Rome Citizen Death Notices in 1885

Thanks to Barbara Andresen for sending this in!

From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Friday, November 6, 1885

ISBELL - At Bartlett, New York, October 30, 1885, JANE R., wife of Samuel A. Isbell, in the 67th year of her age.  (RCNov06/1885)  (obit follows)

     To-day, November 1, 1885, occurred the funeral of Mrs. Jane Isbell, wife of Mr. S.A. Isbell, of Bartlett, New York.  She was the youngest  child of Mr. Alfred Richardson, of that place, who left a large family of children, only three of whom are now living.  Mrs. Hiram  Doolittle, at the West, Mr. Thomas Richardson, of West Troy, and Mrs. Martha Edmonds, of Utica, the two last of whom were present.  A large circle of relatives appeared as mourners.  A beautiful life passed away in the death of Mrs. Isbell.  The church of which she had been a member from early childhood was deeply affected, as well as the entire community, in whose midst she had passed all her years.  Rev. E. B. Law conducted the religious exercises, assisted by Rev. J. Ford, the pastor of the Bartlett Baptist Church.  (RCNov06/1885)

MILLER - In Washington Mills, New York, Tuesday, November 3, 1885, WRIGHT MILLER, aged 85 years, 8 months and 11 days.  (RCNov06/1885)

WATERMAN - ARCHER D. WATERMAN, whose memory we fondly cherish, was 18 years 5 months and 5 days old at his death, October 23, 1885.  (RCNov06/1885)

BAILEY - The remains of JOHN BAILEY were brought to Taberg, NY from Rome, NY, and deposited  beside his children in the old cemetery.  He leaves several sons, an aged mother, two sisters and one brother.  (RCNov06/1885)

PRELLER - Ava, New York, news item -- Mrs. AUGUST PRELLER, died a few days ago, and was buried yesterday.  The funeral services were held at Point Rock, NY, and conducted by the German Minister from West Lyden.  (RCNov06/1885)

ROBINSON - Mrs. S. L. ROBINSON, widow of the late Francis Robinson, and mother of Mrs. R.M. Bingham of Rome, New York, died last Monday, (November 2, 1885) at Mannsville, Jefferson Co., New York, where she was residing with her other daughter, Mrs. R.R. Tousley.  She was in the 78th year of her age, and had not been strong since the death of her husband, which occurred in Rome, NY about twelve years since.  (RCNov06/1885)

SULLIVAN - Mrs. MARY SULLIVAN, widow of the late Timothy Sullivan, died at Pine Woods, Madison Co., NY, last Saturday.   (October 31, 1885)  The remains were brought to Florence, Oneida Co., for burial.  Deceased was grandmother of the wife of Alderman Lawrence  Carey, of Rome, New York.  (RCNov06/1885)

From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Friday, November 13, 1885

NEWLAND - In Brooklyn, New York, November 8, 1885, THOMAS T., son of Henry Newland, formerly of Utica, New York.  (RCNov13/1885)

JAMES - In Amboy, New York, October 30, 1885, KATIE L. JAMES, aged 25 years.  (RCNov13/1885)

SANFORD - In Camden, New York, October 31, 1885, ELMER  E.  SANDFORD, aged 24 years and 7 months.
[two differnet spellings of last name in notice-transcriber]  (RCNov13/1885)

BROWN - Suddenly, in Utica, New York, November 4, 1885, Rev. SAMUEL G. BROWN, D.D., LL.D., ex-president of Hamilton College, in the 73d year of his age.  (RCNov13/1885)

PARSONS - In Boonville, New York, October 31, 1885, at the residence of her brother, Sylvester Gaylor, NAOMI PARSONS, widow of Aaron Parsons, aged 85 years, 5 months and 26 days.  (RCNov13/1885)

YOUNG - In Rome, New York, November 8, 1885, Mrs. MAY YOUNG, in the 65th year of her age.  (RCNov13/1885)

DUNBAR - The funeral of Mr. DUNBAR, the father of Mrs. David French, was held at the residence of his daughter, in Lee, New York, on Sunday, November  8, 1885, at 11 A.M.  Mr. Simpson preached on the occasion.  (RCNov13/1885)

DANFORTH - At the funeral last Friday (November 6, 1885) of MRS. DANFORTH, wife of Rev. H.M. Danforth, pastor of the M.E. Church of Herkimer, there was a large attendance of his former parishioners from Camden, NY, including Mr. and Mrs. T.D. Penfield, Miss Chloe Woodcock and others.  Mr. Danforth was pastor of the Camden church  six years in all, and his gentle wife and himself made warm friends of all with whom they came in contact.
     [another notice in the same paper.]

Death of Mrs. H.M. Danforth.
     Mrs. Danforth, wife of Rev. H.M. Danforth, died at her home in Herkimer on Tuesday of last week (November 3, 1885), after a long and painful illness.  Funeral services were held on Friday, and the remains were taken to Oswego for interment.  Her bereaved husband (who is now pastor of the Herkimer M.E. Church) was Presiding Elder of the Utica district of the M.E. Church from 1871 to 1875, with his residence in Rome, NY.  Many who will read this paragraph then enjoyed the acquaintance of the deceased lady, and will sympathize with the husband in his great sorrow.  (RCNov13/1885)
     [another notice in the following weeks paper]  DANFORTH - At Herkimer, N.Y., Nov. 4, 1885, CAROLINE WINTERS, wife of Rev. H.M. Danforth, of Northern New York conference.  (RCNov20/1885)

PETTIBONE - At Vernon Center, New York, November 6, 1885, JERALD C. PETTIBONE.  (RCNov13/1885)  (obit  follows)

Suicide at Vernon Center.
     Jerald C. Pettibone, a well-to-do farmer residing about a mile west of  Vernon Center, and about 60 years of age, committed suicide last Friday (November 6, 1885) by hanging himself to a rafter in his barn.  He had been subject to fits of meloncholy for several years, induced by ill health, and for a few days before his death he had been particularly despondent and peculiar in his actions.  For this reason, when he was missed about 11 o'clock Friday morning, the family feared he might harm himself, and instituted a search for him; but he was hidden away behind a mow of grain so that he was not found till eight o'clock Saturday.  Deceased had resided in Vernon, NY thirty years, and was honored and esteemed by his neighbors.  He leaves a widow and three children, the youngest of whom (a daughter) resides at home, and the others -- a son and daughter -- in Connecticut.  Mrs. Pettibone is a sister of Senator Joseph R. Hawley, of Connecticut.  (RCNov13/1885)

