Rome Citizen Death Notices in 1888

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From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Friday, May 4, 1888

ROWLANDS - In Floyd, New York, April 27, 1888, ROWLAND ROWLANDS, a former resident of East Rome, New York, aged 74 years.  (RCMay04/1888)  [another article in same paper under "Floyd Items" follows]
               Roland Rowlands died at his residence last Friday morning of a complication of diseases.  He was 74 years of age.  The funeral was held at the Methodist church, Camroden, Monday, at 11 A. M., Revs. Thomas T. Evans, of Holland Patent, Thomas E. Jones, Camroden, and Albert Evans, Rome, officiating.  The remains were interred at Wright Settlement cemetery.  He leaves a wife and one daughter to mourn.  (RCMay04/1888)

THOMAS - In Whitesboro, New York, April 28, 1888, ELIZABETH, wife of the late John Thomas, aged 69 years.  (RCMay04/1888)

GIBBONS - In Whitesboro, New York, April 28, 1888, MARY A., daughter of Michael and Margaret Gibbons, of Utica, New York, aged 36 years.  (RCMay04/1888)

HORNER - In New York Mills, New York, April 30, 1888, FREDERICK, son of Mary and the late Frederick Horner, aged 29 years, 1 month and 25 days.  (RCMay04/1888)

TARBOX - At Clarks Mills, New York, April 30, 1888, W. H. TARBOX, in the 76th year of his age.  (RCMay04/1888)

ALLEN - In Augusta, New York, April 23, 1888, EDMUND ALLEN, aged 64 years and 6 months.  (RCMay04/1888)

BURROUGHS - ELON G. BURROUGHS, of Salisbury Center, Herkimer county, was buried yesterday (May 2, 1888) in the cemetery at Lee Center, New York.  Mr. Burroughs came to Lee Center about 1856 or 1857 and worked at the tinning business until 1869, when he sold out and moved to Salisbury Center, where he resided until his death, which occurred March 19, 1888.  A few days previous to his death he was working at Dolgeville, at his trade, and accidentally fell through an elevator, receiving an injury which caused his death.  After moving from Lee Center to Herkimer county he was elected to the office of justice of the peace, which office he held for sixteen years.  He was an excellent workman, and was highly esteemed as a citizen while a resident of Lee Center.  He was about 90 years of age, and had been married twice.  His second wife now survives him.  He leaves two sons -- Norris M. and Fred H. Burroughs, who are both engaged in business in Herkimer county.  (RCMay04/1888)

INGALLS - Mrs. MARY INGALLS died of cancer at her home near Buckingham, Illinois, April 20, 1888.  She was a sister of Charles Cook, of Taberg, New York, and was born in this vicinity, in 1837, and was 51 years old.  She had been a great sufferer and had a cancer removed some eighteen months ago, but even that failed to save her life.  She leaves a large circle of relatives and friends, both here and in her home, to mourn their loss.  (RCMay04/1888)

WOLFE - The oldest son of Jacob Wolfe, aged 16 years, died on Friday (April 27, 1888) evening last, at 9 o'clock.  He had not been well for some time, but was able to drive to the factory with the milk Friday morning.  On his return he was taken suddenly worse and died as above stated.  The funeral was held on Sunday at his father's residence on Quaker Hill, at 1 P. M.  The remains were interred in Westernville cemetery.  (RCMay04/1888)

WARD -  Utica, New York's chapter of accidents Saturday and Sunday (April 28 and 29, 1888) were notable for their frequency and seriousness.  On Saturday afternoon, Richard Thompson, in attempting to board a moving freight train, lost his grip and had his right arm taken off by the car wheels.  Matthew Hogan fell through an elevator well in Owens Bros.' establishment and broke his right arm.  James Snyder, aged 15, had his right hand caught in the machinery at the Bayliss Scotch cap factory and badly lacerated.  James Shaftner had his left hand lacerated in a similar manner in the Mohawk Valley Scotch cap factory.  Two fingers had to be amputated.  Miss Mary Krouwitz was accidentally shot just above the left eye by Mrs. Joseph Benedict, who was shooting at a cat with a 32-calibre revolver.  The ball pierced the temporal bone and lodged back of the eye.  The victim will recover, but she may lose her eye.  Sometime during Saturday night EDWARD WARD was killed by a freight train.  His crushed and bleeding form was found at 12:45 A. M. Sunday between the Central tracks at the Schuyler street crossing.  Ward was employed as a butcher in Marcy, New York.  (RCMay04/1888)

CARWARDINE - JOHN CARWARDINE, aged 65, a resident of Willowvale, near Chadwick's Mills, New York, left home at 8:30 A. M., Tuesday (May 1, 1888), telling his wife that he was going to visit an old acquaintance living close by.  As he did not return in a resonable length of time, his wife searched for him, and failing to find him, enlisted the services of William Arnold and Charles Bahee.  They went through the glen and on the edge of the pond found Mr. Carwardine's cane sticking up in the mud.  Investigating further, his body was found in the pond.  The deceased has been sick for one year and has recently been considerably depressed.  It was probably during a fit of despondency that he took his own life.  (RCMay04/1888)

CHAMPLIN - AMY S. HASZARD, widow of George H. Champlin, died at the residence of her son, J. P. Champlin, at Stokes, New York, yesterday, aged 88 years, 11 months and 3 days.  She was born in Charleston, Rhode Island, in 1799.  The funeral will occur to-morrow at 10 A. M., at the home of her son.  (RCMay04/1888)

PARKER - DELOS T. PARKER, son of the late Israel Parker of Rome, New York, died at his home in Kansas City, Mo., Wednesday (May 2, 1888) evening.  Deceased was born in this town (Rome, NY) 54 years ago, and spent his boyhood days here.  For several years he has been the efficient division superintendent of Wells, Fargo & Co.'s Express Company.  Besides his wife and five children, he leaves two brothers, James W. Parker, of Atchison, Kan., Virgil Parker, of Kansas City, and three sisters, Mrs. H. M. Lawton, of Rome, Mrs. Hopkins, of Little Falls, and Mrs. Woolworth, of Albany.  (RCMay04/1888)

WESTCOTT - At his home in Buffalo, New York, last Sunday (April 29, 1888), occurred the death of JOHN G. WESTCOTT, aged 81 years.  Deceased was born in Rome, New York, and was a son of the late Col. John Westcott, who for many years was a resident and prominent citizen of this town in its earlier days.  Mr. Westcott was the grandfather of Mrs. W. J. Clark, of this city.  (RCMay04/1888)

BULLOCK - Mrs. HARRIET BULLOCK died Sunday (April 29, 1888) at the home of her son, Seth Bullock, in Osceola, New York, aged 67 years.  Besides a large circle of friends, the deceased leaves five daughters, Mrs. William Griffith, of Rome, Mrs. Alfred Nibbs, of Vernon, Mrs. Albert Eychaner, of Western, Mrs. A. M. Shorey and Mrs. Harriet Vandewalker, of Osceola; two sons, Seth Bullock, of Osceola, and Henry P. Bullock, of Harrisville, one brother, William Yerdon, of Michigan, and one sister, Mrs. Carey Secor, of Annsville.  The funeral was held on Wednesday.  (RCMay04/1888)

KRUMM - Mrs. HANNAH KRUMM died at the home of her husband, John Krumm, on West Thomas street, Rome, New York, Tuesday (May 1, 1888) morning.  Death was the result of a second stroke of paralysis, received about an hour before she died.  The deceased had resided in Rome for about 22 years, coming here from Germany with her husband.  She was 59 years of age, and leaves besides her husband three sons and two daughters -- John and Charles Krumm, Mrs. John Wendt and Mrs. Elmer Ellenwood, of Rome, and Louis Krumm, of Tonawanda.  The funeral occured at 2 P. M. yesterday, at St. John's E. L. church, on Madison street.  (RCMay04/1888)

