Rome Citizen Death Notices in 1884

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From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Friday, September 5, 1884

COOMBES - In Oriskany, New York, August 30, 1884, JULIET, wife of James F. Coombes, aged 61 years and 6 months.  (RCSep5/1884)

EVANS - At Yorkville, New York, August 31, 1884, KATIE A. EVANS, aged 27 years.  (RCSep5/1884)

WHEELER - At Saratoga, New York, August 29, 1884, AMANDA BAILEY, wife of Russell Wheeler, in the 57th year of her age.  (RCSep5/1884)

DE LING - In Rome, New York, September 1, 1884, HENRY P., son of George W. and Belle De Ling, aged 6 months and 4 days.  (RCSep5/1884)

LANDER - In Utica, New York, September 1, 1884, ISAAC W. LANDER, of Washington Mills, NY, aged 50 years.  (RCSep5/1884)

HUGHES - At New York Mills, New York, August 29, 1884, Mrs. ELIZABETH HUGHES, wife of Hugh Hughes, aged 82 years.  Died at the residence of her son, Robert T. Hughes.  She leaves an aged husband and several sons and daughters who deeply mourn the loss of their aged parent.  (RCSep5/1884)

CORKWELL - In Utica, New York, September 2, 1884, SARAH CORKWELL, aged 80 years, 11 months and 5 days.  (RCSep5/1884)

JONES - At Marcy, New York, September 1, 1884, EVAN J. JONES, aged 67 years.  (RCSep5/1884)

From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Friday September 12, 1884

JOSLIN - In Boonville, New York, August 31, 1884, LEMUEL B. JOSLIN, aged 62 years.  (RCSep12/1884)

EVANS - At Boonville, New York, August 28, 1884, LYDIA E. EVANS, aged 38 years, 6 months and 2 days.  (RCSep12/1884)

VAN  VOORHIS - In Boonville, New York, August 31, 1884, Mrs. CORNELIA VAN VORRIS, aged 86 years, 3 months and 22 days.  [two different spellings of last name in notice-transcriber]  (RCSep12/1884)

BICKFORD - In Camden, New York, August 28, 1884, HORATIO T. BICKFORD, aged 29 years.  (RCSep12/1884)

STEVENS - At the residence of her son-in-law, Geo. H. Rush, in Camden, New York, August 31, 1884, Mrs. HENRY STEVENS in the 81st year of her age.  (RCSep12/1884)

BROWN - In Camden, New York, September 1, 1884, THEODORE COSTELLO, infant son of Theodore and  Ella Brown, aged 3 days.  (RCSep12/1884)

POWERS - In Camden, New York, September 1, 1884, Miss LUCY POWERS, aged 30 years.  (RCSep12/1884)

McDANIELS - In Glenmore, New York, September 1, 1884, BERTIE, infant child of James and Ann McDaniels, aged 3 months.  (RCSep12/1884)

BISHOP - In Albion, New York, August 26, 1884, Dea. BUSHNELL BISHOP, aged 90 years.  His remains were interred in Westmoreland NY cemetery.  (RCSep12/1884)

HUMPHREY - In Nelson, Madison County, New York, August 25, 1884, HARRIET HUMPHREY, aged 93 years.  (RCSep12/1884)

BORK - In Lee, New York, August 10, 1884, CORA, only child of Francis and Adeline Bork, aged 7 days.  (RCSep12/1884)

COLE - In Rome, New York, of cholera infantum, September 5, 1884, WILLIE, son of Lawrence and Louisa Cole, aged 6 months and 20 days.  (RCSep12/1884)

KEENEY - At Clockville, New York, September 5, 1884, MARVIN KEENEY, brother of Rufus Keeney, of Rome,
New York, aged 79 years.  (RCSep12/1884)

BARBER - In Deansville, New York, September 5, 1884, CYRUS BARBER, father of Mrs. D.W. Cole, in his 88th year.  (RCSep12/1884)

EDGERTON - In Whitestown, New York, September 5, 1884, RILEY EDGERTON, in the 78th year of his age.  (RCSep12/1884)

FINERTY - In Whitestown, New York, September 3, 1884, PETER FINERTY, aged 62 years.  (RCSep12/1884)

