Rome Citizen Death Notices in 1888

Thanks to Barbara Andresen for sending this in!

From ROME SEMI-WEEKLY CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Wednesday, July 4, 1888

BLASIER - At North Western, New York, Monday, July 2, 1888, GEORGE HENRY BLASIER, aged 65 years, 5 months and 7 days.  The funeral will occur Thursday at 1 P. M., at the North Steuben church.  (RCJul04/1888)

MARSHALL - In Rome, New York, July 1, 1888, Mrs. MELISSA MARSHALL, aged 68 years.  About seven years ago Mrs. Marshall came to Rome from Oneida.  For some time she has been a great sufferer from cancer of the stomach, that was the cause of her death, which occurred at 5 A. M. Sunday, at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Charles McCumber, on Kossuth street.  The deceased was born in Madison county 68 years ago, and was much esteemed by her large circle of friends and acquaintances.  She was a devout member of the Baptist church.  The funeral occurred at 10 A. M. yesterday, at the residence of Mrs. McCumber, and the remains were taken to Messenger's Bay, Madison county, for interment.  (RCJul04/1888)

WEIGEL - At Capron Mills, New Hartford, New York, June 30, 1888, Mrs. CHARLES WEIGEL, aged 28 years and 2 months.  (RCJul04/1888)

TEFFT - In Utica, New York, July 1, 1888, SARAH ANTOINETTE, wife of Dr. C. B. Tefft, aged 44 years.  (RCJul04/1888)

BELKNAP - At New York Mills, New York, July 1, 1888, NELLIE J., wife of Chester Belknap, aged 41 years.  (RCJul04/1888)

TOBIN - Mrs. CATHARINE TOBIN, wife of Michael Tobin of Syracuse, New York, died suddenly at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Robert Farricy, on River street, in Rome, New York, Sunday afternoon (July 1, 1888).  Deceased had been spending a few weeks with her daughter, and on Saturday Mr. Tobin came from Syracuse to spend Sunday with his wife.  About 1 A. M. he went out for a walk, while Mrs. Tobin made arrangements for the morning meal.  Shortly afterward Mr. Farricy was aroused by the noise of something falling, and upon investigating found his mother-in-law lying upon the floor, and unable to speak with clearness.  A physician was summoned, who pronounced it a case of paralysis.  The patient continued to grow worse, until about 2 P. M. when she died.  Besides the husband, two sons and three daughters survive.  The remains were taken to Syracuse.  (RCJul04/1888)

MICKLE - On Sunday (July 1, 1888) many in Rome, New York were astounded to learn of the death of GEORGE W. MICKLE, who resides in the vicinity of Floyd Corners.  He was frequently in Rome, and appeared to be enjoying comparatively good health.  Diabetes, however, had chosen him for a victim, causing his death about 8 A. M. Sunday.  Deceased formerly lived near Riverside Park, in this town, and was highly respected by all who knew him.  He was 50 years of age, and was the brother of Mrs. David Moulton, Mrs. Nelson Van Buskirk, Mrs. James Goodman and Mrs. Thomas Williams, of Floyd.  His wife and two children, a boy and a girl, also survive.  Deceased was born on the place where he died.  (RCJul04/1888)

POTTER - At 2 P. M. yesterday occurred the death of Mrs. CLARK POTTER, at her home on East Embargo street, Rome, New York.  Death was caused by internal cancer, with which she had long been a sufferer.  Deceased was 54 years of age, and was born in the town of Western, being the daughter of the late Peter D. Dunham.  She was twice married, Edward Doty being her first husband.  Besides her husband she leaves two sons by her first husband, Squire P. Doty, of Boonville, and Charles L. Doty, of Minneapolis, Minn.; also a brother, John A. Putnam, of Plessis, Jefferson county, and six sisters -- Mrs. John Doty and Mrs. James Webster, of Dodge county, Wis., Mrs. Caleb Webster and Mrs. Wilson Keyes, of Walworth county, Wis. Mrs. Gaylord Carpenter, of North Western, and Mrs. Rosina H. Brown, of Elko county, Nevada.  Amos M. Potter and Mrs. George C. Fuller, of Rome, and Mrs. Allen G. Baker, of Marcy, are step-children of the deceased.  (RCJul04/1888)

BAILEY - GEORGE BAILEY, a resident of Lee, New York, and son-in-law of Albert Stedman, died the morning of July 2, 1888, at 6 A. M., of inflamation of the bowels, he had been sick for the past two weeks.  He leaves a wife and three small boys.  The oldest is about ten years of age.  Mr. Bailey was a hard working, industrious man, and was respected by all who knew him.  The funeral services will be in the M. E. church in Lee on July 4, at 1 P. M.     (RCJul04/1888)

NICHOLSON - the remains of N. D. NICHOLSON, who died in Syracuse, were taken to Oriskany for interment.  (RCJul04/1888)

From ROME SEMI-WEEKLY CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Saturday, July 7, 1888

FITCH - EDGAR FITCH, of Higginsville, New York, died Tuesday, July 3, 1888, aged 80 years.  (RCJul07/1888)

HARTSON - MYRA WILKINSON HARTSON, wife of Albert Hartson, died at her home in Syracuse yesterday at 10 A. M.  For some time she had suffered more or less from kidney difficulty, but was not confined to her bed till three days before her death.  Mr. and Mrs. Hartson formerly resided in Rome, New York, and by her gentle and winning ways, Mrs. Hartson endeared herself to hosts of friends, who are greatly pained to learn of her death.  She was about 35 years of age, and leaves, besides her husband, one daughter, aged about seven years; her mother, Mrs. Clarissa J. Wilkinson, of Syracuse; one brother, George E. Wilkinson, of Rome, and one sister, Eva T. Williams, wife of John J. Williams, of Hazelton, Iowa.  The remains will be brought to Rome tomorrow, arriving on the 1:10 P. M. train, whence they will be taken to Lee Corners cemetery for interment.  (RCJul07/1888)

GILES - In Clayville, New York, WILLIAM GILES, in his 83d year.  (RCJul07/1888)

GRIFFITHS - In Marcy, New York, July 2, 1888, at the home of her sister, Mrs. W. E. Jones, HANNAH, wife of John Griffiths, aged 65 years.  (RCJul07/1888)

PRATT - At Lee Center, New York, July 4, 1888, JAY PRATT, aged 35 years.  (RCJul07/1888)

WILL - In Camden, New York, July 3, 1888, MARYETT J. WILL, aged 65 years.  (RCJul07/1888)

CRANDALL - In Camden, New York, Mrs. ANN CRANDALL, aged 79 years and 4 months.  (RCJul07/1888)

From ROME SEMI-WEEKLY CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Wednesday, July 11, 1888

SMITH - In Rome, New York, July 4, 1888, MINNIE MAY, daughter of John H. Smith, 116 Ridge street, aged 2 years and 2 months.  (RCJul11/1888)

HAUCK - At New York Mills, New York, July 6, 1888, ARCHIBALD, child of Jacob H. and Sarah J. Hauck, aged 6 months and 17 days.  (RCJul11/1888)