BILLINGS - Col. BILLINGS, whom we mentioned as being on trial for murder at Waverly, Iowa, has been convicted of murder in the second degree and sent to State prison for life.  He is a native of Boonville, Oneida county, New York.  (RCMay04/1888)

From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Friday, May 11, 1888

OCHAMPAUGH - In Clinton, New York, Tuesday, May 8, 1888, Rev. C. OCHAMPAUGH, formerly of Stokes, aged 75 years.  Deceased was the father of Mrs. E. L. Martin of Clinton.  He was a retired Lutheran minister.  Remains interred at Stokes, his former home.  (RCMay11/1888)

WILKES - In New York Mills, suddenly of heart disease, May 8, 1888, MARY WILKS, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wilks, aged 14 years.  (RCMay11/1888)

MILLER - In Leyden, Lewis county, New York, May 1, 1888, of brain fever, MARY WARNER MILLER, wife of John Miller, aged 26 years.  The remains were taken to Coonrod for interment.  (RCMay11/1888)

COFFIN - At Trenton, May 4, 1888, ALMON D. COFFIN, M. D., only son of Elisha and Hattie E. Coffin, aged 30 years, 8 months and 21 days.  (RCMay11/1888)

VAN DEMARK - In Rome, New York, May 4, 1888, Mrs. HENRIETTA VAN DEMARK, aged 88 years.  Mrs. Van Demark, of No. 306 West Court street, arose last Friday morning feeling unusually well.  A short time afterward she began to feel faint, and in a few moments passed quietly away.  She was the widow of Sylvester Van Demark.  She was born in Albany county.  About twenty-two years ago she came to this city with her husband and family.  Two sons and three daughters survive -- William Van Demark, of Cohoes, Lawrence Van Demark, of Stillwater, N.Y., Mrs. Thomas Lavender, of St. Albans, Vt., Mrs. F. O. Sherman, of Syracuse, and Miss Cornelia A. Van Demark, of Rome.  The funeral occurred Monday, Rev. J. H. Taylor officiating.  (RCMay11/1888)

HINKSTON - In Whitesboro, New York, May 5, 1888, WILLIAM HINKSTON, aged 64 years.  (RCMay11/1888)

BRITT - LYDIA S. BRITT, widow of William B. Britt, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. A. J. Palmer in Albany, New York, May 2, 1888.  Her age was 70 years.  Deceased was a sister-in-law of Mrs. Gardner E. Cone, of this city (Rome, NY).   (RCMay11/1888)

BARNARD - On May 4, 1888, Utica lost one of its best known and most public spirited citizens -- CHARLES E. BARNARD.  He was a son of the late Harvey Barnard, and a member of the firm of H. Barnard's Sons.  In 1876 he was chosen mayor, and during his administration of the office won the esteem of the entire city.  His death was sudden, dropsy of the heart being the cause.  He was a prominent member of the Masonic fraternity, and was 62 years of age.  (RCMay11/1888)

FOWLER - LORING FOWLER, a prominent citizen and resident of Canastota, New York, died Wednesday (May 9, 1888) morning, aged 72 years.  (RCMay11/1888)

WILSON - WILLIAM WILSON, a farmer living near Erieville, Madison county, New York, was killed by the cars at Norwich Tuesday (May 8, 1888), aged 65 years.  (RCMay11/1888)

KELLEY - Holland Patent, New York.  The corpse of Mrs. SARAH KELLEY was brought her last Tuesday (May 1, 1888) from Whitesboro, where it had been kept in a vault several months, and was interred in our cemetery.  (RCMay11/1888)

LYMAN - Taberg, New York.  Yesterday (May 9, 1888) the remains of TRUMAN W. LYMAN, were brought here from Watertown, New York, for burial.  He died quite suddenly of pneumonia at his home last Sunday (May 6, 1888) morning.  Mr. Lyman was quite well known here, having formerly resided in this town.  He was a son-in-law of the late Harvey Abbott.  His age was 49 years.  The remains were attended by a number of his G.A.R. comrades, and the committal services of the order were read at the grave.  (RCMay11/1888)

From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Friday, May 18, 1888

TIBBITS - In Utica, New York, May 14, 1888, ALICE F. TIBBITS, widow of the late Henry T. Tibbits, aged 41 years.  (RCMay18/1888)

WATSON - In Clinton, New York, May 11, 1888, SARAH H., only daughter of Colonel J. T. Watson.  (RCMay18/1888)

MYGATT - At Kirkland, New York, May 11, 1888, Miss EMMA MYGATT, daughter of the late Austin Mygatt.  (RCMay18/1888)

POTTER - In the town of Westmoreland, New York, May 11, 1888, JANE POTTER, aged 75 years.  (RCMay18/1888)

MOORE - In Marshall, Oneida county, New York, May 19, 1888, NATHAN MOORE, father of Mrs. Henry Hurlbut, of Utica, in the 88th year of his age.  (RCMay18/1888)

LANDFEAR - At his home, near the Oriskany battle ground, May 13, 1888, DAVID LANDFEAR, aged 83 years and three months.  (RCMay18/1888)

CONNORS - At her home, No. 207 East Thomas street, Rome, New York, May 13, 1888, ELLEN, wife of Cornelius Connors, aged 40 years.  (RCMay18/1888)

KINGSBURY - In Rome, New York, May 13, 1888, Mrs. MARY A. KINGSBURY, aged 54 years, 3 months and 16 days.  Mrs. Kingsbury, widow of Carlos M. Kingsbury, died at her home, No. 611 North James street, in Rome, New York, at 2:30 A. M. Sunday.  She was confined to her bed only a week and four days, but her system had been wearing out for months previous.  Her nervous system became gradually weakened, until it could no longer perform its proper functions, and she was compelled to succumb to the inevitable.  The deceased was familiar with the hardest toil, but she performed her life work cheerfully and with evident pleasure.  At the age of 16 she found peace with her Maker, and from that time until death claimed her as its own, her character was resplendent with Christian virtues.  She early joined the Methodist church, and for the past sixteen years was a devout member of the First M. E. church of this city.
     Mrs. Kingsbury was born in Montgomeryshire, England, 54 years ago.  When a young lady she emigrated with her parents to this country.  On October 20, 1864, she was united in marriage to Carlos M. Kingsbury, in Florence, in Oneida county, and then with her husband took up her residence in this city (Rome, NY), where Mr. Kingsbury followed the trade of a carpenter and joiner, until June 23, 1873, when he died.  Since that time Mrs. Kingsbury fought life's battle alone, with such aid as her children could give her.
     She leaves a son and daughter, Adelbert R. and H. Estelle Kingsbury, of this city, and three step-sons, Orson J., of Texarkana, Texas; Charles H., of East Saginaw, Michigan, and Milton D., of Homer, New York.  Her mother, Mrs. Thomas J. Davies, who is in her 89th year and is nearly as hale and hearty as she was twenty years ago, also survives, together with two brothers and one sister, Richard Davies of Camden, John H. Davies, of Knoxboro, and Mrs. Elmus Tuttle, of North Bay.
     The funeral occurred at the First M. E. church, in this city, at 2 P. M. Wednesday.  The services were conducted by Rev. Charles Manson, of New London, assisted by Rev. M. R. Webster, pastor of the church.  The remains were placed beside those of her late husband in Rome cemetery.  (RCMay18/1888)  [see also (RCJan28/1887)-DAVIES and (RCJun01/1888-DAVIES]

ADAMS - Mrs. COROLINE S. ADAMS, widow of H. Wylie Adams, died at the home of her brother-in-law, Henry L. Adams, north of Ridge Mills, New York, last Friday (May 11, 1888).  Her age was 65.  She was a daughter of the late Robert T. Peckham, and was born in Verona, NY.  The funeral occurred Saturday at her late home, and was very largely attended, the deceased having been a prominent member of the Presbyterian church, and a friend to all.  (RCMay18/1888)