HACKETT - In Utica, New York, September 5, 1884, WILLIAM R. b. HACKETT, aged 33 years.  (RCSep12/1884)

ROGERS - In Sauquoit, New York, September 5,, 1884, SOLOMON ROGERS, aged 83 years, 4 months and 4 days.  (RCSep12/1884)

GOODRICH - In Rome, New York, September 9, 1884, JOSIAH GOODRICH, aged 95 years.  (obit follows)

Death of a Very Old Man
     Josiah Goodrich died last Tuesday afternoon (September 9, 1884), at the residence of his son-in-law, J.H. Crawford, on Thomas street in Rome, New York.  Deceased was a very old man, having been born in Whitestown, in Oneida county, January 13, 1789.  He removed to Erie county, NY soon after the close of the last war with Great Britain, settling about thirty miles south-east of Buffalo, which section at that time was a howling wilderness.  He continued to reside there nearly fifty years, until the death of his wife, which occurred in the fall of 1864.  In June, 1865, he came to Rome to reside with his daughter, Mrs. J.H. Crawford, and has ever since made her house his home.  He raised a family of seven children, five of which are still living, viz: two daughters in Dunkirk, a son in Sardinia, Erie Co:, and two daughters in Rome -- Mrs. Crawford and Mrs. G.W. Martin.  Deceased enjoyed excellent health, never being sick during his old age, until two days before his death.  He was a man of excellent moral character, having been an avid temperance man all his life.  He lost his sight seven or eight years ago, but retained his other physical and mental faculties in a marked degree to the last.  The remains were taken to Erie County for interment.  (RCSep12/1884)

JONES - WILLIAM R.  JONES, formerly of Rome, New York, died of consumption of September 4, 1884, at the residence of his brother, Robert Jones, near Remsen, NY.  He was a bachelor and sixty years old.  He was also the brother of Samuel A. Jones of Rome, NY.  (RCSep12/1884)

From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Friday, September 19, 1884

DUNN - In Annsville, New York, September 6, 1884, THOMAS DUNN, aged 30 years.  (RCSep19/1884)

BROOKS - In Hawkinsville, New York, September 8, 1884, NAOMI BROOKS, aged 88 years and 4 months.  (RCSep19/1884)

HARRIS - In Clinton, New York, September 6, 1884, CLARK  HARRIS, son of John Harris, aged 1 year and  11 months.  (RCSep19/1884)

BROWNING - In Rome, New York, September 6, 1884, ALICE, wife of Charles H. Browning, aged 35 years.  (RCSep19/1884)

FIELD - At Vernon, New York, September 6, 1884, BELINDA FIELD, mother of Judson Field, aged 78 years.  (RCSep19/1884)

DUNN - In Higginsville, New York, September 2, 1884, Mrs. JAMES DUNN, aged about 55 years.  (RCSep19/1884)

WURTZ - In Deerfield, New York, September 10, 1884, ELIZABETH WURTZ, aged 44 years and 10 months.  (RCSep19/1884)

KIRKLAND - September 10, 1884, at Prospect House, Saranae Lake, New York, CHARLES  P. KIRKLAND, Jr., in the 43d year of his age. (RCSep19/1884)

PETTIBONE - In Vernon Center, New York, September 10, 1884, SUSANNA E., wife of the late Jay Pettibone. (RCSep19/1884)   (obit follows)

Vernon Center Items.
     Mrs. S.E. Pettibone, of Buffalo died very suddenly last Wednesday (September 10, 1884) at midnight at her house in Vernon Center, NY of apoplexy.  She had been here but a short time, and was intending to visit her daughter at Ticonderoga the present week.  She had been more than usually well recently, and had no warning of coming death until stricken about 9 o'clock.  The funeral was held at the house at 10am, Saturday (September 13, 1884), and the body taken to Buffalo, NY for interment.  Mrs. Morton Butler, of Ticonderoga, Mrs. E.T. Pierce of Minneapolis, and Mrs. Nora Pettibone of Buffalo, her daughters: Charles Pettibone, Mrs. M. Butler and E.J. Pierce were in attendance at the funeral.  J. Pettibone, of Warm Springs, Wyoming Territory and Fred Pettibone, of Rochester, were expected to meet the funeral cortege at Buffalo, New York.  (RCSep19/1884)