SPENCE - At Stittville, New York, July 6, 1888, Mrs. MARGARET SPENCE, aged 90 years and 1 month.  Deceased was the mother of William Spence, of Stittsville.  Funeral will be from the Catholic church.  (RCJul11/1888)

HUMISTON - Ava, New York.  The people of this place were much shocked on Saturday (July 7, 1888) to hear of the sudden death of SQUIRE HUMISTON, which occurred in a very strange manner.  He spent the Fourth in Boonville, New York.  The next day he did not feel well, but did not give up till Friday, when Dr. Reynolds was called, and pronounced it measles, and he being broken out in good shape, the doctor thought he would get along all right; but before morning he grew worse, and Dr. Rinkle, of Boonville, was called, but before he arrived he was dead.  Dr. Rinkle called it the German measles.  The body was in such shape that the doctors ordered an immediate burial, which was done.  Now there are numerous stories told as to the cause of his death.  One is that on the third, while sprinkling potatoes with Paris green, Mr. Humiston tripped and fell, spilling the green, some of which flew in his mouth, he swallowing a full mouthful.  Sunday Dr. Reynolds was in Rome and laid the case before Drs. Sutton, Flandrau and Scudder, whose opinions differed, one thinking it was perhaps the black measles, one it might be small-pox and one blood poison, which most of the people of this place think it was, for he has been troubled with the erysipelas nearly all summer.  His death is a great blow to his mother, as he was her only son.  About three years ago she lost a daughter with diphtheria, who had to be buried immediately, which seems worse.  The sympathy of the people are with the bereaved mother.  (RCJul11/1888)

JONES - Mrs. MARY JONES, wife of Edward Jones of West Branch, New York, died at her home recently, of neuralgia of the heart, aged 76 years and four months.  Mrs. Jones had resided in Oneida county for upwards of 51 years, having spent 26 years of her life at Steuben, 19 at Western, and the remaining years in different parts of the town of Lee.  She was highly respected by all who knew her, and one whose death is mourned by a large circle of friends.  She leaves surviving, her husband, two sons, David E., of Floyd, and Edward E., of Lee, also three daughters, Mrs. H. R. Williams, of Steuben, Mrs. W. F. Windelspecht, of Lee, and Mrs. W. N. Wyman, of Rome.  (RCJul11/1888)

LINK - IRA B. LINK died at his home near Joy's hotel, Trenton, New York, July 6, 1888, aged 58 years.  Mr. Link was born in Rensselaer county, but had been a resident of Trenton for 30 years.  He was a member of the M. E. church and was highly respected by all who knew him.  He leaves a wife, two sons and one daughter:  E. J. Link, of Taberg; C. H. Link and Mrs. George Sanford, of Trenton.  (RCJul11/1888)

COOPER - We clip the following from the Lake County Star, published at Crown Point, Indiana.
     Mrs. JAMES COOPER died at 9:30 P. M., July 2, 1888, aged 63 years, 3 months and 15 days.
     Clarissa Rowena Birdsall was born at Rome, New York, March 17th, 1825.  In her twentieth year she united in marriage to James Cooper and a few years later they moved to Lake county, where they have since resided and reared their family.  To them was born five children, two of whom, Mrs. Albert Bacon of South Chicago, and Frank E. Cooper, of this place, are living and present to comfort the bereaved husband in this hour of affliction.
     Mrs. Cooper was a friend and neighbor who will be greatly missed by her associates, always having been kind and generous to them in need, of a sunny and humerous disposition.  Her chief delight was to make a pleasant home for the husband of her youth, and a place of happy reunion for her children.  Of her it may be said, "Well done, thou good and faithful servant, go to they rest in peace."
     The services were held at the M. E. church.  Rev. George Bird, of South Chicago, officiating, assisted by Rev. Miller.  (RCJul11/1888)

JULIAN - Sunday (July 8, 1888), near Lafayette, Indiana, a freight train on the Louisville, New Albany and Chicago railroad ran into a land slide.  The locomotive and ten cars were wrecked.  DAVID JULIAN, a brakeman was killed and Engineer Morris Harnett and Fireman Charles Blackman so badly injured that both will likely die.  (RCJul11/1888.

DE LAND - On Saturday (July 7, 1888) at 8 A. M. JOHN DE LAND, of Vernon Center, died of inflammation of the bowels at the residence of his father, Scott De Land.  The deceased was not considered dangerously ill until a short time before his death.  (RCJul11/1888)

WILEY - SAMUEL WILEY, an old resident of Boonville, New York, died Monday (July 9, 1888).   (RCJul11/1888)

HENDRICKS - ISAAC HENDRICKS, aged 68 years, died at his home in Willowvale, New York, Sunday (July 8, 1888).     (RCJul11/1888)

HENRY - WILLIAM HENRY, the oldest colored man of Utica, New York, died Monday (July 9, 1888) in that city.  He was nearly 88 years old.  (RCJul11/1888)

NORTON - Mrs. HARRIET B. NORTON, wife of Julius Norton, died at her home in New Hartford, New York, Monday (July 9, 1888), aged 83 years.   (RCJul11/1888)

TOEPP - The many friends of MARTIN TOEPP were surprised yesterday to learn of his death, which occurred at 10:45 Monday (July 9, 1888) evening.  He had been ill with chronic gastritis for a long time.  Mr. Toepp was born in Germany, and came to Rome 42 years ago.  He was generally respected by all who knew him.  He was a member of St. Mary's church.  Besides his wife, the deceased leaves five children:  Martin, of South Bend, Indiana, Charles, Edward, John and William of Rome, New York; also a brother, Peter Toepp, of South Bend, and a sister, Mrs. Catharine Felts, of State Bridge, New York.  (RCJul11/1888)

JONES - The wife of Ebenezer Jones, of Floyd, New York, died last Friday (July 6, 1888) of Bright's disease in her 68th year.  The funeral was held at 10 o'clock to-day.  Rev. E. G. Williams, of Remsen officiated.  She leaves two sons.  (RCJul11/1888)

O'REILLY - A tramp printer named O'REILLY committed suicide at Pokeepsie, New York, Saturday (July 7, 1888) night, by jumping into the Hudson.  (RCJul11/1888)

BRYAN - In Henderson, Kentucky, ROBERT BRYAN, colored, aged 16, stabbed and killed RILEY HANCOCK, white, aged 19.  Fifty masked men lynched the murderer.  (RCJul11/1888)

STRONG - Mrs. MARION STRONG, aged 68, of Dentonville, Michigan, put some patent medicine on her corns the other day.  Gangrene set in and she died Saturday (July 7, 1888) in great agony.  (RCJul11/1888)

BRADLEY - Mrs. JANE BRADLEY and Mrs. Mary Childers quarreled over a trifle at Lamar, Arkansas, Saturday (July 8, 1888).  Mrs. Bradley waved a knife.  Mrs. Childers threw a stone, fatally injuring Mrs. Bradley.  (RCJul11/1888)

