Rome Citizen Death Notices in 1884

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From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Friday July 4, 1884

BOBBITT - CURTIS BOBBITT, born February 22, 1802, in Oneida County, New York, and died Sandusky, Ohio, June 22, 1884, aged 82 years and 4 months.  Mr. Bobbitt moved to Flat Rock, Ohio, in 1852, and was one of the oldest citizens in the town.  Funeral from the Evangelical Church, in Flat Rock, June 24, 1884, conducted by  Rev. J.B. Kanaga, pastor.  (RCJul4/1884)

WILLIAMS - In  South Trenton, New York, Friday, June 27, 1884, ISAAC N. WILLIAMS, in the 41st year of his age.  (RCJul4/1884)

HAYES - In Vienna, New York, June 23, 1884, A. B. HAYES, son of William H. Hayes, aged 16 years.  (RCJul4/1884)

WITCHLEY - In Camden, New York, June 21, 1884, child of Thomas and Jennie Witchley, aged 9 months.  (RCJul4/1884)

ABELL - In Rome, New York, June 28, 1884, LYNDEN ABELL, aged 82 years, 1 month and 19 days. (obit follows)

Death of Lynden Abell.
     Lynden Abell, who has been confined by illness to his house on James street  since the end of winter, died at 7:30 o'clock last Saturday evening (June 28, 1884).  His health had been poor for several years, and his death was not unexpected.  His age was nearly 82 years and 2 months, and death came as a result of the wearing out and
general  breading down of the system.  He passed away, not like one in a death struggle, but rather as one who "Wraps the drapery of his couch about him, and lies down to pleasant dreams."
     Mr. Abell was an old resident of Rome, having come here in 1826,  68 years ago and resided here ever since.
He was born in New Hampshire, but when only nine years of age removed with his parents to Ontario County, NY, where he continued to reside until he removed to Rome.  He was for some time engaged in the confectionery business here, and from 1835 onward for several years with the late A.H. Brainard, had contracts for building locks on the Chenango canal and enlarging the Erie.  In 1842 he purchased the residence 140 James street, and continued to make it his home until his death.
     Mr. Abell was one of the founders and at his death the only surviving member of the First M.E. Church of Rome.  He was a Christian in all that the word implies, his religion dominated his life, and made him what all knew him to be, a man of sterling integrity.  And through all the years of his life, until his failing health absolutely forbade his going out from his home, he continued regularly in the attendance on all church services, and  was always an active participant in those services.  His memory will long be kept in the hearts of his fellow worshippers, and his godly life and example will not soon lose their influence over those with whom he was daily brought in contact.
     Mr. Abell was married to Miss Martha Yarwood, of Oriskany, in 1831.  She died in 1845, and he never married again.  He was one of a family of  ten children, of whom three are now living.  Alfred Abell, of Perry, NY:    Benjamin Abell, of Clinton, Wisconsin, and Mrs. Mary A. Woodard, of  Attica, Ohio.  He was the father of five daughters and one son, of whom the following are now living:  Mrs. D.E. Wager, Mrs. Sarah E. Baker, Mrs. F.B. Beers, of  Rome, NY, and Mrs. T.H. Seymour, of Chicago, Illinois.  Since the death of his wife, Mr. Abell's household has been conducted by his daughter, Mrs. Baker, and all that a daughter could do to gladden a father's life under such circumstances was faithfully and cheerfully done by her.
     Funeral services were held at the First M.E. Church at four o'clock Tuesday afternoon, a sermon being presented by the pastor, Rev. C.W. Parsons.  Nothwithstanding the intense heat, a large audience was present.  The pall bearers were L.F. Elmer, N. Mudge, J.D. Ely, G.W. Davis, W.R. Watson and A.W. Honsinger.  Among the audience were a number who had been acquainted with Mr. Abell for half a century.  (RCJul4/1884)

SWEENEY - In Rome, New York, July 1, 1884, JOHN SWEENEY, about 60 years old.  (obit follows)

Killed by the Cars.
     John Sweeney a man about 60 years old, who  has lived at the Spelliey House in Rome, NY for several years past, was run over and fatally injured by cars in the R.W. & O.R.R. freight yard.  He was attempting to hand a drink of water to a brakeman on the rear end of a stationary train, when the cars suddenly backed and threw him down, the wheels running over his right leg, above the knee.  He was also badly bruised about the chest.  He was taken to the Spelliey House and Drs. R.E. Sutton and T.M. Flandran summonded.  They examined him and came to the conclusion that his injuries would probably prove fatal, but were confident that he could not bear an amputation that night.  They therefore gave him some medicine to quiet him through the night, intending to amputate the limb in the morning if he should survive.  He died, however, of the shock, about 9 o'clock Tuesday evening.
      Deceased was a poor man, who had no relatives in the city, though he had a son in Utica and one or two daughters in New York city.  The son came up on Wednesday afternoon, but owing to the absence from town  of a brakeman who was wanted as a witness, the inquest was adjourned.  (RCJul4/1884)

BARNETT - July 1, 1884, MELICENT HAKES, wife of Wm. H. Barnett, of Clayville, New York, aged 63 years.  (RCJul4/1884)

HILL - Mrs. CALVIN HILL died very suddenly at her home on East Hill, Vernon Center, NY, Monday,   (June 30, 1884), from a complication of diseases.  The funeral was held Wednesday (July 2, 1884) afternoon at 3 o'clock.  (RCJul4/1884)

BETSINGER - Last Saturday night (June 28, 1884), Mrs. BETSINGER, widow of the late Jacob Betsinger, of Steuben, New York, while visiting at her son Edward's in Ava, started to go upstairs into the chamber, and by mistake stepped through the cellar door instead.  She fell to the bottom of the stairs,  striking a stone with her head and fracturing her skull badly.  A physcian was sent for, but she died before he got through dressing the wound.  She was about 70 years old.  Funeral was held at North Steuben, Rev. Merrifield, of North Western charge, officiated.  Mrs. Betsinger was well liked and leaves many friends and relative to mourn her loss.  (RCJul4/1884)

From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Friday July 11, 1884

JONES - In Steuben, July 3, 1884, THOMAS W. JONES, father of William T. Jones, of Steuben and Hugh T. Jones, of Holland Patent, NY, aged 88 years and 3 months.  (RCJul11/1884)

MARRIOTT - At Oneida, New York, July 8, 1884, of spinal disease, ALLIE A., wife of Morris Marriott, formerly of Rome, NY, aged 31 years and 6 months.  (obit follows)  (RCJul11/1884)