COPPERSMITH - In Rome, New York, September 13, 1884, of consumption, MARGARET, wife of Daniel Coppersmith, aged 36 years.  (RCSep19/1884)

BOGERT - In Deerfield, New York, September 14, 1884, PETER BOGERT, aged 61 years.  (RCSep19/1884)

McMULLEN - In Western, New York, September 9, 1884, THOMAS McMULLEN, aged 82 years, 9 months, 11 days. He was a member of the M.E. Church for over fifty years.  Rev. E.H. Waugh of Clinton, NY officiated at the funeral.  (RCSep19/1884)

NEY - In Vernon, New York, September 9, 1884, CHARLES NEY, aged 77 years.  (RCSep19/1884)

MANN - At Rome, New York, September 18, 1884, S. G. MANN.  (RCSep19/1884)   (obit follows)

A Sudden Death.
     S. G. Mann, a harness maker for R. M. Bingham and Co., died suddenly yesterday morning at the Franklin House, south of the railroad, where he had been Boarding for some time.  He was between 60 and 70 years of age, of regular habits, and apparently in good health.  He ate his breakfast and went to his work as usual, but soon returned to his boarding house complaining of feeling ill.  Dr. Flandran was sent for, but before he arrived the man was dead.  Coroner Sutton was notified, and impaneled a jury, consisting of James Hagerty, F.W. Fowler, Daniel O'Connell, H.B. Fitch, C.R. Hale, W.F. Monroe and B.R. Kenyon and then adjourned the inquest till this evening, to give opportunity to ascertain, if possible, his antecedents as he had no friends or relatives in Rome, NY, but letters were found in his possession from persons in Oneida and Oswego.  The body was given in charge of Orton & Sons, undertakers.
     Dr. Flandran made a post mortem examination, but found nothing that would account for his death save that the heart was in a softened condition.  It was probably a case of heart disease.  (RCSep19/1884)

WALLACE - West Branch, New York, September 12, 1884, boy Wallace, age 9.  (RCSep19/1884)   (obit follows)

Ava Items.
     Last Friday, (September 12, 1884) a son of Joseph Wallace, living near West Branch, aged about 9 years, accidentally shot himself in the bowels while playing with a revolver.  Mr. Wallace had gone off to buy cattle, and did not return home until Saturday night.  Mrs. Wallace had left the house for a short time, and the boy unlocked the drawer where the revolver was kept, took it out, and, placing the muzzle against his body attempted to cock it, when it was accidentally discharged, the ball passing through his bowels and causing death in a short time.  The funeral services were held at the house on Monday, (September 15, 1884).   (RCSep19/1884)

CARLISLE - WILLIAM  JAMES CARLISLE, died last Friday (September 12, 1884) at the residence of Hugh Carlisle, three miles north of Taberg, New York, after a lingering illness of nearly three years.  His sufferings have been intense, but he has borne them with a degree of patience and fortitude rarely seen in persons of his age.  He was 29 years , 4 months, and 21 days old.  The funeral was largely attended from St. John's Church, Sunday, (September 14, 1884) and the remains were taken to Rome NY for interment.  (RCSep19/1884)

MOTT - The funeral of S.S. MOTT, one of the oldest residents in Lee, New York, was held in the M.E. Church last Sunday, (September 14, 1884) at 11am.  Rev. Simpson preached on the occasion, from the words:  "The last enemy, Death, shall be destroyed."  A full house gathered in to sympathize with the bereaved family.  Deceased was 76 years old.  He leaves a wife and several children and grandchildren to mourn.  (RCSep19/1884)

CRILL - In North Western, New York, September 14, 1884, LEVI CRILL.  (obit follows)

