Rome Citizen Death Notices in 1878

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From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Friday, March 1, 1878

RAUT - At New London, New York, February 10, 1878, ALLIE E. RAUT, youngest daughter of John and Helen Raut, aged 2 years and 16 days.  (RCMar01/1878)

NICHOLSON - In Westmoreland, New York, February 26, 1878, JOHN NICHOLSON, father of John B. Nicholson, Esq., of Rome, NY, aged 90 years and 7 months.  Funeral at the Methodist Church in Westmoreland.  (RCMar01/1878)  (obit follows -- printed in RCMar15/1878)

Obituary -- The Late John Nicholson
     John Nicholson was born in the town of Cambridge, Washington County, New York, July 29, 1787, and died February 26, 1878, aged ninety years and seven months.  His grandfather John Nicholson, and his father, William Nicholson, were among the early settlers of the town prior to its organization.  They were in the revolutionary war, from which they suffered much, and in which his father lost a brother.  The subject of this sketch lived with his parents on the farm till he attained his majority, made good use of his opportunities, such as teaching school &c.; and in early manhood few were better posted on public affairs, news of the day, and especially church matters.  In March, 1811, he was married to Elizabeth Baker (who preceded him by death about eight years), daughter of John Baker, of precious memory, who was a spiritual son of John Wesley, and class-leader under him in the old country, but soon emigrated and settled in the town of Cambridge, NY, where he united with the Ashgrove M.E. Church, formed a short time previous by Philip Embury, it being (it is said) the second M.E. Church organized in American.  Soon after his marriage he came on horseback to Westmoreland, Oneida County, purchased his farm, (which was wild  land with only what is called the Rome road cut through,) returned, made preparations for moving, and arrived back on the 7th day of May following, where he resided till his death. [there is some more to the obit on the microfilm, but my photocopy cut it off-transcriber]  (RCMar15/1878)

JEWETT - In Westmoreland, New York, Tuesday, February 26, 1878, CHARLES F., son of James G. Jewett, aged 16 years and 7 months.  (RCMar01/1878)

WARNER - In Utica, New York, February 24, 1878, JARED ELIOT WARNER, in the 82d year of his age.  (RCMar01/1878)

McMILLIN - In Camden, New York, February 19, 1878, ROBERT McMILLIN, aged 74 years.  (RCMar01/1878)

BELLINGER - At Deerfield, New York, February 21, 1878, NANCY BELLINGER, aged 74 years.  (RCMar01/1878)

MONTAGUE - In Sauquoit, New York, February 25, 1878, STILLMAN MONTAGUE, in the 76th year of his age.  (RCMar01/1878)

ROBINSON - On the evening of Friday, February 15, 1878, in Waterville, New York, Mrs ANN ROBINSON, aged 80 years.  (RCMar01/1878)

AVERY - At Sauquoit, New York, February 22, 1878, Mrs MARY CHADWICK AVERY, wife of Eli Avery, of Clayville, NY, aged 64 years.  (RCMar01/1878)

YARWOOD - At West Branch, New York, February 23, 1878, HERBERT JAMES, son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Yarwood, aged 4 years and 6 months.  (RCMar01/1878)

CLARKE - Entered into rest at Newark, New Jersey, February 13, 1878, ISABELLA,  wife of J.R. Clarke, Esq., and mother of the Rev. G.B.R. Clarke, of Rome, New York, aged 71 years.  (RCMar01/1878)

HERRINGTON - ALCESTRIA HERRINGTON, wife of Benjamin Herrington, died March 22, 1877, aged 32 years.  (RCMar01/1878)

MYERS - On Sunday, February 24, 1878 a young married woman named MARGARET MYERS (formerly Miss McGraw) died at the residence of her aunt, Mrs. Fahy, on John St., from the effects of poison which she had taken.
She had come to her aunt's house on Saturday afternoon, and, with the remark that that was as good a place to die as any, had lain down on a bed from which she never rose again.  She soon sank into a heavy sleep, which continued until the next morning, when her friends became alarmed and sent for Dr. Evans, who found her insensible at 10 o'clock and apparently suffering from the effects of poison.  Drs. Lawton and Sutton were also called, but their united efforts proved unavailing.  At first she rallied and it was thought she might live, but she afterward sank away and died about four o'clock P.M.  Her friends state, as a reason for not earlier calling in medical aid, that they supposed her to be intoxicated, and it was not till morning that they became alarmed.  The deceased was only 17 years old, and had already passed nearly two years of unhappy married life, her husband neglecting to provide for her.  It is said that she had become discouraged and doubtless committed suicide because she had not resolution to bear up under her troubles.  A post mortem examination by Drs. Evans and Sutton revealed traces of morphine.   (RCMar01/1878)