     Mrs. Morris Marriott died at her home in Oneida last Tuesday, (July 8, 1884), of a spinal difficulty occasioned by being thrown from a wagon three years ago.  She was 31 years old, and leaves a little child.  Her maiden name was Alice A. Tracy, and she was a daughter of Mr. E. Tracy of Oneida, formerly of Rome.  Her remains were brought to Rome for interment, funeral services being held yesterday afternoon at the residence of her husband's father, Martin Marriott, corner of Dominick and Madison Sts.  (RCJul11/1884)

YARWOOD - At West Branch, New York, July 8, 1884, FREDDIE ARTHER, son of Richard Yarwood, aged 5 months.  (RCJul11/1884)

GALLUP - In Cassville, New York, Friday, July 4, 1884, Wm. GALLUP, aged 88 years.  (RCJul11/1884)

BAKER - In Dundee, Michigan, June 24, 1884, C.W. BAKER, formerly of New London, Oneida County, New York, aged 77 years, 7 months and 24 days.  (RCJul11/1884)

LOWERY - At West Frankfort, New York, Saturday, July 5, 1884, SAMUEL LOWERY, son of the late John and Mary Lowery, formerly of Oriskany,  NY, aged 56 years and 9 months.  (RCJul11/1884)

TREMAIN - In Rome, New York, July 6, 1884, S. FRANK TREMAIN, son of S.F. Tremain, aged 14 years and 6 months.  (RCJul11/1884).   (obit follows)

     Frank Tremain, a promising boy in his fifteenth year, died at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. S.F. Tremain, last Sunday, (July 6, 1884) of lung trouble.  He was attacked last fall by the malady, but was supposed to have recovered from it.  Afterward, he hurt his side while coasting, and again took more cold.  Early in March he was obliged to leave school, since when he has steadily failed till the time of his death.  He was a boy beloved by all who knew him, and his death is a severe blow to his parents.   But the destroyer has entered so many homes lately that a large number of their friends and neighbors can readily sympathize with them in their affliction.  (RCJul11/1884)

TURTELOT - In Rome, New York, July 3, 1884, WILLARD W., son of William W. Turtelot, aged 24 years. Died of bilious fever, at the residence of his father on Fox street.  (RCJul11/1884)

ROGNON - In Rome, New York, July 3, 1884, FREDERICK ROGNON, aged 46.  (RCJul11/1884)

MILLS - In Westermoreland, New York, July 4, 1884, CLARISSA, wife of Charles Mills, aged 68 years.  (RCJul11/1884)

ALLYN - In Whitesboro, New York, July 4, 1884, ANNA BEARDSLEY, daughter of John H. and Rh---? W. Allyn, in the 15th year of her age.  (RCJul11/1884)

HOWLAND - In Bridgewater, New York, July 4, 1884, Mrs. A.M. HOWLAND, wife of  Dea. Seth Howland,
aged 64 years.  (RCJul11/1884)

JONES - In Kirkland, New York, July 3, 1884, MARY, wife of the late Alfred Jones, aged 54 years.  (RCJul11/1884)

LEHR - In Ava, New York, June 26, 1884, Mrs. LYDIA LEHR   (obit follows)

Ava Items.
     On Wednesday (June 25, 1884), Mrs. Lydia Lehr, wife of William Lehr, while engaged about her household duties, steppped up on a chair to adjust a window curtain.  The chair tipped towards her and she fell and struck her stomach across the back of the chair.  Although in considerable pain, she continued about her work the remainder of the day.  Towards the next  morning she grew worse and a physician was summoned, but of no avail.  She continued to grow worse and died about 7pm  Thursday (June 26, 1884).  The doctor said that in her fall she broke two blood vessels.  Her funeral was held at the house on Sunday.  A large concourse of people gathered from Ava and surrounding towns.  Rev. S.M. Fisk conducted the funeral services.  The remains were taken to Boonville and interred in the Boonville cemetery.  She leaves a husband and three small children also a widowed mother and a brother living in St. Paul, Minn.  The family have the heartfelt sympathy of the entire community in this sad bereavement.  She was a consistent member of the M.E. Church and was loved and respected by all who knew her.  (RCJul11/1884)

UTLEY - At 6 o'clock  last evening,  July 10, 1884, ROBERT  JONES, a bright little boy of 11 years, who for a few weeks past has with his mother, Eliza J. Utley had been visiting his grandfather, Griffith W. Jones, in Rome, NY, died of diphtheria.  His father, Mr. E. B. Utley, of Dixon, Illinois reached his bedside yesterday noon.  It is a sad blow to loving hearts.  He was their only son.  (RCJul11/1884)

PLUNKETT - JONNIE PLUNKETT, a little boy 8 years old, was run over by a West Shore train at Clark's Mills, NY on Saturday (July 5, 1884) evening and killed.  The funeral was held on Monday in Westmoreland.  (RCJul11/1884)

From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Friday, July 18, 1884

JONES - In Rome, New York, July 11, 1884, of heart disease, GRIFFITH T. JONES, aged 69 years. (obit follows)

Death of Griffith T. Jones.
     Griffith T. Jones, who for many yars past has been one of Rome's prominent business men, died of heart disease at his home on Liberty street last Friday (July 11, 1884) afternoon.  He was compelled to relinquish business on account of poor health two or three years ago, and had been feeble ever since, though most of the time able to be around till within the last few months.  Deceased was 69 years old, having been born in Wales in 1815.  He came to this country with his parents when he was only two years old, and lived in the town of Remsen the greater part of his life.  He came to Rome in 1864 and established himself in the boot and shoe business, which he continued to conduct until a couple of years ago.  Four daughters survive him, Mrs. I.F. Griffith, Misses Lilly, Emma, and Lizzie Jones.  His wife, to whom he was married in 1840, died four years ago, since which time he has continued to keep house with his daughters.  He was a  consistent member of the Welsh Congregational Church, and a man of sterling integrity, reliable in all his business transactions.  Rev. Thomas Jones, of Detroit, Michigan attended the funeral of his brother, G.T. Jones.   (RCJul18/1884)

YAUGER - In Westmoreland, New York, July 14, 1884, REBECCA YAUGER, aged  83 years and 1 month.  (RCJul18/1884)

ABBOTT - At Oriskany, New York, July 16, 1884, EDITH, daughter of  Dr. E.P. and A.E. Abbott, aged seven years, three months and eighteen days.  (RCJul18/1884)

AUSTIN - At his home in Paris Hill, New York, Saturday, July 6, 1884, WILLIAM AUSTIN, aged 83 years and 8 months. (Sat. was actually July 5, and Sun was July 6. There is a discrepency in above notice--transcriber)  (RCJul18/1884)

BARBER - In Clinton, New York, July 11, 1884, CALVIN C. BARBER, in his 77th year.  (RCJul18/1884)

JOHNSON - In Clark's Mills, New York, July 14, 1884, SIMEON JOHNSON, aged 84.  (RCJul18/1884)