SUTTER - Rome, New York.  Mrs. ELIZABETH SUTTER, aged 71 years, died on Saturday (May 12, 1888) at the home of her son-in-law in this city.  Her death was caused by paralysis.  The funeral occurred at Coonrod.  She leaves four children, Jacob Sutter, of Coonrod, Henry, of Omaha, Mrs. Caroline Stooks, of Pittsford, N. Y., and Mrs. Elizabeth Thron, of this city.  A brother, Jacob Koehl, of this city, and a sister, Mrs. Westerman, of Pittsford, New York, also survive.  (RCMay18/1888)

CHALLINER - Rome, New York.  GEORGE ALBERT, the 8-months old son of Mr. and Mrs. Titus Challiner, of 214 W. Bloomfield street, died last evening about six o'clock.  The immediate cause of death was tumor of the brain.  The funeral will occur to-morrow afternoon at 3 o'clock.  (RCMay18/1888)

ABELL - New London, New York.  NELSON ABELL died last Thursday (May 10, 1888), aged 75 years.  He was the last of a large family.  (RCMay18/1888)

McCLUSKY - Drowned Near Boonville, New York.  The lifeless body of WILLIAM McCLUSKY was found Saturday morning in a creek near the residence of Charles McClusky, his brother.  He was an unmarried man of about 33 years of age, the son of Joseph McClusky, of Boonville.  He made his home with his brothers, Charles and Edward McClusky, who occupy farms a couple of miles apart, situated about four miles south of Boonville on "Potato hill."  It being his habit to go back and forth, nothing was thought of his absence from his brother Charles' place, where he was last seen alive the Thursday evening previous.  He was subject to fits, and no doubt fell into the stream while fishing and was drowned.  His fishing rod and tackle were beside the body.  No inquest was deemed necessary under the circumstances.  (RCMay18/1888)

From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Friday, May 25, 1888

PFLUG - In Coonrod, New York, May 17, 1888, MICHAEL PFLUG, aged 69 years and 4 months. The deceased was highly esteemed by his friends and neighbors.  His last illness was one of great suffering, but he bore it bravely.  Two daughters are left to mourn.  (RCMay25/1888)

KNIGHT - In Clayville, New York, May 20, 1888, MARY, wife of Michael Knight, aged 28 years.  (RCMay25/1888)

LLOYD - At Clayville, New York, May 20, 1888, MABEL L., daughter of Edward and Emma Lloyd, aged 5 years.  (RCMay25/1888)

RICHARDSON - In Utica, New York, May 21, 1888, WILLIAM RICHARDSON, in the 72d year of his age.  (RCMay25/1888)

BROWER - Point Rock, New York.  EDWARD BROWER, an old resident, died last week, and was buried here on Friday (May 18, 1888).    (RCMay25/1888)

WHITMYER - Rome, New York.  BERTHA, aged five, daughter of Jacob Whitmyer, of No. 209 Ridge street, died of diptheria Wednesday (May 23, 1888).   (RCMay25/1888)

WALKER - WILLIAM WALKER, who died in New York on the 17th of May 1888, was born in Rome, New York, May 28, 1802.  He was a son of the late Thomas Walker, the founder of the Columbian Gazette, one of the earliest Oneida county papers.  (RCMay25/1888)

ADKINS - AUGUSTUS F. ADKINS, who died at the home of his father, Oscar F. Adkins, in Oswego, New York, on Sunday (May 20, 1888), aged 26 years, was well known in this city (Rome, NY), having been employed in Sage's sash and blind factory when that establishment was located here.  (RCMay25/1888)

PERKINS - Mr. and Mrs. Dio C. Perkins, of Little Falls, New York, formerly of Rome, New York, have the sympathy of many of their acquaintances here in the loss of their daughter, GRACE A., who died on May 17, 1888, of diptheria, aged 19 years.  The remains were interred in Rome cemetery.  (RCMay25/1888)

LINDNER - Rome, New York.  Early Friday (May 18, 1888) morning JOHN LINDNER died at his home on South James street.  He had long been a sufferer from consumption.  His age was 73 years.  Two sons, John A. and Andrew Lindner, and two daughters, Mrs. Philip Kinsther and Mrs. John Saner, survive.  (RCMay25/1888)

BUTLER -  The residence of Henry T. Olmstead, located about a half mile south of Oneida Community, in the town of Vernon, New York, was the scene of a sad affair on Sunday (May 20, 1888).  A few weeks ago Mr. Olmstead's daughter, Mrs. BUTLER, of Unadilla, came home with her mother, who had been visiting her.  She appeared mentally distressed, and at times showed symptoms of insanity.  Sunday afternoon Mr. and Mrs. Olmstead were startled by a shot, and upon hurrying to the door saw their daughter lying in the woodshed shot through the heart.  The deed was done with a shot-gun, loaded with bird shot, which had been carelessly left in the woodshed the day before.  The body was carried into the house, and Coroner Lewis summoned.  The coroner commenced an inquest Monday morning, but owing to the distressed and enfeebled condition of Mrs. Olmstead, the principal witness, the inquest was adjoured until to-day.  Much sympathy is felt for the parents of the unfortunate woman.  (RCMay25/1888)

GREMS - Westernville, New York.  Mrs. JOHN GREMS died at her home at Dunn Brook last Saturday (May 19, 1888) morning.  The funeral services were held at North Western on Monday at 11 A. M., Rev. Mr. Flint officiating.  (RCMay25/1888)

MERRICK - Westernville, New York.  HAMILTON MERRICK died at the home of his son, William Merrick, near North Western, on Saturday (May 19, 1888) last, aged 78 years.  The funeral services were held at North Western on Monday.  Rev. Crofoot, of North Western, officiated.  The remains were interred in the cemetery at Steuben Corners.  (RCMay25/1888)

FRASER - Westernville, New York.  Rev. RALPH L. FRASER died at his home at Frenchville, on Saturday, aged 77 years, 4 months and 29 days.  His death resulted from paralysis.  The deceased was born in Western, and was the son of the late Allen Fraser, one of the early settlers of this town.  In early life he was converted and prepared himself for the Methodist Episcopal ministry, and about 1840 was admitted to the Black River conference.  About 20 years ago he was superannuated and since that time he has not been able to follow his chosen calling or to perform manual labor.  He leaves, besides his wife, three sons -- A. N. Fraser, of Pekin, Illinois, W. L. Fraser, of Victory, and R. L. Fraser, of Auburn, Cayuga county, N. Y., and three daughters -- Elizabeth Downing, of Penn Yan, and two daughters who reside at Salsbury, Herkimer county.  Also three brothers, Alexander, of  Steuben, Peter, of Iows, and Harvey, of Kansas, and one sister, who resides at Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  The funeral services were held in the Presbyterian church, Westernville, on Tuesday, at one o'clock P. M.  Rev. Simpson, of New York Mills, preached the sermon.  (RCMay25/1888)

BLESSING - Point Rock, New York.  Mr. and Mrs. G. Blessing were called to Utica, to attend the funeral of Mrs. Blessing's uncle.  (RCMay25/1888)

HALEY - Rome, New York.  PATRICK HALEY, son of James Haley, of this city, was drowned at Jersey City, March 12, 1888.     (RCMay25/1888)

MITCHELL - Rome, New York.   The three-year-old daughter of W. W. Mitchell, of 614 North Washington street, died last night of lung difficulty.  (RCMay25/1888)