MURRAY - In Rome, New York, November 10, 1885, BRIDGET MURRAY.  (RCNov13/1885)  (obit follows)

Bridget Murray's Death.
     Bridget Murray, a woman about 60 years of age, was sent from Utica, NY to the County Almshouse about two months ago.  She was partially deranged, but not enough to warrant her confinement in the insane asylum.  Some time Tuesday night (November 10, 1885) she left the almshouse and wandered about till she was exhausted, when she laid down and died.  Wednesday morning her body was found by Mrs. Jacob Hedrick, on her premises beyond the old canal, near the slaughter house of Evans & Sons.  It had no outside garment on but an old calico dress and a handkerchief about the neck.  Coroner Sutton was notified, and the remains were placed in charge of Orton & Sons, undertakers.  A coroner's jury was impaneled, consisting of W.O. Jenks, J.H. Wheeler, William Holtby, Glen W. Petrie, Seneca Carroll and W.F. Monroe, and an inquest was held Wednesday evening.  A verdict was returned that the woman died of cold and exhaustion.  (RCNov13/1885)

PURDY - FREEDOM W. PURDY, a brother of W.C. Purdy of Rome, New York, died October 30, 1885, in Elgin, Illinois.  He was born in Oriskany, NY, and for many years was a section foreman on the N.Y. Central Railroad.  He went west in 1865 to take a similar position on the Chicago & Northwestern Railroad.  His death was occasioned by having frozen his foot last winter.  (RCNov13/1885)

WHITE - Mrs. W. H. WHITE, mother of Superintendent A. M. White of the Locomotive Works in Rome, New York, died at her home in A?ron, Ohio, on Thursday (November 5, 1885) of last week, aged 62 years.  She had been in poor health for three years past, but was not considered in immediate danger till two days before her death.  Her son in this city was immediately summoned, but when he reached his mother's bedside the loved one had already crossed the dark river.  (RCNov13/1885)

JONES - JERRY JONES, a well known resident of Rome, New York, died at his home on Floyd avenue last Saturday evening.  (November 7, 1885)  His health has been rather poor for a number of years, but he had been confined to his bed less than a week.  He was a carpenter by trade, but his poor health had prevented him from following it steadily.  He was a consistent member of the Presbyterian Church, and a genial, good man.  He was a brother of David X. Jones, and leaves a widow and a son.  His age was 49 years.  (RCNov13/1885)

HARVEY - A boy of nine years, son of Mr. and Mrs. T.C. Harvey of Potsdam, died on the cars yesterday morning just before reaching Rome, as his parents were taking him to Utica for medical treatment.  Undertaker Orton took charge of the remains, and they will be taken to North Gage, Oneida County, for interment, where the family formerly lived.  (RCNov13/1885)

ELLIS - Taberg, New York news item:  ROBERT ELLIS, father of James Ellis, Esq., died yesterday morning (November 10, 1885) at the home of Mrs. Klingy at the advanced age of 84 years.  He had been failing fast for several days, but his death was not looked for so soon.  He was confined only about twelve hours and dropped suddenly and painlessly away.   He  had a son and daughter living in Brooklyn and New York city, where his remains will be taken for interment in Greenwood cemetery.  (RCNov13/1885)

From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Friday, November 20, 1885

PARKHURST - At Oneida Castle, New York, on Sunday, November 8, 1885, PHEBE ANN PARKHURST, sister of Mrs. Ezra Mansfield, aged 72 years and 4 months.  (RCNov20/1885)

BROWN - In Boonville, New York, November 6, 1885, JOHN H. BROWN, aged 46 years, 3 months and 8 days.  (RCNov20/1885)

SHIELDS - In Alder Creek, New York, November 3, 1885, of heart disease, PATRICK SHIELDS, aged 58 years.  (RCNov20/1885)

WATKIN - In Florence, New York, November 6, 1885, THOMAS WATKIN,  aged 69 years and 7 months.  (RCNov20/1885)

REMORE - In Camden, New York, November 6, 1885, JAMES REMORE, aged 52 years.  (RCNov20/1885)

ARMSTRONG - In Utica, New York, November 8, 1885, at the New York State Asylum, of cerebral effusion, SYLVESTER ARMSTRONG, of Clinton, NY, aged 76 years.  (RCNov20/1885)

SEDGWICK - At her residence in Verona, New York, November 16, 1885, Mrs. PHILOTHETA SEDGWICK, relict of the late Theron Sedgwick, aged 78 years.  (RCNov20/1885)  (obit follows)

     Mrs. Philotheta Sedgwick died at her home in Verona on Monday, November 16, 1885, aged 78 years.  She had been rather frail for some years, but the illness of which she died was only of three days duration.  Her eldest son, Mr. Edwin C. Sedgwick, who resides in Newark, New York, came down to visit his mother on Saturday, November 14, 1885, and she was able to go to the door and meet him, but even then the shadow of the death angel's wing was over her.  She took to her bed the same day and continued to fail rapidly till her death, which occurred the following Monday.  She was buried in Lowell cemetery Thursday (November 19, 1995).  Funeral services being conducted at her late residence by her pastor, Rev. W.C. Taylor, of the Verona Presbyterian Church.
     Deceased was a native of Monroe County, NY, where she resided till her marriage, at the age of 18, to her late husband, Theron Sedgwick, who died about two years ago.  At that time Mr. Sedgwick occupied a farm in Westmoreland about a mile east of his last place of residence.  There they continued to reside till about 1842, when they removed to the farm in Verona where both spent the remainder of their days, and which has been conducted for a number of years past by the youngest son, Mr. Allan Sedgwick.  Some fifty-eight years they walked side by side in happy wedlock, and the tie which united them so long was only severed for a brief two years.  They have met again on that beautiful shore where there shall be no more partings, and where they will enjoy each other's society through the cycles of a blissful immortality.
     Seven children survive her, and while they mourn the loss of one so dear to them they realize that their loss is her eternal gain.  The children are three sons and four daughters, viz: -- Edwin C., of Newark, NY;  Alfred, of Riga, NY; Allan, of Verona, NY; Mrs. Jerusha Rouse, Glencoe, Minn.; Mrs. Emily Palmer, Churchville, NY; and Mrs. Emily Morton and Mrs. Frances Going,  of Rome, NY.  (RCNov20/1885)

ENEARL - In Rome, New York, November 17, 1885, of consumption, JAMES A. ENEARL, aged 68 years 7 months and 28 days.  (RCNov20/1885)  (obit follows)