MEISS - DANIEL MEISS, for many years a resident of Rome, New York, committed suicide at his home on South James St. by shooting himself in the stomach with a pistol.  The reason assigned for the deed is that for a long time he had been greatly afflicted with a cancer on his tongue, which of late has been very painful and affected his so that he has been unable to talk.  He felt that life under such circumstances was a burden, and deliberately determined to lay it down.  Seizing the opportunity afforded by a brief absence of his wife, he went in the garden with a horse pistol which he had long owned and ended his life as above stated.  The report of the pistol brought his next door neighbor to him, and soon his wife reached the spot.  He was still breathing, but died soon after being taken into the house.  He was 69 years of age, and was a native of Germany.  Coronor Lawton held an inquest on the remains.  (RCMar01/1878)

From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Friday, March 8. 1878

DOUGLASS - In the town of Floyd, New York, on Friday, March 1, 1878, LESTER DOUGLASS, aged 77 years, 4 months and 28 days.  Mr. Douglass was formerly a resident of Port Leyden, Lewis Co., NY.  (RCMar08/1878)

From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Friday, March 15, 1878

CRIMMINGS - In Rome, New York, March 11, 1878, of scarlet fever, HARRY DEVILLO, only child of Frank and Martha Crimmings, aged 1 year 11 months and 11 days.  (RCMar15/1878)

GRAVES - At Plymouth, Iowa, Thursday, March 7, 1878, Dr. CHARLES GRAVES, brother of E.G. Graves, of Rome, New York, in the 63d year of his age.  (RCMar15/1878)

SWAN - The funeral of Mr. Jonathan Swan, who died of consumption last Sunday morning, (March 10, 1878) was held at his late residence in Westernville, New York, on Tuesday.  His remains were intered in the cemetery here.  Deceased was seventy-six years old, and has long been a resident of Westernville.  (RCMar15/1878)

MUDGE - SAMUEL W. MUDGE, a younger brother of Alva and Nathaniel Mudge, died at his residence in Rome, New York early last Tuesday morning. (March 12, 1878)  He had for several weeks been sick of a virulent disease which from the outset baffled all medical skill, and for several days prior to his death there had been little hope of his recovery.  Mr. Mudge was born in Rome, NY  May 28, 1817, and would consequently have been 61 years old next May if he had lived till that time.  All his life had been spent in this town -- the greater portion of it in active business pursuits.  He was a member of the Presbyterian Church, and was much esteemed as a citizen and as a Christian.  He leaves a wife and five children -- three sons and two daughters.  The funeral services were held at his late residence at two o'clock Thursday.   (RCMar15/1878)

From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Friday, March 22, 1878

BARRETT - At Bartlett, New York, February 17, 1878, BELL BARRETT, daughter of E.R. and S.I. Barrett, aged 11 years and 8 months.  (RCMar22/1878)

CROWELL - In Rome, New York, Saturday, March 16, 1878, RUTH, wife of Daniel M. Crowell, aged 81 years.  (RCMar22/1878)

COLE - At Richfield, Otsego county, New York, February 25, 1878, Mrs. LAURINDA COLE, widow of the late Luther Cole, age 86 years and 13 days.  (RCMar22/1878)

SEAVEY - In Marcy, New York, March 14, 1878, of heart disease, HENRY SEAVEY, aged 78 years.  (RCMar22/1878)

HULL - In Clinton, New York, March 8, 1878, Mrs. LUSINA POST, wife of Eli Hull, in her 76th year.  (RCMar22/1878)

HAMLIN - In Holland Patent, New York, March 17, 1878, Mrs. SARAH D. HAMLIN, aged 81 years, 2 months and 3 days.  (RCMar22/1878)

MERRELL - At the residence of his brother-in-law, 20 Jay street, Albany, NY, March 1, 1878, NORTON G. MERRELL, of Vernon, New York.  (RCMar22/1878)