From ROME SEMI-WEEKLY CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York,  Saturday, July 14, 1888

SWEATMAN - Taberg, New York.  AMOS SWEATMAN, an old and respected resident of this town, died last night (July 12, 1888) after a long illness from a complication of diseases.  His age was 68 years.  Funeral services at 2 o'clock Friday at the M. E. church. Herbert Sweatman, of McPherson county, Kansas, was summoned to the death bed of his father.    (RCJul14/1888)

MARSDEN - WILLIAM MARSDEN, a miner, was fatally injured Wednesday (July 11, 1888) afternoon while at work in the ore beds on Kellogg street, Clinton, New York.  Marsden had charge of the blasting in the mines, dynamite being used.  After drilling a quantity of holes in the face of the drift, the men left, and it was his business to charge the holes with the dynamite and set them off.  He was alone when the accident happened, but it is supposed that a premature discharge took place, or else one charge failed to explode when the rest did, and went off after he had gone into the drift.  When found, he was still alive, but only lived for a few moments.  His limbs and head were terribly mangled.  Mr. Marsden was a sober, industrious and respectable citizen.  He leaves a family of seven orphans, the mother having died about a year ago.  He was about 37 years of age.  (RCJul14/1888)

MASON - In Sangerfield, New York, July 12, 1888, EDWARD MASON, in his 76th year.  (RCJul14/1888)

BIRDSEY - In Trenton, New York, July 12, 1888, ANNA, wife of William Birdsey, aged 48 years, 6 months and 12 days.  (RCJul14/1888)

From ROME SEMI-WEEKLY CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Wednesday, July 18, 1888

SEAVEY - At Boonville, New York, July 15, 1888, CLARISSA H., wife of Dr. G. K. Seavey, aged 49 years.  (RCJul18/1888)

DOYLE - In Deerfield, New York, July 15, 1888, MICHAEL DOYLE, in his 36th year.  (RCJul18/1888)

GANIER - Holland Patent, NY, news item:  Mrs. LOUISE GANIER, wife of George Ganier, of Marcy, New York, died last Thursday (July 12, 1888) of liver complaint and congestion of the bowels, aged 51 years and 9 months.  The funeral was held Saturday at 10:30 A.M., from the Baptist church, the Baptist pastor officiating.  She was a member of a Lutheran church in Utica.  She leaves three sons, two daughters, a father, four brothers and two sisters.  (RCJul18/1888)

SHEPHERD - Westernville, New York.  Mrs. ELIZABETH SHEPHERD died at her residence in this village last Saturday (July 14, 1888), at 12 o'clock M.  The deceased was a native of England, having been born at Aver Avis, Montgomeryshire, July 8, 1811.  She was the widow of the late John Shepherd, to whom she was married at the Collegiate church, at Wolverhamton, in the county of Stafford, England, in 1848.  Soon afterward they emigrated to this country, and settled in the town of Western, which place was their residence until their decease, excepting one year which was spent in Lockport.  Although coming here empty handed, by their frugality, strict integrity and honesty, they acquired sufficient means to purchase a farm, on which they lived until the death of Mr. Shepherd,  which occurred about seven years since, at which time Mrs. Shepererd sold out and removed to this village, and has since lived alone until last spring, when her health became so much impaired that she took Edward Grower and family to live with her and care for her.  It is not known that she has any near relatives.  In the community where she resided she had many friends and was universally respected.  The funeral will occur at her late residence on Tuesday at 1 o'clock, Rev. Mr. Wadsworth officiating.  (RCJul18/1888)  [another news item follows]
               George Smith and his mother, Mrs. Thomas Smith, of Suspension Bridge, New York, are in town (Westernville) to attend the funeral of Mrs. Shepherd.  Mrs. Smith is a sister of the late John Shepherd.  (RCJul18/1888)

COON - BENJAMIN C. COON, of Bridgewater, New York, visited Utica Saturday (July 14, 1888) on business.  Shortly after arriving there he went to the barber shop of M. J. Jones, on Genease street, to take a bath.  He had been in the bath room but a short time, when Mr. Jones heard him fall heavily to the floor.  On going in the room he saw Mr. Coon lying on the floor in a pool of blood.  Thinking that the man had committed suicide, Mr. Jones called Officer Mason in.  An examination was made, when it was discovered that Mr. Coon had fallen over the cuspidor and broken it, a fragment of which cut a deep gash in the right leg below the knee.  Dr. Hunt was summoned, as was also the ambulance.  Upon the arrival of the physician.  It was found that the man had suffered a stroke of apoplexy.  Dr. Hunt, after doing all he could for the man, ordered his removal to the City Hospital.  About an hour afterwards the ambulance conveyed Mr. Coon to that institution.  He, however, grew rapidly worse, and died twenty minutes afterward.  Coroner Jones was immediately notified of the circumstances, but deemed an inquest unnecessary.
     Mr. Coon was a wealthy farmer of Bridgewater, and at the time of his death was operating the grist mill at Unadilla Forks.  He was also considerably interested in raising live stock.  He was born in Plainfield, Otsego county, and was in his 61st year.  A widow and one son survive.  (RCJul18/1888)

GALLAGHER - Rome, New York.  Mrs. CATHARINE GALLAGER, a hard working woman and somewhat given to drink, residing at 621 East Dominick street, was found dead in her room early Monday morning by William Slawson, who occupies the lower portion of her house.  When found, she was fully attired and kneeling beside her bed.  It is learned she had been on a periodical spree for two weeks, and was last seen alive when she went to her room Saturday (July 14, 1888) evening.  The occupants of the house heard her walking the floor late Saturday night, and on not hearing her Sunday supposed she was sleeping off the effects of the liquor she had drunk.  Drs. Evans, Lawton and H. C. Sutton made a post-mortem exaination and found that peritonitis was the cause of death.
     Mrs. Gallagher was the widow of the late John Gallagher, who died about twelve years ago.  She was born in Ireland about 50 years ago, and came to this country 25 years ago.  So far as known the deceased had no relatives.
     Coroner Millington summoned the following jury:  John Reifert, G. W. Deling, J. S. Newey, H. O. Tooker, Edward Boylan, Thomas Casey, W. W. Roberts, L. J. Steinmetz, Martin Marriott, Daniel Hager, J. S. Mowry.  After taking the testimony of two or three parties the inquest was adjourned till 2 P. M. to-day.  (RCJul18/1888)

READ - HENRY A. READ, of Oswego, New York, who recently died at Richfield Springs, formerly resided at Bartlett, Clinton and Westmoreland.  While working for R. H. Williams, in Bartlett, in 1864, he enlisted in the war and served until its close.  About twelve years ago he went to Oswego, where he worked at his trade, that of harness making.  (RCJul18/1888)

