An article appeared in the Rome Daily Sentinel on May 29, 1912
SOLDIERS OF THREE WARS Whose Graves are in

Matthew CLARK, who served at Valley Forge.  Robert BANBRIDGE, James
RIGGS, and Stephen CLEVELAND are supposed to be buried here but their
graves have not yet been definitely located.

WAR OF 1812:

Fenner SHELDON, George HAWKINS, Hezekiah ELMER (musician) - 157th Regiment;
Stephen PORTER, Joseph A. CLARK, lieutenant - 157th Regiment;
Hazzard STEDMAN, Gates PECK (captain), 157th Regiment;
Eliakim ELMER (musician) 157th Regiment;
Harvey PARK, John N. COUNTRYMAN, Joshua COLMAN, Daniel SMITH Sr. (corporal) 72nd. Regiment;
Stephen SALISBURY, 157 Regiment;  Henry FULLER, Stephen CORNISH, Latimer BAILEY, Nathaniel WOOD, 157th. Regiment;  Otis SALISBURY, 157th Regiment.

WAR OF 1861-65:

Daniel McDOUGALL, Co. E 27th Illinois Volunteers;
Charles BROWER, Co. C, 97th N.Y.S. Volunteers,
Byron J. NISBET, Co. F, 146th N.Y.S. Volunteers;
George DARLING, Co. L 15th N.Y.S. Engineers,
G. Ferd. HAWKINS, Co. C 22nd. N. Y. Volunteer Cavalry,
Amasa MOORE, Co. I, 146th N. Y. S. Volunteers,
Thomas PIPER, corporal, Battery H, 3rd. N.Y. Light Artillery;
Bradnor WOOLSEY, Co. G 2nd. N.Y. Heavy Artillery;
Lawrence HORR, Co. H, 121st. N. Y.S. Volunteers,
A. Jerome EAMES, Battery H, 3rd.N.Y. Light Artillery;
Dolphus S. CORBETT, Co. C 117th N. Y. S. Volunteers;
George W. ALLEN, sergeant, Battery H 3rd. N.Y. Light Artillery;
Dr. R. H. ROBINSON, 1st. lieutenant, Co. G 2nd. N.Y. Volunteer Cavalry, ;
Major Albert James TUPPER, Battery H, 3rd. N.Y. Light Artillery;
Samuel F. NISBET, Co. C. 5th U.S. Infantry (Indian campaign after civil war);
Charles M. KAST, Co. K 157th N.Y.S. Volunteers,
Charles R. PRATT, Co. H. 11th Illinois Volunteers,
George W. BELLINGER, sergeant, Co. D 146th N.Y.Volunteers,
Orville M. POTTER, corporal, Battery H, 3rd. N.Y. Light Artillery;
David B. DAVIS, Co. F 1st. Nevada Cavalry;
Samuel KREBS, Co. F, 146th N.Y.S. Volunteers,
Leopold EFFINGER, Co. L 15th N.Y. Engineers;
Patrick BRADY, Co. L 15th N.Y. Engineers,
John YOURDAN, Co. C, 26th. N.Y.S. Volunteers;
John S. ODELL, Co. E, 147th N.Y.S. Volunteers,
Cornelius DINGMAN, Battery H, 1st. N.Y. Light Artillery;
Horace R. GRAHAM, Co. K, 114th N.Y.S. Volunteers;
Josiah CUSHMAN, Co. K, 189th N.Y.S. Volunteers;
David KARLEN, Co. F, 67th Pennseylvania Volunteers;
Jack WILLIAMS, Co. E, 97th N.Y.S. Volunteers.