Steuben Items.
     A general gloom was cast upon the towns of Steuben and Western last Sunday, (September 14, 1884) by the announcement of the death of Levi Crill.  Mr. C. formerly owned and occupied a farm in Steuben, where he lived many years.  Later he purchased a farm in Western, on which he resided till his health became too much impaired for active labor, when re removed to North Western -- purchasing a house and lot in that village in which he continued to reside till his death.  He was well liked by all who knew him, and his afflicted family have the sympathy of many friends in their bereavement.  He leaves a wife, children, and other relatives.  (RCSep19/1884)

From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Friday, September 26, 1884

BOWER - At Whitesboro, New York, Saturday, September 13, 1884, JOHN BOWER, aged 25 years, 9 months and 13 days.  (RCSep26/1884)

WILLIAMS - Near Delta, New York, September 14, 1884, THOMAS WILLIAMS, aged 31 years, 1 month, and 7 days.  Funeral was held at his mother's residence.  Burial was in Wright Settlement cemetery.  (RCSep26/1884)

BUSH - In Whitesboro, New York, September 17, 1884, LEE BUSH, aged 76 years, 6 months and 13 days.  (RCSep26/1884)

ASHLEY - In Walesville, New York, September 15, 1884, of cholera infantum, EVA FRANCES, daughter of  William M. and Frankie Douglass Ashley, aged 15 months and 1 day.  (RCSep26/1884)

DuVILLAR - In Boonville, New York, September 17, 1884, FREDERICK DuVILLAR, aged 61 years and 6 months.  (RCSep26/1884)

STIMSON - In Boonville, New York, September 12, 1884, JULIA A., wife of Clinton D. Stimson, aged 72 years, 6 months and 20 days.  (RCSep26/1884)

PARSONS - In Forestport, New York, September 17, 1884, JOSEPH PARSONS, aged 5 months.  (RCSep26/1884)

FRY - In Rome, New York, September 18, 1884, LIZZIE FEY, nee BEHA, wife of Louis Fey, aged 27 years, 2 months and 16 days.  (RCSep26/1884)

ROBSON - In Whitestown, New York, September 21, 1884, ISAAC  ROBSON, aged 76 years and 11 months.  (RCSep26/1884)

FAGAN - In Washington Mills, New York, September 2, 1884, HENRY FAGAN, son of James and Ann Fagan, aged 30 years, 8 months and 2 days.  (RCSep26/1884)

DIBBLE - Suddenly, at her home in Oneida Castle, New York, September 4, 1884, of heart disease, at the age of 76 years, Mrs. SARAH M. DIBBLE, a sister of F. E. and P. A. Parkhurst, with whom she resided, of Mrs. Ezra Mansfield, of Verona, NY, of General J.P. Parkhurst, of Coldwater, Michigan, and of the late William S. Parkhurst, of Rome, New York.  (RCSep26/1884)

TOWNSEND - At her home in Westmoreland, New York, September 18, 1884, of consumption, Miss MARY B. TOWNSEND, only sister of Mrs. Luke Coan, of Westmoreland, NY, aged 65 years.  (RCSep26/1884)

PERRIN - At her home in Forestport, New York, September 20, 1884, at 1 A.M.,  JESSIE W., wife of William J. Perrin, aged 24 years.  (RCSep26/1884)

DUNN - At Willowvale, New York, September 16, 1884, Mrs. JAMES DUNN, aged 64 years.  (RCSep26/1884)

LEWIS - At New York Mills, New York, September 17, 1884, MARGARET, daughter of William and Mary Lewis, aged 17 years and 11 months.  (RCSep26/1884)

PHILO - At the residence of her son in Washington Mills, New York, September 17, 1884, PHEBE PHILO, of West Frankfort, NY, aged 66 years, 8 months and 28 days.  (RCSep26/1884)

BENEDICT - At Houghton Seminary, Clinton, New York, September 13, 1884, MURRAY GARDINER, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Benedict, aged 8 months and 3 days.  (RCSep26/1884)

SHATTUCK - In New York city, NY, September 23, 1884, LEWIS H. SHATTUCK, aged 50 years, 2 months and 6 days.  He died of Bright's disease.  He was the Democratic candidate for Mayor of Utica last spring.  (RCSep26/1884)

GREENE - At Green's Corners, New York, September 16, 1884, ELIZA  NORTHRUP  GREENE, (obit follows)