KREIBELL - Rome, New York.  GEORGE KREIBELL, a deaf and dumb man from Utica, New York, died at the city hospital Monday (July 16, 1888) afternoon from the effects of a pistol shot in his stomach.  While section hands on the Central railroad were working, about two miles west of Rome Monday morning, they found a man lying in the gutter beside the track, who, although alive, could not say anything.  They therefore placed him on a hand car and brought him to this city, when it was soon ascertained that he was deaf and dumb.  He was conveyed to the city hospital and Martin Minkle, of the Deaf Mute Institute, summoned as an interpreter.  Mr. Minkle questioned Kreibell, but could get no satisfactory answer as to how he came in the vicinity where found.  He stated, however, that he left Rome on Friday and went to Syracuse to see his sister, and while there found the revolver with which he was shot, which he protested was entirely accidental.  He said he returned to Rome on Saturday, but would not state where he was during the interval between Saturday and Monday morning.  Mr. Minkle said the fellow was subject to drinking heavily, and was generally considered worthless; that on Friday he visited the institution and inquired for Prof. Nelson, and upon being informed that he was out of town, said he would call again on Monday.
      It seems that Kreibell was not entirely right in his mind.  In March 1886, he was sent to the insane department of the county house, but in October, 1887, was discharged as cured.  Last winter he was confined in the poor house department, and was released June 16.  Superintendent Comstock says that Kreibell called at the county house on Friday and said that he was on his way from Syracuse to Utica to see his mother; that he had been working in a coal yard in the former place, and exhibited $12 in money.  Kreibell's mother is in St. Elizabeth's hospital in Utica.
     About noon John Hertsong, a section track hand, found a revolver and an empty whisky bottle near where Kreibell was found.  The revolver was concealed under two stones.  It is a six-shooter and contains six empty shells.  The weapon is quite rusty.
     Drs. Flandrau and R. E. Sutton made a post-mortem examination of the deceased, and found that the bullet had passed through the kidneys.
     Coroner Millington held an inquest yesterday with the following jury:  H. G. Wright, William Evans, William Rowlands, Martin Thalman, C. R. Hale, James Elwell, D. M. Hall, D. E. Pugh.  A verdict of accidental death was rendered.  The remains were taken to Utica for interment.  (RCJul18/1888)

DONNELLY - Rome, New York.  JAMES H. DONNELLY, who fell from a roof at the county house about three years ago and sustained injuries which caused paralysis of his lower limbs, died at his home on Roberts street Monday (July 16, 1888) morning.  Ever since his fall he had been an invalid, unable to work, and the only manner in which he could get about was to propel himself in a wheeled chair.  He did not take to this bed, however, till about two weeks before his death.  He was 36 years of age, and leaves a wife and one child.  He was a brother of John and Lizzie Donnelly, of Rome, and William Donnelly, of St. Louis, Mo.  The funeral occurred at St. Peter's church Wednesday at 10 A. M.  The services were conducted by Rev. Father Ward.   (RCJul18/1888)

PAGE - Miss LAVINA PAGE, a charming young lady of Little Falls, New York, while on a picnic yesterday fell into East creek and was drowned.  She was 19 years of age and the daughter of Frank L. Page.  (RCJul18/1888)

TRUAIR - GEORGE G. TRUAIR, associate editor of the Syracuse Evening Journal, died suddenly Sunday (July 15, 1888) moring in his tent, while camping with his family on the shore of Cazenovia lake.  He was graduated from Hamilton College in 1864, and was an excellent journalist.  (RCJul18/1888)

GRIFFITH - Remsen, New York.  Mrs.. MARCIA FORD GRIFFITH, of New York city, relict of Evan T. Griffith, died at the residence of Thomas L. Morgan of this village (Remsen) on Sunday (July 15, 1888).  The funeral was held to-day at 2 o'clock.  The remains are to be taken to New York city for interment in Greenwood cemetery.  (RCJul18/1888)

CARPENTER - News has been received of the death of HORACE CARPENTER, formerly of Verona, New York, which was caused by drowning near his home in Nebraska.  Last spring he was married to Miss Grace Herrig, and they emigrated to Nebraska.  It is understood they had just gone to housekeeping.  No particulars of the sad affair have yet been received.  (RCJul18/1888)

HOLT - Worchester, Mass., July 17, 1888.  Police investigation has been made into the sudden death on Saturday (July 14, 1888) of Mrs. CHARLES HOLT of Natick, who came to a friend's house in the city very ill and died in an hour or two in spite of medical aid.  Examination showed malpractice.  Mr. Holt was prostrated with grief when he heard of his wife's death and says he cannot conceive why she ever attempted such a thing.  He will hunt the guilty ones down.  (RCJul18/1888)

From ROME SEMI-WEEKLY CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Saturday, July 21, 1888

BISSELL - New London, New York.  WILL BISSELL died Monday (July 16, 1888), aged 26 years.  The funeral occurred to-day (July 18, 1888), and the remains were taken to Camden for burial.  (RCJul21/1888)

McCARTHY - FRANK McCARTHY, of Syracuse, New York, died at the home of his brother-in-law, Michael Lynch, No. 412 Henry street, Rome, New York, on Wednesday (July 18, 1888) afternoon, aged 26 years.  (RCJul21/1888)

LAUCAKOF - Mrs. BARBARA LAUCAKOF, sister of Jacob Dorr of Rome, New York, died at her home in Syracuse July 17, 1888.  About six weeks ago her husband died.  They had been married but sixteen months.  Deceased formerly resided in Rome.  (RCJul21/1888)

O'MARA - Rome, New York.  The three-year-old son of John O'Mara, of Pleasant avenue, died under peculiar circumstances Thursday (July 19, 1888) evening.  Late in the afternoon he was seen to drink something from a small bottle, which, it is said, was partially filled with glycerine.  Shortly afterward the child fell asleep apparently, but its subsequent hard breathing attracted the attention of the family.  Dr. N. C. Scudder was summoned, and did all he could to resuscitate the little fellow, but without avail, and he died in a short time.  Drs. West and Scudder made a superficial examination of the remains, and decided that death was caused by congestion of the lungs.  (RCJul21/1888)

HUBBARD - SETH J. HUBBARD, of Wampsville, New York, died on Wednesday (July 18, 1888), in his 61st year.  He was born in the town of Steuben, Oneida county, and removed to Wampsville a little over 20 years ago.  The remains will be interred in the cemetery at Steuben to-day at 1 P. M.  His wife and four children survive.  (RCJul21/1888)

WENTWORTH - Mrs. WILLARD E. WENTWORTH, who with her husband, was drowned in Sunapee Lake, near New London, New Hampshire, last Friday, (July 13, 1888) was well known to many people in Rome, Oneida and other places hereabout.  (RCJul21/1888)

REILLY - Mrs. JAMES REILLY was killed by a Delaware, Luckawanna & Western train in West Utica, New York, Wednesday (July 18, 1888).  The coroner's jury exonerates the railroad company from all blame.  (RCJul21/1888)

CLARK - New London, New York.  HENRY CLARK died on the 14th of July 1888, at 2 P. M., aged 64 years.  His funeral occurred Monday.  He leaves a wife and one son, Horace of Oneida, and one daughter, Mrs. Henry Bissell, of Rome.  He was an upright, conscientious christian, and a member of the M. E. church for many years.  (RCJul21/1888)

