William Allen

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Including parts of adjoining townships of STEUBEN AND TRENTON

By Millard F. ROBERTS
Published by the author 1914

Film # 974.762/RI

WILLIAM ALLEN was an early settler in Remsen, locating about a quarter of a mile north of Fairchild Corners, and immediately north of the Nathaniel ROCKWOOD farm.  Mr. ALLENs farm was once owned by Solomon FRAME, but whether before or after Mr. ALLENs occupancy we are unable to learn.  In later years the placed was owned by David DAVIS (FRAME).  William ALLEN was of the Free Will Baptist persuasion, and a regular attendant at the church of his choice, traveling eight miles to Russia nearly every Sunday for this purpose.  His children were Saloma, who married a Mr. BURROWS, of Rome; Amanda, who married Schuyler WHEELER; Elmira, who married a Mr. SANDERSON; Amos, who married Ann, daughter of Jeremiah Bonner; Luther, who married Lydia A. BURROWS; Lorinda; Lucy; Rebecca; Lovina, who married Dr. CORDELL, of Booneville; and Fanny, who married a Mr. SKIFF.

JOHN HATCH, originally from Connecticut, after ward residing at Floyd, came to Remsen at an early day.  His children were Susan, the second wife of Jacob LEWIS; Dama (Mrs. TURNER); Sophia, wife of Delos BEAURHYTE; Sarah A., wife of Dr. George P. BRIDGEMAN; and one son, John, Jr.

WILLIAM PERRY came from Caer Mer, Llanengan, Carnarvonshire, North Wales, on the same vessel with Dr. Daniel ROBERTS, in 1818.  His wife, Mary, was a  sister of the doctor.  He purchased and cleared a farm on the Glynn road, afterward known as the TINMAN place.  They had four children, Robert, Anna, John and Jane.  Robert was a skillful surgeon whose proficiency in that line was far in advance of all in the profession in this section in the early