SPARGO - Rome, New York.  Thomas Spargo, who came here from England in August 1887, met with a great misfortune at the brass mill yesterday morning.  He was attending the drying rolls, when he accidentally allowed his right hand to come between the metal and the roll, when his arm was quickly drawn in and terribly crushed and lacerated.  But for the timely action of a fellow employe, who reversed the machinery, his arm would have been torn from its socket.  The unfortunate yound man was conveyed to the residence of his brother, Nicholas Spargo on West Park street, where Dr. R. E. Sutton, assisted by Drs. H. C. Sutton, W. E. Millington and T. G. Nock, amputed the injured member between the shoulder and elbow.  Mr. Sprago is but 19 years old, and during his short residence in this city he has made hosts of friends.  He is a member of the surpliced choir of Zion church.  James Sprago, another brother, also resides in this city.  The physicians say the young man will recover.  (RCMay25/1888)

TAYLOR - Rome, New York.  ROBERT TAYLOR who lived about two and a half miles west of Hamilton college was found dead, Saturday afternoon, May 19, 1888, in the road of heart disease.  He leaves a wife and five children.  (RCMay25/1888)

STARTWELL - Mrs. DRUCILLA STARTWELL, a native of Rome, New York, aged 73 years, died at her home in West Rome, May 20, 1888, daughter of the late Philip Perry.  Her first husband, George Fox, was killed by a falling chimney at the American block fire in 1846, and her second husband, Abel Startwell, died about fourteen years ago.  (RCMay25/1888)

SHAKESPEARE - GEORGE C. SHAKESPEARE, buried at New Albany, Indiana, Monday (May 21, 1888), claimed to be a lineal descendant of the dramatist.  He was born at Stratford-on-Avon, England, and bore a strong resemblance to his illustrious ancestor.  (RCMay25/1888)

TRUESDALE - Mrs. JOHN TRUESDALE drowned herself in the reservoir at Springfield, Mo., Sunday (May 20, 1888) night.  A Christian scientist had professed to be able to teach her how to cure her husband of consumption, and her failure to do so threw her into despair.  (RCMay25/1888)

ANDREWS  - Miss Bertha Andrews, of East Haven, Conn., adopted daughter of Mrs. Timothy Andrews, has been claimed by a Mrs. Fidler of Wallkill, New York, as her child.  Mrs. Fidler claims that Bertha was placed in a foundling asylum by her husband 26 years ago.  Mrs. Fidler is rich.  (RCMay25/1888)

From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Friday, June 1, 1888

RYAN - At the city hospital, in Rome, New York, May 25, 1888, CHARLES RYAN, aged 45 years.  (RCJun01/1888)

HEILIG - At Ridge Mills, New York, May 24, 1888, JOSEPH HEILIG, aged 18 years.  (RCJun01/1888)

MITCHELL - In Rome, New York, May 25, 1888, of membraneous croup, PAULINE, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Mitchell, aged 2 years and 6 months.  (RCJun01/1888)

BRODOCK - Vienna, New York.  MOSES BRODOCK, who lived about one and one-half miles north of here, died Wednesday (May 23, 1888) morning at 1 o'clock, of that long and painful disease, consumption, aged 59 years.  He leaves a wife and one son, William Brodock, who lives in the eastern part of the State.  Funeral was held Friday at 10 o'clock at the M. E. church in McConnellsville.  Interment took place at Camden.  Mr. Brodock has lived in this town many years, and was highly esteemed by all who knew him.  He was a soldier of the late war, and a member of the 117th regiment.  (RCJun01/1888)

VANDEWALKER - North Western, New York.  JODIE VANDEWALKER, son of Solomon Vandewalker, died Sunday (May 27, 1888) morning.  He had been ill for about ten months with consumption.  The funeral occurred on Monday.  (RCJun01/1888)

MOORE - Monday (May 28, 1888) morning MICHAEL MOORE died at his home at Trenton Falls, New York, aged 85 years.  He was a man well known in Oneida county, and possessed a wide acquaintance in many portions of the State by reason of his many years connection with the hotel at Trenton Falls that now bears his name.  Deceased was born in New York city.  In 1828 he visited Trenton Falls, stopping at the hotel then kept by John Sherman, grandson of Roger Sherman, one of the signers of the declaration of independence.  While climbing the rocks one day he sustained a severe fall and was for some time confined to his bed from its effects, being carefully nursed meanwhile by Mr. Sherman's family.  The kindness with which he was treated resulted in an attachment for one of the daughters, Maria, whom he married soon after his recovery.  Mr. Sherman died in August 1828, and soon after that Mr. Moore took charge of the hotel, conducting it until a few years since, when he turned it over to one of his sons.  The house was a comparatively small one when Mr. Moore purchased it and the main portion of the present huge structure was erected by him.  The deceased was a man of intelligence and was well versed in the sciences.  He was much interested in astromony and devoted considerable time to the telescopic study of the heavens.  He had a valuable colleciton of ancient coins, and the gathering of them gave him much pleasure.  He also possessed several cabinets of rare fossils and handsome mineralogical specimens.  For a number of years he was quite a power politically in the town of Trenton and in the county, although he never held an elective office.  He was postmaster at Trenton Falls for a number of years.
     The funeral occurred yesterday afternoon at his late residence.  (RCJun01/1888)

DODGE - Last July Arthur P. Bartholomew, sole surviving executor of the estate of GEORGE W. DODGE, who died in Augusta, New York, in 1881, leaving property valued at $150,000, brought an action against all the testator's heirs, through Evans & Watters of this city (Rome, NY), to obtain a judicial construction of the will.  Before Mr. Dodge died he appointed Arthur P. Bartholomew, of Augusta, B. F. Chapman, of Oneida, and Josiah Case, of Vernon, as his executors.  The will gave them or any two of them the power to increase the allowance of any of the deceased's children at such time as their demands should appear proper and right to the executors.  In March 1886, Mr. CASE died, and shortly afterward Mrs. E. P. Bevillard, one of Mr. Dodge's daughters, now of this city, applied to Mr. Chapman for money sufficient to purchase a house and lot.  Mr. Chapman confered with Mr. Bartholomew, and they decided to furnish her the money.  Mrs. Brevillard accordingly purchased a residence in this city in the spring of 1887 for $4,000.  She therefore applied to Mr. Bartholomew for the funds, Mr. Chapman having been discharged as executor in June 1886, because of failing health.  The other heirs, however, doubted Mr. Bartholomew's power to advance the funds because of the clause in the will which said "they or any two of them" (meaning the executors) shall make all advancements, and to determine his power he brought the action alluded to.
     Judge Merwin has just handed down his decision in the matter.  He holds that as two of the executors had agreed to make the advancement, the sole and remaining executor had the power to carry out the determination of the two, but he could not do so in another case on his individual responsibility.  He also helds that Mr. Bartholomew, as sole executor, has a right to execute the powers conferred upon the executors, as such, connected with the ordinary administration of the estate, including the power to sell real estate.  (RCJun01/1888)

DAVIES - Mrs. THOMAS J. DAVIES, mother of the late Mrs. C. M. Kingsbury of this city, (Rome, NY) died at the residence of her son, Richard Davies, near Camden, New York, on Sunday (May 27, 1888) last.  Had she lived till August 28, next, she would have been 89 years of age.  After the death of her daughter she began to fail rapidly, and the ailments incidental to old age carried her off.
     Deceased was born in Shropshire, England, and was married June 2, 1825.  She came to America in 1846.  She leaves two sons and one daughter -- Richard Davies, of Camden, and John H. Davies, of Knoxboro, and Mrs. Libbie M. Tuttle, of North Bay.  The funeral occurred yesterday at 2 P. M., and interment will take place in Lowell to-day.  (RCJun01/1888)  [see also (RCJan28/1887)-DAVIES and (RCMay18/1888)-KINGSBURY]

DAVIDS - Rome, New York.  An infant daughter of Clinton Davids, a son-in-law of Mrs. Mary A. Bours of this city (Rome, NY), died at Cornwall-on-the-Hudson Sunday (May 27, 1888) evening.  The little one was brought to this city for interment.  Mr. Davids is very unfortunate, having recently lost his wife in Florida.  (RCJun01/1888)  [see also (RCDec02/1887)-BOURS-DAVIDS]