SWEATMAN - In Camden, New York, Mrs. SENA SWEATMAN, aged 87 years.  (RCJul18/1884)

RANDALL - In Annsville, New York, July 12, 1884, AUSTIN RANDALL, aged 72 years 11 months.  (RCJul18/1884)

HANNAY - In Camden, New York, July 12, 1884, ELLEN G., wife of David Hannay, aged 40 years.  (RCJul18/1884)

KIRKLAND - GEORGE C. KIRKLAND, State agent for the N.O. & W. Railroad at State Bridge, was found dead in the baggage room in the depot  at noon yesterday (July 17,  1884).  His age was 65 or 70 years.  He seemed to be in usual health in the morning.  His death was probably caused by heart disease.  Coroner Sutton, of Rome, was notified, and will hold an inquest if he deems it necessary.  (RCJul18/1884)

WARNER - AMBROSE G. WARNER, brother of Mrs. J.W. Brockett and Mrs. H.C. Palmer of Rome and G.H. Warner of New York Mills, died in Louisville, KY., last Monday (July 14, 1884).  He was a native of Wstmoreland,
New York, and was the youngest son of the late Austin Warner , of that town.  For twenty years past deceased has resided in Louisville, where he was engaged in mercantile business.  (RCJul18/1884)

REMINGTON - Lee, New York.  The funeral of ARTHUR REMINGTON was held at the Valley Church today (July 16, 1884), at 2 o'clock, Rev. G. Dewey officiated.  He was a grandson of G. Remington.  (RCJul18/1884)

From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Friday, July 25, 1884

McINTOSH - In Duluth, Minn., July 19, 1884, RALPH McINTOSH, of Vernon, NY, aged 69 years.  (obit follows)

Vernon Items.
     The sad intelligence of the death of Ralph McIntosh reached this village only a few days ago.  Mr. M. was a lawyer of reputation and had practiced in this place for a number of years.  Becoming intemperate in his habits he abruptly left town about three years ago, and his whereabouts were a mystery to all but his family.  He was gone about a year and a half when he suddenly made his appearance again, looking much improved physically.  He memained most of the summer in town, not attempting to do any business, and as suddenly left again.  Nothing has been known of him since by people in general, and the news of his death explained his stuation.  He died in a hospital in Duluth, Minn.  He was recognized by a lady there and the news of his death sent home.  The remains were brought to Rome for interment, Wednesday. (July 23, 1884)    (RCJul25/1884)

COMSTOCK - In Yorkville, New York, after a brief illness, July 20, 1884, ASENATH TUTTLE COMSTOCK, wife of the late Ira Comstock, mother of J.A. Comstock and grandmother of Dr. I.M. Comstock, aged 81 years, 7 months and 15 days.  (RCJul25/1884)

OWENS - In New Hartford, New York, Saturday, July 19, 1884, JOHN H. OWENS, formerly of Utica, in the 63d year of his age.  (RCJul25/1884)

OWEN - In Steuben, New York, July 2, 1884, at the residence of Hon. T. James Owens,  M.D. LUTHER, son of James W. and Charlotte Owen, aged 4 years, 10 months and 6 days.  (RCJul25/1884)

NISBET - In Camden, New York, July 22, 1884, JAMES NISBET, aged 79 years.  (RCJul25/1884)

PEARSALL - In Camden, New York, July 18, 1884, MARY J., wife of Samuel Pearsall, aged 35 years.  (RCJul25/1884)

JONES - In Remsen, New York, Thursday, July 24, 1884, Rev. JOHN D. JONES, aged 82 years, 7 months, and 26 days.  (RCJul25/1884)

LASHER -  JOHN LASHER, father of W.J. Lasher, died at his home in Taberg, New York, about 7 o'clock Sunday evening (July 20, 1884), at the age of 77 years.  He was been in feeble health for the past year, but a sudden cold resulted in a severe attack of pneumonia, which proved fatal to him.  He leaves an aged widow, several daughters and one son, and a large circle of mourning friends.  The funeral will be held at the M.E. Church.  (RCJul25/1884)

 THOMAS - Ava, New York, July 18,  1884, ROBERT THOMAS, aged 67 years. (RCJul25/1884)   (obit follows)

Ava Items.
     Mr. Robert thomas, an old resident of the town of Ava, died last Friday (July 18, 1884) at the residence of his son, James Thomas, aged 67 years.  The funeral was held in the M.E. Church, and was conducted by Rev. S. M. Fisk.  The remains were interred in the Ava cemetery, about one mile west of Ava Corners.  Deceased was a widower, his wife having died about a year and a half ago.  He leaves one daughter, Mrs. Joseph Wallace of Lee, and two sons, John and James, both well-to-do farmers of Ava.  (RCJul25/1884)

RUDD - Delta, New York, July 22, 1884, FLORA RUDD, aged 22 years.   (RCJul25/1884)  (obit follows)

Delta Items.
     Flora Rudd, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Prosper E. Rudd, died early yesterday morning, aged 22 years.  Last spring she was sick with malarial fever from which it is thought she never entirely recovered, but was so as to be around until a few days previous to her death.  She was greatly beloved and respected by all who knew her, and this sad bereavement falls with great weight on the family, who have the sympathy of the entire community, in their dark hour of affliction.  Besides her parents, she leaves two brothers to mour her loss.  The funeral will be held Thursday (July 24, 1884) afternoon at 2 o'clock, at the church.  (RCJul25/1884)

From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Friday,  August 1, 1884

WARNER - At Westmoreland, New York, Sunday, July 27, 1884, MARY A. WARNER, relict of the late Dr. Warner, of Merico, in the 76th year of her age.  (RCAug01/1884)   (obit follows)

Westmoreland Items.
     Mrs. Mary Warner died Sunday afternoon (July 27, 1884).  She was a blind lady and lived all alone in her house.   Saturday morning some of the neighbors went in and found her unconscious on the floor.  She was kindly cared, for, and partialy regained consciousness for a time, and then went off into a sleep from which she never awoke.  The funeral was held at her late residence.  Rev. Frank Spencer, of Clinton, NY,  preached the sermon.  (RCAug01/1884)

JONES - At Westmoreland, New York (Lairdsville P.O.) Oneida, County, New York, July 28, 1884. Judge POMROY JONES, aged 94 years, 6 months, and 28 days.  (RCAug01/1884)  (obit follows)