From ROME SEMI-WEEKLY CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Wednesday, July 25, 1888

SULLIVAN - Rome, New York. On July 2, 1888, of consumption, MARGARET, wife of John Sullivan, aged 38 years.  (RCJul25/1888)

KNAPP - In Chicago, Illinois, July 23, 1888, DANIEL DWIGHT KNAPP, formerly of Boonsville, New York, aged 51 years.  (RCJul21/1888)

From ROME SEMI-WEEKLY CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Saturday, July 28, 1888

THAYER - Floyd, New York.  The funeral of the late LYMAN THAYER was largely attended at the M. E. church on Monday afternoon.  Mr. Thayer returned only on Friday last from a visit to his sons in the west in apparently as good health as he had recently enjoyed, but on Saturday (July 21, 1888) morning he was seized with paralysis and soon expired.  He was a man much respected in the community.  His age was 64.  His remains were committed to their last resting place beside those of his wife in our cemetery.  (RCJul28/1888)  [see also (RCMar11/1887)-THAYER]

BURCH - North Western, New York.  The funeral services of Mrs. FREEMAN BURCH occurred yesterday in the M. E. church.  Mrs. Burch had been a sufferer from a complication of diseases for over two months.  She was a dutiful and loving wife and was esteemed by all.  The surviving husband has the sympathy of a large number of friends.  (RCJul28/1888)

METCALF - Mrs. Norton Metcalf, of Augusta, New York, whose husband was killed by Virgil Jackson last winter, occupies a position as waiter in a hotel at Sylvan Beach.  (RCJul28/1888)
  [see also (RCFeb03/1888)-METCALF and (RCDec01)-JACKSON]
JACKSON - Mrs. ANN E. JACKSON died suddenly of asthma at her home in Utica Tuesday (July 24, 1888) night.  Her daughter had administered to her wants late in the night and retired to her room.  In the morning Mrs. Jackson was found dead in her bed, and she must have passed quietly away soon after her daughter left her.  She had long been a sufferer from asthma, and at times required constant attendance.  The deceased was the mother of Charles H. Jackson, of Rome, New York, and was 78 years of age.  (RCJul228/1888)

GORHAM - Rome, New York.  One of the infant children of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel G. Gorham, of Roberts street, died Thursday (July 26, 1888) morning.  (RCJul28/1888)

WRIGHT - EUGENE, the infant son of Frank Wright, of Wright's Settlement, died suddenly yesterday of cholera infantum.  (RCJul28/1888)

CADY - Rome, New York.  Mrs. LYDIA CADY, mother of Mrs. A. N. Bailey of this city, died at the latter's residence on West Dominick street, yesterday morning.  She had long been troubled with heart difficulty, which was the immediate cause of her death.  Deceased was the wife of the late Lyman Cady, of Verona, and was 88 years of age.  She came to Rome about twelve years ago, but for 50 years prior to that time resided in Verona, New York.  Three sons and two daughters survive -- Lansing Cady, of Waterville, Charles Cady, of New York city, Edward Cady, residing in the southern part of the State, Mrs. Bailey, of Rome, and Mrs. E. Dewey, of Buffalo.  The funeral will occur at the residence of A. N. Bailey, 733 West Dominick street, Monday at 10 A. M.  (RCJul28/1888)  [following article from next week's paper:]
                 Mrs. Jemima Cady, whose death was noticed in Saturday's Citizen, was born in Johnstown, New York, in the year 1800.  Her father, William Farmin, was for many years a resident of Taberg, and an officer in the Presbyterian church there.  She married Lyman Cady in 1823 in New Lisbon, New York, and had a family of ten children, two of whom died in childhood.  One, J. H. Cady, died as a soldier in the war in 1862, at the age of 23, and a daughter, Mrs. Snolby, in 1855.  The other six, four sons and two daughters, still survive:  Mrs. A. N. Bailey, of Rome, Mrs. E. L. C. Dewey, of Buffalo, E. H. Cady, of Savannah, Wayne county, N.Y., J. Lansing Cady, of Waterville, N.Y., C. E. Cady, of New York city, W. E. Cady, of Melrose, Iowa.  Mrs. Cady's home was for 45 years in Verona, where she was buried by the side of her husband's grave.  She united with the Presbyterian church in early youth, and maintained a life of christian faith to the end.  Characteristically even tempered, her old age was peaceful, giving the least possible trouble to those who cared for her.  One calling at almost any hour would find her occupied with fine needle work, and without the aid of glasses.  Her death was simply from old age, the special feature being at the heart.  (RCAug01/1888)

MARTIN - In Floyd, New York, July 25, 1888, of the croup, MAUDE, daughter of L. D. and Annie Martin, aged 7 years.  (RCJul28/1888)
- At North Bay, New York, July 21, 1888, BETSEY ANN BROWN, aged 48 years.  (RCJul28/1888)

ROBERTS - In Prospect, New York, July 25, 1888, Mrs. JAMES ROBERTS.  (RCJul28/1888)

LUTZ - In Rome, New York, July 26, 1888, WILLIE, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Minehart Lutz, aged 3 years and 2 months.  Funeral at St. John's church at 2 P.M. to-day, Saturday.   (RCJul28/1888)


From ROME SEMI-WEEKLY CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Wednesday, August 1, 1888

FOOTE - In Westmoreland, New York, July 30, 1888, Mrs. MARY T. FOOTE, aged 83 years.  (RCAug01/1888)

JONES - In Rome, New York, July 28, 1888, MARGARET A. JONES.  (RCAug01/1888)

DEVLIN - In Utica, New York, July 28, 1888, PATRICK DEVLIN, aged 72 years and 3 months.  (RCAug01/1888)

McGOVERN - In Rome, New York, July 29, 1888, NICHOLAS McGOVERN, aged 59 years, 10 months and 8 days.  (RCAug01/1888)  [following is another article in the same paper:]
               Nicholas McGovern, who has been in the employ of Owens, Day & Co., for some time, worked on Saturday as usual.  Sometime during that night, he was taken violently ill, and died at 3 P. M. Sunday.  It is supposed he becamed chilled from exposure to the night air.  The funeral occurred yesterday morning.  His wife survives him.  (RCAug01/1888)

BURTON - In Deerfield, New York, July 27, 1888, WILLIAM BURTON, aged 73 years, 2 months and 6 days.  (RCAug01/1888)

WILLIAMS - In Whitesboro, New York, July 30, 1888, WILLIAM S. WILLIAMS, aged 62 years.  (RCAug01/1888)

SULLIVAN - Rome, New York.  GILES SULLIVAN, aged 21, residing on Armstrong avenue, died suddenly yesterday afternoon of acute peritonitis.  (RCAug01/1888)  [another article in following week's paper:]
                The funeral of Giles Sullivan was largely attended at St. Peter's church Thursday (August 2, 1888) at 10 A. M.  The services were conducted by Rev. Father Ward.  The Young Men's Sodality, of which deceased was a member, was present in a body.  (RCAug04/1888)

