Rome Citizen Death Notices in 1878

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From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Friday, January 11, 1878

FOOT - In Rome, New York, Tuesday, January 8, 1878, BESSIE C. FOOT, infant daughter of A.L. and C.J. Foot, aged 9 months.  (RCJan11/1878)

WEAVER - Mrs. NANCY WEAVER, wife of Mr. Joseph Weaver, living about two miles north of Lee Center, New York, died very suddenly on the morning of Saturday last, (January 5, 1878) supposed to be heart disease.  She retired Friday evening in usual health.  Awaking about four o'clock she told her husband that she was much distressed in the region of her heart.  Mr. W. got up and built a fire and a sister-in-law got up and ministered to the sick.  A physician was sent for but before he arrived she breathed her last.  She was aged 64 years and 7 months.  She was a pious devoted Christian woman, and leaves a husband and several children and a numerous circle of relations and friends to mourn her loss.  The funeral was held at Lee Center in the M.E. Church, on Monday.  (RCJan11/1878)

From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Friday, January 25, 1878

BAKER - In Blossvale, New York, January 20, 1878, Miss HATTIE E. BAKER, aged 20 years, 5 months and 20 days.  (RCJan25/1878)

HAYDEN - In Rome, New York, January 20, 1878, of pneumonia, CYRUS HAYDEN, aged 63 years and 5 months.  (RCJan25/1878)

GRIFFIN - In Rome, New York, January 22, 1878, Mrs. AMANDA GRIFFIN, aged 75 years, 2 months and 29 days.  Funeral at her late residence, No. 45 Embargo street on Friday, at 2 P.M.   (RCJan25/1878)

SPEAR - In Hamilton, New York, January 19, 1878, of pneumonia, after three  days' illness, ESTHER J. SPEAR, aged 61, wife of Dr. Spear, of Madison University.  (RCJan25/1878)

WALKER - In North Gage, New York, Sunday, January 20, 1878, PETER WALKER, son of Hon. David Walker, aged  24 years.  (RCJan25/1878)

From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Friday, February 8, 1878

BRADY - In Utica, New York, February 1, 1878, WILIAM BRADY, aged 70 years.  (RCFeb08/1878)

JOHNSON - January 26, 1878, at Nassau, New Providence, ALEXANDER S. JOHNSON, Judge of the Circuit Court of the United States, aged 60 years.  (RCFeb08/1878)

CARPENTER - Suddenly, January 27, 1878, at the residence of his father, in Vernon village, New York, JOHN, youngest son of Orson Carpenter, aged 23 years.  (RCFeb08/1878)

EDY - Mrs. WILLIAM EDY, who has been for many years a resident of Rome, died last Thursday (January 31, 1878) of asthmatic consumption.  She has been a patient sufferer for a long while, and death has come as a welcome release.  The funeral services were held last Saturday, (Feb. 2,1878) and were attended by a large number of friends and acquaintances.  (RCFeb08/1878)

GREENE - Miss NELLIE M. GREENE, of whose serious illness we have heretofore made mention, died at the residence of her father, Mr. C.M. Greene, early last Friday morning. (February 1, 1878)   She had been dangerously ill for several weeks.  The funeral services were held on Monday (Feb. 4, 1878), at Mr. Greene's residence on Dominick St., and conducted by Rev. Mr. Clarke, rector of Zion Church.  A large number of friends and neighbors were present.  (RCFeb08/1878)

From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Friday, February 15, 1878

THOMAS - In Utica, New York, February 6, 1878, GEORGE THOMAS, aged 80 years, 3 months and 28 days.  (RCFeb15/1878)

CURTIS - In Utica, New York, February 6, 1878, ELZORA ADA, only daughter of George D. and Mary E. Curtis, aged 2 years, 8 months and 8 days.  (RCFeb15/1878)

MATTESON - At New York city, New York, February 7, 1878, at the residence of Mrs. Chapin, No. 83 West 12th street, Col. HENRY C. MATTESON, son of Hon. Orasmus B. and Mary Augusta Matteson, aged 46 years, 10 months.  (RCFeb15/1878)

FULLER - The funeral of Mr. E. M. FULLER, of Lee Corners, New York, will be held today (Feb 13, 1878) at his late residence.  He died on Monday last, (February 11, 1878) after a severe illness of liver and kidney complaints for some two months, at the age of about 65 years.  He leaves a wife and two children to mourn.  Rev. J.W.  Roberts, M.E. Pastor of Delta, NY will conduct the service on the occassion.  (RCFeb15/1878)

WILLIAMS - The funeral of Mr. CLARK WILLIAMS, of Northern Lee, New York, was held on Saturday last (February 9, 1878), at his late residence.  The services were conducted by Rev. J. Stanton.  (RCFeb15/1878)