Death of Pomroy Jones.
     The venerable Pomroy Jones, whose name for the last half century has been familiar as household words to the people of Oneida County, died last Monday (July 28, 1884)  at his home at Lairdsville, in the town of Westmoreland, at the advanced age of 94 years, 6 months and 28 days.  He died on the farm on which he was born, and on which the whole of his long life had been spent.  His father came there from Massachusetts as one of the  pioneer settlers about three years before the subject of this sketch was born.
     Deceased was a soldier of the war of 1812, having enlisted as a volunteer within less than two weeks after war was declared.  After serving six months in the vicinity of Ogdensburg, he returned home, but went again to the front in 1814, and remained til his company was ordered home at the end of the war.  In 1815 Gov. DeWitt Clinton appointed him justice of the peace, for his services in the war.  The office he held for twenty-five consecutive years.  In 1831 he was sergeant-at-arms of the Assembly, and in 1834 was a member of Assembly from Oneida County.  From 1836 to 1846 Mr. Jones was one of the side justices for the County Court, and in this way obtained his title of judge.
     Judge Jones was a man of much general information, and contributed many valuable articles to the newspaper press.  His book, "Annals and Recollections of Oneida County," is a very valuable work, and will be treasured in libraries for many years to come.  He was a member of the Baptist Church, a consistent Christian, and an earnest, practical temperance man.
     Deceased was three times married, his first wife, Mehitabel Moore, bearing him nine children, of whom four still survive.  His second wife was Miss Eliza A. Royce, of Clinton, and the third (who survives him) Miss Mary Emigh, of Berkshire County, Mass.  M.M. Jones of Utica, is his oldest surviving child, and the latter's little son of six years his only surviving grandchild.  For many years previous to his death he has resided in the family of his youngest son, L.M. Jones, on the old homestead.  He dies full of years, and leaves a fragrant memory with those who have  known him through two and three generations.  (RCAug01/1884)

BAKER - At Holland Patent, New York, July 26, 1884, FERDINAND BAKER, aged 72 years, 7 months, and 2 days.  (RCAug01/1884)

VANN - At Clinton, New York, July 25, 1884, JAMES VANN, aged 63 years and 9 months.   (RCAug01/1884)

DEXTER - At his mother's residence, near Clayville, Oneida County, New York, July 20, 1884,
CHARLES ALBERT DEXTER, aged 27 years.  (RCAug01/1884)

WATERBURY - At Oriskany, New York, Sunday, July 27, 1884, after a long and painful illness, HENRY, son of D. Albert and Nora S. Waterbury, aged 3 years, 11 months and 6 days.  (RCAug01/1884)

CALDWELL - At the residence of James Avery, in Stittville, New York, Mr. CHARLES A. CALDWELL, of Washington, D.C., in the 29th year of his age.  (RCAug01/1884)

LILLYBRIDGE - In Blossvale, New York, July 28, 1884, HARRISON LILLYBRIDGE, aged 63 years, 7 months and 3 days.  (RCAug01/1884)      (obit follows)

Taberg Items.
     Hon. Harrison Lillybridge died at half-past ten Monday (July 28, 1884) night, from injuries received by falling a week ago last Monday.  He was terribly injured and suffered fearfully till death came to his relief.  It is, indeed a sad affair, and casts a gloom over the entire community in which he has lived so many years.  His age was 63 years.  He leaves a widow, tow sons, John C. and Fred H. Lillybridge, and one daughter, Mrs. F.H. Paddock.  The funeral services will be held at his late residence on Thursday, at half-past 2 o'clock.  The bereaved family have the sympathy of their neighbors and acquaintances.  (RCAug1/1884)

JONES - In Steuben, New York, July 29, 1884, Mrs. OWEN JONES, aged 96 years.  (RCAug01/1884)

STURDEVANT - In Clinton, New York, July 20, 1884, HENRY STURDEVANT, aged 88 years.  (RCAug01/1884)

SIPPELL - In Boonville, New York, Monday, July 21, 1884, PETER B. SIPPELL, aged 63 years.  (RCAug01/1884)

McFARLAND - Taberg, New York, Mrs. McFarland, mother of R.C. McFarland, died at his home Sunday morning, July 27, 1884.  She was an old lady of nearly eighty years.  The immediate cause of her death was paralysis, of which she had suffered several shocks. (RCAug01/1884).       (following notice was in the Aug. 8th issue of the paper) McFARLAND --In Taberg, July 27, at the residence of her step-son, Robert McFarland, Mrs. MARY McFARLAND, aged 74 years.

DENNISON - Westmoreland, New York.  HARVEY DENNISON, an old and respected citizen, died at his late residence, Thursday July 24, 1884.  He had been sick for a year or more.  Rev. Mr. Ormsby, of the Episcopal Church, conducted the services.  (RCAug01/1884)

SMITH - In Westmoreland, New York, July 30, 1884, LIZZIE THOMPSON, wife of Dwight M. Smith, died of consumption.   She had only been married a little over two years, and leaves a little boy about a year old.  It is a terrible blow to her husband, mother, brother and sisters, and to the community generally.  (RCAug01/1884)
       [see also (RC-Mar13/1885-SMITH)]

WILLIAMS - In Rome, New York, July 26, 1884, Mrs. Wm. H. WILLIAMS, aged 51 years.  (RCAug01/1884)  (obit follows)

     Mrs. Wm. H. Williams died of dropsieal consumption last Saturday (July 26, 1884) morning, at her residence on Dominick street.  Her husband died of consumption about one year ago, and a daughter last November.  She had been a great sufferer for three or four months past, not being able tolie down at all.  Her age was 51 years.  She was twice married and twice was she left in widowhood.  Five children are left.  The remains were brought to
Lee Center, NY, for interment.  (RCAug01/1884)

WRIGHT - In Rome, New York, July 25, 1884, Mrs. W.E. WRIGHT, aged 71 years.  (RCAug01/1884)  (obit follows)

Death of Mrs. W.E. Wright.
     Mrs. W.E. Wright, who has been in rather feeble health for some time past, died last Friday (July 25, 1884) evening at her home on Dominick street.  Her age was 71 years.  She was a daughter of the late Aaron Roberts, and was married to Mr. Wright at the residence of Judge S. B. Roberts, fifty-two years ago.  When only 13 years old she was converted in the great revival which swept over Rome, NY, under the preaching of Rev. C.G. Finney, and has since led a consistent Christian life.  She leaves, besides her bereaved husband, three daughters -- Misses Jennie and Anna Wright and Mrs. Charles W. Ellis.  Funeral services were held at the house, Monday afternoon by Rev. J. W. Roberts.  The pall bearers were D. E. Wager, L.E. Elmer, N. Mudge and E.E. Carr.  The remains were interred in Rome cemetery.  (RCAug01/1884)

LASHUA - Westmoreland, New York.  ENOS LASHUA, who we reported as very low, died Saturday (July 26, 1884) morning.  He was over ninety years old.  He leaves four daughters,  Mrs. Rowbotham, of Westmoreland, Mrs. Bullock, of Michigan, Mrs. Parrott, of Utica, and Mrs. Jackson, of Boonville.  The funeral was held Monday (July 28, 1884) at the residence of Rev. R. Rowbotham.  The remains were taken to Boonville for interment.  (RCAug01/1884)