BAILEY - JOHN BAILEY, father of Mrs. A. P. Tuller, died at his home in West Rome, New York, yesterday, aged 80 years.  Deceased came to Rome in 1870 and purchased the farm on which he died.  Besides the daughter named, one son survives -- Hamilton Bailey, of Poland, Herkimer county, New York.  (RCAug01/1888)   [see also (RCJun20/1888)-BAILEY]

TOWNSEND - Rome, New York.  Ezra R. Townsend, of 226 East Dominick street, has the sympathy of the community in the loss of his wife by death, which occurred Monday (July 30, 1888) forenoon.  Inflammation of the bowels was the cause.  Deceased was 53 years of age, and was born in the town of Marcy.  Besides the husband, a son survives.  (RCAug01/1888)

HUFF - Rome, New York.  Mrs. Dr. Huff, who was called to Albany, New York, a little over a week ago by the death of her daughter-in-law, returned home last evening.  (RCAug01/1888)

From ROME SEMI-WEEKLY CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Saturday, August 4, 1888

CURTIS - ABIJAH CURTIS, son-in-law of the late Selden Haines, of Rome, New York, died in Yonkers Tuesday (July 31, 1888).     (RCAug04/1888)

MORGAN - Rome, New York.  FRED MORGAN, a young man well known in this city, died at his home in West Winfield, Wednesday (August 1, 1888) from injuries received from a fall some time ago.  (RCAug04/1888)

GARDNER - Rome, New York.  The funeral of Mrs. DANIEL GARDNER, who died on July 29, 1888 at the residence of Mrs. Daniel McPherson, from injuries received by a fall, occurred on Wednesday.  The remains were taken to Floyd Corners for interment.  (RCAug04/1888)

PORTER - Rome, New York.  After an illness of only a few days, MARIA, the wife of George Porter, of 126 East Bloomfield street, died Wednesday (August 1, 1888) afternoon.  Deceased was born in the town of Western 42 years ago.  She and Mr. Porter were united in marriage in 1867, and as a result of that union four children survive -- Frank, Willard, Ella and Emma Porter.  Deceased also leaves her father, Frank Ely, of California, and two brothers, Harold and John Ely, of this city.  Mr. Porter has the sympathy of a wide circle of friends in his affliction.  (RCAug04/1888)

BOWER - The twelve year old son of George Bower, a merchant tailor in Elmira, New York, was killed at a crossing of the Delaware, Lackawanna and Western railroad Wednesday (August 1, 1888).   (RCAug04/1888)  [see also (RCAug22/1888)-BOWER]

SCOTT - About 6 P.M. Thursday (August 2, 1888) Thomas Caulfield and two other young men, while crossing the Catharine street bridge at Utica, NY, discovered a corpse floating in the canal.  It proved to be the body of MARK SCOTT, a widower, of East Utica, aged 50 years.  Suicide is the supposed cause.  (RCAug04/1888)

CHANDLER -  WILLIAM H. CHANDLER died at St. Elizabeth's hospital in Utica, New York yesterday afternoon, in the 79th year of his age.  He was for many years a resident of Whitesboro, New York.  (RCAug04/1888)

CARR - At Creston, Iowa, July 25, 1888, RALPH CARR, formerly of Marcy, Oneida Co., NY.  (RCAug04/1888)

WARNER - In Syracuse, August 2, 1888, Mrs. MARY WARNER, aged 72 years, formerly of Whitesboro, New York.  (RCAug04/1888)

From ROME SEMI-WEEKLY CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Wednesday, August 8, 1888

CLARK - In Whitesboro, New York, August 4, 1888, FRANK R., son of Charles Clark, aged 7 months and 1 day.  (RCAug08/1888)

ELLIS - In the town of New Hartford, New York, August 5, 1888, JOHN R. ELLIS, aged 40 years and 10 months.  (RCAug08/1888)

BENDER - In Deerfield, New York, August 6, 1888, JOHN J. C. BENDER, aged 60 years, 6 months and 6 days.  (RCAug08/1888)

GRAY - Mrs. ELIZABETH GRAY, of Utica, New York, fell down stairs Friday night, and died from her injuries on Saturday. (August  4, 1888)     (RCAug08/1888)

From ROME SEMI-WEEKLY CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Saturday, August 11, 1888

PLATT - Mrs. M. A. PLATT, of Boonville, New York, who took a dose of Paris green on Tuesday (August 7, 1888), with suicidal intent, died that night.  She left a note stating that she was nervous and sick and wished to die.  It is thought her mind was unsettled.  (RCAug11/1888)

TUDMAN - EDWARD TUDMAN, of Lowell, New York, died Wednesday (August 8, 1888) morning.  Some time last April he was stricken with paralysis, from which he never recovered.  A week ago he received a second stroke and remained in a semi-conscious state until he died.  He leaves his wife and three children.  (RCAug11/1888)

From ROME SEMI-WEEKLY CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Wednesday, August 15, 1888

WITT -  Rome, New York.  Mr. and Mrs. Milo Witt, of Ridge Mills, mourn the death of their daughter, LELIA, aged four months, which occurred August 7, 1888.  (RCAug15/1888)

CONVERSE - H. H. Converse, of Rome, NY, has been called to Enfield, Conn., to attend the funeral of his father, J. P. CONVERSE, M. D., who died a few days ago after only four days' illness.  Deceased was a member of the State senate at the time of his death, and held several other offices of public trust.  His age was 88 years, and his wife, aged 85, survives him, as do two sons and one daughter -- H. H. Converse, Rome, N.Y., H. A. Converse, of New Haven, Conn., and Mrs. R. E. Abbe, of Enfield.  (RCAug15/1888)  [see also (RCAug25/1888)-CONVERSE]

WILSON - Mrs. SARAH WILSON, wife of the late Fowler Wilson of Lee, New York, died at the home of her son, Robert Wilson, at Point Rock, New York, Sunday (August 12, 1888).  For many years deceased was a resident of Lee Center.  About two weeks ago she returned to Point Rock to visit her children.  Four days before her death, she was attacked with cholera morbus, which caused her death.  Although 78 years of age, Mrs. Wilson was possessed of great vitality and has always enjoyed the best of health.  She frequently walked long distances, and a few days before her death had been in the fields in the vicinity of Point Rock berrying -- a pastime that she seemed greatly to enjoy.  She leaves nine children, as follows:  Erastus R. Wilson, of Arlington, Oregon; John Wilson, of Danbury, Iowa; Harvey S. Wilson, of Rome; Gilbert Wilson, Kate Wilson and Mrs. Thomas Nolan, of Lee Center; Daniel S. Wilson, Robert Wilson and Fowler Wilson, of Point Rock.  Two sisters also survive -- Mrs. Lyman Searle, of Lee Center, and Mrs. Suley Ryan, of Williamstown.  All the children, except Erastus, of Oregon, were present at the deathbed of their mother, whom they all loved and honored with the most filial devotion.  The funeral occurs at 2 P. M. to-day at the Point Rock church.  (RCAug15/1888)

