Canals of Oneida County

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Division Engineer GERE Makes His Assignments of Subordinates

Division Engineer W. H. H. GERE yesterday assigned the men who are to be employed in the canal survey in the middle canal survey in the middle canal division, preparatory to the contemplated canal improvements.  The squads are divided and are in charge of assistant engineers as follows:

Section No. 1, eastern line of Oneida County to Greenfield’s bridge – George C. DIEHL
Section No. 2, Greenfield’s bridge to Durhamville – Reeves SMITH
Section No. 3, Durhamville to Kirkville – Marshall B. PALMER
Section No. 4, Kirkville to Gere’s lock – D. R. LEE
Section No. 5, Gere’s lock to two miles west of Jordan – W. W. JEFFERS
Section No. 6, Fields’ bridge to Wayne County line – Clarence M. RAYNOR
Oswego Canal, Section No. 2, Phoenix to Oswego Harbor – Henry C. ALLEN.

State Engineer and Surveyor ADAMS has organized and sent out corps of engineers and their assistants to begin the survey of all the State canals preliminary to the preparation of plans for the improvements authorized under the $9,000,000 appropriation act. Twenty-five parties will conduct the work.  Each party consists of one assistant engineer, tow levelers, two rodmen and four chainmen.  Nine parties will survey the eastern division, consisting of the eastern division of the Erie and the entire Champlain Canal; seven parties the middle division, consisting of middle division of the Erie and the entire Oswego Canal, as stated above, and nice parties the western division, consisting of the portion of the Erie west of Rochester.  The parties engaged on the Erie and Oswego canals will each have an average of eighteen miles to survey, and those on the Champlain, an average of twenty-two miles each.

It is expected that the surveys will be completed and the plans prepared within the next three weeks, so that the work on the improvements may be commenced early in the spring.