Students of George Washington Clinch

Sent in by Cynthia Richardson.
This contains the names of the pupils taught by George Washington Clinch in four
different schools: Tilden Hill, Hecla, Lowell, and Maxon.

Cynthia Richardson
All rights reserved

Names are taken from a typewritten list, possibly made from memory by Mr. Clinch as nicknames seem to be used, and one student is listed as "His Brother."  Some names appear to be missing from the Hecla and Lowell lists.  Spelling has been preserved.  Information in italics is from Mr. Clinch's personal history.

Nov 8, 1894 to Mar 31, 1895 attended Vernon High School (age 21).  Passed Regents Preliminary Examination and March passed examination for Third Grade Teachers Certificate at one examination.

Sep 30, 1895 - May 25, 1896 taught school 32 weeks at Red School House near Tilden Hill District No. 4 Verona for $5.00 a week = $160.  13 pupils.  Israel Youngs, Trustee.

Tilden Hill School Names of Pupils, 1895-1896
Bennett, Grover
Bennett, Jennie
Brown, Arthur
Cox, John
Cox, Mary
Cox, Truman
Eckhart, Arthur
Eckhart, Henry
Ostrander, G. Earl
Ronspeese, Frances
Ronspeese, Lee
Ronspeese, Lulu
Ronspeese, Willie

October 5, 1896 to May 25, 1897 taught Hecla School District No. 4, Town of Westmoreland 32 weeks at $6.00 a week = $192.00.  Had 39 or 40 pupils.  James Thomas, Trustee.

Hecla School Names of Pupils, 1896 - 1897
Allwood, Bessie
Allwood, Blanche
Allwood, Gertrude
Allwood, John
Allwood, Laura
Allwood, Philip
Besig, (Brother of Carter)
Besig, Carter
Hinckley, Hazel
Mahoney, Agnes
Mahoney, John
Mahoney, Martin
Mahoney, Thomas
Meyers, Gorden
Murphey, Eddie
Murphey, Fred
Murphey, Thomas
Murphey, Tom
Nelson, Arthur
Nelson, Floyd
Nelson, Grace
Nelson, Lena
Nelson, Mabel
Rauscher, Floyd
Sanger, Anna
Sanger, Cora
Sanger, Eugene
Sanger, Walter
Siegman, Fred
Thornley, Lizzie
Tudman, Adelbert
Wagner, Elden
Wagner, Floyd
Wagner, Harry
Waters, Grace
Wells, Arthur
Wells, Erma
Youngs, Carrie
Youngs, Willie

Oct 4, 1897 to June 1898 taught School District No. 6 Town of Westmoreland at Lowell.  Had 44 pupils.  Chas Goodale, Trustee.

Lowell School Names of Pupils, 1897 - 1898
Boyd, Delia
Boyd, Willie
Cole, Isabel
Dorn, Esther
Dorn, George
Dorn, Ruth
Goodale, Chester
Goodale, Mabel
Goodale, Raymond
Gypson, Floyd
Hale, Margaret
Hale, Nellie
Hale, Rachel
Harris, Eunice
Johnson, Bertha
Lewis, Harry
Mabb, Clarence
McDonald, Bessie
McDonald, Maude
Meyers, May
Moore, Madge
Rich, Mattie
Robson, Myrtice
Schaler, Henrietta
Schaler, Stanley
Smith, Anna
Smith, Bessie
Spaven, Irving
Spaven, Richard
Spaven, Sarah
Storck, Mae
Suiter, Julia
Sykes, Mabel
Sykes, Raymond
Tudman, Willie
Yauger, Elnora
Yauger, Elsie
Yauger, Frankie
Yauger, Grace
Yauger, Harry
Yauger, John

Oct 3, 1898 to May 29, 1899 taught Maxon School District No. 6, Town of Verona.  32 weeks at $6.50 a week = $208.00.  25 pupils.  John Dunn, Trustee.

Maxon School Names of Pupils, 1898 - 1899
Diver, Inez
Fargo, Fred
Fargo, Grace
Fox, George
Gradel, Jo
Gradel, Will
Havener, Anna Mae
Havener, Frank
Havener, George
Havener, Sarah
King, Earl
Klausman, Jo.
Lawrence, Hazel
Lawrence, Leora
Lawrence, Mabel
Lewis, John
Lewis, Marion
Mallery, Lester
Mallery, William
Scheibele, Sonia
Snyder, Willie
Sterling, Laura
Valliere, Hattie
Valliere, Regina
Valliere, Rose