WENTWORTH -  (Reported in Lee Corner's New York column Aug. 1, 1884) Mrs. E. Wentworth, step-mother of Herbest Wentworth, on hearing of her daughter-in-law's sudden illness, left her business and went to her aid, but arrived only two hours before MYRA expired.  (place not mentioned)  She has kindly consented to stop with Herbert and his son, and be their housekeeper for a time.  (RCAug01/1884)

WENTWORTH - Lee Corners, New York .  We learn that Mrs. AUSTIN WENTWORTH (SARAH PARK) died one week ago last Saturday (July 26, 1884) at her home in one of the Western States.  No particulars.  (RCAug01/1884)

From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Friday, August 8, 1884

SMITH - In Rome, New York, August 6, 1884, of heart disease, MARTIN W. SMITH, in the 59th year of his age. Funeral services will be held in the Presbyterian Church on Saturday, at 2pm (August 9, 1884) (obit follows)

Death of Martin W. Smith.
     The people of this city were saddened about noon of Wednesday (August 6, 1884) by the information that Martin W. Smith, senior member of the insurance firm of Smith & Putnam, had died about an hour before at his residence on Thomas street.  It had previously been announced that he was very ill, but none were prepared for a fatal termination of his illness.  He had been in usual health up to Friday of last week, on which day and the day following he had several fainting spells.  Still he apprehended no serious trouble until one o'clock Monday morning, when he had a much more violent attack, while alone in his house, his wife being at Cobleskill on a visit.
He succeeded in informing the neighbors of his condition, and they called a physcian.  Through Tuesday and on Wednesday morning he appeared quite comfortable, and, although he was not considered out of danger, his friends had good hope that he would recover.  But about nine o'clock Wednesday morning a sudden change took place, and he sank rapidly till his death, which occurred at 10:45.  His death was caused by congestion of the lungs, induced by disease of the heart.
     Mr. Smith was born at Duansburg, Schenectady county, New York, in January 1826, and was therefore in the 59th year of his age.  He was one of a large family, of children of Henry I. Smith, ten of whom are still living.  He received a good common school education, and most of his earlier years, up to about twenty years ago, were devoted to teaching.  He was one of the best educators in the State, seeming to be specially qualified for that business.  He has been elected School Commissioner for the third district of this county, a position which he held at the time of his death.  In that capacity he was very efficient, and was highly esteemed throughout the district.  He came first to Rome some thirty years since and took charge as principal of the Liberty street school.  He was afterward at Pettsburg, PA., for a year, when he returned and resumed his position as principal of Liberty street school, a position which he continued to hold till he relinquished it to go into the insurance business.  Later he associated with him his son-in-law K.S. Putnam, and under the firm name of Smith & Putnam they have built up one of the leading establishments in the city.
     In 1847 Mr. Smith married Miss Lany M. Ottman, of  Sharon, NY by whom he had one daughter, Mrs. K.S. Putnam, both of whom survive him.  They have the sympathy of a large circle of friends in their affliction.  In the death of Mr. Smith his family lose one very dear to them, but the city and county lose a valued citizen whose place it is not easy to fill.  He was a member of the Presbyterian Church, and for many years had been a trustee and treasurer of the society.  He was a consistent Christian, a good citizen, and a staunch friend.
     The funeral will occur to-morrow (Saturday) afternoon at two o'clock, (August 9, 1884) at the Presbyterian Church.  Pall bearers will be J.D. Higgins, F.A. Ethridge, William R. Huntington, Albert M. Orton,  ?. Hannahs, D.E. Wager.  Interment in Rome cemetery.  (RCAug08/1884)

HELMUTH - At Rome, New York, July 27, 1884, girl HELMUTH. (obit follows)

Burned to Death.
      A little daughter of Fred Helmuth, a shoemaker living on Ann street, while playing with matches last Saturday morning (July 26, 1884) set the clothing of the crib in which she had been sleeping on fire, and was fatally burned before she could be rescued.  Her screams brought her mother to her assistance, and she, although terribly frightened, had sufficient presence of mind to take the clothes from her own bed and smother the flames.  The child was sent to the hospital, where she was attended by Dr. H.C. Sutton, but she was so badly burned about the abdomen and lower limbs that there seemed little chance of saving her life.  After suffering greatly, she died in the hospital on Sunday. (July 27, 1884)   (RCAug08/1884)

BRIGGS - At Ava, New York.  The infant son of George Briggs, Jr., aged about two months died last night, (August 4, 1884).  The funeral be held at the M.E. Church with Rev. P.A. Flint conducting the funeral services.  (RCAug08/1884)

DUNBAR - At Austin, Nevada, July 1884, SAMUEL DUNBAR, (obit follows)

Samuel Dunbar's Death.
     Two weeks ago we published a telegram from Austin, Nevada stating that Samuel Dunbar, formerly of Oneida Co., NY had died in Austin a day or two before, and requesting us to notify his friends, that they might look after his property.  A few days later Mr. Ozias Hall, of Lee Center, informed us that Samuel Dunbar was a brother to his wife, and also of Eben S. Dunbar and Mrs. William Robinson of Lee Center.  He said that deceased went to California about thirty years ago, and had ever since continued to live there and in Nevada.  For some years past he had been raising horses for the San Francisco market, and a letter received from him last May stated that he had two or three hundred horses on hand then which he expected soon to dispose of.  He had just been offered $5,000 for them.  A copy of the REESE RIVER REVERILLE, of Thursday, July 24, 1884, has recently been received, which contains the following particulars of his sickness and death:
          "Mr. Dunbar has of late been greatly afflicted with paroxysmal asthma.  During the late spring it had often been impossible for him to lie down for days at a time.  He would sleep in a sitting posture.  With the heat of summer weather, however, he improved.  Last Sunday he went to Ledlie with the excursion, and during the sports of the day he exposed himself in such a manner as to take cold.  This brought on a severe attack of his old enemy, and night before last he passed a very severe night.  Yesterday morning he was brought to Dr. Hammond's office, where he was soon relieved sufficiently to eat a little breakfast which  was brought to him.  While the doctor was at dinner he had another more sever paroxysm than ever.  Aid was quickly summoned and he was apparently relieved.  He slept a little, sitting, during the afternoon, when about half-past, he suddenly ceased to breathe.  His death was so quiet that neither the doctor nor Mr. Cushing, who was working within eight or ten feet of him, had the slightest intimation of his condition until he had passed away.
     The deceased had many acquaintances here, but he did not seem to have ever talked very freely about his family relations.  Our inquires have brought out the facts that he was born in Oneida county, New York, and that he has relatives there still.  He came to Austin in 1874 and has resided here ever since.  He was unmarried.  The day before he died he told William Ohngemar that he had about consummated a sale of his horses, and was to deliver them in Carlin next week and receive $7,000 for them.  After his death his remains were taken to the City Hall, from  whence the funeral took place.  He was aged somewhere between 55 and 60 years."

