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Mailing Lists
To subscribe to any of the mail lists listed below, leave the subject line blank and put subscribe in the body of the message.  Be sure to remove your signature line. A mailing list for lost Indian tribes of the southeastern US.
 ATTAKULLAKULLA-L -- Descendants of Attakullakulla, Chickamauga Cherokee
 CHEROKEE-L -- Cherokee history and culture.
 CherokeeGene-L -- Cherokee genealogy.
 CHOCTAW-L --  Choctaw Indian tribe.
 CREEK-SOUTHEAST-L --  Creek Indians
 FIVECIVILTRIB-L --  Five "Civilized" Tribes
 NAOTTAWA-L --  Ottawa Indian Nation.
 NATIVEAMERICAN-DELMARVA-L -- Native American ancestry in Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia.
 SEMINOLE-WARS-L --  Seminole wars

Visit the Freedmen of the Five Civilzed Tribes for the following:
 Cherokee Freedmen Index Roll Numbers
 Cherokee Freedmen Minor Children
 Choctaw Freedmen Index Roll Numbers
 Choctaw Minor Roll Numbers
 Chickasaw Freedmen Index Roll Numbers
 Creek Freedmen Index Roll Numbers
 Creek Freedmen Newborn Index Roll Numbers
 Creek Freedmen Minors Index Roll Number
 Seminole Freedmen Index Roll Numbers
 Seminole Freedmen Newborn Index Roll Number