BUTTON - Rome, New York.  TALBOT BUTTON, a five-year-old nephew of Mrs. R. C. Briggs of Rome, NY, residing near Chittenango, New York, while climbing in the loft of his father's barn one day last week, lost his balance and fell to the floor head first.  The father picked the little fellow up for dead and hastened to the house, where the lad revived and talked with his parents.  His injuries, however, resulted fatally.  (RCAug15/1888)

SEAVER - Mr. SEAVER, an old and respected citizen of Stittville, New York, died early yesterday (August 13, 1888) morning.  The funeral service will be held on Wednesday, at 1:30 P. M., at the M. E. church in that place.  (RCAug15/1888)

RATE - Floyd, New York.  The funeral of the youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Rate took place from the residence yesterday (August 13, 1888) afternoon.  As the procession was leaving the cemetery the occupants of one of the carriages had a narrow escape from injury.  One of the horses began kicking and plunging in a frightful manner, and became almost unmanageable.  Finally the evener broke, and the team was released from the conveyance, and any further harm was avoided.  (RCAug15/1888)

LYMAN - Ava, New York.  ELMER E. LYMAN, a highly respected young man of this town and son of Mr. and Mrs. William A. Lyman, died at his home August 9, 1888, of consumption, after an illness of about ten months.  Deceased was born in Turin, Lewis county, New York, in 1861, and came to Ava, when but a child, where he has since resided, and was consequently but 27 years old at the time of his death.   The deceased leaves besides his parents, one sister, Jennie, who lives at home, another sister, Mrs. Harvey Rockwell, who lives in Dakota, and one brother in Iowa.  (RCAug15/1888)

HUNT - Ava, New York.  Miss Amelia Briggs, of Chicago, is in town visiting Charles Hunt's people.  Miss Briggs was formerly a resident of this place for a number of years.  From here she went to Lee Center to live with her father and mother, the late SAMUEL HUNT and wife.   After their death she went to Chicago to accept a situation as teacher in one of the schools of that city.  The old neighbors of this place are much pleased to see her and once more shake hands with one who, while she lived here, won the love of all with whom she mingled.  (RCAug15/1888)

MORTIMER - Rome, New York, August 10, 1888, JOHN MORTIMER, aged 57 years.  (RCAug15/1888)

TANNER - Deerfield, New York, August 10, 1888, GEORGE B. TANNER, aged 77years and 6 months.  (RCAug15/1888)

KOEHNLEIN - Deerfield, New York, August 13, 1888, HANNAH KOEHNLEIN, aged 68 years and 10 months.  (RCAug15/1888)

BAXTER - Rome, New York, August 13, 1888, at the residence of her son-in-law James McLaughlin, Mrs. BRIDGET BAXTER, aged 98 years.  (RCAug15/1888)

From ROME SEMI-WEEKLY CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Saturday, August 18, 1888

PATRICK - Verona, New York.  Samuel J. Patrick has gone to Stratford to attend his brother's funeral.  (RCAug18/1888)

GORMAN  - Mrs. NELLIE J. GORMAN, daughter of Patrick Lewis of Camden, New York, died at her home in Columbus, Ohio, August 11, 1888, aged 23 years.  (RCAug18/1888)

FLINT - Rome, New York.  News has been received in this city of the death of Mrs GEORGE J. FLINT, which occurred at her home in St. Paul, Minn., August 14, 1888.  Deceased was the daughter of Woodman Kimball, of this city, and several years ago was a teacher in our city schools.  Her age was 46 years.  She had been in poor health for a year prior to her demise, and although it was known she could not long survive, her death was a sad blow to her relatives and friends in Rome.  She leaves her husband and two children in St. Paul, her father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. Woodman Kimball, two sisters, Emily J. Kimball and Mrs. A. M. Jackson, of Rome, and one sister, Mrs.  E. Van Vleck, of Oswego.  (RCAug18/1888)

GLANCY - HUGH GLANCY, of Utica, New York, aged 56 years, boarded  a West Shore freight train Wednesday (August 15, 1888) evening to ride to his home.  When the train arrived near his destination, he jumped, striking on his head, receiving injuries from which he soon after died.  (RCAug18/1888)

From ROME SEMI-WEEKLY CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Wednesday, August 22, 1888

McGRAW - THOMAS McGRAW, a cousin of Peter Fahy, of Rome, New York, was drowned at Fonda Sunday (August 12, 1888), in the Mohawk river.  (RCAug22/1888)

DOWNING - Mrs. JOHN DOWNING, formerly of Rome, New York, died in Syracuse on Monday (August 13, 1888).  The remains will be interred in Rome tomorrow.  (RCAug22/1888)

SUPLEE - The funeral of GEORGE SUPLEE, who was kicked by a horse last Thursday (August 16, 1888), occurred on Sunday at the residence of his mother near Rome, New York.  Rev. M. R. Webster, of the First M. E. church, officiated.  The attendance was very large.  (RCAug22/1888)

GEORGE - On Sunday (August 19, 1888) afternoon, ELIZA, wife of William T. George, who has long been an invalid, died at her home, corner of Dominick and Madison streets, Rome, New York.  For two months prior to her death she had been confined to her bed with liver and stomach difficulties.  Her age was 52 years.  She was born in Utica, and was a daughter of the late John Cronin.  For the past 35 years deceased had been a resident of this city, where she leaves many friends who sincerely mourn her death.  She leaves besides her husband, three children, Mrs. James J. Doyle, Mrs. J. D. Corcoran and Henry T. George of this city, one brother, Cornelius Cronin, of Florence and two sister, Misses Mary A. Cronin, of Chicago, and Kate Cronin, of Morris, Illinois.  (RCAug22/1888)

PAVEY - AMMI A. PAVEY, who for forty-five years has been a resident of Rome, New York, died at the home of his son-in-law, D. P. McHarg at 7:30 A. M. Monday (August 20, 1888).  Mr. Pavey never possessed a robust constitution, yet he lived to reach the age of 75 years.  For many years he suffered with lung difficulty, which gradually grew into consumption, causing his death after a lingering illness.
     Many of our residents well remember Mr. Pavey when he kept a toy and fruit store on South James street, where they in their younger days delighted to congregate and inspect the wonders that there abounded.  About twelve years ago Mr. Pavey gave up active business, and went to live with his son-in-law.  All who ever had any dealings with him or who were fortunate enough to be intimately acquainted with him, always found Mr. Pavey a genial gentleman, and an upright, honorable citizen.  He was a devout member of the Presbyterian church.  His wife died in 1876.  Four children survive -- Mrs. D. P. McHarg and Miss Nellie Pavey, of Rome, and Darwin C., and E. Marshall Pavey, of Birmingham, Conn.  (RCAug22/1888)   [another notice says Birmingham, R.I. - transcriber]