Death of Mrs. J. B. Greene.
     Mrs. Eliza Northrup Greene, wife of the venerable Joseph B. Greene, died at her home at Greene's Corners, September 16, 1884.  Deceased was born at Woolbridge, Conneticut, September 3, 1803, and was therefore at her death a little more than 81 years of age.  Her maiden name was Northrup, and she was married at Clinton, Oneida County, NY December 23, 1824 to Mr. Greene, with whom she has lived happily at Green's Corners almost sixty years.  Her bereaved husband survives her at the age of 83 and this sad blow which separates him from the loved wife with whom he has lived so long, almost crushes him to the earth.  Five children -- four daughters and one son -- were born to thm.  The boy died when about three years old, and one of the daughters, a promising young lady, died in the bloom of her youth.  The three who survive him are Mrs. E. Stone, of Whitestown, NY,
Mrs. W. E. Phillips, of Green's Corners, and Miss Harriet Greene, who resides at home with her bereaved father.
Her funeral was largely attended, September 19, 1884, at 10 A.M.   Elder Clark, of Churchville, conducted the exercises in a brief and impressive manner.  His remarks were from Matt., 25th chap. 21st verse -- "Well done good and faithful servant."  The singing was selected and well rendered by the Sabbath School members.
H.G. and S. Wright, J.G. and C. Green acted as bearers.  J. Wiggins, of Rome, NY had charge of the remains, which were deposited in the cemetery at Green's Corners.  (RCSep26/1884)

ROOT - In Stanwix, New York, September 25, 1884, Mrs. MARY  ROOT widow of the late George Root, of Stanwix, died at her home there last evening (Sept. 25, 1884) of bronchial consumption, she leaves only one son, John Root.  (RCSep26/1884)

From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Friday, October 3, 1884

JONES - In Remsen, New York, September 26, 1884, CATHERINE wife of D.W. Jones, aged 19 years, 8 months and 4 days. (RCOct3/1884)

WHITE - At McConnellsville, New York, September 18, 1884, JOANNA WHITE, mother of A.M. White, aged 75 years.  (RCOct3/1884)

WILSON - In Vienna, New York, September 21, 1884, WILLIAM WILSON, aged 84 years.  (RCOct3/1884)

KILTS - In Ava, New York, September 20, 1884, EDITH PEARL KILTS, aged 3 months and 12 days. (RCOct3/1884)

HYLAND - In Boonville, New York, September 24, 1884, Mrs. ELIZABETH HYLAND, aged 85 years and 9 months. (RCOct3/1884)

HARLOW - In Hawkinsville, New York, September 11, 1884, WILLIE W. HARLOW, aged 5 months and 26 days. (RCOct3/1884)

MOULTON - In Floyd, New York, September 24, 1884, Mrs. ELIZABETH W. MOULTON, widow of the late Lewis J. Moulton, aged 62 years, 11 months and 1 day. (RC-Oct3/1884)

HYLAND - In Rome, New York, September 27, 1884, MARY MALLOY, wife of John Hyland, aged 60 years. (RCOct3/1884)

PIERCE - In Clayville, New York, September 24, 1884, CLARA BELLE, infant daughter of Charles E. and Francella Pierce, aged 2 months and 26 days. (RCOct3/1884)

FRENCH - HENRY ADELBERT, infant son of Rev. J.H. and Etta French, formerly of Westernville, New York, now of Springville, Iowa, of chlora infantum, aged 5 months and 6 days. (RCOct3/1884)

COLE - Mrs. HANNAH COLE, was born in England, October 26, 1786, and died in Marcy, New York, May 30, 1884, aged 97 years, six months and four days, as near as can be known.  Her maiden name was Reader.  She was married to Ridley Cole in 1815, in Lincolnshire, England, with whom she led an active and useful life of forty-nine years, when he was removed by death to the land where the inhabitants do not die.  Six children were born to them, four sons and two daughters, all of whom preceded her to eternity except one daughter, Mrs. Payne, herself a widow, with whom she had spent the evening of her life and in whose house she died full of years.
     She came to this country with her husband in 1831, where with quite limited means by industry and economy they secured a comfortable home for themselves and children.  She was converted in 1810 in England, her native home, and immediately joined the Wesleyan body of Christians to whom she was devoutly attached, being made a class leader according to the customs of our English bretheran, magnifying the office and making it honorable. (RC-Oct3/1884)