     The statement in the above extract that Mr. Dunbar was unmarried, is incorrect.  He had been married for several years before going to California, and when he went away it was understood by friends that they had separated by mutual agreement.  At all events it is certain that they have never seen nor corresponded with each other since, and when he was out here visiting his relatives a few years since he made no effort to look her up, though it was then supposed that she was living somewhere in Ohio.  The notice, however, which we published two weeks since, seems to have found her, for a few days ago we received a letter from her dated Toledo, Ohio, asking for further particulars of his death.  We understand that she and her husband had no children, so it seems probable that one-third of the property he left will go to her, and the remainder will be divided among his relatives.  (RCAug08/1884)

From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Friday, August 15, 1884

GARTON - At West Vienna, New York, August 11, 1884, SARAH T., mother of Thomas and John Garton, aged 83 years.  (RCAug15/1884)

JONES - At Yorkville, New York, Saturday, August 9, 1884, CARA M., wife of Andrew Jones, aged 52 years, 10 months and 29 days.  (RCAug15/1884)

DUFLO - In Utica, New York, Monday, August 11, 1884, JOHN DUFLO, aged 94 years and 11 months.  (RCAug15/1884)

HERDER - In Vienna, New York, August 4, 1884, ERNEST HERDER, aged 19 years.  (RCAug15/1884)

MARSHALL - In Gloversville, New York, August 11, 1884, Hon. LEVI T. MARSHALL (obit follows)

     Hon. Levi T. Marshall, for sixty years a resident of Vernon, New York, died in Gloversville last Monday, (August 11, 1884), aged 76.  He was much respected in the county, and in 1862 represented the second assembly district in the Assembly.  He was also the eleventh president of the Oneida County Agricultural Society, of which he was always an active member.  He leaves a widow, a son and a daughter.  (RCAug15/1884)

WILLIAMS - In Rome, New York, August 1, 1884, FREDDIE, only son of William and Kate Williams, aged 2 years and 9 days.  RCAug15/1884)

JONES - In Kirkland, New York, July 30, 1884, WILLIAM M. JONES, son of the late Alfred and Mary Jones, in the 22d year of his age.  (RCAug15/1884)

YOUNG - In Boonville, New York, July 27, 1884, of pneumonia, JOHN YOUNG, aged  63 years, 10 months and 23 days.  (RCAug15/1884)

FRANCISCO - In Rome, New York, August 5, 1884, ALBERT, only child of Mr. and Mrs. F.W. Francisco, aged 9 months and 22 days.  (RCAug15/1884)

DAINS - In Hamilton, New York, August 3, 1884, Rev. GEO. D. DAINS.  (RCAug15/1884)

DOOLITTLE - At Whitesboro, New York, August 5, 1884, MAGGIE L., wife of M.C. Doolittle, aged 39 years, 7 months, and 4 days.  (RCAug15/1884)

VAN DREASAN - In Buffalo, New York, August 4, 1884, Mrs. GERTRUDE VAN DREASAN of Green's Corners, NY.   About six months ago, by the advise of friends, she was placed in Buffalo under skillful treatment and constant nursing in hopes of regaining her health.  Such was not to be.   She leaves one child of delicate health, who will be kindly cared for.  (RCAug15/1884)

WILKINSON - In Rome, New York, August 10, 1884, LEVI  WILKINSON. (RCAug15/1884)   (obit follows)

Death of Levi Wilkinson.
     Levi Wilkinson, of Syracuse, a son of the late Josiah Wilkinson, of Lee, Oneida county, died suddenly at the residence of his niece, Mrs. Martha Tuttle, on Spring street, in Rome, NY early Sunday (August 10, 1884) morning. His health had been quite poor for about a year past, though he was able to be about.  The direct cause of his death was rheumatism of the heart.  His age was 81 years.  Mr. Wilkinson was an uncle to Marshall H. Fisk, Mrs. Selden Mitchell, Mrs. George D. Wilkinson and Mrs. Martha Tuttle, of this city. (Rome, NY)  (RCAug15/1884)

EDDY - The funeral of Mrs. CALVIN EDDY, of the Upper Mills (New York Mills, NY) was held at the M.E. Church last Sabbath afternoon (August 10, 1884).  The deceased has been a great sufferer from a cancer.   Rev. D.W. Aylesworth, of New Hartford, preached the sermon.  (RCAug15/1884)

ELY - In Westmoreland, New York.  Mrs. ERASTUS ELY, died very suddently Saturday evening (August 9, 1884), at the age of 65 years.  The funeral occurred yesterday (August 12, 1884) at her residence.  (RCAug15/1884)

From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Friday, August 22, 1884

ORTON - In Rome, New York August 20, 1884, MARGARY, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.A.W. Orton, aged 8 months. Funeral at the family residence, 40 Thomas Street.  (RCAug22/1884)

McWENIE - In Whitestown, New York, August 15, 1884, JOSEPH McWENIE, aged 60 years and 3 months.  (RCAug22/1884)

DILLENBECK - In Rome, New York, August 17, 1884, FRANK, only son of Mrs. Mary Dillenbeck, aged 7 months and 17 days.  (RCAug22/1884)

SPENCER - In Whitestown, New York, Sunday, August 17, 1884, ALBERT SPENCER, aged 66 years. Two years ago he was elected coroner for Oneida county.  His death necessitates the election of a third coroner in this county this fall.  (RCAug22/1884)

BUDLONG - In Deerfield, New York, Sunday, August 17, 1884, ADA MAY, daughter of William H. and Matilda D. Budlong, aged 8 years, 9 months and 27 days.  (RCAug22/1884)

SMITH - At Chadwick Mills, New York, August 17, 1884, THOMAS, only son of James F. and Anna M. Smith. aged 4 months.  (RCAug22/1884)

BELL - In St. Johnsville, New York, August 17, 1884, JAMES BELL, formerly of Rome, NY aged 84 years. His remains were brought to Rome, NY for interment.  (RCAug22/1884)

HARVEY - In Washington Mills, New York, Sunday, August 17, 1884, ANN, wife of E.C. Harvey, aged 75 years, 3 months and 12 days.  (RCAug22/1884)

BABCOCK - At Oriskany, New York, Monday, August 18, 1884, of heart disease, Dr. WELCOME A BABCOCK, aged 68 years, 4 months and 15 days.  (RCAug22/1884)