Death of James A. Enearl died last Tuesday evening (November 17, 1885) at his residence in Rome, NY, No. 159 Jay street, aged 68 years.  His disease was consumption, of which he had been ailing for two years, though only confined to his bed for a few days before his death.  He was for many years a resident of Lee and Ava.  He leaves a widow and four children -- Mrs. E. Robinson, of Lee Center; James H. Enearl, of Pipestone, Minn.: Mrs. Mary J. Sinclair and Jay E. Enearl, of Rome, NY.  Two brothers also survive him --H.W. Enearl, of Ava, and V.J. Eneral, of Oak, Nebraska.  Funeral servies were held yesterday (November 19, 1885) at the residence, and the remains were taken to Ava for burial.  (RCNov20/1885)

CRANDALL - LOWELL W. CRANDALL, formerly of Whitestown, Oneida Co., NY died at his home in Chicago, Illinois last Friday, (November 13, 1885) aged 56 years.  For seven years past he has been foreman of a tannery in Chicago, where he leaves a wife, a son and three daughters.  He was brother of ex-Postmaster Charles E. Crandall, of Verona, and was a prominent citizen of Whitestown, where for many years he carried on a large tannery.  The remains were brought to Whitestown for interment, funeral services being held at the Presbyterian Church of that village last Monday, (November 16, 1885).   RCNov20/1885)

WOLFF - Mrs. LOUIS WOLFF, daughter-in-law of Alderman John Wolff, of Rome, NY, died at Albion, Michigan, on Wednesday of last week. (November 11, 1885)  The remains were brought to Rome for interment on Friday (November 13, 1885).   (RCNov20/1885)

 JOHNSON - GEORGE JOHNSON, of Utica, New York a brakeman on the Central road, was run over while coupling cars at Kirkville, NY, yesterday (November 19, 1885), and died in about three hours.  He was about 38 years of age, and leaves a widow and an adopted child.  (RCNov20/1885)

KELLEY - Deansville, New York news item. -- Mrs. KELLEY, who has suffered from a shock of apoplexy received some time since, died on Saturday (November 14, 1885) about 10 P.M.  She has wished many times during her illness that she might go to sleep and never wake up.  Her funeral was held at her late residence on Monday, November 16, 1885.   (RCNov20/1885)

From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Friday November 27, 1885

GLATIUS - In Marcy, New York, November 16, 1885, ODELIA, wife of John Glatius, aged 74 years, 16 months [that's what it says] and 20 days.  (RCNov27/1885)

LEUTHEUSER - In Rome, New York, November 16, 1885, JOSEPH LEUTHEUSER, aged 72 years, 4 months and 2 days.  (RCNov27/1885)

JONES - In Boonville, New York, November 15, 1885, Mr. SAMUEL T. JONES, aged 73 years, 6 months and 22 days.   (RCNov27/1885)

BAKER - At Oxford, New York, November 20, 1885, ARNON BAKER, of North Western, New York, aged 80 years.  Mr. Baker died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. A. H. Brill.  (RCNov27/1885)

RICKMEYER - In St. Paul, November 20, 1885, Miss BELLE RICKMEYER, aged 89 years.  (RCNov27/1885)

MARKS - At New York Mills, New York, November 21, 1885, JOHN T. MARKS, second son of Thomas Marks, born at Fartiege Castle, Somersetshire, England, aged 59 years and 9 months.  (RCNov27/1885)

DEWHURST - In Yorkville, New York, November 21, 1885, ESTELLA J., wife of William H. Dewhurst, and daughter of Edward J. Churchill of  Kirkland, NY, aged 26 years.  (RCNov27/1885)

TUTTON - In Utica, New York, November 22, 1885, LENA  E., wife of George M. Tutton.  (RCNov27/1885)

WHITTAKER - In Marcy, New York, November 20, 1885, RAY, only son of  George and Ida Whittaker, aged 4 years, 6 months and 27 days.  (RCNov27/1885)

SMITH - In Whitesboro, New York, November 25, 1885, EDWIN, father of Dr. Charles E., and the late Adrien B. Smith, in the 82d year of his age.   (RCNov27/1885)

DOUGHERTY - In North Gage, Oneida Co., New York, November 25, 1885, MARGARET DOUGHERTY, wife of the late William Dougherty, aged 77 years.  (RCNov27/1885)

LINEBECK - GEORGE LINEBECK, the man mentioned last week as being killed by the cars below Utica, New York, formerly resided in Rome, NY and while living here had one of his children drowned in the Mohawk river.  (RCNov27/1885)

 McFERN - Mrs. MARGARET McFERN, sister of Mrs. Wm. T. George, of  Rome, New York died in Morris, Illinois, last Sunday. (November 22, 1885)   She was formerly a resident of  Rome, and has many friends and relatives here.  (RCNov27/1885)

ROBERTS - In Verona, New York, November 22, 1885, WILLIS N. ROBERTS.  (RCNov27/1885)  (obit follows)

Death of Willia N. Roberts.
     The people of Rome, NY were saddened, though not surprised, to hear of the death of Willis N. Roberts, of the firm of J.C. Smith & Co., which occurred at the residence of his mother, in Verona, last Sunday morning.  (November 22, 1885)  He had been very ill there of Bright's disease for several months, and it was generally understood that there was little hope of his recovery.  His death was peaceful, his mother, wife and brother being by his bedside when he passed away.  Deceased was in the prime of his manhood, having passed his 37th birthday on the 2d of September.  He was born in Verona, but for the past fifteen years had lived in Rome -- coming here in the spring of 1870 to take a clerkship in the dry goods store of J.C. Smith.  After nearly nine years service in this capacity, he was admitted to partnership with Mr. Smith in February, 1879, a relation which he sustained till his death.  He was an enterprising business man, well liked by all with whom he came in contact.  February 1, 1883, he was married to Miss Alice T. Tibbits, who is thus early called to mourn the destruction of her brightest hopes.  Besides his wife and widowed mother, deceased leaves a brother and sister -- Charles E. Roberts, of Rome, and Mrs. B. F. Tidwell, of Jacksonville, Florida, the serious illness of whose husband prevented her coming to her sick brother.  And, to add to her anguish, the tidings are received that her husband died on Monday, (November 23, 1885) after an illness of two weeks.