CONKLING - Riverhead, Suffolk County, New York, October 1, 1884, ROSCOE CONKLING. (obit follows)

Roscoe Conkling Killed.
     Roscoe Conkling, a boy 16 years old, and a distant relative of ex-Senator Conkling, was instantly killed on the Suffolk County fair grounds here to-day, by being struck on the head with the base ball bat.  A match game between the Sayville and Ronkonkoma clubs had been called at 1 o'clock. There was a large crowd of spectators, many of whom crowded closely around the home plate as the game increased in interest.  Among them was young Conkling, who was in the front rank of the eager lookers-on.  The umpire and others repeatedy warned the crowd to stand back.
     At the beginning of the last half of the third inning, Lincoln Nugent, of Patchogue, was at bat.  He had had two strikes called on him, and the crowd pressed closely around as he got himself together for his last chance.  He struck with terrific force at a swift shoulder ball, which he hit a glancing blow, the bat at the same time flying like lightening from his hands into the crowd not ten feet away.  The heavy butt end of it struck young Conkling squarely in the face, while the handle whipped around and hit Isaiah Hollock, of Northville, breaking his jaw.
     Conkling sank to the ground and expired almost instantly.  His upper lip was cut through and his cheek and nose were crushed in.   Death was caused by concussion of the brain.  His body was removed to Undertaker Hill's rooms, where Coroner Preston, of Greenport, held an inquest.  A verdict of accidental death was rendered.  Young Nugent ran around the bases before he knew his club had hit anybody.  He was much distressed over the accident, and shed tears while testifying before the coroner.
     The father and mother of young Conkling are dead, and he was brought up by O.B.Corey, of Cutchogue.  Mr. Corey was telegraphed to and came up by the next train.  The remains of the dead boy will be taken to Cutchogue, next Friday and the funeral will take place at Mr. Corey's residence on that day.  (RC-Oct3/1884)

LOVELAND - Mrs. POLLY P. LOVELAND died at her home in Florence, New York, Friday, September 19, 1884, in the 82d year of her age.  She was the mother of Rev. Philander J. Loveland, of Taberg, NY.  Her funeral was largely attended on Sunday, (September 21, 1884) from the M.E. Church at Florence, NY, the pastor, Rev. Mr. Harris officiating. (RCOct3/1884)

DeRYTHER - At Rome, New York, September 28, 1884, JOHN DeRYTHER, (obit follows)

Death of John DeRyther.
     John DeRyther, a gentleman who has resided in Rome for more than thirty years, past, died in his room in the Arlington Hotel about 11 o'clock last Sunday (September 28, 1884) night.  His health had not been good for several years, and he had many bad spells.  He was on the street last Saturday, but in the evening was taken quite ill and died in about twenty-four hours.  Congestion of the lungs and asthmatic difficulty were the immediate cause of his death.  Drs. West, True and Lawton held a consultation on his case Sunday evening, and decided he could not live long.  He was conscious till within fifteen minutes of the end.  Deceased was about 50 years old.  He leaves a widow -- Madame Jule DeRyther, of New York city, a sister of Mrs. Geo. P. Russ -- and also relatives in Brooklyn and in Lewis County, where he was born.
     For twenty-five years he was freight agent for the NY Central at this point, (Rome,NY) and was also for many years engaged in the draying business in company with Jerome Graves.  He had held the offices of Alderman and City Collector, and on one occasion was the Democratic nominee for County Treasurer, but was not elected.
     He was a pleasant, genial gentleman, and probably no person in the place had more friends or fewer enemies that he.  His remains were removed Monday to the residence of his brother-in-law, Geroge P. Russ, on Floyd avenue, where funeral ceremonies were held on Wednesday afternoon.  Rev. Dr. Egar officiating.  Mayor F.E. Mitchell, Alderman W.S. Wylie, Jerome Graves, F.B. Beers, John Groves and John Refert acted as bearers.  The remains were taken to Martinsburgh, Lewis Co., for interment in the family lot. (RCOct3/1884)

