Misc Newspaper Clippings

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**Nov. 4th, 1866:
Startling Assignment! – The CANAL BRIDGE SUSPENDED!  On Sunday morning last, the canal bridge or Water Street, near the warehouses, went down with a crash, carrying with it Mr. Chas. E. PALMER, and his horse and buggy.  He escaped, as did his horse almost by miracle, but his buggy was badly demoralized and the bridge a complete wreck.  Supt.? SMITH was soon on hand removed the debris.  A new bridge will be erected as soon as the lumber and material can be procured, and in the meantime College St. is the only means of communication.  We congratulate Mr. PALMER upon his very fortunate escape.

**Self Explanatory – Clinton friend have received the following announcement which explains itself:
Austin, PA. Sept., 2, 1889
Helen Marguarite KERSHNER sends greetings.
Born Sunday morning, Sept. 1.
“It is well with the mother”
“It is well with the child”
It may be added that Mrs. KERSHNER is the daughter of Mr. And Mrs. B. F. WATERS, of this place.

**Boss Mason Wm. WILKINSON placed topstones on the chimneys of several residences in the village, last week.  At the residence of M. W. BARKER he was “tended” by the proprietor, who at the age of 85, Mr. WILKINSON says was the oldest man he ever saw trotting around on the roof of a high building, delivering mortar as briskly as a boy in his teens.  Our veteran friend probably thinks that age is like the measles, not dangerous as so long as it does not strike in.

**Marshall B. PALMER, of the Barge Canal Engineer Residency, Rome, was the guest of his old home friends last week,

Fulton, April 20 (no year given)
Assistant Engineer M. B. PALMER, who has been in charge of the barge canal party in FULTON during the winter, arrived this morning from Albany to collect his books, etc., preparatory to taking up the work of surveying a cut off on the canal route at Rome, after which he will be engaged upon the finishing of a road near Apulia.

Mr. PALMER will be accompanied by, Frank ROBERTS who has had charge of the barge canal office in this city since the completion of the work of the surveyor about two weeks ago.  Mr. ROBERTS will be succeeded here by, Mr. WILES a leveler of the barge canal force.

Held At Clinton Yesterday – Mr. And Mrs. Wayne A. PALMER the Host and Hostess – Day Spent in a Spacious Tent on the Lawn – The Officers Elected for the Next Year and Those in Attendance.

Clinton, Aug. 10, 1905 – The 12th reunion of The BARNS family was held at the home of Mr. And Mrs. Wayne A. PALMER on Kirkland Avenue, this village, today.  The large tent purchased by the organization last year was erected on the spacious lawn and the tables, laid with covers for sixty, were loaded with good things.  The day was warm and the lemonade mixer did a rushing business.  The day was passed with games, etc., and several pictures were taken by Marshall B. PALMER, brother of the host.  A vote of thanks was given the host and hostess for their efforts to make the occasion one of recreation and pleasure.  A business meeting was held and the following officers elected: president, James B. BARNS, Kirkland; fist vice president, Ernest J. GLATT, Whitesboro; second vice president, Nathan H. VINCENT, Utica; treasurer, Mrs. F. A. BLACKSTONE, Washington Mills; secretary, C. B. KIMBALL, Utica.  The meeting adjourned to the second Thursday in August at the home of Ernest J. GLATT, Whitesboro.  The following were present:  Mrs. A. A. BARNS, Mrs. Hattie DAVIS, Mr. And Mrs. Nathan H. VINCENT, and Martha and Walter VINCENT, Mr. And Mrs. C. R. KIMBALL and Eva KIMBALL, of Utica; Mrs. And Mrs. James MARKS and Mr. And Mrs. F. A. BLACKSTONE of Washington Mills; Mr. And Mrs. H. D. BARNS, Misses Susan and Margaret BARNS, Mr. And Mrs. J. A. MANKTELOW, Mr. And Mrs. A. C. BARNS and sons, Archie and Fred of Westmoreland; Mr. And Mrs. C. W. BARNS and Mr. And Mrs. Hurst GOODWIN, of Kirkland; Mr. And Mrs. Charles PALMER, Mr. And Mrs. Edward PALMER, Frank and Evelyn PALMER, Mr. And Mrs. Wayne PALMER, Mrs. Charles CARRUTH, Robert, ,Harry, Frederic, Alice and Catharine CARRUTH, Helen PALMER, Mr. And Mrs. B. F. WATERS, Mr. And Mrs. E. H. WATERS, Mr. And Mrs. A. B. TIBBITS and Susan TIBBITS of Clinton; Willis and Dorothy KERSHNER of New Brighton, Staten Island; Mrs. Arthur VINCENT and daughters, Marion and Ethel of Brooklyn; Mr. And Mrs. Norris ELLENWOOD and Elizabeth and Albert ELLENWOOD of New York Mills; Mr. And Mrs. E. J. GLATT, Arthur, Clarence and Ralph GLATT of Whitesboro; Mr. And Mrs. Marshall B. PALMER and daughter, Helen of Minott; Miss Leah CLUTE of Fonda, and Mr. And Mrs. Everet BARNS of Westerly, R.I.

**WEDNESDAY, MAR. 8, 1905

The many Clinton friends of Hon. William Miller COLLIER, a former resident of this place and a graduate of Hamilton College in 1889, will be pleased to note that, he was nominated on Monday by President ROOSEVELT as Minister to Spain.  Mr. COLLIERS rapid advancement in public and professional life has been the result of the exceptional talents and natural ability and courtesy which were noticeable to his friends in his boyhood days in Clinton.  The following brief sketch of his career and accomplishments will be of interest;

William Miller COLLIER was born at Lodi, N. Y. November 11, 1867.  He is the son of Rev. Isaac H. and Frances MILLER COLLIER.  He was graduated from Hamilton College in 1889 and received the degree of A. M. in 1892.  He studied law in Columbia College Law School and in law offices in New York and Brooklyn and was admitted to the bar in 1892.  In 1893 Mr. COLLIER married Frances Beardsley ROSS, of Auburn.  From 1890 –2 he was clerk of the Surrogate’s Court, Cayuga County, N. Y.  In 1898, he was appointed by Judge COXE, referee in bankruptcy for the northern district of New York.  In 1899 Gov. ROOSEVELT made him a member of the New York State Civil Service Commission and in 1901, during Gov. ODELL’s first administration he became president of the commission.  Since 1903 he has been special lecturer on the law of bankruptcy in the New York Law School.  In March 1903, Mr. COLLIER declined the position of solicitor of internal revenue, but shortly afterward President ROOSEVELT appointed him a Special U. S. Assistant Attorney General and the following year made him solicitor of the Department of Commerce and Labor.  Mr. COLLIER is a well-known author, having acquired a wide reputation by his book on bankruptcy published in 1898.  His book, “The Trusts, What Can We Do With Them? - -------Society, Auburn Lodge, 431, F. and A. M. and the following clubs; University (New York), Republican (New York), Metropolitan (Washington), Chevy Chase (Washington), Owasco Country (Auburn, N.Y.)