HAGERTY - At Rome, New York, November 26, 1885, JAMES HAGERTY.  (RCNov27/1885)  (obit follows)

Death of James Hagerty.
     James Hagerty, who for seven years past has represented the first ward of Rome in the County Board of Supervisors, died at his house on East Dominick street about two o'clock Thursday morning, (November 26, 1885) of typho-malarial fever.  Although his health has been poor for some months, it is only a few weeks since he was obliged to give up business and take to his bed.  He has been some of the time very ill, but his friends have all along hoped for his recovery till within a few hours of his death.  Deceased was born in Saratoga County, October 25, 1832, and was therefore at his death one month past 53 years of age.  During the earlier part of his life he was for twenty years an employee of the New York Central Railroad Company.  For three years he was a resident of Utica, but he removed to Rome about eighteen years ago, and has ever since made this town his home.  For the first three years he kept a hotel on Whitesboro street, but since then has been engaged in the sale of wood and coal.  He was a staunch Democrat and an ardent politician, and has held a number of important offices since he came among us.  Besides holding the office of supervisor seven years, he has been overseer of the poor, town collector and alderman.  He was a good citizen and a warm friend, and his death will be sincerely regretted by our entire population.  Mr. Hagerty's mother, Mrs. Owen Hagerty, and three sisters, Mrs. Edward Mack, Mrs. J. Reynolds and Miss Louisa Hagerty, reside at Schenectady.  Another sister, Mrs. George Tothall, resides in Rochester.  His brothers are Thomas H. and William Hagerty, of Schenectady, and John Hagerty, of Chicago.  He leaves a wife, to whom he was married but a  few months ago, and six children by a former marriage, John, James, Owen, Frank, Ida and Michael.  The funeral will occur at the house at 9:30 and at St. Peter's Church at 10 A.M. Saturday, November 28, 1885.     (RCNov27/1885)

From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Friday, December 4, 1885

FREEMAN - In Vernon, New York, Wednesday, December 2, 1885, Dr. ISAAC FREEMAN, aged 85 years.  (RCDec04/1885)

RANDALL - In Annsville, New York, November 19, 1885, POLLY, relict of Austin Randall, aged 80 years.  (RCDec04/1885)

BULLOCK - At Empeyville, New York, November 21, 1885, C. HENRY BULLOCK, aged 15 years.  (RCDec04/1885)

GORTON - At West Vienna, New York, November 22, 1885, THOMAS GORTON, aged 52 years.  (RCDec04/1885)

WOODRUFF - In Camden, New York, November 23, 1885, Mrs. ADELIA A., widow of the late Merritt Woodruff, in the 61st year of her age.  (RCDec04/1885)

DENIO - In Rome, New York, November 28, 1885, ISRAEL DENIO, in his 80th year.  (RCDec04/1885)  (obit follows)

     Israel Denio, whose serious illness we mentioned last week, died last Saturday evening (November 28, 1885) from the effects of a stroke of paralysis sustained the Tuesday preceding.  He had been in feeble health for ten years past, and had been confined to his house most of that time.  Nearly a year ago he was stricken with paralysis, but had nearly recovered from its effects when the second shock came.  Deceased had recently passed his 79th birthday, having been born in Wright Settlement, in the town of Rome, NY, October 24, 1806  He was one of a family of six children, viz:  Hiram Denio (late judge of the Court of Appeals), Israel Denio, Mrs. Horace Pierce, Mrs. Joseph Kirkland, Mrs. E. W. Wright and Charles D. Denio.  The latter died three years ago of paralysis, and Mrs. Wright still resides in Wright Settlement.  Deceased followed farming very successfully for many years, removing into the then village of Rome in 1854.  He then engaged in the forwarding business, and later in dealing in dairy products, being for many years one of our leading business men.  He was for many years a director and vice president of the First National Bank of Rome, resigning about two years ago.  He was also a director of the Rome Savings Bank, and one of the first trustees of the Rome Academy, toward the founding of which he was a leading contributor.  He led a consistent Christian life, and had for a number of years past been a communicant of the Episcopal Church.  Fifty eight years ago, November 1, 1827, he was married to Miss Ruth Dopp, daughter of the late Henry Dopp, of Wright Settlement, who survives him.  He also leaves five daughters, Mrs. Henry G. Wright, Mrs. H.W. Mitchell and Misses Sophia and Mary Denio of Rome, NY, and Mrs. Julia Dyer of Dansville, Livingston County.  One daughter, the wife of Rev. S.G. Visscher, died about two years ago.  The funeral was held at his late residence on Court St. and was very largely attended.  The services were conducted by Rev. Dr. Egar, of Zion Church, and the remains were interred in the Wright Settlement cemetery.   The pall bearers were G.N. Bissell, J.S. Whaley, Alva Mudge, Rufus Keeney, G.V. Selden, and Nathaniel Mudge.  The bearers were J.S. Dyett, C.D. Prescott, E.J. Lawton and J.H. Smith.  (RCDec04/1885)

JEWELL - In Rome, New York, November 27, 1885, Mrs. ELIZABETH H. JEWELL, wife of Merritt Jewell, aged 57 years.  (RCDec04/1885)  (obit follows)

     Mrs. Elizabeth Jewell, wife of Merritt Jewell, died last Friday morning (November 27, 1885) at her home on the Floyd road, about four miles from the city of Rome, NY, of cancer of the stomach.  She had been ill several months, and suffered greatly.  Her age was 57 years.  A bereaved husband and daughter survive her.  She was a member of the Rome First M.E. Church.  (RCDec04/1885)

LEE - At Bartlett, New York, November 28, 1885, HARRIET L., wife of Isaac B. Lee.  (RCDec04/1885)

FENTON - In Forestport, New York, November 29, 1885, Mrs. REBECCA W. FENTON, wife of Chas. D. Fenton, of that place, aged 75 years and 7 months.  (RCDec04/1885)

REAMS - Ava, New York news item. -- JEWELL REAMS, a two year old son of Will Reams, died a few days since, of membranous croup.  The funeral services were held at the house on Monday, November 30, 1885.  The remains were interred in the West Leyden cemetery.  (RCDec04/1885

WARD - At New London, New York, November 30, 1885, Dr. S.H. WARD, aged 36 years.  (RCDec04/1885)  (obit follows)

Death of Dr. S. H. Ward
     The entire community was shocked yesterday (November 30, 1885) to hear of the death of Dr. S.H. Ward, which occurred at 10 A.M.  He had hardly attained to the prime of life, being scarcely 36 years old.  He came to New London some twelve years ago, from the New York Hospital, and was one of the most skillful surgeons that famous institution ever turned out.  By his skill and his kindess to his patients he soon built up a large and lucrative practice.  Only two years ago he built for himself a handsome residence in New London -- the finest in the place.  He was a thorough business man and of sterling integrity.  In politics he was a Democrat of the Tilden school.  He leaves a widow and two children, and an aged father who lives in Vermont, the home of his boyhood.  His wife was the youngest daughter of C. Holmes, of New London.  The bereaved family have the deepest sympathy of the entire community in their great sorrow.  (RCDec04/1885)