From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Friday October 10, 1884

HUTCHINSON - In Westmoreland, New York, Monday, October 6, 1884, WILLIAM HITCHINSON, aged 77 years and 5 months.  He leaves an aged and feeble widow. (RCOct10/1884)

ROBERTS - In New Hartford, New York, Friday, October 3, 1884, MAGGIE M., wife of George W. Roberts and daughter of David and Ann Perry of Cassville, New York, aged 28 years. (RCOct10/1884)

BURGMAN - At his residence, in the town of Ava, New York, October 2, 1884, CHARLES H. BURGMAN, son of the late Jacob Burgman. (RCOct10/1884)

GOFF - In New York Mills, New York, of diphtheria, October 1, 1884, EDITH H., oldest daughter of A.W. and the late Eliza Goff, aged 9 years and 6 months. (RCOct10/1884)

REDNER - In Whitesboro, New York, October 1, 1884, FRANCIS M., daughter of Isaac and Hannah Redner, and granddaughter of the late Martin Toben, aged 7 years, 8 months and 20 days. (RCOct10/1884)

BEFORD - JOHN BEFORD, aged 12, in attempting to walk the railing of the canal bridge at Cohoes, Wednesday (October 8, 1884), fell to the towpath and was fatally injured. (RCOct10/1884)

LAWRENCE - As Mrs. J.B. LAWRENCE, of New York city, was out riding at Newtown, L.I., Wednesday (October 8, 1884), a Long Island train struck her phaeton and she was killed. (RCOct10/1884)

From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Friday, October 17, 1884

GREMS - Last Thursday, October 9, 1884, death entered the home of Clinton Grems, of Western, New York, and removed his youngest child, a bright eyed boy baby, not quite a year old.  It was sick only about 24 hours.  The funeral services were held at the house on Saturday (October 11, 1884) by Rev. D.D. Barnes, of Boonville, NY.  The grief stricken family have the sympathy of the entire community in their bereavement. (RCOct17/1884)

From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Friday, October 24, 1884

SERVEY - In Utica, New York, Monday, October 13, 1884, Mrs. SARAH J., widow of the late Morris Servey, aged 53 years. (RCOct24/1884)

BENEDICT - In Rome, New York, October 10, 1884, Mrs. MASON BENEDICT, mother of Mrs. E.J. Lawton. (RCOct24/1884)

JONES - In Kirkland, New York, October 15, 1884, ALFRED E. JONES, son of the late Alfred and Mary Jones, in the 21st year of his age. (RCOct24/1884)

WATKINS - At Trenton, New York, October 17, 1884, FRANCES, daughter of Marion and the late Artemus Watkins, aged 59 years. (RCOct24/1884)

BABCOCK - In Camden, New York, October 14, 1884, PATIENCE, wife of Riley M. Babcock, aged 40 years. (RCOct24/1884)

ORAM - In Camden, New York, October 12, 1884, EVERETTA ORAM, aged 18 years, daughter of Mrs. Samuel Coleclough. (RCOct24/1884)

KNOWLES - At the residence of her daughter, in Deansville, New York, October 4, 1884, Mrs. MARGARET KNOWLES, aged 91 years. (RCOct24/1884)

BRADLEY - In Walesville, New York, Friday, October 17, 1884, ELLEN A., wife of Horace Bradley, in her 52d year. (RCOct24/1884)

BRYANT - At her residence in the town of Marcy, New York, Friday, October 17, 1884, Miss HARRIET M. BRYANT, aged 60 years.  (RCOct24/1884)

NISBET - CHARLES NISBET, a son of the late Isaac Nisbet of Stokes, New York, died in New York city Tuesday, October 21, 1884.  His funeral will be held at the residence of Mason Wentworth, and Rev. J.W. Simpson will officiate. (RCOct24/1884)

HOUGHTON - The funeral of CHARLES K. HOUGHTON, of West Lee, New York was held at his late residence October 22, 1884.  Rev. J.W. Simpson preached on the occasion.  Deceased was aged about 75 years.  His remains were interred in the Valley Cemetery. (RCOct24/1884)