EVERETT - March 12, 1878, in Steuben, NY, near Remsen, of pneumonia, Mrs. ELIZABETH EVERETT, widow of the late Rev. Robert Everett, D.D., aged 80 years, 10 months and 4 days.  (RCMar22/1878)

From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Friday, March 29, 1878

FOLEY - In Glenmore, New York, on March 21, 1878, NICHOLAS FOLEY, in the 68th year of this age.  The deceased was brought to Rome, New York for interment.  (RCMar29/1878)

From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Friday, April 5, 1878

GARLICK - In Sauquoit,  New York, March 30, 1878, JESSIE, daughter of Charles K. and Elena Garlick, aged 21 months and 9 days.  (RCApr05/1878)

COMSTOCK - In Rome, New York, April 1, 1878, at the residence of D. Aldridge, ORICE COMSTOCK, 73 years, 2 months and 11 days.  (RCApr05/1878)

COMBS - In Lee, New York, March 21, 1878, at the residence of his daughter, Mrs. Joseph Chisam, LUCIUS COMBS, aged 73 years and 3 months.  (RCApr05/1878)

KEITH - In Rome, New York, March 22, 1878, FLORENCE W., daughter of C.F. and E.B. Keith, aged 10 months.  (RCApr05/1878)

GREGORY - At Oriskany, New York, March 27, 1878, Mrs ABIGAIL GREGORY, wife of Abijah Gregory, aged 34 years.  (RCApr05/1878)

OWENS - In Whitesboro, New York, March 30, 1878, GRIFFITH T. OWENS, aged 70 years and 10 months.  (RCApr05/1878)

FOX - In Whitesboro, New York, March 30, 1878, JOSIAH FOX, in the 65th year of his age.  (RCApr05/1878)

From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Friday, April 12, 1878

DICKERSON - Lee Center, New York, April 9, 1878.  The funeral of the late Mrs. CLEANTHA M. DICKERSON was held at the residence of her aged father, Mr. William Park.  Rev. J. Stanton preached on the occasion.  The deceased was in the 50th year of her age.  She married Mr. Lysander Dickerson of Prophetstown, Illinois some 20 years ago, and went to Illinois where they secured to themselves a comfortable home and a competance.  One year ago last fall, they visited the Centennial, and spent several weeks in Oneida County among their friends.  Soon after returning to their home in Illinois, sister D. noticed a tumor coming on her neck, just below the left ear, but she did not become alarmed supposing it a scrofulous swelling until the next spring, or about February.  She consulted doctors at Chicago and they called it a rose cancer, and several months she was under the care and treatment of Dr. Reed, of Illinois, for a cancer.  Last November she and her husband came to Lee, NY, to her father's house, and she was in such a weak, nervous condition that her friends had but faint hopes of her recovery.   She could not swallow substances, and all the nourishment she could receive from food was in fluids.  The affectionate husband, for the last 16 months, devoted his whole time to be with his companion while she was under the doctors' care, to the neglect of his business, and all that skill and medical aid could do for the late wife and friend, was done by him; and he has the respect of the entire circle of friends, who deeply sympathize with him in his irrepairable loss and hour of affliction.  (RCApr12/1878)

From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Friday, April 19, 1878

FREEMAN - In Western, New York, April 5, 1878, Mrs. NANCY FREEMAN, mother of W.R. Freeman, of Rome, New York, aged 77 years.  (RCApr19/1878)

HAGERTY - In Rome, New York, April 15, 1878, of scarlet fever, CORNELIUS, son of Michael and Julia Hagerty, aged 6 years.  (RCApr19/1878)

From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Friday, April 26, 1878

BEERS - In Rome, New York, April 20, 1878, HARLOW BEERS, father of F.B. Beers, of the Rome Sentinel, in the 66th year of his age.  (RCApr26/1878)

WALKER - At the residence of Ezra F. Wetmore, New York Mills, New York, April 19, 1878, Mrs. ROSANNA WALKER, wife of William Walker, deceased, aged 86 years.  (RCApr26/1878)

HEAD - In Utica, New York, Thursday, April 25, 1878, JOHN Q. HEAD, only son of George W. and Sarah C. Head.  (RCApr26/1878)

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