NICHOLSON - Mrs. JAMES NICHOLSON, who, with her husband, resided in Rome, New York some twenty years ago, died suddenly at her home in Fresno, Colorado, on May 20, 1888.   (RCJun01/1888)

SIEKER - CHRISTIAN SIEKER, of Manitowoc, Wisconsin, father of Mrs. O. E. Ebert of this city (Rome, NY), died on Monday (May 28, 1888), aged 87 years.  Mrs. Ebert was present at his death bed.  (RCJun01/1888)

ANDREWS - EUGENE ANDREWS, of Grinnell, Iowa, infant grandson of Merritt Andrews, of this city (Rome, NY), died a few days ago from bleeding incident to teething.  (RCJun01/1888)

From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Friday, June 8, 1888

SIMMONS - At Paris Hill, New York, May 30, 1888, SAMUEL S. SIMMONS, of Almeda, California, brother of Mrs. Lysander Mead, of Paris Hill, aged 72 years.  (RCJun08/1888) [see also (RCJun13/1888)-HEAD]

CASTLE - In West Lee, New York,  June 1, 1888, Mrs. ALMIRA CASTLE, aged 74 years.  (RCJun08/1888)  [another article in the "Lee Center" column follows]
               Mrs. Almira Castle, who died at the residence of her son, John Castle, at West Lee, last Saturday (June 2, 1888), was the widow of the late Azel Castle, and for over fifty years had been a resident of this town.  A stroke of paralysis hastened her death.  She was 74 years of age, and leaves two sons, John Castle, of Lee, and Henry Castle, of Rome.  The funeral occurred Sunday.  (RCJun08/1888)

JENKS - In Fort Plain, New York, May 31, 1888, MARY J. JENKS, widow of Almon Jenks, of Lee, Oneida county, N.Y.  Deceased died of consumption, aged 59 years.  She had been a sufferer for some time.  The funeral was held in the M. E. church at this place (Delta, NY) last Saturday (June 2, 1888), Rev. Daniel Ballon, of Utica, officiating.  Interment in Lee Corners cemetery.  She leaves one son, Leander Jenks, of Fort Plain, and one daughter, Mrs. Avery Roe, of Stanwix.  Also two sisters, Mrs. Harriet Alexander and Mrs. Frances Greenwood, of Elmer Hill.  (RCJun08/1888)

TOMPKINS - In Clayville, New York, June 2, 1888, Dr. HERMAN H. TOMPKINS, aged 50 years.  (RCJun08/1888)

MURPHY - Mrs. MARGARET MURPHY, probably the oldest woman in the state (New York), died at the home of her son-in-law, Thomas Foran, in the town of Fairfield, at 2 o'clock Wednesday (May 30, 1888) morning, aged 110 years.  Her children claim that the record of her birth shows that she was born in Cork county Ireland, in 1778, and came to this country about 37 years ago at the age of 73.  This remarkable woman always enjoyed good health, and her mind was clear nearly up to the hour of her disolution.  The following children survive her:  John C. and Cornelius Murphy, of Norway, NY, James Murphy, of Salisbury, Mrs. Thomas Foran, Fairfield, Mrs. Catharine Moynahan, of Ireland.  (RCJun08/1888)

ROBERTS - JOHN C. ROBERTS, one of the oldest and most respected residents of New York Mills, New York, died on Tuesday (May 5, 1888).  He was born in Manchester England, December 30, 1822, and at the age of about four years came to this country.  (RCJun08/1888)

WHITY - About noon on Saturday last (June 2, 1888), CATHARINE WHITY, aged 69, attempted to cross the Central railroad near the D., L. & W. freight house, in Utica, but was struck by the west bound passenger train and instantly killed.  The coroner's jury rendered a verdict of accidental death, and exonerated the railroad company from all blame.  (RCJun08/1888)

HERBERT - The dead and somewhat decomposed body of JOHN HERBERT, a Utica butcher, was found in the Mohawk river, near the Clark bridge, Tuesday (May 5, 1888) morning.  It was carried to Cassidy's undertaking rooms.  Coroner Jones summoned a jury, who rendered a verdict of suicide.  Herbert left home Thursday of last week.  He was greatly depressed over financial matters.  (RCJun08/1888)

VANDEWALKER - IRA VANDEWALKER, died at the residence of her son, James Vandewalker at 5 P. M. Tuesday (May 5, 1888).  Her death was caused by billious fever, with which she had been ill but a few weeks.  Deceased was a native of the town of Western, where many relatives now reside.  She came to Rome to reside  22 years ago.  (RCJun08/1888)

O'LEARY - Rome, New York, SIMON O'LEARY died at the county home Wednesday (May 6, 1888).   (RCJun08/1888)

COLLINS - Mrs. ALMIRA COLLINS, mother of Mrs. Nathan L. Hakes, of Bartlett, New York, died at the home of her daughter, yesterday, aged 76 years.  (RCJun08/1888)

STONE - WALTER A. STONE, postmaster at Oneida, died early Wednesday (May 6, 1888) morning, at the age of 53 years.  He had been ill since May.  Deceased was one of Oneida's most enterprising business men.  (RCJun08/1888)

MOTT - Rome, New York.  J. F. Mott has been called to Saratoga Springs by the death of his sister.  (RCJun08/1888)

From ROME SEMI-WEEKLY CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Wednesday, June 13, 1888

IRONS - In Rome, New York, June 12, 1888, MARY, wife of John E. Irons, aged 33 years, 3 months and 10 days.    At 6 P.M. Mrs. Irons died at her rooms at the Willett house.  About one year ago she contracted a cold, which developed into pneumonia, which subsequesntly took the form of quick consumption, and for the past five months she was unable to leave her room, and for the last four weeks was confined wholly to her bed.  Deceased was married to Mr. Irons about fifteen years ago.  Besides the husband, two young sons survive -- John H. and Arthur L.  Also a father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. James Williamson, of Whitesboro. The funeral will occur at the Willett house, Friday, at 10 A. M. and the interment will take place at Whitesboro.  Mr. Irons and little sons have the sympathy of the community in the loss of a loving wife and mother.  (RCJun13/1888)

JONES - In New York Mills, New York, June 7, 1888, Mrs. ELIZABETH JONES, aged 64 years, 2 months and 11 days.  (RCJun13/1888)

LEFFINGWELL -  CHARLES M. LEFFINGWELL, son of the late N. Hyde Leffingwell, died at Black Rock, New York, Thursday (June 7, 1888) last, where he had been employed in the railroad freight office for the past five months.  Deceased was born in Rome, New York and was 36 years of age.  He began his business life as discount clerk in the Fort Stanwix National bank in 1869, and continued as such until 1877.  He then went west and for several years divided his time among the various prominent cities, but finally returned to Rome, only to leave it again last Christmans, since which time he had been located in the western part of the State.  The remains were forwarded to Rome, and the funeral occurred Sunday afternoon, at the residence of his sister, Mrs. Lizzie VanDemark, near the fair grounds.  (RCJun13/1888)
     [see also (RCApr12/1867)-LEFFINGWELL]

MACOMBER - In Sauquoit, New York, June 9, 1888, LUCINDA, wife of the late Calvin Macomber.  (RCJun13/1888)

WEAVER - In Deerfield, New York, Sunday, June 10, 1888, MARGARET A., wife of George F. Weaver, aged 66 years.  She possessed many qualities which endeared her to a large circle of friends and her death will be sadly felt.  Mrs. Weaver leaves a husband, a daughter, Mrs. S. H. Brayton, and four sons, Frederick G., Abraham H., Charles C. and Van R. Weaver.  (RCJun13/1888)

