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Welcome to Oneida County, NY GenWeb!
In 1798, Oneida County was created from a part of Herkimer County. This county was larger than the current Oneida County, including the present Jefferson, Lewis, and part of Oswego Counties. In 1805, Jefferson and Lewis Counties were split off from Oneida. Visit NYS Census maps for an interesting view of NYS Map.

This site has grown huge over the past 10 years! We currently have approximately 275 full cemetery
listings online out of about 320. We have around 125 pages of Census Records of various years, 
over 50,000 Obituary Extractions, Death Notices from mid-1800's (14 years-consisting of the 
entire year), various Birth, Death & Marriage Records & various Obituaries donated by researchers.

This site is still under construction. If you find an error, please email me.

Oneida County's Gleaner Award New York County of the Month - December 1998


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