LYNCH - Hon. G. HARRISON LYNCH died at his residence, in Rome, New York, this morning, December 4, 1885, of Bright's disease.  He was the son of the late Dominick Lynch, of New York city, aged 67 years and 5 days.  (RCDec04/1885)  (obit follows)

The Late G. Harrison Lynch.
     The late George Harrison Lynch, whose death we briefly mentioned in our paper of last Friday, (December 4, 1885) as having occurred that morning, was a man beloved and respected by the entire population.  He was a son of the late Dominick Lynch of New York, and was born in that city November 28, 1918 -- being five days past 67 years old at the time of his death.  He was a grandson of Dominick Lynch, who 100 years ago next March purchased a large tract of land on what is now the city of Rome, and before the year 1800 had purchased enough more to make a tract of 2,000 acres.  He laid out what afterward became the village of Rome, and called it Lynchville, Dominick street in this city being named after him.  Deceased was educated at Columbia College, and came here from New York in 1844 to read law.  He was admitted to the bar in 1847, being a classmate of C.M. Dennison of Utica, who was afterward for many years his partner in the practice of his profession.  After graduating he formed a co-partnership with Hon. John Stryker, which continued till the end of December, 1848, after which he continued to practice alone till the spring of 1849, when he removed to Brooklyn to accept a government position.  Immediately after the election of November, 1848, which elevated Gen. Taylor to the presidency, Mr. J.F. Fitch retired from the position as editor of the ROMAN CITIZEN which he had held for half a dozen years, and was succeeded by Mr. Lynch, who retained the position till he left for Brooklyn as above mentioned.  As a writer he took high rank.  His editorials were crisp and keen, and in literary finish were unsurpassed by anything of the kind in the country.  The writer of this article was then employed as a compositor on the paper, and he well remembers how careful the editor was to have everything appear in the most finished state.
     About 1852 Mr. Lynch returned to Rome and commenced the practice of his profession, since which time his residence in Rome has been unbroken till his death.  He was for some time a member of the firm of Dennison &  Lynch, and afterward for many years of the firm of Foster, Stryker, Boardman & Lynch, and took high rank among the members of his profession.  After the death of Judge Roberts, in 1870, he took the management of the Lynch estate, and relinquished his law practice except as attorney and treasurer of the Oneida County Savings Bank, a position which he held from the organization of that institution in 1866 till his death.  He was three times elected Special County Judge -- in 1855, 1858 and 1867.  In the spring of 1874 he was elected recorder of the city of Rome, and served a full term of four years.  In the fall of the same year he was a prominent candidate before the Republican convention for the office of Justice of the Supreme Court, but as the Oneida County delegation was divided in its choice the nomination was given to Judge Merwin.
     In 1848, Mr. Lynch was married to Miss Louise Foster, a daughter of Hon. Henry A. Foster, of Rome, NY.  Three sons were born to them -- George Harrison, Stewart and Jasper.  Stewart, the second son, died a few years ago at the age of 17.  The others reside in Detroit, Michigan, and are left, with their mother, to mourn their irreparable loss.
     Funeral services were held at the residence Sunday afternoon, and we have never seen at any funeral a larger attendance of our representative citizens.  The services were conducted by Rev. Dr. Egar, of Zion Church, of which deceased was a member.
     The remains were interred in the family vault in the Rome cemetery, the bearers being C.M. Dennison and George R. Thomas of Utica, R.J. Beach, D.E. Wager, T.G. Nock, Alfred Ethridge, E.L. Stevens and John D. Ely, of Rome.  (RCDec11/1885)

WESSELL - Vernon Center, New York news item:  The funeral of MILO B. WESSELL occurred last Friday, November 27, 1885.  He died, Tuesday night (November 24, 1885), after an illness of less than a week of typhoid pneumonia.  (RCDec04/1885)

SMITH - Near Canastota, New York, November 26, 1885, FRED SMITH.  (RCDec04/1885)  (obit follows)

Fatal Accident.
      Fred Smith, youngest son of John Smith, who lives about four miles from Canastota in the vicinity of Whiteclaw post office, was killed by the accidental discharge of his gun on Thanksgiving day.  (November 26, 1885)  He had arranged with four other young men to go on a hunting excursion Thursday afternoon, and they had asembled in the yard of Mr. Perrott, father of one of the party, preparatory to starting.  As they were debating what direction they should take, Mr. Smith was leaning on the muzzle of his shot gun, the stock resting on a piece of timber that laid on the ground.  Suddenly the stock slipped off the timber, and in its descent the hammer struck forcibly on the timber, discharging the gun.  The entire charge entered Mr. Smith's body, making a terrible wound.  He uttered an exclamation of pain, whirled around several times, fell to the ground and died in a few minutes.  Besides a father and mother the deceased leaves four sisters and two brothers.  One brother, George Smith, is employed in the store of County Treasurer Edwards, in Rome, NY, and a sister Miss Ella Smith, conducts a dress making establishment over A.M. Jackson & Co.'s store in Rome.  They were summoned home by telegraph at once, and J.S. Mowry, who is an uncle of the deceased, went up Friday morning.  It is a shocking affair, and casts a gloom over a large circle of friends.  (RCDec04/1885)

McADAM - In New York city, New York, November 25, 1885, ALEXANDER McADAM.  (RCDec04/1885)   (obit follows)

Death of Alexander McAdam.
     Alexander McAdam, the oldest son of Robert McAdam, of Rome, New York, died in New York of dysentery, after a short illness, the night before Thanksgiving, Nov. 25, 1885.  His age was 44 years, eighteen years of which he had resided in this State -- having come here with his father from Scotland in 1867.  He was a cheese manufacturer both in Scotland and this country till six years ago, when he became connected with a firm of cheese buyers in New York city.  He leaves a widow and six children, who with his father, stepmother, and eleven brothers and sisters, lament their bereavement.  His remains were interred in Fultonville, Montgomery County, New York.  (RCDec04/1885)

ANKEN - MICHAEL ANKEN, father of Miss Louise S. Anken and Mrs. J.G. Long of Rome, New York, died at his home in West Leyden, NY last Monday (November 30, 1885), aged 71 years.  (RCDec04/1885)

From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Friday, December 11, 1885