SCHACHTEL - In Utica, New York, August 16, 1884, at the residence of his grandfather, J. Fralick,  FRED, only son of William and Mary E. Schachtel, aged 4 months and 20 days.  (RCAug22/1884)

GOODRICH - At Iowa City, Iowa, August 16, 1884, CYRUS GOODRICH, formerly of Rathbunville, NY brother of Mrs. S. A. Comstock of Rome, NY, aged 68 years.  (RCAug22/1884)

LOOMIS - At his home in Washington Mills, New York, Tuesday, August 19, 1884, after a short illness, LEVI P. LOOMIS, aged 66 years and 3 months.  (RCAug22/1884)

DUDLEY - At Augusta, New York, August 19, 1884, DEBORAH W. KNAPP,  (obit follows)

     Deborah W. Knapp, wife of Wm. Dudley, died at her residence in Augusta, NY on Tuesday last (August 19, 1884).  She was a daughter of Thomas Knapp, and a sister of Supervisor Ezra A. Knapp, of Westmoreland, in which town she alsways lived up to the time of her marriage, seventeen years ago.  She had been a sufferer from consumption for several years, but her decline had been gradual till within the past two or three months.  Besides her family, consisting of husband, three sons and two daughters, she leaves a father, mother, three brothers and one sister.  Two brothers had crossed the river before her.  The deceased bore her sufferings with cheerfulness and resignation, and was ready and willing to go whenever the summonds should come.  The Christian's hope and confidence, were hers in an eminent degree throughout her sickness.  She was a member of the Presbyterian Church at Knoxboro, and in her the church and society lose an honored and useful member.  In her family relations she was particularly interesting, and her example and counsel she has given her children must have made impressions which  time cannot efface, and they will rise up and call her blessed.  Sweet is the memory of her.  (RCAug22/1884)

NISBET - La Porte, Indiana, August 14, 1884, Rev. SAMUEL NISBET, aged 78 years.  (RCAug22/1884)  (obit follows)

Delta Items.
     The people of this village and vicinity were shocked and pained last Thursday (August 14, 1884), when a telegram announced that Rev. Samuel Nisbet, of this place, had been run over by the cars and had died from the injuries thus received.  Mr. Nisbet started the Monday evening previous, accompanied by his daughter-in-law (who had been visiting here several weeks) intending to visit his sons in the West.  They reached La Porte, Ind., Wednesday morning, when the train stops ten minutes.  He got off here, but being misinformed, thought the train stopped twenty minutes instead of ten, consequently the train started before he was aware.  Catching hold of the railing to the platform he was thrown under the cars, the remainder of the train passing over his left leg, just below the knee, crushing it so that amputation became necessary.  To perform the operation medicines were given to relieve pain that made him unconscious, from which he did not revive.  His son Jefferson, living about 100 miles from La Porte, was telegraphed, and reached the scene of the accident a few hours before his father died.  He arrived here (Delta, NY) Friday morning with the remains.  A large number of friends and neighbors from this and adjourning towns were in attendance at the funderal, Saturday (August 16, 1884) at 11 o'clock.  Baron Steuben Lodge, F. and A.M. of which deceased was chaplain at the time of his death, attended in a body.  The funeral services were conducted by Rev. C. E. Dorr, assisted by Rev. J. W. Simpson of Lee Center, S. Dewey, of Taberg, and L.L. Palmer of Rome.  Mr. Nisbet was 78 years old and had passed the greater part of his life in Lee.  His wife died a year ago last winter.  After that he sold his farm and last summer purchased a residence in this village. Two sons and three daughters survive him -- Jefferson Nisbet, Earlville, Illinois, Samuel Nisbet, Jr., who also resides West:  Mrs. Caroline Markham, St. Johnsville, NY:  Mrs. Hannah Cook, Taberg, NY: and Mrs.  Dollie Edgerton, who had resided with her father since the death of her husband D.O. Edgerton, a few years ago.  Mr. Nisbet was a member of the M.E. Church, an examplary Christian, a zealous worker, and for several years a local preacher.  He will be greatly missed in the societies to which he belonged, and also by the community generally.  (RCAug22/1884)

FISK - At Rome, New York.  Mrs. MARSHALL H. FISK, whose serious illness we alluded to last week, died on Sunday, August 17, 1884.  She was buried from her home in Rome on Monday (August 18, 1884) afternoon.  (RCAug22/1884)

JOHNSON - At Alden, Freborn Co., Minnesota, boys JOHNSON, August 1884.  (RCAug22/1884)  (obit follows)

Sadly Afflicted.
     News has been received of the recent death of the three children of Albert Johnson, who lives about three miles from the village of Alden, Freborn Co., Minn.  Mr. Johnson is a son of William Johnson, of Lee, New York, and went West a few years ago full of hope and happiness.  The children were aged 6, 4, and 2 respectively, and the bright little fellows were the joy and pride of the parents' hearts; but the fell destroyer entered that home, and in four short weeks three fresh little mounds were visible in the church yard.  It was the scarlet fever that did the work.  Mr. Johnson himself has but just recovered from an illness of a typhoid character, which brought him almost to death's door.  The bereaved parents have many friends in this locality who deeply sympathize with them in their sorrow and grief.  (RCAug22/1884)

BEHLER - Near Rome, New York, August 19, 1884, JOSEPH BEHLER, (obit follows)

Fatal Railroad Accident
     An accident occurred on Tuesday (August 19, 1884) on the R. W. & O Railroad, on the passenger train due here at 1:25 P.M. which resulted in the instant death of the fireman on the engine, a young man named Joseph Behler, a son of William Behler, engineer on the same train, and both of them residents of Rome, NY.  When about five miles north of Rome, the side rod which connects the driving wheels of the engine broke in two pieces.  The piece on the forward wheel seems to have dropped off at once, but the other half of it remained attached to the rear wheel and with every revolution of the wheel it thrashed the cab with fearful force.  It soon broke the cab badly, and also broke a side brace to the boiler, so that the steam began to escape.  The engineer sounded his whistle, and feeling that they were in imminent danger from the escaping steam as well as from the fearful flail athat was whirling about their heads, began to look for a place to jump off.  He saw that they were then on the trestle work, where it would be fatal to jump;  he waited till they had got across it and jumped off in safely, as the air brakes had been set by the brakeman and the train had nearly stopped.  He soon overtook the train and exinguished the fire.  Then he missed his son, the fireman.  The escaping steam had hidden him from view from the first, and he did not know whether the young man had jumped or been knocked off the train by the revolving rod.
     The trainmen went back to look for the fireman, and found his remains about a quarter of a mile back from where the train had stopped.  He had jumped off in a cut, and, striking the bank, had been thrown back under the wheels of the train.  There was a bad cut across his face, a very severe fracture of the skull, the right shoulder blade was fractured, and both legs were cut nearly off below the knees.  Dr. Flandran, who was on the train, and who examined the remains said that death must have been instantaneous, or nearly so:  A coroner's jury was impaneled by Coroner Sutton, which, after listening to the evidence, found that no blame attached to any one.
Young Behler was buried yesterday, and a very large number of persons attended his funeral.  His father, who has been a faithful engineer for many years, feels his loss keenly.  The engine was badly used up, and it was necessary to send another for the train before it could get in.
     Besides parents,  a sister, Mrs. Charles Smith, of Galesburg, Illinois survives.   (RCAug22/1884)

