.  There are forty-nine grand children, and Twelve great grand-children, making his direct decendants sixty-eight.  One of his sons is a Presiding Elder in the M.E. Church, another is a prominent merchant in Rome, and others are well-to-do farmers in this county.
     We seldom record so complete and satisfactory a life as this of Elder Foot's.   "The memory of the just is blessed"  (RCMay25/1866)

MANNING - MICHAL MANNING, a lad of 18 years old was fatally injured in the Utica Steam Cotton Mills, on Wednesday last (May 23, 1866) by accidentally being drawn into the machinery in motion.  (RCMay25/1866)

HUMPHREYS - In Rome, New York, May 19, 1866, at the house of her son-in-law, H. Hayden, ANNE LANDEN HUMPHREYS, aged 81 years.  (RCMay25/1866)

From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Friday, June 1, 1866

HERBAGE - E. J. HERBAGE, a former resident of Utica, New York, died of jaundice at Hempsted Long Island, NY on Monday last. (May 28, 1866)     (RCJun01/1866)

From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Friday, June 8, 1866

HICKS - In Western, New York, May 31, 1866, after a lingering disease, MARY C., wife of Alpheus Hicks and second daughter of Rev. R.L. Fraser, 22 years of age.  (RCJun08/1866)

WATERMAN - In Taberg, New York, June 10, 1866, of consumption, MARY MAUDE, only daughter of Benjamin and Mary E. Waterman, aged 1 year and 7 months.  (RCJun08/1866)

CUMMINGS - At Redwing, Minnesota, May 25, 1866, of consumption, GEORGE E. CUMMINGS, aged 46 years, recently from Morrisville, Madison county, New York.  (RCJun08/1866)

From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Friday, June 15, 1866

HART - Two year, three month old daughter of Mr. Robert Hart of Rome, New York, on Saturday (June 9, 1866) of a broken neck, caused by 11 year old brother falling on her accidently.  (RCJun15/1866)

From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Friday, June 22, 1866

YORKEY - In Rochester, New York, on Tuesday, June 5, 1866, after a lingering illness of consumption, LOUISA C., wife of William H. Yorkey, formerly of Rome, aged 21 years, 11 months and 6 days.  (RCJun22/1866)

TRYON - In Rome, New York, June 20, 1866, of congestion of the lungs, WILLIAM HENRY O. TRYON, aged 23 years.  The body will be taken from Rome to Oriskany, where the funeral services will be held in the Presbyterian Church.  (RCJun22/1866)

From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Friday, June 29, 1866

MALLORY - HENRY C. MALLORY died in Rome, New York, on Wednesday morning last (June 25, 1866) after an illness of several weeks.  (RCJun29/1866)

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