BAGG - On board the steamship WESTERNLAND, at sea, November 18, 1885, EGBERT BAGG, of Utica, New York, aged 65 years, 8 months and 28 days.  (RCDec11/1885)

BUTLER - At the residence of her daughter, Mrs. H. Lillibridge, in Blossvale, Oneida County, N.Y., December 7, 1885, Mrs. SALLY E. BUTLER, aged 84 years.  (RCDec11/1885)

VOLLMAR - In Whitesboro, New York, December 4, 1885, PHILLIP VOLLMAR, aged 65 years, 10 months and 8 days.  (RCDec11/1885)

CHADWICK - At Chadwick's Mills, New York, December 4, 1885, GEORGE W. CHADWICK, aged 60 years and 6 months.  (RCDec11/1885)  (obit follows)

Death of Two Ex-Assemblymen.
     Last Friday, December 4, 1885, two men died in the county who represented two of the Oneida Assembly districts in the Legislature of 1874.  They were George W. Chadwick, of Chadwick's Mills and Arthur F. Brown, of Westmoreland.  In the Legislature above mentioned Mr. Chadwick represented the first district and Mr. Brown the second.  We mentioned last week that Mr. Chadwick was found in his bed at three o'clock Wednesday morning in an apoplectic fit, and that, though this was his second attack with a few years, his physcian Wednesday evening considered him out of danger.  It seems, however, that he was mistaken.  The sick man did not recover consciousness at all, but after lying in a comatose state for two days died at 10 o'clock A.M. Friday.  He was 60 years of age, and had resided at Chadwisk's Mills all his life.  For a number of years he was employed by his father, who was the principal owner of the cotton mills which gave their name to the village, and after his father's death he purchased his interest and retained it as long as he lived.  He was also president of Willowvale Bleaching Company.  He was a prominent and public spirited man, and had represented his town several years in the County Board of Supervisors, and his district two years in the Assembly.

BROWN - In Westmoreland, New York, December 4, 1885, ARTHUR F. BROWN, aged 68 years.  (RCDec11/1885)  (obit follows)

     Arthur F. Brown was an old resident of Westmoreland, NY having for many years been in the merchantile business in that village.  He started life as a Democrat, but the pro-slavery position of that party in the repeal of the Missouri Compromise was more than he could endorse, and at the birth of the Republican party he promptly identified himself with that organization.  In 1867 he was the Republican nominee for County Clerk, but was defeated by James C. Bronson, of Kirkland, by less than 70 majority.  As Member of Assembly in 1874 he was not a talkative nor conspicuous representative, but he attended closely to his duties and always made sure that his vote was recorded for what he believed to be the right.  He was esteemed and respected in the town where he was born and where his life has been spent, and will have many sincere mourners.  His death was sudden and unexpected, and none were more surprised to hear of it than his nearest neighbors.  Our Westmoreland correspondent, "West," writing on Friday, gives us the following details:
      A startling sensation was caused in our quiet village this morning as the death of Arthur F. Brown was announced in low tones as neighbors met each other in the streets.  Mr. Brown had passed all his years in our midst and was universally beloved.  His was a mild, sympathetic disposition, interested in all that concerned the prosperity of the people.  During many years of successful business as a merchant, he had secured a competence for old age, and has left his family, consisting of a wife and daughter, in comfortable circumstances.  Mr. Brown was sixty-eight years old.  He was slightly ill yesterday.  His physician prescribed some simple remedies thinking nothing serious the matter, and advised rest.  No alarm was felt by the family till a few minutes before his death.  He arose from his bed about one A.M. complaining of a headache.  After it had been bathed, in his endeavor to return to his bed he fell on the floor and in a few minuted died.  His funeral will be on Monday, the 7th inst., at one P.M., at his house.  (RCDec11/1885)

PRINCE - At the residence of his sister Mrs. J.J. Parker, No. 8 Liberty street, Rome, New York, December 4, 1885, of typhoid pneumonia, CHARLES H. PRINCE, youngest son of D.B. Prince of the Commercial Hotel, aged 28 years, 10 months and 18 days.  (RCDec11/1885)

HIMMELL - In Rome, New York, December 3, 1885, Mrs. THERESA HIMMELL, aged 60 years.  (RCDec11/1885)

SMITH - At Dix, New York, December 3, 1885, of pneumonia, Mrs. HANNAH B. SMITH, wife of the late Frederick Smith, aged 76 years.  (RCDec11/1885)

WILLIAMS - At his home in Marcy, New York, December 4, 1885, EDWARD WILLIAMS, in the 70th year of his age.  (RCDec11/1885)

BEGG - At Washington Mills, New York, December 7, 1885, WILLIAM BEGG, aged 83 years, 1 month and 25 days.  (RCDec11/1885)

FOWLER - In Rome, New York, Monday, December 7, 1885, E. W. FOWLER, aged 56 years.  (RCDec11/1885)  (obit follows)

Death of E.W. Fowler.
     Elhanan W. Fowler, who for several years past has followed the occupation of a nickel-plater in Rome, NY, died at midnight of Sunday after an illness of less than thirty hours.  About nine o'clock Saturday evening, he had a slight stroke of paralysis, affecting principally his throat and lungs, and at 11 o'clock Sunday night he suffered a second shock which resulted in death within an hour.  Deceased was a native of Utica, and was 56 years old.  He came to Rome to live about six years ago, and has been quite active for several years as a leader in the political labor organizations.  A few years ago he ran for the Assembly on the Greenback-Labor ticket.  He leaves an aged mother, a widow and three children.  He was buried from his residence on Wednesday (December 9, 1885).  Rev. T.B. Sheperd conducting the funeral services.  A large number were present, including delegations from labor and firemen's associations.  The bearers were L.B. Sherman, Hugh P. Owens, Edward Campbell, Thomas S. Stewart, Alexander Ross and Robert Edwards.  The remains were taken to Utica for intement.  (RCDec11/1885)

SHATTUCK - In Floyd, New York, December 5, 1885, CALVIN SHATTUCK, aged 66 years, 2 months and 5 days.  (RCDec11/1885)

WOOD - At New Hartford, New York, December 7, 1885, WALTON W. WOOD, aged 69 years.  (RCDec11/1885)

BLAKE - At Clinton, New York, December 9, 1885, Mrs. JANE BLAKE, wife of Peter Blake, aged 38 years.  (RCDec11/1885)

BICKLEY - At Rome, New York, December 5, 1885, Mrs. JANE BICKLEY, aged 80 years and 1 month.  (RCDec11/1885)  (obit follows)