REED - In Prospect, New York, June 10, 1888, ELIZABETH, wife of Henry Reed.  (RCJun13/1888)

WILLIAMS - At Oriskany, New York, June 11, 1888, STUART R., youngest child of Richard D. and Mary E. Williams, aged 1 year, 4 months and 25 days.  (RCJun13/1888)

COVELL - Vienna, New York.  Another one of our oldest and most respected citizens has passed away, after a long and painful illness.  STEPHEN A. COVELL, Sr., died Thursday (June 7, 1888) morning, aged 83 years.  The funeral was held at the M. E. church Friday, at 10 o'clock, Rev. William Morrell, of Higginsville, officiating.  Interment took place at the Fish Creek cemetery, under the auspices of the F. & A. M. order of burial.  Mr. Covell was born in Massachusetts February 12, 1805, and came to this town with his parents at about two years of age and has resided here ever since.  He leaves six sons and two daughters -- Asa, Andrew, Stephen and Horace Covell, of Dakota, and Luther Covell, of Washington, D. C., and John J. Covell, of Munnsville, N. Y., and Mrs. Q. Coltson and Mrs. J. H. Shaver, of this place.  Mr. Covell was a loving husband and a kind father, and was highly esteemed by all who knew him.  He was a leader of
public opinion as well as a promoter of public enterprises, and held many offices in this town, and was a thorough and well informed man.  He leaves a large circle of relatives to mourn for him.  (RCJun13/1888)

REIGLER - Point Rock, New York.  Last Thursday (June 7, 1888) the funeral of Mrs. WILLIAM REIGLER was held in the Reformed church, of this place, at 11 A. M.  The services were conducted by the Rev. H. A. Harris.  The floral offerings were numerous.  Mrs. Reigler was a member of our Sabbath school.  The parents and husband, who brought her to his home only last fall, have the sympathy of all.  The large attendance at the funeral attested her worth.  (RCJun13/1888)

DUNHAM - Rome, New York.  On Friday (June 8, 1888) morning occurred the death of ALPHEUS DUNHAM at his home on East Dominick street.  A few days prior to his death he was stricken with paralysis, which, owing to the enfeebled condition of his health, caused his death.  Deceased was 78 years of age, and had been a resident of this city for fourteen years.  Prior to coming here he conducted a farm near the Westmoreland town line.  He was born in Southfield, Madison county, and came to Rome in 1820.  All who knew Mr. Dunham entertained great respect for him.  Besides his wife, the deceased leaves two sons, George and William Dunham, of Amsterdam, and five daughters, Mrs. Jas. Noble, Misses Amarilla, Maria and Nettie Dunham, of Rome, and Miss Alice Dunham, of New York city; also two brothers, Ezekiel Dunham, of Stanwix, and William H. Dunham of Wisconsin, and four sisters, Mrs. D. C. Cheney, of Dix, Mrs. E. G. Woodcock, of Spencer Settlement, Mrs. A. Briggs and Mrs. Don Gould, of Wisconsin.  (RCJun13/1888)

WILLIAMS - Mrs. MARY C. WILLIAMS, of Syracuse, sister of Mrs. John Mustizer of Rome, New York, died at the latter's residence last Friday (June 8, 1888) morning.  About three weeks ago she came here to visit her sister, and shortly afterward received a stroke of paralysis that affected her entire body.  The deceased had long been a resident of Syracuse, whither the remains were taken for interment.  (RCJun13/1888)

HORNE - CHRISTOPHER G. HORNE, brother of Mrs. Charles H. Ballon of Utica, died in Aurora, Illinois, last Friday  (June 8, 1888).  He was born in Mohawk in 1848, and lived there until 15 years ago.  (RCJun13/1888)

HEAD - CALISTA, relict of Harvey Head, formerly supervisor from Paris, NY, died in that town Monday (June 11, 1888).  She was born there 82 years ago, has always lived there, and is thus identified with the history of the town.  She has been a veritable mother in Israel in all that related to the betterment of the community.  Some time ago Dr. S. S. Simmons, of California, a brother of the deceased, died while on a visit to her.  (RCJun13/1888)   [see also (RCJun08/1888)-SIMMONS]

CHRISTMAN - GEORGE W. CHRISTMAN, formerly for several years a resident of the town of Rome, New York, died at Canadaigua Saturday, June 9, 1888, aged 34 years.  The remains were brought to Rome, and the funeral took place at Wiggins' undertaking rooms Monday, and the remains were interred in the Wright Settlement cemetery.  Deceased was a son of Mrs. Hannah S. Christman, of this city.  (RCJun13/1888)

LASON - Miss AMY LASON dropped dead at the corner of Columbia and State streets, Utica, New York, Monday (June 11, 1888).    (RCJun13/1888)

BESIE - The dead body of CASPER BESIE was found last evening about 10 o'clock, lying beside the railroad tracks between the Mohawk river bridge and Factory village.  It is believed he was hit by the 9:08 train.  When found the face was covered with blood and mangled flesh, the skull was crushed in, and the legs broken.  The body was carried to the depot and Coroner Millington notified.  An inquest will be held at 2 P. M. to-day.  Mr. Besie resided at No. 817 East Dominick street, and was employed in the blacksmith department of the Locomotive Works.  (RCJun13/1888)

GIBBS - Rome, New York.  Mrs. RICHARD GIBBS, residing on the Floyd road, died Saturday (June 9, 1888), and her funeral occurred Monday.  (RCJun13/1888)

RICHARDS - On Saturday (june 9, 1888) morning early, Captain F. L. RICHARDS, of Constantia, New York, was crushed to a jelly between his boat and the side of a lock at Schenectady.  Deceased was 38 years old, and well known and popular all along the line of the canal.  (RCJun13/1888)

CLARKE - Rev. JAMES FREEMAN CLARKE, the well known Unitarian divine, died at Bostin Friday (June 8, 1888) night, aged 78.  Altho he has been in poor health for two years or more, his condition has not been considered dangerous until within a few weeks.  His death resulted from a complication of diseases.  (RCJun13/1888)

DAILY - Mrs. SYLVIA C. DAILY, of the town of Orwell, Oswego county, departed this life May 27, 1888, in the 58th year of her age.  She was a true christian, a devoted wife and mother, and will be greatly missed in the home circle and among many near and dear friends.  Five children survive.  (RCJun13/1888)

From ROME SEMI-WEEKLY CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Saturday, June 16, 1888

POWELL - In Floyd, New York, June 12, 1888, J. HENRY POWELL, aged 50 years.  (RCJun16/1888)
[see also (RCJun23/1888)-POWELL]

CARROLL - In Rome, New York, June 13, 1888, CHARLES CARROLL, aged 67 years.  Charles Carroll, for the past twenty years an attorney and counselor in Rome, died at his home on Huntington street about 11 o'clock Wednesday.  For a week prior to his death he had complained of pains about the heart and lungs, but did not relinquish his daily visits to his office.  Wednesday morning he arose as usual, but soon afterward he became dizzy and laid down.  Members of the family inquired how he felt, and he said a queer darkness seemed to be coming before his eyes.  The family physician was immediately summoned, but could do nothing to relieve the patient, who passed quietly away at the time stated.  Mr. Carroll leaves a wife, whom he married in 1848, and one daughter, Miss Ella C. Carroll.
     The deceased was born in Springfield, Otsego county, 67 years ago, and at the age of 20 was graduated from the Otsego academy, at Cooperstown.  He then commenced, the study of law, and followed that profession all his life, though for the past few years he has not been in active practice, devoting most of his time to the pension business and other matters.  He was always held in high esteem by the businesss men of this city and all who enjoyed an intimate acquaintance with him.  The funeral occurs at 11 A. M. to-day.  (RCJun16/1888)

FREUNSCHT - In Rome, New York, June 15, 1888, MINNIE KREISEL FREUNSCHT, aged 31 years.  (RCJun16/1888)