DOYLE - WILLIAM DOYLE, a young man learning the business of cigar making with T.B. Slingerland, died at the residence of his father, Mr. James Doyle, on the morning of February 7, 1878, of diptheria, after an illness of a few days.  He had been some time in Mr. Slingerald's employ, and was respected and esteemed by his fellow workmen and all his acquaintances, for his many good qualties.  His death is a severe blow to his parents and other relatives.  [Mr. S's name spelled two different ways - transcriber]   (RCFeb15/1878)

FAGLE - JOHN FAGLE, of Little Falls, NY, in the employ of the N.Y.C.R.R.Co., was struck by a freight train about a mile from that village, on Tuesday morning, (February 12, 1878) and so badly injured that death speedily followed.  He was quite deaf, and probably did not hear the approaching train.  A singular coincidence is, that his father was killed in the same way and near the same spot about eighteen months since.  (RCFeb15/1878)

LAWLER - Miss MARY LAWLER, daughter of John Lawler, of Rome, New York, died at the residence of her father Sunday morning, (February 10, 1878) of consumption, after an illness of one year.  (RCFeb15/1878)

LELAND - Deacon EZRA LELAND, son of Joseph Leland, one of the oldest settlers of Morrisville, Madison county, died at his residence in that town, last week at the advanced age of 89 years.  (RCFeb15/1878)

MILLER - Many hearts in this vicinity will be sad to learn of the death of HENRY MILLER, which event took place in Sacramento, California, on January 29, 1878.  The deceased was in the 71st year of his age, and was a member of the banking firm of D.O. Mills & Co., one of the most flourishing banking insitutions in the Golden State.  Mr. Miller was born in 1807, and was also, for many years, a resident of Lee, Oneida county, New York, where he has many warm friends.  In 1833 he removed to Michigan, and afterwards to Milwaukee.  In 1850 he went to California, and after a time he engaged in the banking business, as a clerk of D.O. Mills, and finally became a member of the firm under the firm name of D.O. Mills & Co., and remained so until the time of his death.  He was a noble, generous hearted man, whose ears were ever open to the appeals of the needy, and whose hand was always outstretched for the relief of the suffering.  He leaves a wife and several children to mourn his death.
     The Sacramento Daily Bee, of the 29th of January 1878, contains the following notice of Mr. Millers death:
     DEATH OF HENRY MILLER. -- Another of Sacramento's best and most estimable citizens has passed away.  About noon today, Henry Miller, who for years past has been considered the head and front of the bank of D.O. Mills & Co., of this city, in which he held a large interest,  breathed his last.  Mr. Miller had been unwell for a long time past, but has at times been able to attend to business, and about a week ago was out.  Last night he was taken with a final chill and this morning it was felt that the end was near with him.  He has resided continuously in this city for about twenty-seven years, raised a large family and accumulated a fortune here, and has always been greatly respected here.  He was a native of Rome, New York, aged 71 years.
      Mr. Miller came to this State in 1850, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and settled in this city.  In 1851 he held the position of Deputy City Treasurer, and in 1856 went into the bank of D.O. Mills & Co., as partner, since which time he has been identified with that institution, and at the time of his death was Vice President of the Corporation.    (RCFeb15/1878)

From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Friday, February 22, 1878

MILLER - JONATHAN MILLER, a well-to-do farmer, aged seventy-two, living about a mile from Ogdensburg, was today (February 17, 1878) drowned in the Oswegatchie.  He had driven his cattle to the river to water, when, it is supposed, one of the animals broke through the ice, and Mr. Miller, in his efforts to save it, was himself lost.  The body was recovered after several hours' search.  (RCFeb22/1878)

BARNUM - EZRA S. BARNUM, for sixty-nine years a resident of Utica, New York, died in that city on Wednesday, (February 20, 1878) at the advanced age of 86 years.  He was a man greatly beloved and respected, and his memory will long be kept green in the hearts of those who knew him.  (RCFeb22/1878)

McCUNE - A telegram was recived here from San Francisco, California, on Wednesday (February 20, 1878), announcing the decease of JAMES N. McCUNE, son of the late Alexander McCune and brother of Mrs. Joseph Higgins, Mrs. George Mills, and Miss Sarah McCune, of this city (Rome, NY).  He died of typhoid fever, on Sunday last. (February 17, 1878)   The deceased left Rome, NY for California some 26 years since, and in company with his older brother, Alexander, who preceded him to that State several years before, dug out from the gold mines a foundation for the large fortune of which he died possessed.  At his death, though only 45 years old, he was one of the wealthiest grain dealers of San Francisco.  His brother Alexander still lives at Petaluma, CA., and conducts a large flouring mill.  The brothers were also engaged in farming and stock raising, but their principal business was dealing in grain.  Both these gentlemen were well known to all the old residents of Rome.  (RCFeb22/1878)


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