SCHALLER - Rome, New York.  JOHN E. SCHALLER, a young man of 20 years, who has been a clerk in the clothing store of T. W. Perry for a long time, died at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Schaller, on Canal street, Sunday (August 19, 1888) afternoon.  Consumption was the cause.  Deceased was a member of the Rome commandery, Knights of the Cross, and was always a favorite among his companions.  Besides his parents, one sister survives.  The funeral occurred at St. Mary's church Tuesday at 9 A. M.  (RCAug22/1888)

SWIFT - Miss HANNAH C. SAVERY was born September 21, 1809, in Plymouth county, Mass., a few miles from where the Pilgrims landed.  She was married to Barnaby G. Swift, March 11, 1832.  Came to Juanita, Nebraska in the fall of 1873, where she buried her husband, August 21, 1887.  Since Brother Swift's death Sister Swift has lived with her sons and died at the home of her elder son, Jacob Swift, in Juanita, July 15, 1888.
     Our sister was the mother of five children, three of whom preceded her to the better land.  She was converted while young, and immediately identified herself with the M. E. church, of which she remained a faithful member until called to the "church triumphant."  Although through physical infirmaties our sister was deprived of the privileges of the sanctuary she was not deprived of God's presence and blessings.  Her pastor and all christian people were sure of a warm wlcome to her home, and many blessed seasons of prayer and praise has the writer enjoyed with her during the last two years.  On the Sabbath of her death she was unusually happy at the thought that she "would soon be home over there," and repeatedly exclaimed to weeping loved ones, "Grandma is almost home."  All the dear ones are comforted to know that she had entered into the rest that remaineth for the people of God.
     The funeral service was conducted by the writer asisted by Rev. O. A. Buzzzel, of the Baptist church, after which we laid the body in the grave, assured that she would have part in the first resurrection
                                    Geo. M. Jones.
     [Mrs. Swift was well known to many of the older people of Oneida county. -- Editor] (RCAug22/1888)
           [see also (RCSep09/1887)-SWIFT]

BOWER - Rome, New York, August 17, 1888, the infant child of Mr. and Mrs. George Bower, aged 3 months.  (RCAug22/1888)   [see also (RCAug04/1888)-BOWER]

BARRY - Rome, New York, August 20, 1888, Miss CATHERINE BARRY, aged 75 years.  (RCAug22/1888)

From ROME SEMI-WEEKLY CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Saturday, August 25, 1888

ROSA - Vienna, New York.  A son of Hiram Rosa, living here, was buried in the cemetery at McConnellsville, at which place the funeral was held, last Friday (August 17, 1888).  His death occurred the Wednesday (August 15, 1888) before at Lenox Furnace, McConnellsville, New York.  His sickness was of short duration, due mainly to eating raspberries.  His age was 16 years.  (RCAug25/1888)

CONVERSE - Rome, New York.  H. H. Converse and wife, of Rome, have returned from Connecticut, whither they were called by the death of Mr. Converse's father.  While on their way home last week they were recalled by the death of Mr. Converse's only brother, HORATIO A. CONVERSE, which occurred at New Haven.  The brother died of Bright's disease, with which he had suffered for a long time.  The friends of Mr. Converse in this city keenly sympathize with him in his double affliction.  (RCAug25/1888)  [see also (RCAug15/1888)-CONVERSE]

LEE - Rome, New York.  Mrs. HORACE LEE, who had been a sufferer with cancer for about three years, died at her home on West Dominick street Wednesday (August 22, 1888) forenoon.  Mrs. Lee was born in Boonville, New York.  About twelve years ago she came here with her family from North Western.  Her age was 47 years, and she leaves besides her husband three children -- George, Nettie and Luella Lee, of this city; two sisters, Mrs. Joseph Loomis, of Illinois, and Mrs. William Devendorf, of Boonville.  (RCAug25/1888)

WILKES - Rome, New York.  The little son of Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Wilkes, aged seventeen months, died on August 21, 1888.   (RCAug25/1888)

STONE - ISABELLA, wife of Elhanan Stone, died of cancer at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Frederick Plopper, No. 5 York street, Utica, New York, August 17, 1888, aged 54 years.
     She will be greatly missed by her surviving husband and four daughters and many friends.  Her protracted suffering was patiently endured, and her death was that of a Christian.  After usual funeral services, conducted by the writer, the body was conveyed to Oriskany for interment.
                                                         Rev. E. Owen        (RCAug25/1888)

ORTON - At New York Mills, New York, Wednesday, August 22, 1888, WILLIAM H., son of Lester and Alice Gorton, aged 24 years, 2 months and 7 days.  (RCAug25/1888)

From ROME SEMI-WEEKLY CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Wednesday, August 29, 1888

TOWENSEND - Lee, New York.  The news arrived here Saturday of the death of a little son of Mr. and Mrs. F. Towensend, of Syracuse, New York.  The funeral occurred last Sunday (August 26, 1888) P. M.  (RCAug29/1888)

WHITE - The funeral of Mrs. F. WHITE occurred at Lee Valley, New York, church Saturday (August 25, 1888) afternoon.  She was respected by all who knew her, and leaves a large circle of friends to mourn.  (RCAug29/1888)

POST - Vienna, New York.  The youngest child of Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Post died of inflammation of the lungs, Friday (August 24, 1888), aged 6 months.  The bereaved parents have the sympathy of the  entire community.  Funeral was held Sunday at 11 o'clock, at the school house at Fish Creek, Rev. E. Everett officiating.  (RCAug29/1888)

PARKER - DANIEL PARKER, a brother of Mrs. John Halstead, formerly of Camden, New York, died last evening (August 23, 1888) of cancer of the throat, at the residence of Mrs. Halstead, at Blossvale, NY.  He was 55 years of age.  (RCAug29/1888)

GROGAN - Rome, New York.  The infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Grogan died yesterday.  (RCAug29/1888)

FOSKET - Rome, New York.  Mrs. CARRIE H. FOSKET died at the city hospital yesterday.  She was the wife of Veder M. Fosket, and had been a resident of Rome about a year.  Deceased was a sister of Mrs. George W. Wells, of this city, and was 30 years of age.  The husband, an infant daughter and a step-son survive.  (RCAug29/1888)

HILDRETH - Rome, New York.  HENRY C. HILDRETH, formerly in the employ of H. W. Mitchell in this city, died at his home in Towanda, Pa., Saturday (August 25, 1888).  Deceased was a brother of Jay Hildreth, of this city.  Mr. Hildreth was a member of the firm of Evans & Hildreth, of Towanda, his partner being a brother of Z. R. Evans, of this city.  Besides his brother in this city, he leaves three other brothers -- John, of Turin, Alfred, of Constableville, and Wayne, of Marshalltown, Iowa.  Also one sister, Mrs. John Clover, of Constableville.  (RCAug29/1888)

JOHNSON - At New York Mills, New York, August 25, 1888, EDWARD, youngest son of Edward P. and Alice Johnson, aged 1 year and 6 months.  (RCAug29/1888)

TOTTEN - Vienna, New York.  JOSEPH TOTTEN, is very low at his residence, about two miles north of here.  He is 91 years old and few hopes are entertained of his recovery.  (RCAug29/1888)

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