BROWN - At Stanwix, New York, June 14, 1888, SUSAN ANN BROWN, aged 40 years.  Miss Susie Brown, for several years past engaged as a dressmaker in Rome, New York, died at the residence of Ephraim England, at Stanwix, yesterday.  A few weeks ago she gave up work, and went to Mr. England's and told Mrs. England she had come there to die.  She was suffering with a tumor and other ailments, and although all that kind hands could do to save her was done, she failed rapidly until death came to her release.  (RCJun16/1888)

JAMES - About 2:30 o'clock yesterday morning, while a violent storm was raging over Trenton village, Mrs. JANE JAMES, aged 71 years, arose to light a lamp, it having been her custom to do so whenever a storm was approaching.  Soon afterwards she opened the door of the room and started to walk across the hall.  When near the stairway she made a misstep and fell to the bottom.  The household was aroused, but Mrs. James died in about half an hour.  The deceased was the relict of Richard Jones.  Her husband died in 1867.  They had no children.  She was born in Steuben, and had resided in Trenton over 68 years.  She was well-to-do and highly esteemed.  The funeral will take place Sunday.  (RCJun16/1888)

POWERS - Mrs. THOMAS POWERS, of Rome, New York, who went to California some time ago to visit relatives, died in San Francisco yesterday, with lung difficulty.  She had resided with her husband in this city since 1881.  Besides her husband, Thomas J. Powers, four children survive, only one of whom, Genevieve, was with her at the time she died.  She was a sister of Edward Evans, of Rome, and Miss Satie Vidvard and Mrs. Charles Ruland, of San Francisco.  Her mother, Mrs. David Evans, also resides in San Francisco.  The remains will be brought to this city and interred at Utica.  Deceased was aged 37 years, 1 month and 4 days.  (RCJun16/1888)

From ROME SEMI-WEEKLY CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Wednesday, June 20, 1888

WATSON - At New York Mills, New York, June 15, 1888, JAMES WATSON, aged 50 years.  (RCJun20/1888)

BAILEY - At Paris, New York, June 16, 1888, in the 86th year of her age, Mrs. EMILY SIMMONS, wife of John Bailey.  (RCJun20/1888)   [see also (RCAug01/1888)-BAILEY]

JONES - In Toledo, Ohio, June 1, 1888, of diphtheria, PEARL JANE, only child of W. H. and Leah Wheldon Jones and grandchild of Griffith Wheldon, formerly of Prospect, New York, aged 4 years and 9 months.  (RCJun20/1888)

HICKS - In Delta, New York, June 18, 1888, ELIAKIM HICKS, aged 66 years.  (RCJun20/1888)  [another article in next week's paper follows:]
                 It is with sadness we chronicle the death of one of our lifelong and respected citizens.  Eliakim Hicks, after a long and painful illness died Monday afternoon.  He had suffered much for the last few weeks, but was not considered dangerously ill until within a few days of his death.  A post mortem examination showed that death was caused by a cancerous affection of the stomach and liver, although not fully developed.  Drs. West and Nock, of Rome, and Dr. Pillmore, of Delta, conducted the autopsy.  The examination showed without doubt that all medical skill was of no avail, and death came as the only release from pain and suffering.  The deceased was the eleventh child of Alpheus and Mary Hicks, of a family of thirteen children, of which nine lived to reach manhood and womanhood, two only still surviving -- William H. Hicks and Sarah K. Hicks, of this place.  Deceased was born December 16, 1821, upon the old Hicks homestead in Western, where his father and grandfather, Deacon David Hicks, settled in 1788 -- just 100 years ago this fall, being among the first settlers of the town.  After a preparatory course for teaching, in Clinton Liberal Institute, he taught school for several yaers, and attended the first Oneida county teachers' institute in 1856, which lasted four weeks.  He married Adelaide, daughter of the late Israel Smith, and two children survive -- Frances, who resided with her father, and Dr. Horace M. Hicks, now a successful practicing physician in Knoxboro.  Previous to the death of his wife, which occurred last year, their home was always a happy one, and a pleasant resort for friends, both young and old.  Possessed of fine musical talent, they were able to entertain in an interesting degree.  Mr. Hicks early became identified with the cause of humanity, freedom and temperance, and his interest and enthusiasm increased until the day of his death.  For several years he had held the office of excise commissioner, and his voice was always raised against licensing a person to destroy manhood or injure his neighbor's property.  Some fifteen years ago he united with the Universalist church.  He lived a consistent and useful life, and died in the same belief that he lived.  He was an ardent Prohibitionist.  (RCJun23/1888)
     [see also (RCJun08/1866)-HICKS and (RCFeb11/18870-HICKS]

GROAT - In Chadwicks, New York, June 17, 1888, Mrs. RUTH A. GROAT, aged 37 years.  (RCJun20/1888)

SMITH - Miss ANN SMITH died on Friday (June 15, 1888) morning at the residence of Mathew Warcup, aged 65 years.  She leaves one sister, Mrs. Mathew Warcup of Westernville, New York, and 3 brothers, Daniel, Thomas and Matthew Smith, of Floyd, New York.  (RCJun20/1888)

POTTER - Mrs. SALLY POTTER of Holland Patent died last Saturday (June 16, 1888) night, her 84th birthday being next Tuesday.  She was the mother of Noble K. Potter, of this town.  (RCJun20/1888)

From ROME SEMI-WEEKLY CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Saturday, June 23, 1888

LEWIS - In Lowell, New York, on June 21, 1888, of consumption, NETTIE E. LEWIS, aged 19 years.  Funeral from the M. E. church, Lowell, on Sunday, June 24, at 2 o'clock P. M.  Nettie was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Lewis.  She died of consumption.  About three months ago a younger daughter died, and it can be truly said that their cup of sorrow is indeed full.   (RCJun23/1888)  [see also (RCApr20/1888)-LEWIS]

TYE - In Camden, New York, June 18, 1888, RACHEL TYE, aged 58 years.  (RCJun23/1888)

BROWN - In Camden, New York, Monday, June 18, 1888, JANE, wife of John Brown, aged 74 years. [another article in the same paper follows:]
               Mrs. Jane Brown, who died Monday evening, was the wife of John Brown, aged 71 years.  [two different ages given-transcriber]  She was highly respected in the village, where she had resided for many years.  She went to Camden from Vienna, NY about fifteen years ago.  She was the mother of Thomas Brown, of Floyd, William Brown, of South Corners, and James Brown, of North Bay.  The funeral occurred Wednesday at 11 A. M. at the house, and the remains were taken to North Bay for interment.  (RCJun23/1888)

SEAVEY - DANIEL SEAVEY, aged 20, of Utica, New York, while bathing in the Erie canal last evening, was drowned.  He was taken with cramps.  (RCJun23/1888)

POWELL - Holland Patent, New York.  CHARLES POWELL died yesterday morning at the residence of his brother's widow, Mrs. J. Henry Powell, aged 50.  He was ill only 24 hours, of stoppage of the bowels.  His brother died last week.  The funeral will occur to-morrow at 10:30 A. M. from his late residence where he died.  (RCJun23/1888)    [see also (RCJun16/1888)-POWELL]

WILLIAMS - STEPHEN N. WILLIAMS died at his home in West Branch, New York, Wednesday (June 20, 1888).  About three years ago he was stricken with paralysis, and had been confined to his bed most of the time since.  His age was 75 years.  Deceased was born in the vicinity of West Branch, and with the exception of four or five years spent in Belleville, Canada, had resided there all his life.  He was a tailor by trade, and commanded the respect and esteem of all who knew him.  Besides his wife, three daughters survive him -- Mrs. R. M. Grems, of Rome, Mrs. J. W. Grems, of West Branch, and Mrs. Charles C. Utley, of Chittenango; also one step-daughter, Mrs. Mortimer Flint, of Rome.  The funeral occurred yesterday, at the Friends' church, West Branch.  (RCJun23/1888)