Mrs. Jane Bickley's Death.
     Mrs. Jane Bickley, the mother of Mrs. John Townsend and the late Frank Bickley, was found dead in bed at 11 o'clock last Saturday morning (December 5, 1885), in the house where she lived alone, No. 77 Court street.  She had been visited the preceding evening by her daughter-in-law, Mrs. Anna Bickley, who left her at 9 o'clock feeling unusually well.  As her neighbors did not see her about in the morning, they notified her daughter, Mrs. Townsend, who entered her house and found her quietly sleeping her last sleep.  She was 80 years old, and undoubedly died of old age.  She was born in England, but came to this country with her family about thirty years ago.  She was buried from the residence of her son-in-law, Mr. Townsend, Wednesday afternoon.  (RCDec11/1885)

CLINE - Deansville, NY news item:  The death of Mrs. LETITIA CLINE occurred at her home in Morrisville last Thursday. (December 3, 1885)  Mrs. Cline was formerly of this town, but later moved to Morrisville, where she spent the remainder of her life.  She had been in poor health for some little time, but she had kept about her work, and had just finished packing her trunk with the intention of visiting her sister, Mrs. L.D. Basher, of this place, when she was taken suddenly sick and in a few hours became unconscious, and remained so until her death.  The doctor pronounced it heart disease.  She was much loved and respected by all who knew her.  She leaves a large circle of friends to mourn their loss, most of whom live in Augusta, where her remains will be brought for interment.  (RCDec11/1885)
     [news item from Augusta NY column:]
     The funeral services of Mrs. E. Cline were held at her late residence near Morrisville, Sunday last. (December 6, 1885)  Mrs. Cline was formerly, a resident of this place, and daughter of R.W. Rich.  She died very suddenly of heart disease.  (RCDec11/1885)

CLARK - Canastota, NY news item:  The funeral of ASA B. CLARK was largely attended at the M.E. Church last Tuesday.  (RCDec11/1885)

JONES - Mrs. H.B. Jones, of Minneapolis, formerly Miss Allie Cantine of Rome, New York, has lost her little son, a child of about two years, by diphtheria.  (RCDec11/1885)

JOHNSON - Miss SEPTIMA JOHNSON, a girl of 15, daughter of Mrs. Mary E. Johnson and niece of Albert Mackey, died at the residence of her mother last Saturday morning (December 6, 1885) of Bright's disease, after an illness of five months.  She was buried on Monday from the First M.E. Church, of which she was a member.  (RCDec11/1885)

From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Friday, December 18, 1885

FERRIS - In Utica, New York, December 13, 1885, GEORGE H. FERRIS, aged 65 years, 11 months and 5 days.

McMAHON - In New Hartford, New York, December 16, 1885, EMMA McMAHON, daughter of James and Bridget McMahon, aged 11 years, 1 month and 16 days.  (RCDec18/1885)

MITCHELL - In Rome, New York, December 14, 1885, WILLIAM S. MITCHELL, aged 69 years.  (RCDec18/1885)  (obit follows) [discrepancy in age reported]

Death of William S. Mitchell.
     William S. Mitchell, aged 79, died of paralysis, Monday evening, (December 14, 1885) at his residence on Dominick street, in Rome, New York.  He had a slight shock of paralysis about a year ago, but did not suffer any permanent injury therefrom.  When he ate his dinner Monday noon he was as well apparently as he had been for years, but about an hour later he was completely prostrated, and died before midnight.  He came to Rome from Connecticut about fifteen years ago, and for several years after was employed in the R.W. & O. Railroad shops here.  He leaves a widow and three children -- Frederick M. Mitchell, of St. Louis, Mo.; Mrs. Frank Felton, of Texarkana, Ark., and Mrs. Jared Matthews, of Rome, NY.  Funeral services were held yesterday afternoon in the First M.E. Church.  (RCDec18/1885)

CARPENTER - In Clinton, New York, December 9, 1885, of heart disease, W.M. CARPENTER, in the 60th year of his age.  (RCDec18/1885)

DAVIS - At the residence of Chas. M. Everett, in Clinton, New York, December 13, 1885, ANN DAVIS, aged 60 years.  (RCDec18/1885)

JOHNSON - In Clinton, New York, December 10, 1885, FRANK T., son of George and Elizabeth Johnson, aged 10 months.  (RCDec18/1885)

DAVIS - Mrs. ELIZABETH DAVIS, a widow, died on the stairs of the Utica Opera House last Friday evening. (December 11, 1885) She was in poor health, and the exertion of climbing the stairs proved fatal.  (RCDec18/1885)

WALDRON - The dead body of MARTIN WALDRON was found in the ice of Fish Creek in Camden village early last Sunday morning. (December 13, 1885) It is supposed that he had been drinking heavily the night before, and sitting down on the rail of the bridge, had fallen backward on to the ice -- his skull being fractured in the fall.  Deceased was about 45 years old, and a hard drinker.  (RCDec18/1885)

GRUMMANS - Deansville, NY news item:  We are pained to announce this week the death of little EDITH GRUMMANS.  She died Saturday, (December 12, 1885) after being sick only a week.  Little Edith was a child that was loved by all who knew her.  Although she was only three years old, yet by her manner one would have taken her to be much older.  Her pleasant little face always had a smile for everyone.  She was too fair for earth, and the Lord has taken her home to himself.  Mr. and Mrs. Grummans are indeed sorely afflicted.  Scarcely five years have passed away since they were called to pass through a similar trouble.  Then a little child, their only girl, was taken, and now again their only one is taken.  May the mourner's friend be very near the bereaved parents.  (RCDec18/1885)

From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome,Oneida County, New York, Friday, December 25, 1885

VARY - At the residence of her son-in-law, Mr. Albert Bonner, in Orwell, NY, December 21, 1885, Mrs. MERCY CARR VARY, relict of the late Clark Vary, aged 88 years.  (RCDec25/1885)

PIERREPONT - At Pierrepont Manor, Jefferson County, New York, on Sunday, December 20, 1885, Hon. WILLIAM C. PIERREPONT, LL. D., in the 83d year of his age.  (RCDec25/1885)  (obit follows) [two different spellings of name]

     The death of Wm. C. Pierepont takes away another of the great landholders whose patents once covered most of the state of New York.  Unlike the Clarks and others, he had no desire to retain his lands to be improved by a tenantry, but sold outright on easy terms to settlers.  The  splendid appearance of their farms is in most pleasant contrast to the neglected appearance of the best leased land.  (RCDec25/1885)