SEYMOUR - Mrs. COLIN SEYMOUR, who, as was reported, fell and broke her hip some time ago, died Monday, October 20, 1884 morning at the advanced age of 94 years.  She was born in the town of Western, New York, where she spent all her life, respected by all who knew her.  Her husband served in the war of 1812, and she was drawing a pension for such services at the time of her death.  Her funeral was held October 21, 1884 at the church, at 2 o'clock (in Delta, NY), Rev. D. Ballon of Utica, conducted the funeral services. (RCOct24/1884)

FREEMAN - In Rome, New York, October 18, 1884, W.R. FREEMAN, (obit follows)

W.R. Freeman's Death.
     Our community was shocked last Saturday (October 18, 1884) afternoon by receiving news of the sudden death of W.R. Freeman, for many years a respected resident of Rome, NY.  Last winter he suffered a severe stroke of paralysis, and it was several months before he recovered sufficiently to be about the streets and attend to business.  He retired Friday night in his usual health, but had been in bed only a short time when he suffered another stroke, which was followed by others at intervals till he died.  Deceased was aged 54 years.  He was born in Western and removed to this city some thirty years ago, when he engaged in the grocery and confectionery business.   For the past few years however, he had been engaged in the sewing machine trade.  Mr. Freeman was a consistent member of the Liberty Street M.E. Church, where his funeral was held Tuesday (October 21, 1884) afternoon.  Rev. Robert Flint, of Masion, officiating.  Besides a wife and an adopted daughter, Mrs. John Pillmore, several brothers and a sister are left. (RCOct24/1884)

TABOLD - In Lee Center, New York.  ALFRED TABOLD, died of typhoid fever, on Saturday, October 18, 1884.  The funeral was held at his father's home, Monday, October 20, 1884, Rev. S.M. Fisk officiating.  His remains were intered in the Flint-town Cemetery. Deceased was 24 years of age. (RCOct24/1884)

HILLS - At Vernon Center, New York. The funeral of Mrs. CHLOE HILLS was held at her late residence last Sunday October 19, 1884 afternoon.  Her death occurred last Thursday morning (October 16, 1884) about eleven o'clock. (RCOct24/1884)

TALLMAN - JOSEPH TALLMAN, a former resident of New York Mills, NY, who committed suicide in Solsville, New York on Friday last (October 17, 1884), was interred in the cemetery in New York Mills, NY last Sunday afternoon (October 19, 1884).  Mental depression on account of business affairs is supposed be the cause of the act. (RCOct24/1884)

From ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Friday October 31, 1884

THOMAS - In Rome, New York, October 27, 1884, SARAH A., wife of R.W. Thomas, in the 57th year of her age. (RCOct31/1884)

COOPER - In North Bay, New York, October 21, 1884, AMSON H. COOPER, aged 75 years. (RCOct31/1884)

HORN - In East Florence, New York, STEPHEN HORN, aged 83 years. (RCOct31/1884)

PIKE - In McConnellsville, New York, October 10, 1884, DAVID PIKE, aged 84 years. (RCOct31/1884)

YOUNG - In Boonville, New York, October 17, 1884, GRACE K., daughter of George Young, aged 1 year, 2 months, and 27 days. (RCOct31/1884)

BRANAUGH - In Boonville, New York, October 20, 1884, NELLIE BRANAUGH, wife of James Branaugh, aged 31 years, 4 months and 15 days. (RCOct31/1884)

WHITMAN - L.B. Wentworth sent a copy of the LeRoy TIMES, from which is learned that CORNELIUS WHITMAN, of Pavillion, New York, a son of the late John Whitman, one of the early settlers of Lee NY, died at his home the latter part of September 1884.  He was a native of Lee, and was born December 8, 1816.  In 1884 he removed to Pavillion.  Mr. W. was married in 1857.  He leaves a wife and daughter to mourn. (RCOct31/1884)

ROOT - WARD ROOT, an old resident of Vernon, New York, died Monday, October 27, 1884.  He was a man of exemplary character and respected by all who knew him. (RCOct31/1884)

Barbara Andresen