Letter from Teressa (Denison) Martin

Letter was from Teressa (Denison) Martin, (mother of George Andrew Martin who married Polly Mary Carpenter both buried at Floyd) to son, in Ohio. Originals of the letters are in the Ohio State Museum Library in Cincinnati, Ohio
Typed as is. Anything in ( ) are my notes.

                                                          Western    March 8, 69 (1869)
          Ever Dear Children
                       I will now try to write you  We are all in usual  health
          hoping these few lines will find you all enjoying the same blessing.
                       I think your little Cary is a sweet little child & I hope he
          will make a better man than one Allen Martin that I once knew  Eleanor
          has sent me her little Edwin Lincoln picture   he is a smart looking
                       Uncle Alonzo has sold his farm in Floyd & bought a village
          house & lot near the ridge mill.  He talks of going west next summer
          to see his children
                       We milked 8 cows last summer  sold nearly 400 dollars worth of
          butter & cheese besides pork & calf  We carry the milk to the milk
          night & morning in the hot weather in the morning in cool weather
          they weigh the milk  it takes about 10 lbs of milk to make 1 lb of
          cured cheese & we give them $1 a 100 for making the cheese & we
          furnish bandage salt rennet & motto
                        It has been a pretty hard long winter here  the snow is very
          deep   we had a very hot summer   the fall was quite wet
                        fruit was quite good   hay & grain was good but potatoes were
           tight   write often   my love to all the children & a kiss for Cary
          Theodore is all the child I have left in York state

                                               March 9  (1869)
                       Aunt Pedy Cole died last Oct   William Dopp was buried yesterday
           Mrs David Carpenter buried to day

                                                March 29
                        I wil add a little more to this   there is another boy here
            2 week old & both Mother & child is smart

                        George Fuller was buried last Sundy
                        David Capron died last Dec

                         excuse all mistak    this from your old Mother