From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Friday August 29, 1884

MARKART - In Rome, New York, August 26, 1884, DOROTHY MARKART, aged 85 years.  (RCAug29/1884)

OWENS - In Holland Patent, New York, Wednesday, August 27, 1884, JENNEATTE, wife of Owen T. Owens,  aged 45 years, 3 months and 11 days.  (RCAug29/1884)

STEELE - In Oriskany, Tuesday, August 26, 1884, ANNIE E. STEELE, aged 17 years, 6 months and 17 days.  (RCAug29/1884)

COLLINS - At Paris Hill, August 26, 1884, MARY, only daughter of Thomas and Julia Collins, aged 31 years and 5 months.  (RCAug29/1884)

SMITH - On Monday, August 25, 1884, at 9pm, at Buffalo, NY,  JOHN A. SMITH, only brother of Rev. P.J. Smith, of Rome, NY, aged 40 years.  His illness which prostrated him on his death bed was consumption of the bowels.  He was ill for two months.  (RCAug29/1884)

RUSSELL - In Rome, New York, August 27, 1884, ANDREW RUSSELL, aged 63 years.  Funeral will be from his late residence, corner Jay and Liberty streets.  He was a well known locomotive engineer.  He had been in poor health for a number of years, but the immediate cause of his death was cholera morbus, with which he was attacked on
Monday, August 25, 1884.   (RCAug29/1884)

PRATT - Near Blackman's Corners, in the town of Verona, New York, August 26, 1884, Mrs. SOPHIA PRATT, wife of William Pratt.  (RCAug29/1884)

COPELAND - At Brick Church, Orange, N.J., on Friday, August 15, 1884, HESTER ANN, wife of  Charles W. Copeland, engineer, of 151 Columbia Heights, Brooklyn, and mother of Mrs. Gustavus Swan of Westernville, New York, aged 76 years.  (RCAug29/1884)

JONES - At Kirkland, New York, August 24, 1884, MARGARET JONES, daughter of the late
Mrs. Alfred Jones, aged 29 years.  (RCAug29/1884)

JACKSON - At Sacketts Harbor, New York, August 12, 1884, of typhoid pneumonis, Miss IDA   J.  JACKSON, formerly of Boonville, NY, aged 28 years

CORBETT - At New Hartford, August 20, 1884, BRIDGET CORBETT, mother of Patrick and Maria Corbett, aged 73 years.  (RCAug29/1884)

JONES - In New Hartford, New York (Washington Mills Road), August 21, 1884, SARAH ANN, daughter of John and Mary E. Jones, aged 9 months and 6 days.  (RCAug29/1884)

EATON - In New Hartford, New York, August 26, 1884, MERCY A. EATON, aged 64 years.  (RCAug29/1884)

THOMAS - In New York Mills, New York, August 26, 1884, JOHN THOMAS, aged 45 years.  He died after a two year illness of consumption.  He leaves a wife, one son and three daughters.  (RCAug29/1884)

COLEMAN - MOSES COLEMAN, a Hebrew, of Utica, New York, died suddenly of heart disease last Monday, (August 25, 1884).  Coroner Sutton, of Rome, was sent for.  He made an examination, and did not deem it necessary to hold an inquest.  (RCAug29/1884)

YAGER - Near McConnellsville, New York, Sunday August 24, 1884, JOHN D. YAGER, aged 75.  (obit follows)

Suicide in Vienna.
     John D. Yager, a retired farmer living near McConnellsville, committed suicide by hanging last Sunday, (August 24, 1884).  His wife went to church in the afternoon at 2 o'clock, and when she returned home he was not in sight.  Thinking that he might have gone out riding with some friend, she felt no uneasiness, but when 5 o'clock, his brother-in-law called and inquired for him, they instituted  a search, and found him suspended by the neck with a rope.  The body was cold, and he had evendently been dead two or three hours.  Deceased was 75 years old, and had been a great sufferer, from rheumatism for a number of years.  His suffering had brought on melancholia, and this led to the fatal deed.  A coroner's jury impaneled by Dr. DuBois, of Camden, found that he had committed suicide while under aberration of mind.  (RCAug29/1884)

BURKE - Vernon, New York, Wednesday August 27, 1884, JERRY BURKE. (RCAug29/1884) (obit follows)

A Sad Accident.
     Wednesday morning, (August 27, 1884) about 8  o'clock, as Jerry Burke, who lives two miles south of Vernon, was driving to Oneida, he was struck by a West Shore train and instantly killed.  The crossing where the accident occurred is about a mile west of Vernon, and one in which the cars are in full view for half a mile either way, but is considered a dangerous crossing on account of the paralellism of the highway and railroad.  It is stated that the horses were unmanageable, and that Mr. Burke appeared to let them go in anticipation of clearing the track before the train could arrive.  But the train, which was the morning express, being two hours late, and going nearly sixty miles an hour on the steep down grade, met him on the track with the fearful result recorded.  The horses were literally torn into shreds.  (RCAug29/1884)

PERKINS - In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Monday, August 18, 1884, Dr. DAVID W. PERKINS.  (obit follows)

Death of Dr. D.W. Perkins.
     Many Romans whose residence here dates back thirty and forty years regret to learn of the death of Dr. David W. Perkins, which occurred in Milwaukee, Wisc., on Monday, Aug. 18, 1884, after a long and painful illness.  Thirty-five years ago Dr. Perkins was a leading dentist in Rome, New York, and was highly esteemed by all our citizens.  At that time he and Dr. J.V. Cobb and the late Samuel B. Stevens were prominent members of Rome Lodge of Odd Fellows, and many of the fraternity still living here will remember the lively times enjoyed when these gentlemen engaged in a triangular discussion.  They were all good men, and all have now laid off their armor and are enjoying a well earned repose.  May they rest in peace.  (RCAug29/1884)

DUDLEY - Augusta, New York.  Mrs. Wm. DUDLEY died  Tuesday night, August 19, 1884.  Her funeral was held Thursday, August 21, 1884.  (RCAug29/1884)

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