HOSSFELT - Mrs. HANNAH HOSSFELT, mother of Gustavus Hossfeld of Rome, New York, died in South Bend, Indiana, Thursday (June 21, 1888), aged 74 years.  (RCJun23/1888)

From ROME SEMI-WEEKLY CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Wednesday, June 27, 1888

JACKSON - In Bartlett, New York, June 22, 1888, WILLIAM JACKSON, aged 83 years.  (RCJun27/1888)

OWENS - At New York Mills, New York, June 23, 1888, MARY, daughter of Catharine and the late Griffith J. Owens, aged 16 years, 2 months and 16 days.  (RCJun27/1888)

FRANCIS - In South Trenton, New York, June 23, 1888, SATIE LULU, only child of Ann and the late William Francis, aged 15 years and 11 months.  (RCJun27/1888)

HAVENS - In Rome, New York, June 23, 1888, SARAH ANN, wife of Francis Havens, aged 57 years.  (RCJun27/1888)

TEFFT - In Ridge Mills, New York, at the residence of his sister, Mrs. W. B. Smith, June 23, 1888, GEORGE E. TEFFT, aged 84 years, 4 months and 27 days.  (RCJun27/1888)

BENTON - In Utica, New York, June 22, 1888, SUSAN BRADLEY, wife of ex-Mayor James Benton, aged 79 years.  (RCJun27/1888)

HUNT - Mrs. KATIE BESSIE HUNT, daughter of E. H. Bessee, of Bartlett, New York, died suddenly at Lincoln, Nebraska, Monday (June 25, 1888).  The remains will be taken to Clarence, New York, for interment.  (RCJun27/1888)

HILLS - The funeral of JAMES HILLS, who died in Vernon a few days ago, occurred on Sunday (June 24, 1888).  His age was 75 years, and he was one of the town's most respected residents.  (RCJun27/1888)

DORR - Mrs. JOHN DORR, died at her home two and one-half miles from Westernville, New York,  Saturday (June 23, 1888) evening.  Deceased was a daughter of Chauncey Smith.  She leaves five small children.  She died of consumption, aged 32 years.  The funeral occurred at the Presbyterian church, Rev. Mr. Wadsworth officiated.    (RCJun27/1888)

From ROME SEMI-WEEKLY CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Saturday, June 30, 1888

HAZARD - At his home in Greenway, New York, June 27, 1888, D. W. HAZARD, aged 76 years.  Daniel Williams Hazard died at his residence at Greenway, NY, June 27th, aged 76 years.  He was born in Rome, NY and always lived here, with the exception of a short time at Chicago, about 1836.  He was everybody's friend and generous to a fault.  A devoted husband and indulgent father.  He has been a successful farmer for many years, and was much esteemed for his honest and exemplary life.  He was a man of extensive reading, and had traveled considerably throughout the United States.  A devoted advocate of temperance and good morals, and his death is a severe loss to his family and to the community where he spent his life work for the happiness of others.  He leaves besides his widow two daughters, Mrs. A. B. Brown and Anna E, and one grandson, Hazard Brown.  (RCJun30/1888)
          The funeral of Daniel W. Hazard was attended at his home on Sat. last.  Interment took place in the family burying ground near by.  (RCJul4/1888)

MORTON - In West Vienna, New York, June 25, 1888, Mrs. CHARLOTTE D. MORTON, aged 76 years.  (RCJun30/1888)

SNYDER - In Vienna, New York, June 25, 1888, ADDISON M. SNYDER, aged 46 years.
[following is a notice in the McConnelsville column:]
               Addison Snyder died last Monday and was buried Wednesday.  The funeral was attended at the house.  (RCJun30/1888)
[following is a notice in the 4 July column under "Vienna news items:]
               Addison Snyder died at his residence about 2 and a half miles east of here, June 25, 1888, aged 46 years.  He leaves a wife and 3 children.

RAE - At North Bay, New York, June 27, 1888, JOHN RAE, aged 70 years.  (RCJun30/1888)

SOPER - At St. Luke's hospital, Utica, New York, June 27, 1888, EMMA T., wife of Herbert F. Soper, aged 39 years.  (RCJun30/1888)

McCARTHY - In Rome, New York, June 29, 1888, Miss MARGARET McCARTHY, aged 28 years.  Funeral from St. Peter's church on Sunday, July 1, at 2 P. M.  (RCJun30/1888)  [another notice in same paper follows:]
               Miss Maggie McCarthy, who died yesterday at her home on Ridge street, had been ailing with consumption for a year.  (RCJun30/1888)

HANCHETT - In Deansville, New York, June 28, 1888, H. H. HANCHETT, aged 67 years and 10 months.  (RCJun30/1888)

BRADFORD - H. C. Brandford, of San Francisco, California, arrived here Wednesday (June 27, 1888) with the remains of his mother, Mrs. A. C. BRADFORD.  Mrs. Bradford, who died last fall, was a daughter of the late Henry Wager, of Westernville, NY.  Funeral services will be held at the Wager homestead to-morrow at 5 P. M.  Rev. Dr. Egar, of the Episcopal church, Rome, is expected to officiate.  (RCJun30/1888)

LANDERS - North Western, New York.  The funeral of Mrs. PATRICK LANDERS occurred yesterday.  She was aged about 77 years.  A little over a week ago she was overcome by heat and gradually failed till Wednesday (June 27, 1888), when she died.  She had lived in this town over fifty years.  Her husband survives.  (RCJun30/1888)

NETTLETON - At the home of Mrs. Nancy Nettleton, on June 19, six of her children, five sisters, one brother, and three grandchildren, gathered, whose combined age was 411 years.  The occasion was a memorable one to them, as some of the sisters had not met each other since their childhood days.  The six children were:  Mrs. A. C. Halstead, of Vienna; Mrs. L. M. Earle of Springfield, Mass.; Mrs. C. C. Marble, of Cleveland, N.Y.; Mrs. E. J. N. Bailey, of Newport, R. I.; Mrs. C. E. Bryant, of Bethany, Pa., and A. Nettleton, who lives with his mother, she being 81 years of age.  She has been sick for more than three months and it is that sickness that has called so many of the family here.  There are in all ten children living.  Those that are absent were, one sister in Oxford, Conn., one brother in Minnesota, one in Michigan, and one in Ohio.  (RCJun30/1888)

NICHOLSON - Our citizens learn with regret the death of NATHAN D. NICHOLSON, for three years manager of the telephone exchange in Rome, New York, which occurred at his home in Syracuse yesterday morning.  He did not give up business, that of managing the Syracuse telephone exchange, until June 7, although he had been ailing for three or four months.  Deceased was 55 years of age, and was born in Hinsdale, Mass.  Early in life he came to this State with his father's family.  He served three years during the war, after which he came to this county and resided in Trenton and Marcy.  He was highly esteemed by all who knew him for his genial and kindly disposition, which drew hosts of friends to him.
     The deceased leaves a widow, two sons, Frank, aged 20, and Arthur, aged 13, and a daughter, Nellie, aged 18; also a brother, Charles H. Nicholson, of Utica, formerly of Rome, and a sister, Mrs. David Jones, of Rome.  Remains were taken to Oriskany for interment.   (RCJun30/1888)

SHOEMAKER - Rome, New York.  The six-year-old daughter of H. C. Shoemaker, of South James street, died on Tuesday (June 26, 1888) of measles.  (RCJun30/1888)

LANTRY - Prof. FRANCIS T. LANTRY, of Manilus, who committed suicide in New York city on Thursday (June 28, 1888), was well known in Rome and Oneida county, having acted as assistant instructor at a number of teachers' institutes held here.  (RCJun30/1888)

Barbara Andresen