SESSIONS - At Coleman's Mills, New York, Saturday, December 19, 1885, JESEMIAH SESSIONS, aged 80 years.  (RCDec25/1885)

KEEFE - In Clayville, New York, December 19, 1885, MAGGIE BRANNAGAN, daughter of the late Thomas Brannagan, and wife of John Keefe, of Stillwater, Rhode Island.  (RCDec25/1885)

DYETT - In Rome, New York, December 21, 1885, in her 86th year, Mrs JESSY ANN DYETT, mother of J.S. Dyett and Mrs. F.H. Thomas.  (RCDec25/1885)  (obit follows)

Death of a Venerable Lady.
     Mrs. Jessy Ann Dyett, the venerable mother of James S. Dyett, died in Rome, NY early last Monday morning, (December 21, 1885) at the advanced age of 86 years.  She was born in New York city, and continued to reside there until about twenty-six years ago, since which time she has lived principally in Rome.  She was an amiable and refined lady, and was loved by all who knew her.  She leaves a daughter and three sons -- Mrs. F.H. Thomas and James S. Dyett of Rome, George H. Dyett of Illion, and Thomas H. Dyett of New York city.  Her death was the result of a severe cold and old age.  (RCDec25/1885)

WILLIAMS - In Camden, New York, December 13, 1885, JOHN WILLIAMS, aged 49 years.  (RCDec25/1885)

WOGLAM - In Camden, New York, December 14, 1885, CORNELIUS WOGLAM, aged 42 years.  (RCDec25/1885)

DOTEN - In Camden, New York, December 16, 1885, DEBORAH T., relict of Ebenezer Doten, aged 84 years,  4 months and 12 days.  (RCDec25/1885)  [another notice appeared in Green's Corner NY news items:]
     Mr. Doten was called to Camden last Saturday to attend the funeral of his mother.  She was 84 years old.  She had been quite feeble for some time, but was only confined to her bed a few days.  Her death was caused by old age.  She was a resident of this place in the early part of her life, where many still remember her.  She was noted for her cheeful disposition, kindness and good feeling toward everybody.  (RCDec25/1885)

PIPER - In Utica, New York, December 22, 1885, NELLIE MARIA, youngest daughter of John and Elinor Piper, aged 14 years and 8 months.  (RCDec25/1885)

BENSON - AUSTIN BENSON, a former resident of Deansville, NY, but now of Madison Center, was on Monday last (December 14, 1885) working in the woods with his two hired men, getting out logs.  It being a side hill, he fixed blocking to catch the log when it rolled over.  The log gave a bound over the blocking, striking Austin and throwing him under the log and breaking all the ribs on the right side and also breaking his shoulder and one leg.  Austin lived thirty-six hours after his injury.  He retained his senses to the last moment, and settled up all his business affairs, with the full knowledge that he had but a short time to live.  (RCDec25/1885)

WHITMAN - At Rome, New York, December 23, 1885, WILLIAM WHITMAN.  (RCDec25/1885)  (obit follows)

Sudden Death.
     William Whitman, a well-to-do farmer residing on what is known as the Charter farm, in the vicinity of Coonrod post office, came into the city Wednesday morning (December 23, 1885), and after making several purchases went to Mayor Comstock's lumberyard near the Walsworth mill and purchased a load of posts of Mr. McKee, Mr. Comstock's salesman.  Mr. Whitman loaded the posts on himself, and was just in the act of putting the seat up, when with a  single groan he fell back dead.  The bystanders called Dr. Gifford, who pronounced it a case of heart disease.  Coroner Sutton viewed the body, and gave it in charge of Undertaker Wiggins.
     Mr. Whitman was about 70 years of age, and leaves a widow and five grown-up children.  For more than a quarter of a century he had resided near Whitman's bridge across Fish Creek, in the town of Annsville, but about four years ago had purchased and moved onto the farm where he resided at the time of his death.  (RCDec25/1885)

KEACH - Mrs. SARAH KEACH, an old resident of the town of Western, NY, died Tuesday evening (December 22, 1885) at Hillside in that town, at the advanced age of 90 years.  (RCDec25/1885)

WATERMAN - At Thomasville, Georgia, December 9, 1885, HATTIE B. WATERMAN.  (obit follows)

The Late Hattie B. Waterman.
     The following notice of the late Hattie B. Waterman, who died a fortnight ago in Georgia, is sent to us by our Taberg, NY correspondent, and copied at the request of her friends and relatives in that vicinity.  Deceased was a niece of C.M. Waterman of Taberg.  The notice is copied from a late number of the Winona (Minn.) REPUBLICAN:
     The sad intelligence was received in this city Friday of the death of Miss Hattie B. Waterman at Thomasville, Georgia, on Wednesday, the 9th inst.  The remains will brought to Winona for interment.  It is only a few days ago that the deceased accompanied by her aunt, Mrs. H.M. Buchard, left this city for the South in the hope that a more genial climate would stay the dread disease, consumption, which for some years has been wasting her life away.  Miss Waterman was a native of this city and a daughter of the late Judge C.N. Waterman.  She was twenty-six years of age, of a genial, loving disposition, and possed fine literary attainments.  Some three years ago she sought the climate of Hampton Roads, Virginia, where for a time she occupied a position as teacher in the Normal school at Hampton, but was obliged to relinquish it owing to failing health.  During that time, and since then she contributed very interesting letters to THE REPUBLICAN, as also articles to several magazines.  She had a wide circle of attached friends in this city, particularly those associates who had grown up with her from childhood days.
     The funeral service over the remains of the late Harriet B. Waterman were held at the Congregational Church on Tuesday afternoon at 11:30 o'clock  Mrs. H.M. Buchard, who accompanied her niece, Miss Waterman, to Thomasville, Georgia says that they were there some five days before her death.  The journey down was very pleasant and much enjoyed, and the weather after they arrived was soft and balmy.  Miss Waterman was able to be about every day, and even on the day of her death was engaged in making some Christmas presents for her friends.  She went to supper at the hotel about six o'clock, and appeared shortly afterwards to be suffering with shortness of breath and her aunt assisted her to bed.  In a few minutes she fell asleep.  Mrs. Buchard went to the bedside shortly afterward and noticing a smile on Miss Waterman's face spoke to her, but there was no reply.  And then her spirit quietly and peacefully took its flight.  Her brother, Lieutenant Waterman, arrived here yesterday from New York, her brother Chauncey having arrived on Saturday.  Mr. H.M. Buchard and other relatives from Marshall are also in the city.  (RCDec25/1885)

Barbara Andresen